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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] bitstamp-api an API wrapper for Bitstamp (Node.JS) on: August 25, 2014, 08:52:06 AM
The current Bitstamp API implementations in node.js work great, but they tend to throw uncaught exceptions that break your application. I am dedicated to maintaining a stable alternative that will return every possible error to a callback you provide.

npm install bitstamp-api

var Bitstamp = require('bitstamp-api');
var api = new Bitstamp();

api.transactions({time: 'minute'}, function(err, result) {
    if(!err) {
    } else {

Q: I currently use askmike's bitstamp package, is it easy to switch to bitstamp-api?
A: Yes, just require bitstamp-api instead of bitstamp. All functions should have the same syntax as the bitstamp package.

Q: I often receive invalid nonce / invalid signature errors, how do I fix that?
A: Generate a new API key on the Bitstamp website.

GitHub Repository

Askmike: for writing the original bitstamp API implementation in Node.JS.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANN] BitBot - A Crypto-Currency trading bot and Backtesting platform (FREE) on: July 29, 2014, 12:11:39 AM

BitBot is a Crypto-Currency trading bot and backtesting platform that connects to popular Bitcoin exchanges (Bitstamp, Kraken). It is written in javascript and runs on Node.JS.
This bot is best suited for people with a technical background in Javascript/Node and will require some Node.JS and MongoDB knowledge to set up correctly.

I am still actively developing this bot, but if you happen to develop some extra features for this bot, don't forget to contribute it back to the repository so everyone can enjoy :-).

Planned features
- At this moment there is still plenty of room for improvement, I need to do some serious modularisation and cleaning up of code in the trading advisor section. (Done)
- Make indicators works as plug-ins (Easier for community to contribute contribute their own trading strategies). (Done)
- Web interface for easy follow-up of bot performance
- Make integration of new exchanges easier before I'll support additional exchanges. (Done)

Supported Exchanges
- Bitstamp
- Kraken

OS Compatibility
Every OS is supported, just makes sure you have Node.JS and MongoDB installed.


Change log
- V0.6 Initial Public Version
- V0.7 Big changes throughout the application (Rewrote Backtester, Made indicators work as plugins, ...)
- V0.7.1 Backtester now monitors profit lost on fees
- V0.7.2 DBHealth and extra backtester functionality
- V0.7.3 Indicators are now aware of position
- V0.7.4 Added Parabolic SAR as an indicator
- V0.7.5 MongoDB Storage and Backtester bugfixes
- V0.7.6 Fixed bugs in API and Candlestorage modules
- V0.7.7 Moved DB functions, Enhanced profit report
- V0.7.8 Fixed a bug in the Kraken API wrapper
- V0.7.9 Critical bug fix
- V0.8.0 Modular Exchanges, Services Rewrite
- V0.8.1 Bug fixes
- V0.8.2 Require new bitstamp-api package 0.1.5
- V0.8.3 Kraken API handler bug fix
- V0.8.4 Simplified exchange interface code
- V0.8.5 Stability & troubleshooting improvements
- V0.9.0 Database Layer Rewrite
- V0.9.1 Backtester cosmetic changes
- V0.9.2 BTC-E Support
- V0.9.3 Kraken API bugfix and more in details

I will try and answer as many questions as possible in this topic, but I would prefer that you create issues on Github (Easier for me to follow up).

Q: I often receive invalid nonce / invalid signature errors when using Bitstamp, how do I fix that?
A: Generate a new API key on the Bitstamp website.

If you enjoyed using BitBot or would like to help me continue development of this bot, consider buying me a beer:
(BTC) 1BitBotSYYMAsn6c1AsrxWphWAGkNE6hmQ

I provide this bot for free and without a guarantee that it will continue functioning or generate any profit.

I have no bad intentions, but donít take my word for it, please go through the source code!
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Delete Me on: July 25, 2014, 04:09:00 PM
Delete Me
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