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1  Economy / Service Discussion / BTCJam scam me? they prevent me to communicate/update my investor on: December 08, 2016, 02:14:19 AM
Hi guys,

Here is the story, i have been an investor in BTCjam for over 2 years, and couple month ago i decide to try their service for my small business, 1st month went without problem and the payment process was complete. The 2nd payment date is in few days and i send some of the payment fund to my account with txid f0bbdcab2ab77aef552ee73e76b5609504a25ada4f1c78ee319a247518ef505b, then later i try to login to confirm the fund is arrived in my account but i can't login using normal email login and have to use my social media account to login, then i noticed in setting my original registration/login email was changed to, and posted/comment to inform my investor that i will email btcjam support for clarification.


now it's 4 days since my last email reply to btcjam support and i haven't received new reply.
in 3 Dec btcjam support told me by email that my account is secure despite they noticed several email changes, and still in the same day of their email there was unauthorized withdraw from my account and i just checked there was also one withdraw few days earlier on 29 Nov. i'm afraid to send more fund because i believe it will be withdraw again like the last and i can't stop that because the email for withdraw confirmation is not my email.

last email reply
Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 5:27 PM

Dear support,

I believe my btcjam account is not secure, i just check today there
are also unauthorized withdraw in my account and bitcoin address
change, why don't you lock my account when you notice that several
email changes? i only use this email from the first registration and
access btcjam from known IP (my own country), can you also check for
unauthorized access and check if they still using my account.

I'm still traveling on my sales tour/training so i only can use/access
my email/internet once or twice a day. when i have a chance for faster
internet i will upload my photograph as requested, but first i need
help to make sure nobody can change my setting again after my email
address is back in place.

Thank you for your help, i really appreciate it.


On 12/4/16, Support <> wrote:
> __________________________________
> Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Customer: BTCJam Team
> Subject: (No Subject)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> John | DEC 03, 2016 | 02:15PM PST
> Hello Mauriek,
> Thanks for being a member of the BTCjam. We have noticed several changes of
> your email address. Your account is secured, but we need you to follow the
> instructions and verify yourself. Please state which email address you wish
> to have for your account to log in and follow the instructions.
> In order to change the email on your account, please provide me with a
> photograph of yourself holding a government-issued identity document as well
> as a piece of paper with today's date on it (you can write it yourself) and
> attach it to this email reply. Make sure the information on your identity
> document is clear enough to read in the photograph. We will also be testing
> the email we currently have on file for your account.
> If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for
> being part of the BTCjam community!
> Best,
> BTCjam Support Team

Today i login again to check my account, and i noticed my previous comment/update to my investors was cut/deleted, then i posted new comment to update the investors. but my new comment apparently is hidden from view for other and only i can view that last comment. it seem btcjam set that so i can't comment/update further.

I can't imagine any reason why btcjam try to prevent me to communicate with my investor, i'm trying to complete my loan but i'm out of choice here, btcjam not replying and i can't communicate with my loan investors.
any suggestion?

I think i will try to track and find some of my investors social media account/email with their information profile so i can explain the latest situation.
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