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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / MtGox Troubles on: December 08, 2011, 03:33:24 AM
Ok....Since it looks like I am not the only one that has had a lot of trouble with MtGox......I thought that I would make a little poll to see just how many have had trouble with them......Maybe the knuckleheads at MtGox will see this and wake up....
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Mt Gox issues on: December 03, 2011, 08:18:02 PM
Well...It looks like my Mt Gox account was hacked and since I have gotten no response from MtGox in about a week on this issue I am assuming that they are not going to do anything about it.....I have tried the "recover my password" on their site several times and have not gotten any emails....All I get when i try to log in is invaild password which I know I have the correct password....Anyone else have or have had this same issue with them?  if so, any tips on what I can do to get the problem resolved?  Be nice if there was a way to contact them that they would actually respond to...... I am only a small time miner due lack of $ for larger equipment and I was stupid and had my entire life savings of BTC in my MtGox account....Might not seem like much to most of you but 10BTC takes me awhile to mine with my miner...

On that note, not begging but if anyone feels like helping a brother out send to here:  18yW4SFefrAGgaSg2o4WZf8CtRAUQCWvbw

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / PCI-E x16 to PCI adapter on: September 09, 2011, 07:15:31 AM
Not sure if this is the correct spot to post this or not but I am looking for a PCI-E x16 to PCI adapter....I have two open PCI slots on a mother board and I have two decent gups to plug into them all I need is adapters.  Anyone know where to buy them at?  Either reply here or message me, please.....

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