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21  Economy / Service Discussion / How many bitcoin related companies went public already? on: May 02, 2013, 08:31:31 AM
Bitcoin has been changing the world drastically while almost silently.

The way of a company going to public is altered already. You guys knew already that satoshidice is public through, and investors are enjoying a nice profit.

While is shortening the course of a project from idea to products, bitcoin is drastically abridging the process of a company from startup to listed one. A proven profiting bitcoin related company needs no tedious course of exchanging ideas and discussing or debating on the future with funders, say, angels, the first round, the second round, the third round of vc, pe, and finally going public.

You have an idea, then you should do it. By profiting, you prove your idea is viable. Then, you can simply sell some of your bonds to the public. It's intrinsically natural for business related to bitcoin, since every transaction you made is public, albeit anonymous.

The most popular public bitcoin related companies that I knew of are:

and I know a new company, just sold out their 40% bonds in the last few days.

Could you help me make a complete list of "public companies in bitcoinica"? thank you!
22  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Crowdfunding through bitcoin? on: April 30, 2013, 10:35:52 AM
I visited several bitcoin related crowdfunding website, but it seems that they are not very active.

Why? (though crowdfunding through bitcoin is seemly promising...)
23  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Meeting In Beijing... on: April 28, 2013, 03:54:16 PM
Topic: My personal experience on Bitcoin.

It's me:

It's the site:

One of the most exciting experiences is donation for lushan earthquake.

24  Economy / Marketplace / What's ideal to buy & sell with bitcoin? on: April 27, 2013, 04:07:57 AM
While some always question whether bitcoin is suitable to buy some necessities such as foods or other goods, I believe bitcoin has long been buying/selling the most essential goods in the world, currencies, including Dollars, Pounds, Yens... by which perhaps anything can be bought.

However, the most suitable goods traded with bitcion?

I do think the best things we can buy and sell with bitcoin are virtual goods and services, such as...

  • video files
  • ebooks
  • online casino chips
  • game currencies
  • membership of online services

pls give me more brainstorming, to add more possibilities...
25  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Is MLM ideal for bitcoin? on: April 24, 2013, 02:11:31 PM
Is Multi-Level Marketing ideal for bitcoin?

I found a MLM website using BTC, but before I join it, I want to ask fellows in this forum, why wasn't any popular MLM service before?

any idea?
26  Bitcoin / Project Development / How to build a reliable BTC Charity Platform? on: April 22, 2013, 07:45:33 AM
I think bitcoin is ideal for charity. But there're many predicaments.

First of all, how to prevent others modify bitcoin receiving address when reposting? (it happened when I called for "help lushan donation" )

Secondly, in most cases, charity fund has to be exchanged into a specific currency (other than virtual currency such as BTC or LR) to put into use. How to determine the exchange rate?

Thirdly, what should be the criterion to verify a charity not a scam?

Any suggestions? please help me.
27  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 我发起了为芦山地震捐款(BTC)的活动 on: April 20, 2013, 12:49:10 PM





28  Other / Off-topic / Help lushan - First public bitcoin donation in China for lushan earthquake on: April 20, 2013, 10:43:23 AM
Caution: Be aware that someone might change the donation receiving address of bitcoin when reposting elsewhere!

The donation address is: 15EhGBC8JBBVDKQ9yp1AqCb1xnzQLk6QHX

Check details here:


2013.4.22 17:48

The donation will be terminated after 100 donation received.

2013.4.23 21:09
100 donations received, the goal achieved, this charity donation is terminated.


A powerful earthquake jolted China's Sichuan province Saturday near where a devastating quake struck five years ago, killing at least 70 people and leaving more than 2,000 hurt, prompting worries the death toll will climb.

USAToday: Earthquake in China leaves 113 dead, 2,600 injured (updating):

FoxNews: More than 100 dead after earthquake strikes China's Sichuan region

I'm an early user of Bitcoin (since 2011, not that early...), and I have been supporting bitcoin culture openly in China from the very beginning.
My blog is, (older archive was moved to Here's my first post on Bitcoin in May, 23, 2011:

此物一出天下反 (it was born to subvert)

I'm calling for a BTC donation to help lushan earthquake refugees ...


I have a good public reputation in China online community, since I'm a famous teacher, and a writer of several popular books, and financially independent.

This is the donation receiving address (a new wallet created):


anyone can see donation records here:

... and after going back to beijing (I'm on a short trip in Nanjing) tomorrow night, I'll launch a website for donation as soon as possible, and keep every expense updated online.

Thank you all, I'll keep you posted.


2013.4.20, 18:49

Any suggestion? please help me!

2013.4.20, 18:49

for Chinese BTC users: Do NOT buy BTC from any exchange center in China, since the price is relatively high. If you don't have any BTC, please donate money through other means.
中国BTC用户: 请不要在国内任何交易中心购买比特币作为捐款,因为国内交易所的价格溢价过高。如果你没有比特币,请使用其它方式捐款。除了我们之外,还有很多其它渠道捐款。

2013.4.20, 20:29
Thanks franky1, I hereby promise that all funds will get spent at the area, and no fund will be spent on plane tickets, hotel rooms, care hire etc...

2013.4.20, 20:46
now confirmed, the first donation is 0.841342 BTC, from one of my friends.

first donation from unknown received: 0.035BTC

Status: 0/unconfirmed
Date: 13-4-20 20:37
From: unknown
To: 15EhGBC8JBBVDKQ9yp1AqCb1xnzQLk6QHX (own address, label: lushan-btc-donation)
Credit: 0.035 BTC
Net amount: +0.035 BTC
Transaction ID: 6277ff138f181c8c5272b439f5d699fdbf9caf4120075bd03d81753f69988224

2013.4.20, 21:18

Since China is of a country with restrict financial regulation (it is not allowed to sell/exchange "virtual currency" into RMB without specific license), I originally planned use my own RMB deposit.

However, one of my friend proposed a workaround:

you can organize a charity auction...

and instantly, another friend proposed that he could forge 3D printed "coins" as auction targets...

It seems a nice solution, since by such a manner, the donation could be amplified...

any more suggestions?

2013.4.21, 12:36

63 donations, 20.15481305 BTC in Total.

2013.4.21, 19:14

This is the first time I organize a charity donation.

I hereby promise that all funds will be spent on rehabilitation of lushan.

No fund will be spent on alleged charity management, such as travelling tickets, hotel rooms, etc. I’ll personally cover such costs.

I will not spend any fund directly, since I’m not a professional in such an area. I’ll find a professional and trustable individual or organization (NOT including Red Cross of China), and have them take over the fund spending.

Private charity donation is not as simple and easy as imagined in China. Please keep patient.

The reasons why I chose Bitcoin as donation currency is:

Bitcoin is ideal for international donation, since bitcoin transactions is faster, and less troublesome than that of any “real currency”.

I’ll further organize private/public auction meetings with physically 3D printed BITCOIN (tokens of remembrance) as auction targets, by which we could amplify the amount of funds.

In case the auction is not successful, I’ll use my personal RMB deposit to cash the funds out.

I hereby promise the exchange rate of BTC from donation is set to the highest price (MtGox USD) within the period of donation.
我在此保证,最终折现汇率将以捐款活动期间最高汇率(MtGox USD)计算。

As of this editing time, 22.92700228 BTC received, 71 transactions of donations. THANK YOU ALL.

2013.4.22 10:14

85 donations, 24.17135348 BTC

29  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 动荡的2013年4月份 on: April 11, 2013, 04:35:40 AM









200美元,就是这样一个价位。于是,一个很大的账户坐不住了…… 看这里:






30  Local / 中文 (Chinese) / 长期大量收购BTC on: July 27, 2011, 02:23:24 PM



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