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1  Economy / Marketplace / Are there any good ways to buy BTC with Paypal anymore? on: October 28, 2011, 11:52:20 PM
Well Coinpal has been down for a while, and Paypal is really bitchy in the business it does, exchanging currency via the internet, you guys know.

I am an honest person, but since sending money from paypal in exchange for BTC to other traders is a risky business for the Bitcoin supplier, as Paypal payments can be refunded, whereas Bitcoin cannot.

So, I have all the requirements to be a purchaser of bitcoin, except for the paypal ordeal.

To get to the point, I am a completely legitimate and honest person, but for financial reasons I do not have any other forms of electronic payment other than Paypal. How does someone with paypal-only go about making a trade that feels safe for both parties?

What I was thinking, was that I could find a highly-reputable BTC supplier, probably over BitcoinTalk, of course. Then I would then purchase, for example, a $125 Gift Card to ebay, and since eBay giftcards are not irreversible, I could send the giftcard to the supplier, and have them add those funds to their paypal account, or eBay, either way confirming that the giftcard is legitimate and is there's. Then, the supplier, now knowing well that I am a respectable customer, sends the bitcoin to my address and when I have received it, the trade is finished with a virtual handshake.

For a paypal to bitcoin trade though, the gift card would have more value in USD than it would in bitcoin, so the bitcoin supplier would actually be gaining some value from the trade, thus making the trade an even better investment. I have absolutely no problem with trading a $125 eBay giftcard for $118 worth of bitcoins.

Would this work? If I offered to send a gift card FIRST, that is worth more than the bitcoins you offer, would you engage in such a deal? I don't see why not as there is no risk factor involved.


So, good plan or not?
2  Economy / Goods / Coming Soon: Coins 4 Games on: July 29, 2011, 03:06:40 AM
So just today I joined Bitcoin to start a service where I sell Steam Games for Bitcoins.

I only have a free domain unfortunately, soon I will have games in stock and you can get more information in the Site FAQ.

I know that I'm new to Bitcoin, and it's going to take time for you guys to trust me, I have no reason to worry cause I'm an honest guy.

Right now however, Coins 4 games isn't operating because I don't have the money to trade stock yet, but I should by the end of the month, and by then I'll make a new thread.

Until then, I'm selling custom moving avatars like mine, for only .25 BTC. I guess if I'm going to start off here and get a reputation is by starting small, eh?

Well, if you're interested in an avatar feel free to PM me a YouTube video link and the part of the video you want me to make into an avatar.

3  Other / Beginners & Help / Hello Bitcoin forum! on: July 28, 2011, 08:21:33 PM
Hi, I'm Dextro.

I'm kinda new to the Bitcoin currency but it's interesting so I'd like to know more and hopefully use bitcoin on a regular basis.  Smiley

I was thinking that when I get settled in I could buy extra copies of steam games and sell them for bitcoins on the forum. Oh and while I'm here I'd like to ask, is there any way that a person can convert visa or credit card money into bitcoins?
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