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1  Economy / Collectibles / [AUCTION] Casascius coins (1 φ-loaded 2011 S1, 1 naked gold-plated 25 + bonus) on: May 18, 2019, 10:24:23 PM
Hi !

I'm auctioning 2(+1 bonus) Casascius coins.

Lot #1 Casascius 2011 1BTC Series 1 (error) loaded with φ bitcoins (=1.618034 BTC)

Lot #2 Casascius 2011 25BTC

Bonus : if bid for #2 >= 0.5 BTC, #2 will include a naked used Casascius 2011 Serie 1 (one Mike sold with peeled holo, but I do not have the holo anymore).

Auction Terms:

Bid Format:  Bids only in BTC,  #1 XXX
Starting Bid:  #1 : 1.7 BTC (~loaded value + forks), #2 : 0.1 BTC  Bid Increments:  0.01BTC.
Auction Ends: Thursday, 23th May 2019 @ 23:59:59 UK Forum time
Sniping: No, each bid in the final 15 minutes adds 15 minutes until no bid has been made for 15 minutes
Excluded from Bidding: I may exclude/disqualify bidders, or require a deposit, for any bidders at my sole discretion. If you are a brand new account, or have issues in your trust feedback, please PM prior to bidding. Deposit will be sent to escrow address below, and will be sent back if you don't win auction.
Escrow: Minerjones accepted to escrow these. Coins will shipped to Minerjones when he confirms receiving the funds, and he will ship coins to you.
Forum downtime: If the forum goes offline in the final 4 hours of the auction I may extend the auction at my discretion
Shipping: Registered shipping with insurance is NOT included. Item will be shipped by Minerjones using whatever method you will choose with him. You will have to pay shipping/insurance to him.
Payment in BTC to this address: 37Tf5mV46PrLWXmty67nwrzZ6mCnBt9utV (this is a Minerjones' address, please confirm Smiley )

I will NOT DM you asking you to pay to another address, pay to address in OP only.

Minerjones told me he would be sad to know #1 would be redeemed, so I accepted to sell it instead of opening it. You can thank him.

Let me know if you have any questions.

EDIT: I'm the original owner of these coins. Bought them straight from Casascius on 03/2012.

@coblee : I used your post as model, thanks Smiley and edit because I forgot to change your links for 25 BTC coin
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