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1  Other / Obsolete (selling) / Psychoactive, yet another drugs site on: May 15, 2011, 09:43:25 PM
Hey im a long time dealer new to the whole bitcoin/tor community,
and I finally started my own supply site, I have a fair selection and
all the prices are adjusted for the recent increase in bitcoin value,
so check it out and place an order if you see anything you like.
*Worldwide shipping


*requires tor, will not work through tor2web.

For users without tor:
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Japan disaster relief fund on: May 02, 2011, 01:41:27 AM
Would you like to make charitable donation to the victims and families of those caught up in the earthquake and Tsunami of 11th March 2011?

This bitcoin fund will distribute money to community selected charities and NGOs that provide relief to the victims of natural disasters.

Send donations to 15XSWUfDLbToztCx7xAM51QaQx8RiJoRBx any amount is greatly appreciated.

Current fund: 50.00BTC (this will updated to show new donations as frequently as possible)
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Cause of MtGox exchange rate rise? on: March 23, 2011, 12:32:16 AM

There has been quite a strange rise in MtGox exchange rate today, from approx 0.745-.765 to .8-.81.

I say strange for a good number of reasons, one was the speed at which the rise occured.

Looks also strange to me that the difference between bidding and asking sides was approx .02 btc relatively constantly (with a 0,65% fee, i.e. approx. 0.005 btc), and now the difference is only 0.001 btc. The difference between first offers of the asking and bidding sides is now so low (ask : .81 ; bid : .80901, i.e. 0.12%), that I can't see the point of making an offer so close to the other without matching them if you really want to buy or sell  Huh (such a small difference is well under exchange fees or usual variation of the price). Can someone see a reason ?

Moreover the volumes implied in the first offers on both asking and bidding sides are quite big (~ 400 btc) considering the relatively low volumes that have been exchanged on MtGox for a moment (ask : .81, vol. 339.44 ; bid : .80901, vol. 419.74), whereas there were before usually under 50 btc.

This concretely "forces" the price to remain between .80901 and .81, which is equivalent to setting the price to .81. .The only reason I can see for not matching bid and ask offers while they are so close would be that it is the same person or a coordinated group of persons with 1000+ btc behind the offers on both sides, doing this in order to drive the price as desired. Seems to me the price was driven to the actual level in a few stages using this technique :
1. Buy all bitcoins up to the desired price,
2. Propose the lowest ask price with a large volume,
3. Propose the highest bid price with a large volume at a price very close to ask price so as to closely surround the price,
4. Wait until everyone updates his offers, including automated robots,
5. and repeat a few times until desired price is reached.

Do you think MtGox exchange rate is artificially moved ? Are there any known techniques for doing so ? In which ways could moving the market be profitable ?

I wonder how many distinct active MtGox users there are, and I wonder how wealth is distributed among those users. That would give a good idea of how the market can be manipulated. Any clues on this ?

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