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41  Bitcoin / Project Development / Stealthcoin on: April 17, 2011, 08:05:57 PM
I have a friend that runs a computer lab of about 200+ computers for training purposes and he doesn't care if I use up his electricity but he had a few objections to letting me generate bitcoins on his computers.

  • can't have CPU usage pegged at 100% because users might bug him about it
  • can't be bothered to install anything himself unless it's a single executable he can push to all his computers
  • can't be bothered to check the balances and send bitcoins when generated

With this in mind, I created Stealthcoin. It uses a modified version of the vanilla Bitcoind with an added sleep() call so that CPU usage isn't maxed out while generating. Obviously, it generates slower, about half the speed, but half is better than nothing in my case. I also wanted to gain experience with compiling/developing Bitcoin, as well as using Github, so I can start contributing to the project. If you have barely-computer-literate friends that don't mind letting you use their electricity, this should help you out a bit as well.

Stealthcoin is an installation wrapper for a modified Bitcoind CPU miner. The
editor allows you to create an installation binary which can then be executed on
any Windows NT compatible operating system. The editor allows you to specify the
installation path, the name to use for running the Stealthcoin service, the name
to use for running the Bitcoind executable and a bitcoin address to send all
generated bitcoins to. Once the installation binary is executed, it will copy
itself to the specified installation path, extract the Bitcoind binary, as well
as the libeay32.dll binary. It will then execute Bitcoind using the installation
path as the data directory. The Stealthcoin service periodically checks if any
bitcoins have been generated and if so, sends them to the bitcoin address you
specified in the editor.

If this project is useful to you please send donations to 1HXD5xHpz6cxbrqNekzGFTow6gjeuTNR4j in order to encourage me to keep developing this.
42  Other / Off-topic / Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Opens Today on: April 15, 2011, 01:47:08 PM
So, I'm going to see Atlas Shrugged Part 1 in a few hours. I'm bracing myself for the inevitable shitstorm of "the book was better" comments and the backlash from the all randroids that forbid any questioning of their demigod. I love breaking the balls of anyone that follows people rather than ideas. It's the same criticism I have of the paulheads but I digress. I'll post a review of the movie production (rather than the ideas contained therein) when I return. I don't care if it's absolute garbage as long as it exposes more people to ideas of economic liberty.
43  Economy / Marketplace / PHP Programmer For Hire on: April 15, 2011, 01:28:43 PM
A few people have recently contacted me asking if I am willing to do PHP coding for hire, if I built my website, etc. The answer is an emphatic yes to all of these questions.

I am a Zend PHP 5 Certified Engineer and have developed numerous websites, the most recent website being the one in my signature. Here's my Zend profile and you're welcome to send me an email through the Zend website to verify that's me. I'm familiar with all aspects of PHP 5, including the new class model, MySQL, etc. I'm interested in all sizes of projects and I don't expect to be paid anything until after I deliver the code to your satisfaction. I will bid a flat rate in BTC for any project. Send me a PM or email if you're interested.

Thanks for reading.
44  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / [COLLECTED] 100 BTC Bounty For Windows Build Instructions on: April 15, 2011, 02:22:12 AM
I'm running Windows XP on VMWare with a clean install. I need a complete step-by-step guide for what I need to download, what commands I need to run, etc. I've tried it myself and read all the directions but I keep getting errors and a Google search doesn't tell me how to fix it. I'll pay 100 BTC to whoever enables me to build a working bitcoind binary from source.
45  Other / Off-topic / Mandatory Class Attendance on: April 13, 2011, 11:05:49 PM
What do you think about universities that treat students like babies and make class attendance mandatory? I'm not talking about labs or group projects. I'm talking about mandatory attendance of lectures where the professor drones out examples or stories that are already in the textbook. Also, before anyone makes any boneheaded workplace analogies, I don't pay to work, they pay me. Don't even go there.
46  Economy / Marketplace / [BOUGHT] 1 KG Silver Bar on: April 10, 2011, 08:33:57 PM
Either in person in Huntsville, AL, Birmingham, AL or Nashville, TN or you send first by UPS/FedEx.

2000 BTC + shipping or best offer
47  Economy / Economics / Defending Capitalism on: April 10, 2011, 12:02:17 AM
Let me begin by explaining what capitalism is and isn't, first, what it isn't. Capitalism isn't big business getting favors from the government. That's facism. When Hitler came to power in a democratic election (so much for democracy), rather than put all the businesses such as BMW under government ownership, which would be socialism, he simply told businesses what to do. He controlled them through regulations even though they were still left in the hands of private ownership. I'm definitely against facism, unlike most US presidents.

So if it's not facism or socialism, what is capitalism? Well, first let me digress. Let's say that our dear friend Doood has a shiny new bicycle and I want it. There are two ways I can obtain it. One is, I can make him an offer. I could say, "I'll give you $500 for it." I could say, "I'll walk your dogs for the next 4 years." However, if Doood doesn't like any of my offers, he keeps the bicycle. That's the free market way. The other way I could obtain it is if I point a gun at him and say, "Give me your bicycle or I'll shoot you in the face." In the same manner, I could get a bunch of my friends together and we can all vote that I should have his bicycle because I need it more or I look better riding it or whatever and then we all point our guns at him and make the same threat, "Your bicycle or your life." That's not the free market way. That's theft.

So, what is capitalism? Capitalism is the free market and the free market is simply the aggregation of all voluntary trades. If I make you an offer and you accept it voluntarily, that's part of the free market. If I mug you at gun point, that's not part of the free market. If capitalism is the free market which is nothing but voluntary trading, why would anyone object to it? Well, there are still a few objections which I'd like to address.

Objection 1: Capitalism is exploitative.

If capitalism is simply the free market which is simply voluntarily trading then that means voluntarily trading has to be exploitative. How could that be? If we're both self-interested rational creatures and if I offer you my X for your Y and you accept the trade then, necessarily, I value your Y more than my X and you value my X more than your Y. By voluntarily trading we each come away with something we find more valuable, at that time, than what we originally had. We are both better off. That's not exploitative. That's cooperative.

Objection 2: But, butů wage slavery!

If you want to live then you have to work. That's nature's fault (or God's fault if you're a Christian). Either way, you have to work to survive. Nobody is obligated to keep you alive. You have the right not to be murdered, you don't have the right to live. So, if I offer you a job, that's still a voluntary trade, my resources for your labor. If you don't like the trade then you can reject it and go survive through your own means or simply lay down and die. It's harsh but fair. Otherwise, I'd have to take care of myself and everyone else which is unfair. Requiring me to provide you a living is actual slavery, much worse than nonexistent wage slavery.

Objection 3: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Historically speaking, this is nonsense. For the last 800 or so years, there has been a steady increase in the quality of life for everyone, not just the rich. What's more, the rich get rich by making the poor better off. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc, make their money by giving us awesome services and technology. My family has lived in Alabama for generations, not exactly a cultural nexus, and my ancestors were indentured servants. Yet, I've been able to fly first class all over the country, eat all kinds of exotic foods, been to concerts, plays and all kinds of shows. I have a wardrobe full of clothes, all kinds of electronic gadgets, two cars, etc. My parents and grandparents weren't able to do that. I'm better off not worse. If I were living 200 years ago I wouldn't have any of that. I'd probably have a single set of clothes and little else. The life expectancy at the dawn of man was 18 years at birth and by the dawn of the USA it was at around 45. Now in capitalistic countries it's closer to 70 and some of us can expect to live as long as 100 years. The rich get richer and the poor get richer. We are all better off. We live longer and healthier.

Objection 4: Free markets are oppressive, racist, sexist, etc.

Actually, free markets force those kinds of behaviors to come at a cost. If a black woman's labor is worth $8 an hour but because I'm a racist, sexist, pig I only pay her $6 an hour thereby making $2.00 profit for myself, I run the risk of some other greedy capitalist pig to offer the same black woman $6.01 an hour to undercut me and make $1.99 profit. This same kind of greedy profit-driven behavior will continue until the black woman's wages approach what the market value is, $8 an hour. There is no place in the market for anything other than profit seeking and that will require greedy capitalist pigs to ignore their personal feelings of racism or sexism unless they want to be put out of business.

Objection 5: Free markets don't care about the environment.

As long as humans value clean water, clean air, pristine land and so on and as long as said land is privately owned and doesn't become a victim of the tragedy of the commons, there will always be a cost to pollution and the market will punish it accordingly. If you dump toxic waste in my river, you owe me money, either in damages if it was without my permission or as payment to offset the value of the environment that you're destroying. Companies that find ways to avoid pollution won't have to pay these extra costs and therefore will make more profits. Companies that can't work around pollution while eventually be driven out of business by companies that can.

Objection 6: Free markets destroy art and culture by making people more materialistic.

Again, historically speaking, this simply isn't true. In the Baroque period of music, when most composers were employed by a king, church or some form of government, they were greatly censored and limited in the ways they could express themselves. It was only later when composers such as Mozart could work independently in a free market that they found greater freedom. The Romantic period owes a debt to the free market for making this happen. Also, capitalism has contributed to the emergence of entire new genres of art such as interactive video, video games, etc. I have an entire recording studio in a single machine that can sit on my desk. These days anyone can express themselves through art. Art and culture has expanded, not shrunken. Of course, some philistines might sneer at YouTube videos being considered a form of art but that's their problem not mine. Anyone that can watch this video and claim that it's not art, has no humanity. This video is a product of a free market composer being reinterpreted using commodity audio/video equipment, computers, editing software and a service making it available to millions. This is capitalism and art at work.

Objection 7: Monopolies!

Abusive monopolies don't arise in free markets. There is only one way to bar new entries into the market and that's by law. The abusive monopolies that exist are products of government interventionism. Even if there is only a single company providing a good or service the mere potentiality that someone could enter the market is enough to keep them in line. If they were to start charging absorbent prices it would provide incentive to new companies to enter the market and undercut them. Even if they started buying up companies they would have to do so at a loss and it would only provide even more incentive for new companies to enter the markets. All abusive monopolies are the result of laws, not markets. You can't corner the market in anything and charge whatever you want. All attempts to do so have failed.

Objection 8: Let's talk about the poor again! Nobody would feed them.

So the argument is that unless we have laws that enable us to point guns at people and force them to empty their pockets for the poor, nobody would ever help the poor. The question you need to ask is, if that were true, how could any such laws get established in the first place? Why would anyone vote to have a gun pointed at them if they weren't also willing to do it without the gun? The mere existence of laws designed to help the poor is direct evidence that people want to help the poor! Charity is part of the free market. It's simply a free trade where one party asks for nothing in return. It's moral, ethical and would still exist in pure capitalism. In fact, it would exist better in pure capitalism because people would be able to direct their funds to the poor better. They would have a choice of charities and if some charities did a terrible job, nobody would donate to them and they'd go out of business. In the end, the best charities would remain and that would in turn help the poor more efficiently.

Objection 9: Some things are too important to leave to the free market.

On the contrary, the free market punishes poor performance. As a business, if you sell pizza that kills thousands of people a year, you lose money and eventually go out of business. As a government agency, if you kill thousands of people, you lose nothing and you get to keep doing a terrible job. The free market punishes bad behavior and weeds out incompetence. Not so with the government. You might say that you can vote people out of office but it's really hard to vote on specific issues. If there are two candidates and you like half of one person's policies and half of the other person's policies, there's no way to vote for just the policies that you like. You have to take the good with the bad, whereas the free market allows for fine grained control. If you want only 10-speed bicycles then you only buy 10-speed bicycles and the market responds. If the government builds roads and manages them poorly, nothing happens. If free market companies build roads and manages them poorly, they go out of business and the businesses that remain are necessarily doing a better job than the ones that went out of business. The market again acts to weed out incompetence. Central planning, be it facism, socialism or communism, doesn't have this mechanism.

Objection 10: Capitalism promotes greed and all we'll end up with are greedy corporations.

This is scraping the bottom of the barrel. All humans are greedy. When you go to the grocery store or shop for a new TV do you pick the TV that is the cheapest for a specific quality level or are you generous enough to pay extra to the seller? Of course you try to get the best deal. That doesn't make you a greedy asshole. It just makes you intelligent. It's just plain stupid to pay more than you have to for anything and it cuts both ways, as a producer and a consumer. Greed is good, when it's done intelligently.

So, in summary, capitalism is the only moral system since it's based on voluntary actions rather than violent or coercive ones (yes even if everyone votes to rob one guy democratically that's still violent and coercive). Even if moral considerations aren't enough, for instance you're some kind of inhuman utilitarian, then the efficiency of free markets should convince you. Central planning simply can't respond to human desires the same way that free markets can. If the central planners decide to make 100 bicycles and 200 sneakers and it turns out that people wanted 200 bicycles and 100 sneakers, that's just too damn bad. There's no way to signal that to the planners that's as efficient. I say efficient to acknowledge that syndicalism (if it could work) could respond to human desires but only at the cost of massive inefficient bureaucracies. Capitalism, the free market, voluntary trade, is still the best option and the only moral one.
48  Economy / Marketplace / looking for third party payment processors on: April 08, 2011, 10:02:58 PM
I run and I only accept cash-by-mail. I'm looking for someone that wants to process different forms of payments and send me the cash. This will enable my service to support multiple forms of payments and allow you to make a profit by charging a transaction fee. I will link to your service from my website so my customers will know that we have a relationship. Please let me know what kind of payments you can accept; credit card, paypal, wire transfer, check-by-mail, etc.
49  Economy / Marketplace / [CLOSED] Buying Crysis 2 on Steam for 85 BTC on: April 08, 2011, 04:34:23 AM
If you've been registered on these forums longer than I have, I'll send first, assuming you have a decent posting history and aren't using some newly resurrected account. I'll also buy it for 90 BTC if you send first.
50  Economy / Marketplace / [CLOSED] Get 5 BTC and 5 USD for joining Bitcoin2Cash! on: April 04, 2011, 06:12:33 PM
51  Economy / Marketplace / Zend Studio & Zend Server on: April 02, 2011, 03:28:57 AM
  • Zend Server 5.0 - Development License - Basic - Perpetual license w/web-based support
  • Zend Studio 8.0 - Perpetual License w/web-based support

These are just the license keys. You have to download the software and register it yourself. The price is $799 on their website but I'll let them both go for 400 BTC.

52  Economy / Marketplace / - Cash-Only Marketplace on: April 02, 2011, 01:44:49 AM
I've just launched the new design of the website which now features an automated system.

You can open an account by logging in with any valid OpenID login. Once logged in, you can fund your account with BTC by sending to an address tied with your account or with USD by sending cash by mail (no change!) to our business address. Once your account is funded, you can sell BTC by setting an ask amount/price or you can buy BTC by setting a bid amount/price. Trades are performed every 5 minutes. The only fee is a shipping and handling fee when you request a cash withdrawal, which is currently $5.00 but will change as soon I get things running smoothly and figure out a fair price.

So, to start things rolling and generate some interest, I've just opened my own account, deposited 10 BTC and set an ask price for $0.10 for them. The first person that gets a dollar in their account and bids on them will win. On April 15th, I will do the same thing with 100 BTC at a price of $0.20. On May 1st, I will do this yet again with 1000 BTC at a price of $0.40. (assuming BTC prices don't drop drastically, in which case I will lower the price so that it is still far below market price)

The site is brand new and although I've tested it extensively, it's possible that some bugs remain so please be advised.

Also, even if you aren't interested in cash trades, you can still open an account and use it as a safety deposit box for your BTC without worrying about running the Bitcoin client yourself. You also get to take advantage of our automated encrypted backups that are stored on redundant cloud storage services.

Thanks for reading!
53  Economy / Marketplace / Get paid 5 BTC for joining Dropbox [COMPLETED] on: March 28, 2011, 11:20:16 PM
Offer completed. Everyone was paid.

54  Economy / Marketplace / Windows Developer For Hire on: March 28, 2011, 11:37:25 AM
I have 12+ years of experience with Delphi. I can code just about any kind of desktop application, client-server application, database application, etc. Please tell me about your project and I'll try to quote you an approximate number of hours it would take to complete. My current rate is 93.75 BTC per hour. I use timekeeping software so everything billed is accounted for and justified. My email address is if you'd prefer to contact me that way.
55  Economy / Marketplace / paying someone to write a screenplay on: March 09, 2011, 10:28:08 AM
The film is about a teenager and his friends getting into lots of bizarre criminal situations. I have descriptions of the key events. I just need someone to tie it all together and flesh it out with dialog. I need it to be written using "Final Draft", preferably version 8.
56  Economy / Marketplace / Selling 15,000 BTC at $0.20/BTC on: September 28, 2010, 10:00:37 PM
We have 15,000 BTC for sale at $0.20 per BTC (below market price). We only accept cash by mail.
57  Economy / Currency exchange / buying bitcoins, paypal or cash by mail on: July 14, 2010, 10:10:13 PM
I'm buying bitcoins. Please PM me with how many you have for sale and what price you are asking.
58  Economy / Marketplace / on: July 13, 2010, 01:59:49 AM

If you have used our service please leave a review here of your experience. We want to build a good reputation since that is what will be most valuable when it comes to trading bitcoins. Thanks!
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