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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][#RussiaCoin] #Year5 [RC][PoS] V on: June 06, 2015, 11:56:16 PM

#RussiaCoin #Year4 ( RC ) - Version

API | Bootstrap | Bounties | Coin Information | Downloads | Exchanges and Market Analysis | GitHub | Nodes | Paper Wallets | Road Map | Social Media / Website Links | DISCORD |



#RussiaCoin is now on Discord!

Come join the discussion and find out what RussiaCoin is up to.

The @EtherDelta contract purporting to sell #RussiaCoin is a fraud - there will never be 1 Billion #RC Do not buy or trust this contract.


Latest News:

We've noticed there are still some users continuing to use version 1.0 - it is essential that you upgrade to the current version


Market Analysis:

Coin Information:

russiacoin.conf file: Use a text editor and put in your C:\Users\(your pc name)\AppData\Roaming\RussiaCoin folder.







  • -

  • Latest block: 1492857
  • Money Supply: 9183745.360929 (Circulating Supply)
  • Specifications:

    • algorithm = scrypt
    • total coins = 144 million RC
    • PoS stake interest = 15% Annually
    • PoW cutoff= block 20160
    • rpcport = 19991
    • premine = 0.99%
    • blocktime = 60 sec.
    • PoW blockreward = 1000 RC

    • BLOCK 1 - 0.99% Pre Mine (i.e. 1425600 RC pre-mined)

  • Nodes seen on the network this week:


Previously seen on the network over last few weeks:


Market Cap: BTC 2388 ( about $ 26,767,807 USD )

Three Market Cap sites that we know about

are there any others? Please advise...

Block Explorers:

Paper Wallets:

There is a website for universal wallets at
Select 60 as decimal version and you can create paper wallets for RussiaCoin.  Grin


Social Media:

Our Website:***RussiaCoin.Info
Twitter:#RussiaCoin #RC $RC #Year4@RussiaCoin
Facebook:RussiaCoinFaceBook: RussiaCoin

Supported API's:

Addresses are in the format


  • addr - returns the full address having the given firstbits.
  • addressbalance - amount ever received minus amount ever sent by a given address. eg R9we1hxf6MS95KabP7F5noTsfZfKqEF1JB
  • addresstohash - shows the public key hash encoded in an address.
  • checkaddress - checks an address for validity.
  • decode_address - shows the version prefix and hash encoded in an address.
  • fb - returns an address's firstbits.
  • getblockcount - shows the current block number.
  • getdifficulty - shows the last solved block's difficulty.
  • getreceivedbyaddress - shows the amount ever received by a given address.
  • getsentbyaddress - shows the amount ever sent from a given address.
  • hashpubkey - shows the 160-bit hash of the given public key.
  • hashtoaddress - shows the address with the given version prefix and hash.
  • nethash - shows statistics about difficulty and network power.
  • totalbc - shows the amount of currency ever mined.
  • translate_address - shows the address in a given chain with a given address's hash.





If you know what you are doing, you can download the two block-chain files:

Road Map:

  • 2018:

    • Android Wallet.  No staking - just a straight spend wallet.
    • Exchanges: Cryptopia and Crypto Dao - AltCoin dot IO coming soon - any others that are listed?  Additions?
    • Explorer: Add Rich List
    • Faucet.  Do we need one?
    • GitHub: As above, remove various "glitches" that have crept into the code.  Add check points.
    • Nodes: Min 5 - currently two
    • Paper Wallet:
    • Promotion via Social Media

  • 2019:

    • Android Wallet
    • Expand Nodes and Master Nodes - Do we need one?
    • Expand Exchange numbers

RussiaCoin Bounty Hunters TM Wink

Our first bounty for 2018 is to work out exactly which exchanges either list RC or have them on their voting roster?

100 RC will be given to any person posting here on BCT a link to an exchange that we don't already know about that is listing RussiaCoin.  An additional 50 RC for each additional altcoin / fiat on the same exchange eg

Today RussiaCoin is trading at BTC 0.00001329 which would yield 0.001329 for one link, BTC 0.0019935 for two and BTC 0.002658 for three URL's etc from the one exchange. (these BitCoin prices are only a guide, you will be paid in RussiaCoin only - no exceptions).

Stipulations:  The exchange cannot be one already identified, and, must be actively trading already.  IE Cryptopia and Crypto DAO will not earn a bounty.  We are led to believe that RussiaCoin will be listed at AltCoin.IO, but will have to wait like everyone else, so it also does not earn a bounty.

If an exchange does not trade RC for any other crypto or Fiat Currency, but is listed in a "Vote for this coin" style method, we will pay 50 RC once only per exchange.

*Note* if we can deposit RussiaCoin into the exchange and then successfully withdraw them, we will double any bounty offered.

This bounty remains in place until 23:59 GMT on Monday, the 31st December, 2018.

[li]My Name is: <your BCT UID name>[/li]
[li]My RussiaCoin Wallet is: <eg R9we1hxf6MS95KabP7F5noTsfZfKqEF1JB>[/li]
[li]Name and main URL of Exchange listing RussiaCoin: <the name> <the URL>[/li]
[li]List of coins: <link 1> <link 2>[/li]

  • BCT Translations: Commencing quarter one 2018.


Donations can be made here:

  • 1000 Russian Ruble = BTC 0.00387861 = RC  655.170608
  • 15 = BTC 0.00425266 = RC 718.354730
  • 15 = BTC 0.00497011 = RC 839.545608
  • $US 20 = BTC 0.00501501 = RC 847.130068

Price comparison on (23rd March 2019) (note, BitCoin conversion is live)

DenominationBitCoin equivalentBuys you RussiaCoin
RC 655.170608
RC 718.354730
RC 839.545608
$US 20
RC 847.130068
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