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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What happend..... on: April 23, 2020, 11:26:40 AM
Hi all!

Am I the only one who feels the current Bitcoin/Crypto climate is going to shit? When I got into Bitcoin in 2013, this was the true new wild west so to speak. So what happend in the last 5-6 years?

Governments are trying to take back control with regulations and taxes.
Exchanges requiring ID (KYC) etc. (hahahahaha fail)
Developers are requested to make themselves public
Previously rather unknown people. but with success in crypto, are for some reason seen as some sort of "Messiah" (binance dev for example)

So why the hell.... Do we (community) go along with all that crap?

And IMHO, if you are happy with the current climate, you should not be in crypto at all!

Or have I smoked one too many? This is not what Satoshi wanted/meant when he created Bitcoin right?

Have a good one,
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / *** Vegasguy is a scammer *** on: January 05, 2016, 07:03:03 PM
This man is a sad loser. After being found out by lots of people, he still defends himself and his arguments about the takeover that took place in ROScoin. This man kept every unswapped ROS/FLY, and sold them privately for bitcoin to create an artificial value for his coin.

The ROS that did got swapped, he simply dumped this on the exchange while ROS was already in a bad shape back then.

Now he's going to do the exact same thing with XDE. After a long discussion, this man attacked me personally in my services hread. I left him a bad trust rating after that, stating facts and truth. Surprise surprise, I was out for a few hours with the munchies and got back with a negativ trust rating on my account! Saying I scammed him with 20BTC and that I spread lies etc.

Funny though, since this man is the only one making things up  Cheesy I never even worked for this man or his team. else his FLY would not have been such a disaster over 4 weeks  Cheesy

I also critisised the FLY coin source in the past, and was called a FUDder back then by his PR metemorphin. While I was only stating basic coin cloning things they forgot/fucked up.

And guess what? 80% of the things I pointed out are corrected in his latest version. Cool

Some quotes and facts:

The last "swap" vegasguy did was ROScoin.

In fact this was not a swap! He invited people with ROScoins in his new coin, flycoin. When he received the ROS from people who wanted to be part of his project, he dumped ALL ROS on holders who decided not to go with his project!

He also "premined" more coins then the original ROScoin supply! Never burned 1 coin of the leftovers. Instead he sold them for bitcoin. Putting that bitcoin into the buywall, to create an artificial value for flycoin


Quoted for the sake of truth

Good luck with these clowns!

You ask former holders ROS, whether they are satisfied with the profit of at least x20.
I am personally very pleased.

Leave a topic of ROS, placebo and vegas reconciled and explained the situation a long time ago.

This topic XDE - come good times for this coin, so you better take care of promotion, not FUD.

This is not fud, but basic truth and facts. Do your own research! ROS holders did not get any better from this if they did not join his project. ROS is still a valid coin and trading on exchanges. This man dumped all ROS he received after his "trade in" was over. Unacceptable, and not how a takeover or "swap" should be!

Now with this coin, they force themselves in. Claiming all kinds of rubbish on how good they are, and how much they deserve to get paid by doing this for "you" LMAO. FLY has been unable to trade for WEEKS because of the ignorance of this developer team. Pushing out releases without proper testing. Causing chains to fork, and stall. Causing users funds to be stuck on exchanges or inside the wallet, unable to do anything with it for weeks. No wait, vegasguy and metamorphin are not even developers!

And yet they claim to be the best at what they do!  Cheesy


Yes, when I collected all the ros, the swap was over , Ros was at 4 sats. I dumped my own holding of 26 million to a buy wall of 4 sats. lol

You wont be reading any more twisted truths from Crypto towelie here any more Wink

Final profits from those that swapped from Ross to FLY 133x their investment. FACT that MANY know.


Twisted truth??

This is the truth!You dumpd all ROScoins, that is NOT ok with a swap. Also YOU kept the remaining " unswapped " coins yourself, and you sold them to your " private investors " to create a artificial price on FLYcoin, and filling your OWN bags! This man and his so called team are actually indeed scammers! You kept coins that did not belong to you!

Why did you premine more coins then ROS originally had? There is NO good explanation for that! Why did you keep the unswapped coins to yourself?

Also take note on how this "team" is changing thoughts about the takeover EVERY day. You are misleading investors! 50% of what is stated in your new OP is already reversed/changed!


Post here again, and I will be posting on your thread , EVERY SINGLE DAY. I dont work, so I have all the time in the world. Want me to prove it for the next 6 months? Ive posted EVERY DAY in FLY AND XDE2. Ill just include your thread now. Want to take that chance?



But go ahead.. make yourself ridiculous in my thread Cheesy

This is the "dev" you guys are getting! LMAO

Why did you delete that pathetic post of yours vegasguy? Covering up your badmouthed mistakes again? Cheesy



Update: So unclaimed funds now burned.
Team gets exactly 53 xdeII coins each from premine.
Cut prices of All wallets in 1/2 to make it more available.

Bottom line: Community MUST endorse this coin, and it MUST be fair, or im not ok with it.



1000 coins total, equals 5%+ premine per team member  Cheesy
And don't forget their "special higher staking rate wallets", and the wallets they will "sell" for bitcoin!

Have fun with these clowns!


And vegasguy, notice the unmoderated thread? I'm not hiding.....  Wink

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / $$$ Coinbuilder2 $$$ | BUILD2 | NO ICO/IPO/ITO/PRESALE | NO PREMINE on: December 29, 2015, 12:43:46 PM

Since BUILD is an obvious scam with a bought forum account lol, and the sad bastard keeps deleting my posts without answering any serious question. I decided to counter him.

X11 PoW/PoS
PoW blocks : 10000
PoW rewards: 1000 BUILD2
PoS rewards : 1000 BUILD2

Custom coin creation:
40000 BUILD2
Premine (possible)
New genesis block / merkleroot
New keys
Custom Rewards
Static Windows Wallet
Nodes (optional)
Block Explorer (optional)

Hand made, not automated by some second hand software which pops out the same source everytime  Grin

More info soon!

Thread is self moderated so I can delete posts from Tarmi and any other BUILD(1) fanboy if I feel like it. Don't worry Tarmi, I will not be resfreshing this page every minute like you do with your own thread  Cheesy Cheesy

Note: This is meant as a joke, if people really want this to launch there has to be demand for it
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / closed service on: October 17, 2015, 08:24:14 PM
closed business
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