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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin Content Aggregator ( on: May 08, 2013, 07:13:46 PM
Cross Post from r/bitcoin:

So, unemployment is a pretty big issue in the world today, and one of the biggest hurtles in Bitcoin is the initial acquiring of coin from standard currency.

I had an idea where someone sets up a Cracked Model of content absorption, say we pay out BTC for every decent article submitted and sold to the site, and make a conventional livelihood out of ads, maybe charging for premium memberships with priority editing and stories for uBTC a month?

Do you think this sort of idea would float? Are there other blogs that have tried and failed with this model?
2  Other / Off-topic / Cloud Based Video Editor on: December 20, 2012, 08:00:38 PM
So, crazy idea... What if there was a web video editor availible that one could input torrent and magnet links into, and use minimal bandwith by only getting the parts of the files they need for editing?  I know that Bittorent Torque is available to public as btapp.js, and it works in the cloud, so could there be a web editor that has a similar idea behind it, as opposed to just consuming media?
3  Economy / Marketplace / Outsource your Worring on: November 05, 2012, 05:07:04 PM
As a long standing worrywart, I've been around the block a couple times and know quite a bit about the art of worrying. When you worry about stuff you cannot possibly control, it can drag you down and make you unproductive with the stuff you can. One thing that helps though is that if you can get other people to worry about things for you, you can get quite a bit more done, as whatever paralysis the worry causes is taken care of with someone else covering it. So, for a going rate of .5 BTC per instance, I will worry about things for you. Be it a vague inkling or a fully realized phobia, I'll be on the case, so you can go about your day knowing that your worries won't bug you if they are already bugging me. Feel free to leave a worry in a private message or a post with your transaction or address, and feel free to negotiate on rates if the problem is small but persistent, big and looming, or otherwise requires a variable amount of worrying not covered by standard negotiations, or requires priority handling. Otherwise, send to the address in the sig, drop me a line and I will worry about it as they come in.  Anonymous donations will go towards worrying about the current state of the US East Coast post Hurricane, so feel free to order about nothing at all, knowing that it will go to a good cause.

Once again, thank you for your time, and I look forward to your concerns.

4  Bitcoin / Project Development / Mine for Mobile Minutes on: September 26, 2012, 06:13:36 PM
So, Ting has released plans for businesses, ( and I was wondering about the logistics of a Mining for Minutes sort of setup, where someone starts up an account, adds a bunch of phones through either BYOD or reselling the Ting Phones to miners, and you can point your machine to a pool to pay off the bill. This seem like an interesting idea, either Bitcoins as a cell phone service, or mining as a subscription alternative?  It would have to be US only, as Ting runs through the Sprint network, but it still seems like a decent plan, and they are the only place I know that offers Femtocells for sale.
5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Zapier for Bitcoin on: September 23, 2012, 12:48:36 AM
Recently, I discovered a service kind of like ifttt, but with a build your own app platform using your own API, called Zapier. I  tried to add a couple services to it like Dwolla, Bitinstant, and what not, but my code fu is weak when it comes to JSON get postings, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand in adding some more Bit-services to it, as it could be a massively powerful tool in the right hands.
6  Economy / Goods / Anyone want a domain? on: August 27, 2012, 12:28:28 AM
Right now, I have pointed nowhere, and I want to get it off my hands. It just became transferable a while back, so anyone want to have it for anything?
7  Economy / Goods / Bit to School: Backpacks and stuff on: August 18, 2012, 02:09:47 AM
So I have a Five Below store ( in my neighborhood, and they are offering Backpacks for $5 a pop. They aren't sports grade or anything special, but they can fit in a flat rate envelope, they sell in bulk, and have other stuffs, everything under $5.

So, for a Backpack, one Bitcoin will cover cost and shipping, and PM with address and proof of purchase to get it within a couple of days stateside, an extra BTC for international, and one more for Express Mail domestically. If you want to send me a list of other stuff to pickup, I'll see what I can do, but no promises.
8  Economy / Services / Referals on: August 18, 2012, 01:30:56 AM is a service that allows for people to share and enjoy torrents and downloadable files, and they are now open to the public, no wait listing or waiting for account approval, and a brand new API for getting at your files quicker. Free 1GB accounts with unlimited bandwidth on a ludicrously fast pipe, and paid options going all the way to 1 Terabyte on a per month basis. MP4 files work directly in the page, and anything else can either be played as is in VLC or a related player/plugin, or converted to an MP4 in minutes.   They also allow for RSS subscriptions to torrents and video/audio podcasts, and you can share items in accounts with one another, giving others access to what you are watching, and having more media to explore through other users.

I can pay for upgraded accounts if you send in log in information or are willing to let me create an account for you. PM for details, but for now, 1BTC is the Pro tier, 2 for Premium, 5 for 1TB. You can also sign up for an account at their main page, or through to get my referral and space bonus. (Free 350 MB for referrals and referrers.) And if you like the service, you can get your own referal link and post it in the thread. Have fun guys.
9  Other / Off-topic / Bitcoin:Address format for QR codes on: August 14, 2012, 03:10:12 AM
Does anyone actually use the bitcoin:{address} format for generating and scanning QR codes, or would I be better off keeping the codes as raw addresses?
10  Economy / Services / Hulu Plus for Bitcoins on: August 04, 2012, 03:01:30 AM
So, now that Hulu Plus is offering a Gift Card for subscribers, I'm gonna offer a month for 1 BTC, and 10 for a year. PM me a receipt, and I'll get you a code, and that's it. On top of that, I can refer your email address for two free weeks, no charge with a purchase, since I'd get two weeks free as well per paying customer, including gift cards, and that's good for up to a year.  

I personally like having more tv at my beck and call, on the devices I want, and you cannot lose with just 1 BTC in the hole. So, check it out then, at, and see if anything catches your attention.
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Bitcoin App Market for Android on: July 30, 2012, 02:24:11 AM
So, there are several alternative markets for Android, and technically iPhone through jailbroken means. Could we throw an ecosystem that allows users and devs to pay for apps and in app purchases in Bitcoin? We'd still have free applications, like any other market, but seems like BTC on mobile has been mostly overlooked.
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / Take Bitcoin by Scanned Check on: June 03, 2012, 01:17:29 AM
Working on an instant transaction engine on the Bitcoin->PayPal engine, mostly because I'm young, stupid, and can't take no for an answer, but the backbone is primed and it should be ready to go once I have some capital stashed away. (Donation PIMP!)

Anyway, thinking about augmenting service with an option to scan checks and pdf them to me for Bitcoin payout. I know check fraud is a thing, but was curious on exactly what could happen if someone took me for a ride, if I either deposited a printed PDF or used a webcamascanner to cash it, and it bounced. Never seen it offered, so I figure there is a reason or an opportunity there somewhere.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Tasker Android Helpy Help on: June 01, 2012, 03:00:10 PM
Posted something similar on XDA, might as well show my hand here.

I wanted to make a mobile exchange of sorts between Bitcoin and PayPal where if I get a text from something like Coinapault saying that " *or mobile number* sent you 0.31btc ($1.63). recover here: *snip* or reply 'help me'. Message: Blah Blah Blah," I could immediately turn it around into PayPal's sms number and say "send $1.63" by being able to pull the address and the amount out of the first text as variables. (Assuming it's done at cost, probably gonna take something.)

Entirely new to this depth of tasker programming and while I got an idea of what I can use to pull this off, I'm a little stuck on the logistics of labeling variables to be used elsewhere on the fly, and I can't debug it without sending texts over and over again. Anyone got any pointers or can tell me where I can stick it, being a script kitty newb?

Edit: I've got .31 BTC on me if you really want it, but idea itself is probably worth more.
14  Other / Off-topic / Anyone know a good Android Wallet with payment notifications? on: May 27, 2012, 03:06:37 AM
I like a couple of them that are in the Market Play Store, but nothing mentioned any sort of real time, you got a payment from this address function. Maybe go with BitPay then?
15  Economy / Goods / WTS CompTIA A+ Vouchers; 1 for 32 BTC, 2 for 60. on: May 17, 2012, 07:56:01 PM
I got in a bit over my head with trying to get a certification this spring, and I would like to get these out to someone who could honest to god use them. These will enable you to take the CompTIA A+ Exam free of charge on a scheduled test day, at your local Pearson/Vue testing center. (Yeah, I know they are dropping Prometric in a couple months, this is good until May next year.) Willing to negotiate offer, first come first served, post or PM if you have any questions.
16  Economy / Marketplace / Bluetooth Headset stuffed into a phone on: May 11, 2012, 07:21:49 PM

I made a post on goods, but it didn't get much traffic since I guess I was a little vague on what I wanted to do. I'm thinking buy them up 8 at a time to save on postage, and since they can fit into first class mail when bundled up, I can resell at 2.2 BTC/unit and break even, (+.1 would be about $.50 profit) and since you can use them to take calls without getting your big ass smartphone out of it's case and talk to a brick, it might go over well, especially if you have trouble picking up calls with a touchscreen.
17  Economy / Goods / Mini Bluetooth Phone 1.5BTC (Intrest?) on: May 10, 2012, 10:46:39 PM
While these things are still cheap, anyone interested in getting in on a bundle? I can probably ship first class for about a buck a phone once they get to me, and less than $6 is damn impressive, especially if you want to make calls with a tactile phone, not just a brick with a touchscreen. (Great for Mothers/Fathers day?)
18  Other / Off-topic / Interest Check - Livestream of Podcasts and Such on: April 04, 2012, 05:21:19 PM
With Hulu and Netflix and Youtube and such, we have a lot of choice for how we entertain ourselves when everyone can produce everything they could possibly want. But there still is that niche of people who want to just veg out infront of a screen and just explore what is out there. Something like what NeoToonami is trying to do, but with Podcasts, Public Domain Movies, and all content free and legal. Would you be interested if there was a or some sort of live stream you could reliably tune into 24/7 to have something to watch, and what would your content bent be? (I'd personally throw it full of Produced Media for the Internet from Vodo, Blip, and the like, while filling it out with content from TWiT, Rev3, and old movies. Maybe some Channel Awesome stuff if they aren't doing something like this already. 
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Instawallet Based Exchange - Trade Wallets, Not Coins on: April 01, 2012, 02:08:28 AM
So I was tossing this idea around with a friend, and a lot of the convenience of having a digital currency is not available to Bitcoin because of people being able to chargeback on transactions, making it impossible to reliably trust either party to follow through with a trade. With Credit based solution, there is nothing to hang onto, so you can react the purchase, but conversely, you only need to declare the purchase to be made for it to happen.

What if you used Instawallet or a homebrewed clone as an intermediary? Keep pocket coinage in your Instawallet, and use that to make purchases. Works great, they have a green address handshake that will instantly confirm any transactions within the wallet, and you have the Bitcoin transfer being checked by Instawallet's systems, so you can put coins in an address and maybe using some bitbucket functionality, make sure both parties know how many BTC are in place before you hand over the private keys and they drain the account.

So what is the point of holding a URL for a set amount of currency as collateral for another purchase, when Bitcoin was designed to be a point to point transaction? You have a confirmation that someone for sure received something,  albeit anonymously, instead of the Bitcoins working their way into the ether and no one being able to get a handle on what went where. This opens the gate for services such as Google Checkout to pay for Bitcoins as well as Paypal to pay out, as you have the advantage of setting up the account, ensuring a unique URL and/or Passcode, and sending it to them with the understanding it's just the two of you who know it, so a chargeback would not be an insta-loss. (In theory, you could even have it work with Paypal if you sent a physical notice of login or a yubikey sent with the "digital version." The product being the account credentials, it did get to their doorstep, so it could not have been fraudulent goods. But this is Paypal, and they can order people off their lawn at their leisure.)

Now that we have an immediate and secure method of verifying that Coins went into a bag and the bag was given to the user, we can start to have some fun with the system. Sure, you can have a website where you buy bundles of bits for a set amount with a CC and immediately get them sent to an account, or you can turn it around, and have the server gift you equivalent Paypal monies for an instawallet URL. Pull off some fancy Javascripting, and you can make an extension  so that when you Pay With Paypal with the Paypal button, you can add a checkmark to the page to pull from an instawallet or Gox account and fill up a Paypal you set up 15 minutes earlier for how much you wanted to spend, and even put it on their debit card if your account is verified. But the big one is that any merchant could build that javascript right into their page, and accept Bitcoin to PP or PP to Bitcoin payments, without having to get their hands dirty with one or the other.

I wanted to work on something like this with a couple of friends and keep it close to the chest,  but my programmer and I lost contact, my code fu is weak, and I figured that someone would come along and do it better anyway the second I put a proof of concept into play. Besides, Prometheus open sourced fire, and that never came back to bite him in the ass, right? I'd still like to see it done though, so if a couple of guys wanted to pick this up and run with it or actually help me piece she infrastructure together, I'll be around.

Edit: This might want to be moved to Project Development, on second thought.
20  Economy / Services / InstantCert: College Credits for Clep Tests on: March 30, 2012, 11:43:03 PM
Okay, so I recently signed up for a website called InstaCert in the hopes to knock out a couple Clep Tests. From what I've gathered, they have a pretty decent setup. and I might be able to cut a year off of my time. Anyway, important bit.

This is my affiliate code, it nets you $5 off a month-long subscription, and kicks $8 to me. There's a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you aren't satisfied, there we go.

I'm thinking about offering maybe .1BTC for everyone who PM's me that they've signed up and I can confirm it. Obviously that won't pay for the service, but if you wanted to get some easy college credit anyway, it's a nice bonus.
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