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41  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / When will be the time for TV ads about Bitcoin? on: July 23, 2015, 01:45:50 PM
Like it or not, TV still has a lot of viewers, even tho with time it's getting less and less until the internet fully replaces it (just like BTC will replace regular currencies) but until then TV matters.
At what point it will be a good idea for Bitcoin ads to start appearing on there to get people aware? I just saw a Paypal TV ad that was advertising payments with smartphones and over the internet as the next big thing or something. When will Bitcoin be there to claim its place?
Definitely not anytime soon since we can't even solve the blocksize problem yet, but when do you estimate BTC will be mature and stable enough for it?
42  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / I can no longer see "incoming transaction" notification (Bitcoin-QT) on: April 03, 2015, 08:39:03 PM
I opened my wallet after a while to sync it and see if everything is in order. Usually I check transactions on the site and from time to time I sync the wallet locally. Anyway, I was expecting to see a lot of nice "incoming transaction" notifications but I didn't see a single one. I also noticed how this time I didn't see any BTC amounts in "unconfirmed", I just got paid directly and it added into my balance.
The transactions arrived just fine, but I didn't get the notifications on the taskbar... I haven't modified anything on the options. Last time I think I still had the previous version to 0.10.0, so I just updated it.

I have 0.10.0 on my other machine and the incoming transaction notification shows up, and im using the same OS.

How can I make it appear again? It felt good seeing the nofications coming in, without them getting paid is not as exciting Grin

In case its not clear what im talking about it's this:

43  Economy / Economics / The Three Questions: What do you propose? on: November 11, 2014, 12:35:42 PM

The Three Questions: ( please watch video before answering the below as the premise is explained as in great detail. )

1) Given the market economy requires consumption in order to maintain demand for human employment and further economic growth as needed, is there a structural incentive to reduce resource use, biodiversity loss, the global pollution footprint and hence assist the ever-increasing need for improved ecological sustainability in the world today?

2) In an economic system where companies seek to limit their production costs (“cost efficiency”) in order to maximize profits and remain competitive against other producers, what structural incentive exists to keep human beings employed, in the wake of an emerging technological condition where the majority of jobs can now be done more cheaply and effectively by machine automation?

3) In an economic system which inherently generates class stratification and overall inequity, how can the effects of “Structural Violence” - a phenomenon noted by public health researchers to kill well over 18 million a year, generating a vast range of systemic detriments such as behavioral, emotional and physical disorders – be minimized or even removed as an effect?
44  Economy / Economics / Is there any reference in terms of an asset recovering current's Bitcoin fall %? on: September 23, 2014, 05:10:27 PM
We hit an ATH of about 1.1K USD, now we are marinating on the 400-380's. That's a big % of price decrease.

My question is: Has something ever recovered from such a loss? and has something ever doubled, tripled, cuadrupled a similar ATH? Show me the graphs, because I can't think of any past events. This is the true test for Bitcoin. It has to surpass the ATH to demonstrate it's trully unprecedented.
45  Other / Beginners & Help / Been browsing for months and contemplating owning a couple BTC, but... on: September 23, 2014, 03:32:28 PM
I still don't see the point. All i've learned is BTC can be a great way to store value, as in an e-metal. But other than that... I don't see why or how the average citizen would need BTC, beyond wanting to store wealth and hope it goes up as best case scenareo, just like I do with metals and other assets. Why would Mr Joe the janitor want to buy BTC? or why would he want to prefer being paid in BTC rather than FIAT?
Why would the average Joe family want to risk their hard earned money by buying BTC? How would their life change for the better? Exactly, their life is exactly the same.
The only people that improved their lifes with BTC are because they were here before it went 3 figures, that's all.
Not saying the technology is great, im just saying, I don't see how most people is going to care about BTC, and without "most people" in the boat... well, just look at the price.
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