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1  Bitcoin / Mining support / DRAGONMINT MYRIG.COM SUPPORT on: May 11, 2018, 05:52:25 AM
If you have purchased DragonMint products via Myrig, we can assist you with the warranty process directly via Myrig.  If you have purchased DragonMint via Halong website, after Halong's provide you the approval, we might be able to provide you the warranty support.

We will post a quick guide here in the next few days to help you expedite the process, less painful as possible, if you were unfortunate customers who needs warranty service. is the official way to get warranty or repair completed.  Forum be just another avenue for communication channels.  

DragonMint T1 Firmware Versions (thanks to CK!) (Newest)

*firmware, if your DragonMint is hashing and working fine, rule of thumb is leave it alone!
2  Bitcoin / Mining support / Bitmain Antminer Product Assistance on: November 11, 2016, 05:47:09 AM
Need Assistance in Bitmain Antminer Product, feel free to post your problem here and one of the techs will assist you

PCB repair is also available
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Interest for Hosted S9 on: October 10, 2016, 01:59:47 AM
Interest Check...

How many of you are interested in Hosted S9 that is for 12-month hosting term with real time pool change feature and status monitoring?

S9 can be reclaim for shipping to address in USA for $75-80 per unit (lower 48 states) after the hosting.  Early Termination available with some penalty in fees.

depends on how many units total via Group Interest, open for suggestion on per unit S9 hosting price.  11.8T model or 12.9T model

Broken units be repaired/replaced while in hosting.  (Except certain uses will void free repair options)

4  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / AntMiner Community Edition Firmware Improvement Project on: May 02, 2015, 08:21:54 PM
With Bitmain's recent release of the source code that is needed to build AntMiner firmware images we have decided to start a community project to provide improved and customized firmware builds for all AntMiner products that use an embedded operating system. These builds will currently be built independently from the engineering group in China that releases the official builds.

These builds are unofficial and WILL NOT be covered by Bitmain's warranty. Anyone using firmware builds from this project should be familiar with the relevant recovery procedures. On the S1 and S3 this means a TTL diag cable is needed and on the S2 S4 S4+ S5 and C1 a SD card and reader is required.

Once fully tested builds based off of this project may be released with warranty support but for the moment no builds here have warranty support.

Project Goals:
Improve security by testing/auditing software applications and keeping software up to date.
Keep software in sync with upstream sources as much as possible.
Improved reliability by having community software testing.
Document the software and build systems used in order to make it easier for others to contribute.
Add features to improve management monitoring and automation of large scale industrial mining farms.
Add features to make it easier for home miners to set up, configure and monitor their miners.

For reference Bitmain uses 2 primary types of controllers.
For the S1 and S3 they use a AR9331 based control card that uses the MIPS architecture with internal flash memory.
The beaglebone based controllers are ARM based and come in 2 variants.
Controllers with internal NAND flash include the S4+ and S5
Controllers that use SD cards include the S2 S4 and C1

Current Status:
Firmware from S3 can be loaded but needs to be modified for compatibility.
Tested but unable to hash
OpenWRT firmware based off of trunk sources compiles and runs reasonably well. Source code needs to be cleaned up and tested more.
Patches need to be submitted upstream to OpenWRT for native AR9331 board support.
Untested but similar to S5
Untested but similar to S5
Compiles and runs without issues but needs to be brought up to date with mainline Angstrom Linux
Untested but similar to S5

We have started a github repo based off of the released Bitmain source code with some cleanup.

Who we are looking for:
Software developers who can make improvements to the firmware.
Testers who can provide detailed bug reports and test new features/changes.

TODO List:
Setup Continuous Integration testing and automated builds.
Download server for nightly builds.
Cleanup and Document sources so that others can more easily join the project.
Bring software components up to date.
Transition to mainline cgminer.
5  Bitcoin / Hardware / Bitmain tech support and warranty on: February 14, 2015, 06:36:41 PM
Dear Bitmain customers, we are improving our services at the same time as we are improving our devices. If you have any trouble with your new or old Bitmain device you can reach us here:

Bitmain International Support:
Bitmain tech support & warranty phone: +1-844-BIT-MAIN
Bitmain tech support & warranty email:

Теперь сервисное обслуживание доступно на Русском и Украинском языках!

Please be patient when you submit your ticket we will respond as soon as we can.

6  Bitcoin / Group buys / Paypal Group Buy - Antminer S5 (USA Customer Only) $480 includes Shipping on: December 28, 2014, 05:52:40 PM
Hi Guys & Girls!

Paypal Group Buy is here for the end of the year sale!

If there is more than 20 units purchase request, we will open this up.

Price: $473

Batch 4: January 12-13th Shipping

Batch 3: January 12-13th Shipping Version

Refund/Cancel Request: Full Refund & Cancel Request is honored up until January 7th.

Warranty is valid for 90-days.

Shipping Origin: Factory in China

To Participate, please PM your Paypal Email address and you will receive a Paypal Invoice for Antminer S5


1. USA Shipping Address Only (No PO Box, APO/FPO)
2. Your Paypal Account Has to be Verified and Shipping Address Verified by Paypal
3. Valid Telephone Number registered with Paypal is required.
4. Government Issued ID required
5. Each Paypal Group Buy Request will be evaluated for Acceptance
6. Each Transaction Limit is $1,000 USD. (Based on your previous business with Bitmain, the limit may be lifted up to $10,000 per transaction but Bitmian Reserves the right to decline)
7. Signature Required upon receipt of the package
8. Telephone Call is required to verify, you received the package and item is operational. (844-BIT-MAIN)
9. Registered & Verified Account is required

Based on how this goes, may open up to other countries!!

Happy Holiday
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