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1  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / EXCL EXCLUSIVE COIN - 10:1 SWAP on Bittrex, NEW CHAIN, DARKSEND, INSTANTX on: July 31, 2016, 12:42:46 AM
EXCL Specs

Kabuuang Supply: 3652566
Algorithm: x11 (100% PoS)
Block reward: 1 EXCL
MasterNode:10 000 EXCL to start, 10% stake reward
40 confirms to maturity
24 hour stake min age

Mga Bagong Bagay sa EXCL
1. MasterNodes creation/usability built into Wallet
2 Darksend (anonimizing coins)
3. InstantX send
4. Block Explorer lookup
5. Bittrex Trading with API straight from wallet

Natatanging Ideya Sa Likod Ng EXCL Coin

Ang EXCL ay nagsimula bilang PoW/PoS hybrid at naging isa sa pinakamabilis na confirmation coins doon.
Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon pagpapatakbo ng chain at CPU eating of wallets ay lalong lumaki wala sa bagong palitan o serbisyo na gustong idagdag ang EXCL sa kanilang karaniwang termino.
Habang sinisimulan naming trabahuin ang pagpapalitang ng ideya kung paano gawing malaki ang coin ulit ang ating 2nd biggest exchange Cryptsy ay nag-offline ibinaba ang maraming EXCL.
Meron din kaming napagkasunduan ng exchange na gumawa ng "ebay style" marketplace at ang kumpanya/palitan ay bumaba din.

Napagpasyahan nami na ganap na i-restart ang coin, baguhin ang lahat ng specs nito at gumawa supply na mas maliit.
Ngayon meron kami klarong roadmap at interesadong mga partido na ibabalik buhay ang EXCL at kumuha ng mga bagong users.

Sundan niyo po kami sa pamamagitan ng pagkomento sa thread na ito, gamit ang twitter at mag-iwan ng email sa

Amin ding idinagdag ang DarkSend, InstantX, Bittrex Trading, Block Explorer at MasterNodes kaagad kasama nitong release.

Meron kaming klarong roadmap at marami pang balita ang dadating ngayong susunod na mga linggo.
2  Economy / Services / [SELLING] Cryptocurrency Pump n Dump PREDICTION Bot Charts Live Access on: July 28, 2016, 10:25:11 PM
Im selling access to private group on Telegram with bot monitoring altcoins markets and predicting pumps and dumps.

Here is screens from last days:

The bot WILL BE COSTING 15USD a month in future

For now until future notice [we are still testing and tweaking it] its a one time fee.

You can assume it will be running by this one price at least for next 2 months, currently its operating since may without any downtimes.

As an free extra addon we also have for now other bots posting on chan ie FOMO bot:

ONE TIME PRICE UNTIL BOT BECOMES MONTHLY (it will run now for you at least 2months+ guaranteed):
0.023 BTC (around 15USD) + 100 EXCL (trades on Bittrex)
2222 EXCL

Bot runs on Telegram private group, you need to have Telegram account to be able to use it.

PM to order and choose if you want BTC or EXCL.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Exclusive Coin EXCL 3.0 - MasterNodes, ProofOfStake, 5 years old, Android! on: July 11, 2016, 01:04:18 AM
| Exclusive Links | Specifications | Wallets | Block Explorers | Exchanges | Unique Idea |
| Weekly Sales | Outlet | Services | Media | Bounties | Roadmap | Dev Fund | Hall Of Fame |


Exclusive Links

Official website: [CHECK THERE FOR UPODATES!]
Official Discord: SLACK WE ABANDONED
Official twitter: [TOP 1 SOURCE OF NEWS]
Official youtube:


ExclusiveCoin The new Quality in Cryptocurrencies

5 years old coin, no ICO, no premine - full blockchain restart on EXCL 3.0 (no ICO!)

EXCL Specs

Initial supply: 3652566
Algorithm: 100% PoS
Block reward: 0.5 EXCL
MasterNode:5 000 EXCL to start, 0.5 EXCL Reward per Block
1000 confirms to maturity
24 hour stake min age

New Things in EXCL Wallet
Update Needed




Github - source

Windows QT/OSX/ Linux/RasbPi
All above

After installation its solid

MasterNode creation guide by using QT:

Services to run remote Masternodes (3rd party services, no promises from us)















Unique Idea Behind EXCL Coin

EXCL started as a PoW/PoS hybrid and have been one of fastest confirmation coins out there.
After 2 years running the chain and CPU eating of wallets got so big none of new exchanges or services wanted to add EXCL on their usual terms.
While we started working and brainstorming about how to make this coin great again our 2nd biggest exchange Cryptsy went offline taking down loads of EXCL.

We have decided to fully restart the coin, change all of its specs and make supply smaller.
Now we have clear roadmap and interested parties to bring EXCL back to life and get new users.
The coin has been passed to new developer team since old creator wasnt capable of keeping up to date with technology.

Please follow us by commenting this thread, using twitter and leaving email on

We have added DarkSend, InstantX, Bittrex Trading, Block Explorer and MasterNodes right away with this release.







Services (MAY NEED UPDATING) Windows/Android - Price Checking, Online Wallet, Price Ticker C.A.T. Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader 2.9


Media about EXCL:



Have anything else to offer? Send PM.



28.09.2014 - launch of the coin COMPLETED
11.10.2014 - finishing coding of marketplace plugin  COMPLETED
14.10.2014 - opening market officialy with 5x Gridseed Dual Miner sales 3 AM GMT+2 COMPLETED
XX.10.2014 - seling BTC-E codes, GPUs COMPLETED
07.11.2014 IRC tipbot for #exclusivecoin channel @ COMPLETED
14.11.2014 GAW Hashlets sales @ COMPLETED
14.11.2014 Hard Rock Hotel Holiday Discount COMPLETED
280x R9 GPU cards sales for EXCL COMPLETED
KNC Neptune sales for EXCL COMPLETED
KNC titan sales for EXCL COMPLETED
11.07.2016 Block explorer in wallet COMPLETED
11.07.2016 Trading in the wallet COMPLETED
13.07.2016 OSX wallet COMPLETED
29.07.2016 Crypto-trading Telegram bot Sales  COMPLETED
31.07.2016 Portugese, Philipean, Indonesian threads COMPLETED
04.2017 Added to 100% Decentralized Exchange  COMPLETED
2018 Coinomi Andoird MultiCoin Wallet, Exchange with USD pair  COMPLETED
2018 BiteBTC Exchange adding  COMPLETED
2019 EXCL code fixes COMPLETED


More TBA.



Exclusive Coin DEV Fund

Liked the fair launch, the coin and the way we handle things?
Help EXCL to grow faster by showing some love to the dev team!




Users that donated to the devfund to help EXCL coin growing.
We love you guys!

anonymous - 30,000 EXCL
anonymous 2 - 8,000 EXCL
dodziu - 20,000 EXCL
VeritasSapere - 15,000 EXCL
nhrf3 - 8,000 EXCL
xxxgoodgirls - 6,999 EXCL
stolenjelly - 0,1BTC, 10000 EXCL
forzendiablo - 4LTC

| Exclusive Links | Specifications | Wallets | Block Explorers | Exchanges | Unique Idea |
| Weekly Sales | Outlet | Services | Media | Bounties | Roadmap | Dev Fund | Hall Of Fame |
4  Economy / Goods / Buy cheapest BTCE USD Codes, Gridseed Miners, Radeon GPU & more w. ESCROW! on: October 30, 2014, 02:49:47 AM

Every 2 weeks Eexclusive Coin outlet - EXCL is live. You can buy there things ALWAYS CHEAPER than elsewhere with either EXCL or BTC.
To understand how shopping works check:

We just launched with limited superb discount sales of:
1. USD codes!
2. Twitter followers to bust your accounts
3. Gigabyte Raden 6970 cards
4. Gridseed modified to take less electricity for scrypt mining

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Whos into EXCL coin? on: October 23, 2014, 02:35:23 PM
EXCL is 3rd day on front page of traffic on Bittrex, good run to make BTCs easy since price raises daily

whos in?
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