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1  Economy / Economics / useage charts on: September 16, 2013, 06:29:46 AM
Is there a chart out there that shows how much in fees have been paid out, and how many transactions have been made?
2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Double spending on: June 22, 2013, 03:22:13 AM
If someone were able to do a double spend or revers a transaction, would we ever know about it?
3  Bitcoin / Mining / First casualty on: October 10, 2012, 05:19:00 AM
Just had my first casualty, thankfully only my MB.  Got a message saying my usb was drawing too much power.  Then two of the 5v power supply started melting the plastic on the MB.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / What's the reason for the change to bip16/bip17 on: January 29, 2012, 09:03:50 AM
I have found little about why the change is needed.  Could someone explain the reason for the change, and please dumb it down. 
5  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / DIY hybrid water cooling on: November 02, 2011, 11:13:05 AM
Ever sense I water cooled my first computer, I've water cooled every computer sense.  My ATI5970s were going to be no exception, and then, we hit the $3 mark.
After noticing how hot the back plate got I came up with this.

The tools you'll need, are a dremel, drill, sharpy, sand paper and screw driver(for taking the back plate off).  As for the parts, you'll need a sheet of copper,
PVC pipe caps, epoxy, thermal pads and copper pipe.
Take off the back plate and use it a template.  I used an SOS pad to clean it off.

Drill the holes in the caps, cut the pipes to length, sand the pipes to remove dirt and oil.  Then glue everything together.  I found it easier to glue the intake and outtake first. 
I put the middle pipe in then clamped the caps to a board, then glued it in place.  Clamping them helps make sure they're level with each other. 
To get a stronger bond I scuffed up the copper sheet before I glued it in place.

Cover the back of your card with thermal pads.  You'll want to use 6-8mm pads, if they're to thin contacts can poke through.  I covered more of the board, but that picture didn't come out.

For my radiator I took a 25ft soft copper pipe and coiled it on a box fan.

All for about $40 to make the water block.  Once I get some pci-e extenders I'm gong to make another this time I wont cut out over the GPUs, hopefully that will get me a few
degrees cooler.  I'm also thinking about a better radiator.  Unfortunately one of my cards is having fan issues.  I've got a water block on the way, if I'm in the mood I'll do a comparison.

I'm not above begging for money, so if you want to throw something my way I'd appreciate it.  If you don't I'd be happy to know if it helped you out just the same.
6  Bitcoin / Project Development / Portable all in one bitcoin wallet on: October 17, 2011, 09:45:02 AM
I've been tooling around with this idea for a few weeks. When I go to trade Bitcoins with someone I've never met, I'm a little uneasy about bringing a laptop.

Basically its just a mini usb wifi and jump drive crammed into an ultra small usb hub.
I got the hub at it's 10.99 plus shipping.

The wifi adapter I got off ebay for about $6, I had the micro usb adapter and card. A micro jump drive shouldn't go for that much.

You'll need an exacro knife, pliers, flat head screw driver, wire(IDE cabling works great.), soldering iron and  Multipurpose Repair Putty.
The bottom part comes off rater easily, the top part is a little harder.  The circuit board is glued to the case, after you gently remove the top half use the flat
 heat to push the board out.  Use the pliers and soldering iron to remove the outside metal of the 3 bottom usbs and the power connecter.  Take a knife and
 pop the connecters out.(I forgot to take a picture.)

Bend it 90 degrees and slowly pull the plastic off.  Use the exacto knife to take off the casing on the wifi adapter and the jump drive.
Solder the wifi adapter to the middle usb put some tape on it so it won't short(don't cover the antenna.)

De-solder the 4 usb metal connecters, then solder wiring to it and to the jump drive. Plug the hub in your computer, to make sure it got soldered correctly.
Get a piece of paper and put the bottom cap on it.  Mix up some putty and fill in the gaps.  Don't fill it all the way up, you'll need some room for
the jump drive to fit.

Sand and paint it, I haven't drilled a hole in it for a key ring yet.

Load up Linux and install the drivers for the wifi card. Take it with you when yourout to buy or sell something.  It's a bit easier and safer
to carry this around than a 10 or 15 inch laptop with you.  Before you take off to trade, load some coins in the wallet on the drive.
Plug it into any computer boot from the jump drive and trade. I know there's a program that can force most computers
that have a cd drive to boot from a jump drive.  You could even load up Linuxcoin and hook it up to a computer at work.

I'd be willing to pay a Linux coder to make a boot-able image.  Unfortunately with current prices it wouldn't be much. 
The requirements are that it be small, boot up fast, bitcoin(obliviously), the Realtek wifi usb drivers(from what I can tell most of the micro wifi's
are made by them), web browser, calculator, stick notes would be nice but a txt editor will do, a gui wifi interface and ask each time when it's
shutting down to save what you've done.  If your interested send me a PM with how many coins you'll work for.

Writing was never my strong suit,  but I hope I've done a decent job explaining how to make it.  If you want to throw a few fractions of a coin my way
I'd appreciate it, but please don't feel obligated to.  12RJz2PrRfbG52LuUtt4ST6ULU9UqAzHRL

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