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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Johny1976, and Cointoli - Owes me 0.16 for 10 days on: August 19, 2016, 11:03:27 PM
Users profile:;u=143958
Amount scammed: 0.16 BTC

What happened:   I sell products on his Johny1976's site, cointoli.  They have been having "withdrawal issues" for weeks.  Johny has known about the issue for MONTHS.  Usually it takes a few days of chasing him to get paid, but this time it's just absurd.

It has been more than 10 days, and I have not been paid.  I sent a message on the 10th, telling him about it.   Shortly after I sent him the message, he logged in to bitcointalk but did not respond.   He then proceeds to not reply for over a week.    I then threatened to open a scam accusation against him if I was not paid, and shockingly enough he emailed me back almost immediately:


should I send it to that address?


That was yesterday, and I STILL have not been paid.   It is unfortunate that I have to do this as he knows and has admitted to owing me the funds but refuses to pay.  For some reason it is taking so long to pay me, I guess he no longer has my money.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [XLTCG] Version 2.0 switch to DPOS/POW Hybrid since 12.04.2016 | X13 | Multipool on: September 29, 2015, 05:24:22 AM
X13 - DPoS & PoW Hybrid


Version 2.0 coin specifications:

Version 2.0 switch to DPOS/POW Hybrid
ForkTime 1460466951 // 12.04.2016 - 15:15:51
PoW Blocks generate 10 [XLTCG] if > 318000 Block
DPOS Blocks generate fixed Reward = [10XLTCG]  instead of PoS with 10%

Coin name: LTCGearCoin
Coin ticker: XLTCG
Algo: X13
PoW & PoS: Hybrid
Block Time: 60 Seconds
DPOS: 10 Coins
DPoS Min. Age: 1 Hour
DPoS Max. Age: Unlimited
Block reward: 10 Coins

First stage PoW ~ Total Coin Supply: 2 500 000 Coins  & Last PoW Block: 250000 (***notice: actual supply of the first stage ~1.5 million coins)

Second stage PoW ~ 10 XLTCG from 318000 Block

Premine: 1,56 %
Premine amount: 39,000 (around 17,000 left after bounties)

Coin mature: 15
Coin Transaction: 10
RPCPort: 48522
P2PPort: 48521
Difficulty retarget: every block

Official site:  (has to be updated, for now all relevant information in this post)


Version 2.0 WindowsQT!W0EH0S6I!lkrFe5A0kjNZ66RbQX4shCFidUdIHrnRdgsaygHUh3M
Version 2.0 Github
(Thanks to TillKoeln!)
version 2.0 - linux QT built on linux mint X64 (Thanks to CryptoHobo!)
Blockexperts, Explorer is running on V2.0
The target is 230% from the actual supply *1,5 Million" which would be availabe in the actual year
split on PoS , PoW , DPOS *delegated proof of stake* each of them will payout 1/3 from the new coins
over the time.

Version 2.0 switch to DPOS/POW Hybrid
ForkTime 1460466951 // 12.04.2016 - 15:15:51
PoW blocks generate 10 [XLTCG] if > 318000 Block
DPOS Blocks generate fixed reward = [10XLTCG]  instead of PoS with 10%
Please update your wallets, this update is MANDATORY

Latest nodes:


Block explorer:


Buy and trade XLTCG at


Blackjack: (yet has to be updated with the lastest source code of XLTCG)

How to get XLTCG for free:

LTCGearCoin Faucet

Feel free to donate to keep it running (thanks to 00HasH!)
XLTCG : GVGinpxsdxLrM8NNtq16rCVWTkXvog7zAB

How to mine:

Solo mine to your wallet via localhost:48522

CPU Miner: (Mammix2's fork of CPU miner) (switch algo to x13)
SGMiner SPH Fork:  (switch algo to x13)
SGMiner SPH Fork Compiled for windows: (switch algo to x13)

Pools and services:


April 22, 2016, 06:28:33 PM
XLTCG added to the miners multipool:
(Thanks to crackfoo!)

Windows Stratum Server for the XLTCG:

ok, here is the Windows Stratum Server.
this make it possible to connect with rented rigs directly
to your Wallet, similar like solo mining with your own gpu.

the Server is nearby ready to use. you just Need to config your
with standart Infos similar when you mine solo.
like this


and 1 file inside the CoiniumServ Folder
on the file you Need to paste your ltcgearcoin.conf Settings.
and a WalletAddress to receive coins which is generated by your wallet


    "enabled": true,
    "coin": "X13.json",
    "daemon": {
        "port": 11111,
        "username": "username",
        "password": "password"
    "wallet": {
    "rewards": [
    "stratum": {
        "port": 6511
    "storage": {
        "hybrid": {
            "mysql": {
                "database": "x131"

save the files. and start the Windows-Stratum\CoiniumServ.exe
thats all.

the Server / Stratum is listening on port 6511,
so you Need to connect your miner to this address.
if you want to use some rented rigs.

URL =>  stratum+tcp://YOURIP:6511
Username => username
Password => password

if you want to mine with your own rig/gpu you can use your
like this

URL =>  stratum+tcp://
Username => username
Password => password

to Keep it as simple as possible for you i have disabled the most things
like the Web-Frontend, Databases, VarDiff.

but this is good to go and should work fine.

any questions, post your questions.

Windows Stratum Server!b5NBHbwB!SnB2cr7TeCUg7Gzb9kn_qw1zdSbvrw8wUDiRqq92xqA

Updates in the version 2.0 in brief:

-Checkpoints  //Hardcoded
-Node Server & Nodes //Hardcoded
-Tweaked BlockSplit/StakeSplit  //Clientside        )> Example  
unsigned int nStakeSplitAge = 1 * 24 * 60 * 60;
-Tweaked CombineThreshold     //Clientside      )> Example  
int64_t nStakeCombineThreshold = 1000 * COIN;

-Updated Wallet-QT   //Mac,Windows
-Updated Daemon    //Linux,Windows
-Updated RaspberryPi Client

-Swap Back to PoW+PoS  //Mandatory
-Increasing PoS Rate    //Mandatory
-add PoW Blocks   //Mandatory
-BlockTime get split into specific Timings for PoS and PoW //Mandatory
-Tweaked Confirmations for Transactions /Mature  //Mandatory
-Changing PoS min. Coin Age  //Mandatory

-Fork/Mandatory Update.

Any questions?
Feel free to ask!

Stay tuned!
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / btcscriptpremium alt of williamj2543 on: September 10, 2015, 06:34:32 PM
User Profile:;u=538412

What Happened:
Claims he is selling the scripts "under contract to williamj2543".   Doesn't seem very likely that they are not the same person.   Feel free to make your own judgements, but be careful.

4  Economy / Gambling / - 5% Bonus on deposits until 11/7/14 on: November 01, 2014, 04:48:51 AM
Grand opening special.

We just opened yesterday and have already had almost 1 BTC wagered.   As I'm sure you can imagine, getting a gambling site off the ground requires people to trust that you won't run away with their money! This is a huge burden to overcome.  I comped a few users here last night so that they would see that my site was legit.    

Now I want to do some other things to get this train rolling even further.  

For Bitcointalk users only, I am running a 5% deposit bonus.    

If you deposit funds between 11/1 and 11/7,  wager 25% of those deposited funds total (across any amount of bets) and then message me here with your player name and deposit amount.   I will get 5% deposited into your account within 24 Hours.

Please be advised that this bonus is only applicable to deposits of up to .5 BTC, larger deposits will still receive a bonus but only up to .5 BTC.

Feel free to test the site before you use it with the built in Satoshi faucet.  

Deposits are posted to your account after 1 confirmation + 6 minutes.

Referral program coming soon!
5  Economy / Gambling / is open! Play for free to try it, then play for real. on: October 31, 2014, 02:23:42 PM is open!   Play for free to try it, then play for real.

We want to thank everyone that helped us with our beta testing over the past few days!

We are now officially open.    We employ a very modest house edge of 1%.

Our bitcoin faucet allows players to try the game before you deposit.

We had someone last night walk away with a stunning 800% profit, congrats to BTCmaze!

Come on down and roll a few times, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Thanks again!
6  Economy / Gambling / Beta Testing! on: October 31, 2014, 04:48:41 AM
Ok, so I am in the process of attempting to launch a dice website.  I would like help testing it.   
I have added a bitcoin faucet to the website for a limited time for trial purposes.   

Deposits and withdrawals are enabled, so if you decide use it after you bet some satoshi's from the faucet, that would be fine by me.   

Keep in mind that the house only has a 2% edge.  That will change at the official launch

Deposits post after 1 confirmation +6 minutes.

1 would request at this time that you keep the maximum bet to .001 BTC at a time.

Thank you all in advance.   I will check here frequently to receive feedback both positive or negative.

Provably fair with global stats.


PM me or reply here if you have any issues at all.   Please don't use Internet explorer.
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