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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Multisig with Time Lock? on: June 01, 2022, 12:49:37 PM
Can I setup a time lock which will allow access to the coins in x amount of years but only allow access during that time if 2/3 other people sign it? I do not want to give these people access but my goal is to keep Bitcoin until a certain date 2030. I want to make sure that despite what happens with the btc price I do not withdraw. My solution is getting trusted friends and family to have a multisig setup which does not give them access to the coins but allows them to prevent any impulse withdrawing because of emotional attachment.

I have never attempted to setup a multisig in this way and I am just trying to work it out. I want it to work like this:

1. 2/3 signatures needed during the time lock period
2. Those in control of the multisig cannot get access to the funds without the master private key (owned by me)
3. Set a date of 2030 as a time where the wallet will unlock.

Is this possible?
2  Other / Meta / P&S moderator? on: May 13, 2021, 05:37:36 PM
Flying Hellfish used to be the mod over at the Politics & Society board but looks like they were removed from what I can only guess is because of reduced activity because they have not posted since mid 2020 although have logged on recently.

I've reported a couple of posts over in the board and they remain unhandled. I currently have 80 or so unhandled reports some which probably are from a while ago in other places but for the ones in P&S are these likely to remain unhandled and are there any plans to get a new moderator over in the board as I think it is much needed. I thought Flying Hellfish did a good job while he was mod and most of the low quality stuff was removed.
3  Other / Meta / Bitcointalk Onion Address (Proposal) on: May 11, 2021, 01:32:59 PM
I would like to think that most of the members on the forum are privacy conscious and if Bitcoin related websites are being blocked by their ISP Tor or VPNs are the only option for them to be able to connect. VPNs you never really know whether they store logs or not even if they are claiming that they do not. Tor in this case is the best option but without a dedicated onion address the person is forced to use a tor exit node which might be controlled by those that are attempting to block them from accessing Bitcoin related websites or could be targeting those that use Bitcoin.

I think by creating a dedicated onion address for we are not only allowing those that might be blocked by their ISP but we are allowing those to access the website without compromising their privacy at the exit node.

I don't think it would cost too much to set this up and it would be a great upside for those that are using Tor and with the captcha bypass that we already have in place you would not need to remove the captcha based system for lower ranked members.
4  Economy / Reputation / Calling for ban on Yobit on: December 23, 2019, 04:24:19 PM
I have just got back from my vacation and have discovered that Cryptotalk that I was advertising before have changed their advertising banners to advertise "InvestBox"

@theymos I think this has to be the final chance that Yobit has had on the forum. They have recently changed their signature campaign to advertise a highly suspicious and probable pyramid scheme which will only harm the community.

They have been banned in the past for spamming and have caused a lot of spam this time around. Yahoo did help by removing the majority of spammers but I don't think the forum should be allowing services such as these to remain on the forum even if they are not officially endorsed. I get why scams are not moderated typically but allowing scams to advertise and be a cause of several infringements in the past is unacceptable.

Here's what investbox is according to yobit:
Invest your free coins to InvestBox! Itís a tool for devs to promote their coins. Itís NOT Pyramid/HYIP, all payments are made from special fund.
InvestBoxes can change status from Active to ęNo coinsĽ, but you can close your investment any time, itís 100% safe.
InvestBoxes of AIR have a new type (no investment close, you can only get daily percent).

They might claim that this is not a pyramid scheme....but they are lying. Even if this was not a pyramid scheme (which it is) The idea of a company not being transparent and telling its investors that payments come from a "special fund" is crazy. Yobit have had a chance to clean up their act but this has ponzi written all over it and the initial high payments for advertising their signature now make sense.

Yobit made headlines because is was the e most paid advertising campaign when they could have offered a lot less and would have probably still had a lot of people advertising their services instead they wanted to get further publicity and be featured in several discussions over the internet before turning their fake signature campaign into an advertisement for a pyramid scheme which they will probably be relying on to generate that initial investment they made in the signature campaign and a lot more.

Yobit have been accused of several wrongdoings in the past but this community gave them the benefit of the doubt as long as they were not advertising their exchange. They are now doing even worse than that and are advertising a highly probable ponzi pyramid.

Anyone that is promoting this pyramid scheme should be notified and then red tagged if they are unwilling to stop advertising a ponzi pyramid.  

5  Other / Meta / Reporting Proof Of Authentication posts on: August 03, 2019, 02:12:23 PM
I have often wondered why some proof of authentication posts are allowed and why they aren't. My understanding is if they are offering a monetary incentive to post a proof of authentication post they should be reported. However is this not what all proof of authentication posts are? They require members to post proof of authentication posts in order to get payment and lets be honest they are a marketing plan rather than anything else because it constantly bumps the thread.

May I ask what the specifics are when reporting proof of authentication posts? I will also put the suggestion out there that all proof of authentication posts should be done off site and made against the rules.
6  Other / Meta / Altcoin paywall on: June 22, 2019, 03:24:54 PM
The altcoin sub forum no matter how much moderation will continue to decline as this forum and cryptocurrency gets more popular and receives more exposure. The current problem with that sub forum is the fact that an overwhelming amount of projects posted there are scams or low quality cash grabs at best. It has a reputation for these reasons and most genuine projects will be branded with the same brush. Unfortunately a pay wall would be unlikely to solve this problem due to the fact that these companies and individuals releasing  these garbage projects are willing to invest a small amount of money in the grand scheme of things because they will make hundreds of thousands in return.

Also introducing a paywall which requires every project to pay to list their project will probably be labelled as a cash grab and not very well received and the pros probably don't out way the cons because of these developers willing to pay the money because they'll earn over twice the amount easily.

So my proposal is to introduce premium altcoin sub forums. Just like the "Altcoin Discussion" is a dedicated sub forum we could introduce this for altcoins. For an example "ETH" could be a sub forum however the criteria for being allowed these sections should be that they've been vetted by dedicated members of the public and been verified as a worthwhile/interesting project as well as being a paid listing (per month). To be clear this doesn't mean "approved"  We should only allow a maximum of 5 sub forums at a time and have these on a monthly rent basis. I have no idea how much this should cost however I believe it should be within the thousands per month to allow that money to be paid to moderators/dedicated people to review the project and moderate that sub forum.

 Benefits to the forum:
- Vetted projects to assure quality
- Dedicated moderators = Less spam
- More exposure to quality altcoins
- Save time browsing the millions of projects launched every day

Benefits to the developers/owners:
- More exposure
- Dedicated moderators
- Have their project reviewed and be able to showcase that to others that they're project is of high standard
7  Other / Meta / Do not allow locking of threads in Auction sub forum on: May 03, 2019, 09:09:15 PM
Here's my proposal after looking at the auction sub forum I see that almost half of them have 0 replies and are locked. Most of them being scams but because scams are not moderated the least we could do is prevent threads from being locked when there are no replies. Auctions are meant to be bid on and if they are locked they are simply just advertising in the sub forum rather than using it for a actual auction. If anything is this a reportable offense due to it not being an actual auction?
8  Other / Beginners & Help / [GUIDE] Bitcointalk forum etiquette on: April 27, 2019, 10:27:56 AM
This topic is for information and serve as a reference for forum etiquette  

I've been an avid fan of the forum for a number of years and over the years the quality of the forum has lowered. This is expected as the number of users rise in any type of platform that allows freedom of speech. However I think that its a good idea to try and tackle the number of issues that bitcointalk is faced with and provide an educational thread to format posts and follow the general consensus of etiquette on the forum. In hope that it improves the quality of the forum as well as an attempt to allow for efficient moderation. Any individual who can test out in with thoughts will be valued.

Take a look at the guidelines
Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines that have been posted by moderator "mprep" before posting on the forum. Most of the issues that we face on the forum are from people who don't understand the rules and unknowingly break them.


Avoid flamewars
We are part of a forum which has its own political eco system and is full of drama but before arguing and throwing insults out at people try and keep that to private messages. Flamewars and insult exchanges never work out for either party and generally make both parties look like a bit of an idiot for a lack of a better word. I understand that we are in a community where tempers can frail but try and keep that stuff private. Even if you're the one getting publicly insulted its always best to settle things privately whenever possible.

Avoid excessive caps and colors

Using excessive amounts of caps doesn't get your point across anymore clearly. If you need to empathize something use it SPARSELY for a greater impact. The same goes for color in posts. Colored posts are almost always hard to read. Generally if someone has multi colors or colors other than the default it will be ignored/skipped and considered spam. Colors can be used and can be effective in certain ways but again make sure most of your content isn't in color to avoid your content from being dismissed by the majority of readers.

Avoid distracting signatures

There's nothing more irritating than having a signature which grabs your attention with multicolored text and designs which hog up the space on the forum. Its nice to have nice signatures and is a feature that you'll unlock as you rank up but try to be considerate when creating one. I would also recommend considering what content you place in the signature and keeping it relevant to the forum.

Avoid "backseat" modding
Nothings more irritating than bumping a topic which is contrary to the guidelines or is in wrong sub forum. I comprehend that you're trying to help the forum but you can however private message the person guilty or report the post to a moderator using the "report to moderator" button underneath the post. Back seat modding just bloats the topic and bumps it unnecessarily.

Avoid necroing a thread unnecessarily

Bumping old topics without providing anything important to the discussion is annoying. Its almost always better to create a new topic when the discussion of the old topic has died out for a long period of time and some of the information is no longer relevant.
Use caution when using images
There's not nothing more annoying than a image taking up the screen when it has little value. Sometimes images can be used to further your point and add a bit of humor which is fine. However try and keep the image to word ratio low.

Don't ask for merits
Asking for merits is frowned upon and could result in negative trust. Even if you think that your post is deserving of merit it is still frowned upon to ask for it. Besides asking for it reduces the chance of anyone giving you merit because of this exact reason.

Creating A Thread

Use tags in your title
Using tags before your title is a good way of letting people know what your content is about and is a good way for people to filter what they want to read without clicking on the thread. Format titles by specifying the type of content within closed square brackets. I'll include in the example how you should tag a thread about how to buy Bitcoin. There are probably unlimited amounts of tags that could be applied but generally I would probably stick to these to avoid over complicating things:

Example:  [GUIDE] How to buy Bitcoin

Using Capitals In Your Title

Don't use a capital for every new word in the title. Only use capitals where it is an appropriate use in your grammar. The only exception to this is using capitals within the tag. This isn't a massive issue and comes down to preference but I'm quite particular about things and "Bitcoin hits a million dollars" is far more appealing to the eye than "Bitcoin Hits A Million Dollars".

Include contents table for better navigation of the thread
Including a table of contents which jumps to that certain point in the thread is a good way to help user navigation. Just like SEO work on a website streamlining the user interface and navigation will greatly improve the quality of the thread. People can then skip content that they have no interest in reading as well as leave a thread at any point and easily come back and find where they were.

Use titles to break up content
If you have a particularly long post then breaking up the content with headers is a great way to allow those that are reading to navigate the content. Using this in conjunction with contents is good practice when posting your thread.

Provide context and a conclusion
In university you are taught to always provide context and a conclusion. This is also very good practice for posting on forums. You will have probably seen people who provide a TLDR part of their response on sites like Reddit. This stands for "Too long didn't read" and is a summary and conclusion of the content. Providing a summary and conclusion will greatly improve the time spent on a thread and sometimes proves a good way of people checking whether they'll enjoy the whole thread. Not all threads require a conclusion but if you are expressing a viewpoint of yours its always best to include one.

Proof read your thread
Reread your thread before posting and make sure to make use of the preview feature of the forum. This will give you a good idea on how the thread will be displayed to people in markup. If preview isn't working make sure that you have javascript enabled this is especially relevant if you're using Tor Browser to post. I suggest reading through your thread multiple times checking for spelling errors and formatting issues. I personally check my content multiple times as I'm writing it. No matter how much you read the thread you'll still probably have issues but members of the forum will appreciate the time taken to make the thread easy to read.

Use the search function

Avoid posting duplicate content by using either google or the built in search on the forum. Sometimes threads are created unnecessarily when the answer and discussion of related topics are still ongoing.

Replying to a topic

Make sure your reply is relevant to the original topic
A lot of people fall into the trap of posting off topic replies in a thread because they're not replying to the original topic but the responses instead. Generally a good rule of thumb is to at least contribute to the points made in the original topic to keep things relevant. A great example of this is when the trust system is questioned and then one user posts about x member abusing the system and it quickly spirals out of control and the original topic points are lost. It makes for messy reading and we never accomplish anything due to the topic getting out of hand.

Respect peoples viewpoints and opinions

I would think that this would go without saying but apparently not. We are in a space that encourages those with diverse opinions and viewpoints on matters that aren't always popular opinion. Remember that everyone has a right to an opinion and has the right to express it on Bitcointalk as long as its relevant to the sub forum and of decent quality. You can disagree with someone but don't discredit their viewpoints immediately. Generally when I get into debates I try and put myself in their shoes before articulating my response. This can sometimes be hard when the person is making some outlandish claims though it is an important step in adding to the discussion.  

Avoid double posting
Avoid posting multiple replies one after another. Always use the edit function where you can without hindering those that are reading the content.

Don't hijack the thread

If you're posting in a thread then the original poster should be considered the primary participant and their original post defines the direction of the thread. Don't go into the thread and turn the discussion to suit your goals. If the topic is to change direction then that is up to the creator of the original topic.

Bring something new to the discussion

Read the original topic and all of its replies before making a reply yourself. If your reply has been posted already then regurgitating the information just adds to the bloat of the thread and isn't needed. Always make sure that you are adding something to the discussion before posting your reply.

Correct usage of quoting
Only quote the relevant part of the post from someone and not the whole post. However avoid editing the persons original words to make it come across different than it is. Some people like to bold the important parts but I would recommend deleting all the irrelevant parts while still respecting the persons original words.

An example of correct usage of quoting:

This is the original text that we want to reply too by clicking the "quote" button at the top right of the post we will be brought to the quote editing screen.

Identify the important part of the text. In our example the highlighted text is the part of the post that we want to specifically reply too.

Remove any spaces to correctly format the post and remove any of the post that is not relevant to your response.

Formatting tools

Using Bold  
Bold markup should only be used to emphasis important parts of your content and for defining headers. Don't bold your whole post and don't use it excessively without a good reason.  

[b] [/b]

Using horizontal rule

Horizontal rule is a good tool to define content and break up content without sub headers. Take this thread as an example of how it should be used.

Creating a table of contents

First of all use the iurl tags to allow the link to be clickable. Generally for titles I'll include a bold tag to make it appear more prominent in the table of contents. It's also a good idea to create a non linked title to let readers know that this is a table of contents. iurl tags should be something like this:
[iurl=#title1] [b]Title example 1[/iurl][/b]

Which will create something like this:

Next we want to create a anchor so that when we click one on one of the links in the table of contents it brings us to a point we specify in the thread. This is done using the anchor tags:
[anchor=title] Title example 1  [/anchor]
In this case we wrap it around the title we want it to go too.

Then I normally format the post with a few center tags and the final result should look something like this:

As you can see I've created a subtitle for subheadings which aren't the main header. This is created exactly the same way but without including bold tags.

9  Economy / Services / Bitcoin Technical Q/A V2. Educate and learn about Bitcoin on: March 14, 2019, 10:49:21 PM
I participated in the last thread of "A simple bitcoin Q/A. Learn new and interesting stuff about bitcoin.A simple bitcoin Q/A. Learn new and interesting stuff about bitcoin." and I like the concept behind it. Rewarding those that provide informative information and at the same time providing good information about Bitcoin. Though the thread doesn't seem active anymore and that's a real shame because I think it added value to the community. I earn merit semi frequently and I would prefer to reward those that are taking the time to answer questions about Bitcoin. But just in case that thread revives and I hope it does! I will be gearing towards more technical questions and will be looking at answers in depth. I will probably only be rewarding answers which were the best out of the lot. That thread was more towards basic questions so this is the technical version.

How to participate:
1. I will ask a technical question regarding Bitcoin
2. You guys will post your thought out questions quoting the question.
3. I will reward what I consider the best answer to the question.

1. Participants can research. But abide by forum rules and supply sources if needed.
2. The Q&A will be rewarded on a points based system. Earlier replies will generally be placed higher due to other members taking inspiration from that answer and expanding on it. But there will be other factors considered as well.
3. Multiple answers may be rewarded if quality is high.
4. This post will be self moderated get rid of spam and wrong answers. I only want top quality content here.

We encourage other members to ask questions themselves but please keep them technical. If I deem it not technical enough then it may be deleted without notifying you. I also encourage other members who have a lot of sMerit regularly to check in and merit those deemed worthy.
10  Other / Serious discussion / Online wallets and their operators on: March 11, 2019, 11:15:32 PM
Anyone that operates a online wallet should not be trusted I know this is quite a bold statement to open with and you're probably thinking that this is going to be a rant. Although I'm hoping to provide the opposite and present some knowledge on why anyone that is operating a online wallet cannot be trusted and should do the right thing and stop their services. That's right I think that the person behind is and cannot be trusted. I think is the perfect example of how a very well respected member of the forum went from hero to zero in a matter of days. Initially when the loss of funds from came to realization everyone was giving the benefit of the doubt to TradeFortress and assumed that this was a glitch in the system and it would be fixed in no time. Yet this iconic member of the forums who has completed many of thousands of trades on the forum had to break the news that the online wallet service was compromised and funds and possible personal data was compromised.

The thing is I don't care whether it was a hack or TF decided to run away with the funds. The day that he opened up that website to store Bitcoin in a online wallet he lost all credibility to me and I'll tell you why. From the point of view of security online wallets are inadequate and actually encourage using lesser secure methods. That is something that I personally can't stand for or advocate. The fact that there was hundreds of people advertising this service is kind of incredible too. Okay I'm not on a witch hunt here and to be completely honest I don't care that anyone advertised the service really however I do care if people don't learn from these mistakes. Everyone who advertises online wallets is naive and should really reconsider things. Online wallets are not secure and they are only ever expected to be used by newbies in the cryptocurrency world because of ease of use and accessibility. However I would like to think that as soon as they have come acquainted with Bitcoin and how it works and most importantly what is stands for they would withdraw their Bitcoin and manage it themselves.

Its funny to see many of the members rocking a wallet to be posting about how the banks are bad and how Bitcoin solves that. Bitcoin fundamentally might change the way we store our money. But if you are putting your money into an online exchange you're going about it the wrong way. Brainwallets used to be a phase that was popular among new comers too but thankfully this practice looks to be fading away. I would in fact argue that brainwallets when done right are more secure than online wallets. The thing is with brainwallets you're responsible for securing your account but with online wallets not only do you have to be secure in setting up your account and credentials but you also have to trust the security of the site. Some people might argue that we are placing our trust in encryption and the Bitcoin core software or whatever wallet software we choose. However an attack on the encryption used or the Bitcoin software would be much more difficult than a website as proven by history. So I plead to anyone that is considering getting into Bitcoin or anyone that is using or any other online wallet service to stop immediately. You are indirectly encouraging a system that should not have any place in the Bitcoin world. Online wallets are flawed by nature and present too many security risks and taking in the fact that removing a middleman who has access or control of your funds it the very nature of Bitcoin. They are directly against what Bitcoin stands for and should not be advertised or used by any serious Bitcoin enthusiast 
11  Other / Meta / Reporting very old posts? on: February 15, 2019, 05:05:57 PM
I've have recently started to take reporting very seriously and I think that I have good enough knowledge of the forum to now do this but I'm wondering what the moderators and communities opinion is on reporting all posts. I visit old threads quite often because I enjoy reading the history of the forum and seeing how different view points were back then. I also like to read in depth on the opinion of historic members of the forum and where they are today. I have also done some analytical research on past alternate coins such as litecoin and how the general hype was generated and where they are presently. I enjoy reading about history both in the Bitcoin world and in real life historical archives. What is everyones opinion on reporting spam and off topic replies from a few years ago? My opinion is that it should be reported because it hurts the historical side of the forum but I will admit that reporting on mass could prevent current reports from being handled. I know I'm not the only one to look at historical threads and probably aren't the only one that is sick and tired of the spam cluttering these historical threads. Should I continue reporting these old posts? I'm willing to go through board by board and report as much as possible. 
12  Economy / Reputation / There are far too many accounts with 1 merit on: January 20, 2019, 01:20:38 AM
I have recently been making an effort to report all spam comments in the Bitcoin discussion board and I have come across a trend which is worrying. There are a lot of accounts which are posting generic one liners and getting merits for it. A common theme is people rewarding merit in spam megathreads and hoping it goes unnoticed. I plan on making a list of accounts that are doing this and release it once I've hit 50+. When further looking at the accounts it looks like they go on to spam their stuff in bounties and participate in them. I thinking is that there's a lot of accounts that are connected to the same person or group and they are doing this to either be able to bump topics or earn money on bounties and are merit farming. What's going on here?
13  Other / Meta / Sticky threads on: January 19, 2019, 02:47:35 AM
Sticky threads are not always viewed nearly as much as they should be as they normally contain very useful information and benefit the reader most of the time. Only the highest content usually gets made a sticky thread.

Take as an example Hilariousandco's very informative thread which has been sticked:

This was posted just over a year ago and has only had 7000 views which means that the majority of members visiting the meta board are ignoring it. When comparing it to a normal post (high quality) like: which currently has 13.5k views it is obvious that most people are skipping sticky threads for what ever reason. This isn't always the case as some of the sticky threads do have a lot of views but have been posted for a few years. But in other boards stickies seem to be more ignored than the ones in Meta.

Another point about sticky threads is there are many different threads which probably deserve to be stickied and would benefit the community but there simply is too many sticky threads to display at the top of the board.

To solve the first problem we could randomly place sticky threads among the other threads so they are not always on top. These wouldn't get bumped like normal threads but would be randomly placed within the board. This avoids the issue of people ignoring sticky threads because they are at the top and look like advertisements.

To solve the second problem I propose we put other threads in rotation slots which would randomly pick from threads in the queue. You could have 3 random slots and they could pick from 20 different threads which deserve to be stickied. I consider theymos's posts about the new merit requirements and default trust threads important threads which should probably be stickied. There are a bunch of other threads which are escaping my mind right now which provide informative information that the majority of users would find beneficial.

14  Other / Meta / Report to moderators cooldown on: January 17, 2019, 11:11:28 PM
Spam is one of the biggest problems on the forum and there are many posts which are in the wrong boards. I'm not sure how many reports a day the forum is having but I can guarantee if a few changes were made we would see a lot more.

I think the forum could benefit hugely if reporting cooldowns were removed for people that have over a certain amount of good reports. 500 good reports or even 1000. We currently have some dedicated individuals which are reporting despite the huge cooldown they have to wait even after being whitelisted. I propose we get rid of the cooldown completely for those that report often and have accurate reports. I assume the only reason a cooldown is in place is to prevent spamming of reports. That's why you only grant those who report accurately and regularly the privilege.

For instance I have a 8 second cooldown between posts which often stops me reporting more posts and disrupts the flow. I reported around 130 posts yesterday and could of easily reported over 200/300 if the restriction wasn't in place. I currently have just below 500 good reports with a 100% accuracy.

But there are other people who are less privileged than me and are still reporting a lot of posts. Take this post:

Hi guys Smiley glad to be of help

A newbie account which doesn't post often and will likely not rank up due to number of posts but they have managed more than 500 posts within a very small amount of time. This could be improved by a lot if the restrictions were less. This user has been whitelisted but still have to wait over a minute between reporting posts. If we removed the cooldown for people over a certain report percentage then the forum would greatly benefit. I think a 500 good post or 1000 good post would be an acceptable amount and would whitelist the user automatically.

Tying cooldown to activity is a poor choice when its reporting. You should be allowing those who report regularly to report easier and more efficiently. Activity is not a good indicator on whether someone is going to abuse the report feature or not.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Trust Feedback Policies on: January 17, 2019, 12:20:04 AM
With the new changes to DefaultTrust I would like to outline what is accepted and what is not within the community hopefully with all the new DefaultTrust members pitching in. Hopefully this provides a simple lookup for newbies that would prove beneficial. Most of this stuff is common sense and following basic moral codes but it might be a good idea to have it in writing to prevent any "ignorance claims". I would therefore like to create a list which will hopefully be expanded on by the community and we can create general guidelines to forum etiquette and what certain actions will land you but also to provide a more standardized approach to leaving feedback as a lot of people just use it wrongly and leave negative feedback for the wrong things such as spam which should be a moderation issue instead of a DefaultTrust issue.

1. Do not enroll multiple accounts to abuse campaigns.

Multiple accounts are allowed per the forum rules. But if you are using multiple accounts to abuse signature campaigns/bounty campaigns then you will get a negative trust rating sooner rather than later.

2. Do not use multiple accounts to send merit to each account.
This is called merit farming. Under no circumstances should you send merits to another account that you control. There are several members of the forum that are doing data analysis and have complete logs of all merit ever sent. If you are sending merit between alt accounts you will be found out.  

3. Do not use multiple accounts to send trust to each account.
Trust farming. Exactly the same as number 2. but with trust instead. The exact same consequences will be met. Red trust.

4. Do not advertise scams e.g Ponzi schemes. (Do your own research)

When advertising any project whether it be a gambling site or altcoin do your own research and make sure that its a legit business and is following good ethnics. Unforeseen circumstances sometimes pop up but if you are found promoting a obvious scam attempt without doing any of your own research you may receive a negative feedback for supporting such a project.

5. Do not lend/trade with alternative accounts to farm trust or build a public reputation.
This ties in with trust farming but even if you are not sending trust between accounts and you are doing it in the public eye hoping that you can reference to that to build your reputation then this is a quick way of getting negative feedback once someone catches onto the idea.

6. Do not scam. E.g promising things you can't deliver

When offering a service/product and you have accept payment then you need to either deliver that product or offer a full refund. Not after getting exposed but as soon as the trade has fallen flat on its face. Bad customer service is not an excuse.

7. Do not lie
Lying is a bad trait to have anyway and white lies are told all over the forum. But if you are lying about sensitive issues such as owning a alt account and doing something shady with it. Just admit it and be as honest and transparent as possible if you want any sort of hope salvaging any sort of reputation.

8. Do not commit fraud
This includes; Selling carded credit cards, selling hacked accounts, selling hacked databases, selling bank details/personal data. What ever you are selling make sure that's legal in your country and that you have permission to sell sensitive data.

9. Don't buy or otherwise acquire (e.g. as collateral) Bitcointalk account(s). Don't sell or otherwise let others use your Bitcointalk account(s).

If you acquire an account you can be held responsible for any actions of the previous owner(s), and if you let others use an account you can be held responsible for their actions as well, including scams and bannable offenses. You're likely to get red trust for the purchase/sale as it is considered a deceptive practice similar to fake documents IRL.

Things that are not DefaultTrust matters:

1. Spam

2. Plagiarism

3. Ban Evading

All of these issues are down to the staff members to sort out. I don't think that DefaultTrust should get involved in this unless they are extreme cases and the staff don't seem to be doing anything about it.

16  Other / Meta / The release of Satoshi's personal data on: December 09, 2018, 04:01:17 PM
Following my What if? Satoshi Nakamoto's identity was public information   thread. Despite the conspiracy theories going on in the replies a user pointed out something interesting. That theymos is considering releasing the personal messages of Satoshi.

theymos posted this:
I'll probably release Satoshi's PMs and logged IPs addresses in ~8 years. This'd probably be of great historical interest. (Though he always used Tor, as far as I can tell.)

He posted that back in 2013. 8 years from then would be 2021. However I'm a little concerned about exposing personal information just because Satoshi is the one to have created the forum and Bitcoin. His personal data should be handled the exact same as any other user.

Theymos in the past has said that our data is safe from information requests unless he has reason to believe you are scamming or breaking the law. I'm pretty sure I've read that theymos has rejected several subpoenas because he didn't think there was sufficient reason to do so. Taking this into consideration why is theymos willing to release personal messages and logged IPs. Even if he used Tor to connect over the forum his data shouldn't be released. Sure its interesting information but he should not be treated any different.

As you can probably tell from this thread and my what if thread  I'm very against exposing any sort of personal data unless there's a good enough reason. I don't think that historic significance to the cryptocurrency world would be a good enough reason to expose his personal data.

I don't read PMs for fun. Very very rarely, I need to read PMs for technical, administrative, or legal reasons, but I try to avoid this as much as possible. I don't want to spy on anyone's personal business.

obviously lol, i bet the first thing theymos did when he became admin was to read satoshi's pms.

I've never read Satoshi's PMs.

There is nothing to say they didn't subpoena the records of the shroomery

They did.
theymos hadn't read Satoshi's PM's up until this quote and he said that he doesn't like to spy on peoples personal business. I don't think Satoshi should be treated any differently. Even if the information was of historic value and would be interesting to view.
17  Other / Meta / Could we get top reporters from these boards? on: December 06, 2018, 09:52:25 PM
Bitcoin Discussion
Project Development
Trading Discussion (and sub boards)
Marketplace (and sub boards)

These boards are either only moderated by a global moderator/admin or no one at all. These boards require moderators. Would we be able to get some of the reporter stats and elect among ourselves suitable candidates?

These boards are generally more overrun that other places due to the globals and admins having other duties. I think Bitcoin discussion and project development should be the highest priority out of all of these.

I think I recall seeing an election for  the Politics & Society board and I think it would be beneficial to do that again for these boards. Unless there is some reason why we are not adding moderators? AFAIK the budget is there.

Can I suggest adding Hilariousandco as a admin or dedicated moderator for hacked accounts if they are willing too? There's far too many hacked account threads in the Meta board and hilariousandco seems to be the only one replying in most of them offering help.

I made this thread to try and help the admin team:

But I got tired of doing it when nothing is being done as most of these members are still bumping their threads. I will start updating if it is helpful and accounts start being recovered.
18  Other / Serious discussion / What if? Satoshi Nakamoto's identity was public information on: December 03, 2018, 03:34:48 PM
I'm going to be looking to write some what if threads which I'm going to be using to write research papers along for my degree. I thought it might be a good idea to look at the fascination that some people have with the identity of Bitcoin's creator. As far as I know there has only been two people on this forum which had contact with Satoshi. Gavin Andersen and theymos. I don't know the exact involvement or contact theymos has but he definitely has access to some of Satoshi's hidden posts on this forum and the whole history of the account. From password changes to ips logged. Yeah its certain that Satoshi used Tor or something similar. But theymos definitely knows a little more than the average person. I think Satoshi was active for around 2 years until one day he decided to up and leave. Theymos have you done any research on Satoshi's account data yourself or do respect his privacy and haven't really looked into it?

I can understand the fascination of solving one of Bitcoin's biggest mysteries but anyone thats interested in exposing the identity of someone who clearly wants to staya anonymous has to consider the pros and cons. You would shortly come to the conclusion that revealing the identity of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin would probably be detrimental to either Satoshi or Bitcoin.

First of all lets start off with the obvious and that Satoshi's health and well being could be put in harms way if his identity was revealed. He's an enemy to the banks and to the government. Probably why he remained security conscious when creating Bitcoin. Bitcoin has the potential to topple the control of the government and provide a decentralized way of trading goods. Most of the time anonymously. Therefore I think that the government and banks would not take it lightly into knowing the identity of Satoshi and could lead to assassination attempts and all sorts. Though the damage is done they would likely just pin some shit on him and lock him up for life preventing him from working on any other projects that may or may not be doing. Satoshi holds a great amount of coins which would also expose him to harm from the public.

Secondly the image of Bitcoin. What if Satoshi is criminal with very serious convictions? What if the government makes it seem that way? Would this not hurt the image of Bitcoin? Yes Bitcoin is completely independent from Satoshi but if he was involved in some serious crimes the news agencies around the world would lap this up and spin a story to negatively effect Bitcoin. Plus governments might actually have a legitimate reason for banning the cryptocurrency and imprisoning those that use it. Probably not and thats probably a over exaggeration. But its a possibly.

Now I'm obviously against the idea of exposing Satoshi's identity to the public. But what are the pros of doing so? I can't really think of any except for the satisfaction of being the guy that exposed it. There is no benefit and no reason why a Bitcoiner would want to expose it. Journalists, government and news agencies would want too of course to spin a story of Bitcoin to put it in a bad light.

So does anyone have any benefits of finding out the identity of Satoshi? Because all I see is cons to it.
19  Other / Meta / Can we restrict user registerations somehow? on: December 02, 2018, 10:32:25 PM
I know I know. This sounds like a terrible idea at first glance because we paint the picture that this is some sort of premium forum and exclusive forum but we have a real problem on our hand right now. Spammers are every where and have no fear of getting banned. If they get banned they simply get as new VPN using some of the public ones people host and create another account to spam on.

Currently we are dealing with:

1. Advertisement spam.
2. Trolling
3. FUD spreading
4. Ref spam and general spamming.

Most of these things seem to get newbies banned but by the time they are banned their spam has already been read by a few hundred people. Sometimes the spam goes unmissed when it hasn't been reported or spotted by a moderator and sometimes people like the bump this topic by criticizing the OP for posting garbage which in effect bumps the thread and hurts legitimate threads in that sub forum.

That gets me on to another point. Can we please stop this backseat modding? What I mean by this is instead of reporting the topic you just post what they should of done or attack the user for spamming and all you are doing is promoting their spam by bumping their thread. Just report it and move on. They are likely a bot account and won't even see the reply anyway but by bumping it you are exposing it to a lot more people.

The quality of this forum is good when considering the amount of moderators and how they have to deal with the mass onslaught of users caused by the unstable market right now. But its still not good enough and I think more moderators need to be added to keep this place under control. More moderators doesn't mean over moderation if you get the right people.

20  Other / Meta / New boards on: September 29, 2018, 10:08:09 AM
We all know about the spam problems and a lot of effort and attention has been brought to this recently with the new merit changes. However I'm also concerned about the lack of specific boards that allow clear distinction of where things belong. E.g the beginners and help board is constantly filled with altcoin topics and project development is also filled with icos etc.

I think its time to come up with some suggestions on what can be added to allow a clearer vision of where posts are suppose to go. I propose the following boards get added:

Altcoin Project development

Beginners and help (altcoins)

Exchanges (altcoins)

Technical support (altcoins)

Press (altcoins)

Mainly boards for the altcoin sub forum because I feel that the place isn't categorized enough and there is just a mass diversity of topics posted in the altcoin discussion board. I think we should reclaim the main forum back (bitcoin) and only have discussion about bitcoin in it. Therefore the beginners and help and project development should help a lot in that as I feel those two boards are the worst when it comes to altcoins leaking in.

Bitcoin discussion is always going to get spammed with altcoin related topics because its the first board people see. I don't really have a solution for that. At the moment exchanges in the altcoin board get posted in service annoucements and that place is already clogged up enough.

Technical support is kind of a niche board that could touch upon some of the more technical sides of altcoins. I know that theres so many altcoins to discuss but popular ones could maybe have their own boards too. Litecoin for example could have their own. Only established coins that have been around a long time though.

Press board in the altcoin sub forum could be useful. Although would require heavy moderation I think.
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