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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / SebastianJu flaked with escrow on: June 02, 2018, 04:00:32 PM
What happened::
SebastianJu has flaked with escrow of mine. He was told by the buyer to release the escrow at May 31, 2018, 06:50:25 AM UTC. He sent me a message replying to an earlier message at May 31, 2018, 09:55:20 AM UTC and has not been online since. After 50+ hours of him holding an escrow that should have been released it is starting to feel more and more like an escrow scam. So far the coins have not moved
Scammers Profile Link:;u=18640
Reference Link:
Amount Scammed:
0.02325674 BTC
Payment Method:
Proof of Payment:
see logs
PM/Chat Logs:
The deal
Hi SebastianJu and Work4crypto1,

Work4crypto1 is needing some fairly simple javascript work done and he would like to use an escrow. It is a total of 5x simple tasks for $35 each($175 total) in btc that have clearly defined specs. Assuming you are available and are still doing escrow services we would like to use you.


Regarding escrow, I need some info

Please ALWAYS QUOTE everything we wrote when answering! Quotes is the text we wrote before. When you answer you click on "quote" instead on "reply" (or on "reply to all" when more than one receiver) in order to preserve the quote.

Infos needed if not already given

1.) Seller Username
2.) Buyer Username
3.) Item to be traded
4.) Which coin or token is used as payment?
5.) How high is the amount of coins or token, that I should take into escrow, exactly?
6.) Please Seller provide a release address and buyer please provide a refund address in case it is needed.
7.) Please buyer and seller make an arrangement at which condition the Bitcoins should be released by me. So that everyone has the same thoughts about it.
8.) Please consider also what should happen when one party does not react for a certain amount of time. After how much time should I decide? If no negotiation is done then I have to decide what has to happen. When the seller seems to have delivered then I will release the coins the the seller after buyer did not react after a month at the latest.
9.) Also buyer and seller make sure that it is not possible by the seller to claim the item back. This is meant in case of an account trade or a digital currency that is not a cryptocurreny.

I will only hold the payment coins in escrow except another handling is needed.

In case of coins or token being traded handling depends on if the coins are already freely tradeable. In that case buyer provides the address he wants the coins transferred to. Also both provide a coin explorer that can enable each party to check if the coins reached that address.

If the coins are not live yet then we can work with safety deposits ensuring the seller goes through with the trade.

Because of very few time I ask for a minimum tip of 0.006b or 1.5% of the coin value. Whatever is higher. When a refund happens the refund fee is 0.003b or 0.75% of the coin value.
Because of the insane tx-fees nowadays this is plus the tx fee to forward or refund the coins. You can chose a proper fee when checking out the 3 block bitcoin transaction fee on

Let me know if you still are interested. I then would create the escrow details message and send you both the escrow address.

1) Nomadcrypto
2) Work4crypto1
3) I will complete 5x small javascript tasks at $35 each for a total of $175
4) BTC
5) Depends on when he confirms and sends. total is 175USD in btc
6) 1BoH6htsG6gKjD917F1DMU1mVtj17MoeH6
7) bitcoin should be released once all 5x tasks have been completed to spec
Cool I would give a leway of say 2x days either way. Meaning if I didn't respond in two days or the buyer doesn't respond in two days release/refund the escrow. this is a very easy project for me and that will not be happening on my end.
9) NA

The buyer has a new account and as such is limited to the messages he can send daily. Which will drastically slow this process down. I understand that and will be patient.

Regarding Escrow Details for a Trade

Infos needed

1.) Which coin or token is used as payment?
2.) How high is the amount of coins or token, that I should take into escrow, exactly?
3.) Please Seller provide a release address and buyer please provide a refund address in case it is needed.
4.) Please buyer and seller make an arrangement at which condition the Bitcoins should be released by me. So that everyone has the same thoughts about it.
5.) Please consider also what should happen when one party does not react for a certain amount of time. After how much time should I decide? If no negotiation is done then I have to decide what has to happen. When the seller seems to have delivered then I will release the coins the the seller after buyer did not react after a month at the latest.
6.) Also buyer and seller make sure that it is not possible by the seller to claim the item back. This is meant in case of an account trade or a digital currency that is not a cryptocurreny.


1.) When answering PM's, please always use "Reply to all" so that all involved parties get informed. And keep the quotes so that all trading partners and the escrow know exactly what deal the pm is meant for.
2.) Because of very few time I would ask for a minimum tip of 0.006b or 1% of the coin value. Whatever is higher.
3.) Please send my fee together with the payment. I will reduce the payout to the buyer for my fee. If buyer and seller share the fee please send accordingly so that I reduce the payout for my total fee then. This helps to reduce the amount of needed transactions.
4.) Please only send payment once all points above are cleared by both buyer and seller. Also seller if the points are cleared and coins reached the escrow address (see link below) then please wait at least one confirmation before you release any product to the buyer.

Escrow details

The escrow address is:
Please ONLY send to an escrow address I sent you directly. Dont send to quotes the seller claims I wrote. Only if I send you the address directly its ensured the address is correct. I will attach a signature whose message contains the escrow address, signed with an old address of mine, I posted may 2013 on bitcointalk. See my Servicethread: [ANN] SebastianJu - Free Legendary Escrow Service - Escrowed over 8150 BTC.

Before payment I would suggest you take a look at to check out if the network gets spammed again. Below the graph there is shown what amount of fee is needed to get instant confirmation for a normal transaction, which means a transaction with coins coming from one address, and going to two addresses. That would be the target address and the source or a change address where the remaining coins are sent to. Checking that page could prevent that transactions are stuck for hours or days because they dont get a confirmation. Most wallets nowadays support automatic calculation of the needed fee.

The payment of the bitcoins can be found and checked the fastest way through

In case you are new to bitcoin trades on the forum or with escrows, please don't sit before the browser and click reload all the time. That is doing no one. Deals will take some hours, often days too. Some other escrows only log in once a day or even less than that.

In case signed messages has to be verified, then its the fastest to visit Then you can check fast if a signature, given by me or the seller, is correct and so you know that the address is controlled by the one giving the signature.

180529 This is the escrow address for the trade from nomadcrypto, as the seller to Work4crypto1, as the buyer and the escrow address is 14D6zD1kLNZ6DdhjAqZY1sNrEkBhWGj5Tn

Message signed with an old address of mine, that I posted may 2013 on bitcointalk. See my Servicethread: [ANN] SebastianJu - Free Legendary Escrow Service - Escrowed over 8150 BTC.

Buyer sent payment

I later messaged asking for another method of contact
Is there another method the buyer could contact you for releasing the funds? He has exceeded his pms

Buyer releases escrow

Please release escrow

SebastianJu responds to my request for another contact method
No, he must contact me. Anything else would be too risky. He should stop sending pm's until he sent me one in case he want's it to be released.

Additional Notes:

His message was sent after the buyer had said to release yet he did not release before flaking off. I would like to think that he is busy with real life but after 50+ hours of not releasing an escrow this is feeling more and more like a scam.
2  Other / Meta / pm for new users makes transactions with them extremely slow on: May 30, 2018, 11:41:32 PM
The subject basically says it all. The limits of 2x personal messages per day makes many transactions involving escrows and new users extremely slow. So slow that I will probably no longer deal with users that have those pm limits. I can understand some sort of a limit but 2? That seems extremely excessive.
3  Other / Meta / self moderated posts in the digital goods market place is a bad idea on: February 02, 2018, 04:57:17 AM
I've been meaning to post this for some time but I'm just now getting around to it. I've been successfully trading various things, mostly digital items, here for a little over 3 years and in that time I've found that one of the easiest to spot red flags for goods/digital goods, as well as probably most of the market place, is a self moderated thread. I am pretty sure that the vast majority of the self moderated topics in digital goods are scams. I used to call them out but the post gets deleted by the OP most of the time and sure enough OP ends up burning people. I've never liked when people post negs without proof so I stop at posting in their thread which normally gets deleted.
4  Economy / Goods / [WTS] Fresh 100% Kona Coffee shipped from Kona Hawaii on: December 03, 2017, 12:02:22 AM
I am selling fresh Kona coffee in various grades and green or roasted. I can get both certified 100% Kona and other flavors of hawaiian coffee (roughly 15-20% less). All orders are shipped once daily Monday through Friday at roughly noon HST. All orders are mailed out of Kailua Kona Hawaii.  Right now it is the end of harvest season so I can supply amounts ranging from 0.5lbs to possibly thousands of pounds. Shipping to the mainland US will cost roughly $1 US per pound for large orders. I will give you a shipping quote when you order. I am willing to ship anywhere in the world where I can legally. If exporting green coffee to coffee producing countries be aware that there is an extra step required before it can be exported that will increase the cost roughly 5-10% as well as increase handling time.

Here are a few coffee terms and their meanings:

Estate Coffee: product from one farm, unmixed with beans from other farms, and processed through to roast, unless purchased green, by the estate farm. Generally estate coffee is a blend of Extra Fancy, Fancy and Number 1.

Peaberry: Highest grade available
  • This unique coffee bean comes from coffee cherries that produce only one fruit, instead of the usual two fruits per cherry. According to Wikipedia, approximately 5% of any given coffee tree’s fruits will be peaberry.

Extra Fancy: Largest beans and the fewest permittable defects
  • Size: 19/64 inch, or “Size 19” for Hawaiian coffees which are flat-sided, or not a peaberry.
  • Defects: 8 full defects per 300 grams of coffee, 40 partial defects, or 80 defects with two “pinholes” or less (a pinhole is evidence of bug damage).
  • Extra Fancy coffee commands the highest dollar value of the flat-sided (non-peaberry) beans.

Fancy Coffee
  • Size: Slightly smaller than Extra Fancy: 18/64 inch, or Size 18.
  • Defects: Permits 12 full defects, 60 partial defects, or 120 partial with <2 pinholes.

Number 1
  • Size: 16/64 inch, or Size 16
  • Defects: 18 full defects, 90 partial, 180 with <2 pinholes.

100% Kona Coffee
Peaberry pricing:
7oz: $30 USD
1lbs: $55 USD
3lbs: $125 USD
5lbs: $210 USD
10lbs: $400 USD
Over 10lbs contact for pricing

Estate Coffee blend:

8oz(0.5lbs): $20 USD
1lbs: $35 USD
3lbs: $90 USD
5lbs: $125 USD
10lbs: $210 USD
Over 10lbs contact for pricing

Specific grades and noncertified kona(coffee from other hawaiian regions) available upon request. I generally deal with  estate farms but can go to any roasting house and purchase specific grades if needed. With notice I can supply up to 2,000lbs and maybe more. I can meet or beat almost any supplier's pricing in Kona Hawaii assuming I can verify the pricing, grade, etc offered. Be aware that the cheap prices listed by suppliers is almost always old coffee or lower grades than I mentioned here. The coffee I sell was recently harvested and is only the grades mentioned.

At the moment I can only accept cryptocurrencies including btc, ltc and eth and escrow is welcomed. In a week or so I will be able to accept credit cards, paypal and other payment methods.
5  Economy / Exchanges / LBC selectively scams on: October 28, 2017, 08:03:06 PM
I have personally had them holding 0.2btc of mine for a very long time(2+ years) and i have a good friend who has 11btc being held by them right now. When they stole my coin they randomly put my account on forced holiday and demanded that I send them my identification. When asked why they would never respond to the question. They would simply say that ID will be required to unlock my account. At the time it was only about $60. When they locked up my friend's account the btc/usd exchange rate was roughly $950. He has sent ID and done everything they requested. I on the otherhand told them that my privacy is worth more than $60 and they can simply go fuck themselves. Now that it is almost $1200 im starting to get pissed. If you look their forums you will see an increased amount of these posts.

Anyone still depositing at LBC is asking for, at the very least, a huge hassle. Before you come in and start saying "I've traded there for x years without a problem" you should look at the accounts getting locked. It is new accounts not aged ones for the most part. They give these guys an epic run around until they simply give up on getting their coin back.
6  Economy / Services / [WTH] Django dev(s) for ongoing hourly or per project on: August 30, 2017, 05:58:48 PM
I am cross posting this at xbtfreelancer as well as here. The link to the xbtfreelancer project is here:

In this project I am needing developers or a group of developers familiar with django and bootstrap 4 for ongoing django projects. I am hoping to get the first project done as soon as possible as there are other future projects waiting on this. In this project and other future projects I will not be using the default django administration application in production.I will need a shell application and will need the developer(s) to implement the following basic admin features:
   1) We will need to develop a “dashboard” system which can, for the most part, just be basic CRUD operations on models.
      A) Forms should use django-boostrap4 or something similar
      B) Tables should use django-tables2 and be compatible with bootstrap4
   2) Replicate views and templates for django auth in the above dashboard
   3) Install two factor authentication and replicate admin views/templates
   4) Implement user profile views and templates
      A) View profile
      B) Change password
      C) Activate two factor auth
   5) Implement adminstrator views and templates for users
      A) Basic CRUD actions
      B) Reset password
      C) Reset 2fa

You should use the adminlte bootstrap template( and use djangotable2 or equivalent for all tables and some other package for rendering the forms properly for that admin template like django-bootstrap4

While developing you are welcome to use the default django admin but all deliverables must work without the django admin being in the installed apps.

Please include links to github or previous examples along with hourly rate and time estimate and or project bids.

7  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [WTB] Google voice accounts on: August 06, 2017, 07:22:10 PM
I am looking to buy 5x google voice accounts for now but will be wanting more fairly soon. I am looking to establish a relationship with someone who could provide a couple hundred accounts per month. Please pm with offers on the 5x and on bulk.
8  Economy / Services / Looking for html/css specifically bootstrap devs on: October 28, 2016, 04:14:53 PM

I am in the process of building a new site and need help finishing the mockups for various pages as well as need to fix a few existing issues. You should be familiar with git already because the sources are stored in a repo at bitbucket. I will create "issues" and assign them for each task. I will be breaking these issues down into the smallest component issues possible to make them easy and fast to fix/implement. The process will be: 1) I define an issue 2) you give me a quote 3) fix/implement that issue 4) I pay.

I am hoping for fast, quality and affordable work. This is the first of 3 sites I have planned and have funding to complete.

I may require a NDA and  Non-compete for US based devs.

Familiarity with django templating would be perfered but not at all nessicary right now

Please post or pm with offers *and* examples.
9  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Most gift cards, no receipts, no hassles on: October 01, 2016, 11:49:25 PM
I can buy the following gc:

Walmart: 45%
homedepot: 45%
lowes: 45%
office max/depot:45%
best buy: 50%
target: 45%
wholefoods: 25%(must have pin)
amazon: 65% if you have prime and I hold escrow until my item arrives
walmart visa/master gifts: 55%
greendot prepaid visa/master: 55%
myvanilla visa/master: 50%
onevanilla visa/master gifts: 40%
most other visa/master gifts 40-55% depending on safety
most resturants: 8%

I can buy in bulk and will offer smooth, no hassle, no bs trades. Must send first or use escrow, period, no exceptions ever. I only send my runners when I have $500+ in any one brand.
10  Economy / Long-term offers / Looking for funding for a solid plan on: October 01, 2016, 12:10:59 AM
Hi, I have a very solid plan that I offer a 70/30 profit split with any investor. Need a minimum 3k investment and the vast majority of this will be handled on lbc. I currently have full time staff that will man this and make sure it runs smoothly. Collateral is available but that almost defeats the purpose of asking for the loan to begin with. For the right person I'd be willing to let them micro manage the investment to minimize their risk. I anticpate the investor making 10% weekly on their investment until I've made the 3k seed personally at which point I pay the investment back. That or we can work out a long term investment that is lower % but last for the lifetime of the method. I do not gurantee that the method will last forever but do promise that it is legit and is a money maker. I am going to be very picky about who I let invest so you must have an execellent track record here and must be able to not leak my methods.

post or pm any questions/offers.
11  Economy / Goods / 20% off on: October 01, 2016, 12:01:58 AM

if you look through my post history you will see that I have been heavly involved in both bitcoin and the cannabis industry for a long time now. I was at the first cannabis cup in Denver with fliers that basically said that mmj/recreational pot and bitcoin are a sembiotic investment. I currenctly have a recreational grow in Oregon and am in the processes of starting a collective in southern california. With my exenstive experince in the industry I've secured a solid method to get discounted grow gear and would like to spread that love out to bitcoin/ganja community. Escrows are more than welcome and are recommended. Release after the item arrives! Basically you give me a shopping list that, including shipping and taxes, is roughly $500 and I'll get it you ya asap!

Any reputable escrow from the forums, bitify or lbc is more than welcome!

pm or post any quesitons/offers. happy growing!!

* items must be total $500 or less including shipping and taxes, roughly $500 total.
* my 20% is on top of any standard discount that this site offers. it is the largest grow supplier so they often have sick ass deals
12  Economy / Services / Nodejs/python dev needed on: September 18, 2016, 08:55:55 PM
This isn't an immediate thing I am in the planning process and am looking to find the dev(s) a head of time. Must be a node/python ninja and able to think around problems. If you don't know what that means this isn't for you. This will be long term and will be remote as well as the potential for profit share options. My management style is one of "work with me" versus "work for me". I have a solid idea, funding, and am motivated.

Please contact me with examples(github etc). Responses may be a bit slow because I am super busy but I will respond if you fit what I am looking for.
13  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Google voice + sip did accounts on: June 17, 2016, 10:24:20 PM
I am looking to purchase google voice accounts plus sip DID accounts used for a forwarding number. I would be looking for 5-10 accounts to start. Please post or pm offers.
14  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] ~$100-$150 whole foods @ 50% on: June 04, 2016, 09:08:18 PM
I am looking to buy a $100-$150 whole foods card  @ 50%.  An escrow is required or you must send first
15  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS] ~$200 at stamp for MG or reload my rush card from MG, buyer pays fees on: June 01, 2016, 09:12:33 PM

I am a bit short covering some work I am having done on my van and need this fairly quickly. If you are in the US it would be faster/cheaper for you to load my rushcard but it doesn't really matter either way to me. I am less than a block from a MG location. I believe it is only $3.95 to reload it but either way the buyer pays the fees. An escrow is required or you must send first.
16  Economy / Services / [WTB] Awesome facebook reviews and comments on existing negative reviews on: May 30, 2016, 09:24:48 PM

A really good friend of mine owns a restaurant and last Saturday a lesiban couple were caught basically having sex in the bathroom by the owner's wife. They were told to stop but then went into the actual resturant and continued their extra pda. During the whole thing they were never asked to leave or anything. They flipped absolute shit and made the whole thing anti-gay which it clearly wasn't. Now they are getting blasted by people unjustly. I will pay for positive reviews on facebook as well as comments basically, not overtly rude, telling the people who are leaving the negative reviews that they are full of shit and blasting good people for no reason.

I will pay $0.10 per comment on an existing negative review and $0.50 per review. There is really no limit. I would love to have you guys blow up those negative reviews to the point where they delete them because of the notifications.

please post or pm for the link
17  Economy / Services / [WTB] Awesome Yelp reviews for a local business. paying $0.50-$1.50 per review on: May 30, 2016, 05:12:12 AM

I am good friends with a local restaurant owner who was recently hit by an asshat couple with multiple accounts and would like to help him get his yelp rating back up. A gay couple were caught basically having sex in the bathroom and were asked to stop, not even told to leave, but they flipped absolute shit and turned the whole thing into an anti-gay thing which it absolutely was not. I am offering $0.50-$2 for each positive review that shows on yelp. I will need to verify these manually and will limit the number of reviews to a few k. Please post here or pm before reviewing to confirm I am still wanting/needing these.

I will pay for reviews based on your yelp account history:
0-10 previous reviews: $0.50
10-20 reviews: $1
anything over that I will pay(must also have friends) $1.50

all reviews must show when I sort by most recent on the yelp page.
18  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Panera Bread on: May 24, 2016, 03:17:30 AM
I have a ton of older $25 panera bread gift cards. These are not carded or stolen in any other way. Just as with all of the other gc I've sold these are old corporate rewards that were never used.

$25 for $7.50 (bitify)
$50 for $12.50 (bitify)
$100 for $20 (bitify)
$200 for $37.50 (bitify)
$500 for $75 (post or pm for private listing)
$1000 for $120 (post or pm for private listing)

escrow is required or you must send first. I have included links to bitify ads or any reputable escrow from the forums will be fine as well.

Bulk discounts available too. Message for details

19  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] aged fully verified US paypals with docs, cookies/ip or rdp on: March 23, 2016, 11:48:20 AM
I am in need of several fully verified and aged US paypal accounts with accompanying docs, cookies/ip or rdp. These accounts must be aged or have went through the verification process and must not have the 21 day holds. I will mostly be purchasing various gift cards from gyft with these accounts/infos. If they will not work for that purpose I do not want them. I will pay extra if you include a gyft account and have at least one successful purchase via the paypal account.

I am hoping to establish a working relationship with someone who has or can make several of these for me.

Please post or pm offers.
20  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] $50 applebees for 50% on: March 04, 2016, 02:34:40 AM
I have several $50 applebees gift cards for $25 for sale. Any reputable escrow from the forums is acceptable. Otherwise you send first unless you have a good trade history here
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