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1  Economy / Games and rounds / Closed on: September 07, 2016, 07:07:38 PM
2  Economy / Gambling / Closed on: September 07, 2016, 06:14:48 PM

3  Economy / Services / Is there a legal Bitcoin<->Paysafecard Exchange? on: September 17, 2015, 01:42:30 PM
Is there a legit and legal Service that exchanges Paysafecard and Bitcoin?It seems to only be done by private people
even though i think that being able to buy Bitcoin with Paysafecard would make it much easier for new people to try out bitcoin.
You would be able to buy a small amount of bitcoin without having to go through the hustle of sending in proof of residence and ID to an exchange.
There would also be no risk of backcharges for the service provider with Paysafecard.

Does such a service run by a company exist or is that legally/from Paysafecards end not possible?
4  Other / Meta / Should Ponzis/HYIP's be moved "games and rounds"? on: January 14, 2015, 01:11:18 PM
I haven't been on this forum for too long, but I've been watching the gambling section for quite a while. In the 2 months that I've been here, i feel like the
trend has went more an more from "I'm gonna put in some work and make a nice gambling site" to "I'm gonna put my bitcoin adress up and start some trust based game where people send me money".

Ponzi's and HYIP's aren't really gambling to me since they have nothing to do with odds and are simply just you sending money to a random person who spent 10 minutes making a thread on bitcointalk.
These games are obviously being spammed into the forum since people see that they can make some quick money of just putting up a thread.
As far as i know, the rule, that you cannot post your giveaway's etc. in the gambling section is because it got to clustered with things that are really irrelevant to a lot of people who read this section and it made it harder to watch the actual threads of the sites.

This way, the people who really wanna read these threads can just to to games and round and the others can read the threads of the actual gambling sites again

For my taste, this is going too far and i don't even feel like opening the gambling section anymore because I know each time I do that it will be spammed with a bunch of new irrelevant threads(which are just simple scams in many cases) that i really don't wanna read.

Maybe some of the longer term members can give their opinion on this.
5  Economy / Gambling / What factors make you trust a dice site? on: December 22, 2014, 05:35:36 PM
I personally can't really convince myself to trust sites that don't have a company and don't own any sort of license.
It makes me feel like I am trusting criminals, because they simply don't pay taxes while they are turning over millions.
I'd like to see more dice sites that don't just earn their reputation on this forum but actually have some legal backup.

Do you guys feel the same or is the forum trust enough for you to feel safe?
6  Other / Off-topic / Why are most Bitcoin related websites written in python? on: December 17, 2014, 09:31:35 AM
I'm planning to help coding a bitcoin related website and I'm currently learning javascript & PHP.
I chose to not learn python, because I thought it was harder to learn and there was less stuff to find online.
But whenever i browse on this forum it seems, that most bitcoin related websites are actually made in python.
Is there a particular reason for this or is it just personal preference?
Would you advise me to switch and rather concentrate on python?
7  Local / Projektentwicklung / Deutsche Bitcoin Dicing Seite on: November 13, 2014, 11:28:24 PM
Hey Deutsche Bitcointalk Community!

Ich plane schon seit längerem mit zwei Geschäftspartnern eine Bitcoin-Dicing Seite zu erstellen.
Wir sind alle deutschsprachig und uns ist nach etwas rumfragen aufgefallen, dass es keine Bitcoin-Dicing Seite gibt,
die von einem Mitglied der deutschen Community betrieben wird. Die Seite wird nicht das immer gleiche alte Spielprinzip haben,
sondern auf einem anderen einfachen Würfelspiel basieren, welches wir erst zum Launch erklären werden.
Die Seite wird auf jeden Fall hauptsächlich englisch sein, da die englische Community einfach um ein vielfaches größer ist, als die
deutsche Community. Jedoch haben wir vor, falls Interesse besteht, die Seite auch ins Deutsche zu übersetzen und ggf. einen
deutschen Chat einzurichten. Gibt es unter euch Leute, die gerne mit Bitcoins gamblen und die dies lieber auf einer Seite, die
ins deutsche übersetzt hat und (hoffentlich) nach einer Weile auch eine deutsche Gambling Community im Chat hat?
Wäre cool wenn ein paar von euch eure Meinung dazu abgeben könnten!


P.S. wusste nicht, wo ich das posten soll, da es keine Gambling Abteilung im deutschen Forum gibt
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