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1  Economy / Service Discussion / WARNING: cryptsy unable to produce trade records on: April 18, 2015, 01:32:30 AM
In 2014 my company made over 400k trades at Cryptsy, for a trading volume of over 18000 BTC.

Due to limitations in the cryptsy API, we are unable to directly and accurately download all of our trade records.

Since late November, I've been pestering support to get a CSV download of our full trade history. Months went by, multiple tickets too, and they have been unable to deliver me this simple request. Every other exchange we've traded on has been able to deliver this to us. Even Ferdous over at Mintpal went out of his way to get us our 2014 records after the exchange had been shut down for many months!

We need this data for our business taxes.

I've tried support but at this point they just ignore me and close my ticket. I've tried their history reports CSV tool, it doesn't work (the requests are forever "not ready"). I've even emailed Bigvern directly (no response). You would think this company would want to support big traders like me, but apparently, they don't care or their level 2 support system is completely broken.

At this point I feel I've exhausted all options but publicly lambasting them.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / What's going on with cryptsy? on: December 18, 2014, 02:23:12 AM
The main cryptsy threads are locked, bitjohn's email address is bouncing, bigvern is not responding, and I have been waiting on cryptsy support to provide me with a CSV report of my trade history for about 3 weeks now.

Theories to what's going on?
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / WT borrow 10mil dogecoin for short sell on: December 19, 2013, 09:17:00 PM
I want to borrow up to 10 million doge for up to 60 days. I will pay 10% interest on your dogecoins, meaning you will get back N*1.1 doges within 60 days (that's actually more like 60% annualized). 10% is my bid, if you want a higher rate please post your offer.

Lest you think I am being a ponzi, I will be perfectly transparent about what I'm doing with the coins. I'm going to sell them on the open market in a bet that I'll be able to buy them back for less.

I will hold at least 15 BTC in a reserve address which I'll share with the lender so s/he knows I have enough coins to cover the position should doge continue to go up.

Interested lenders please post here.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Cryptsy - zero quantity order book entries on: December 14, 2013, 11:28:21 AM
Has anyone else noticed this?

For example, around right now, this the pts/btc orderbook reported via the pubapi (

 "sellorders": [
    { "price": "0.02311000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "4.64153101" },
    { "price": "0.02311001", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02426551" },
    { "price": "0.02323001", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "1.08102253" },
    { "price": "0.02323002", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.09477107" },
    { "price": "0.02323006", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.00279421" },
    { "price": "0.02326296", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.04711880" },
    { "price": "0.02330000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "1.39800000" },
    { "price": "0.02340985", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02376335" },
    { "price": "0.02340989", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02458038" },
    { "price": "0.02340993", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.05762429" },
    { "price": "0.02340999", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.01407734" },
    { "price": "0.02341000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.03511500" },
    { "price": "0.02370001", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.17026393" },
    { "price": "0.02371000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.05477010" },
    { "price": "0.02371591", "quantity": "2.08022164", "total": "0.04933435" },
    { "price": "0.02371593", "quantity": "2.02715990", "total": "0.04807598" },
    { "price": "0.02380392", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02561845" },
    { "price": "0.02380393", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.00272115" },
    { "price": "0.02389000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.10501693" },
    { "price": "0.02400000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.36513410" }
  "buyorders": [
    { "price": "0.02534002", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "2.09324829" },
    { "price": "0.02499229", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.08349979" },
    { "price": "0.02462807", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.09666846" },
    { "price": "0.02462806", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.14401979" },
    { "price": "0.02460000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.12300000" },
    { "price": "0.02459998", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.17219986" },
    { "price": "0.02410007", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02458037" },
    { "price": "0.02410006", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.00265101" },
    { "price": "0.02410005", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "1.49420310" },
    { "price": "0.02410000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.34259992" },
    { "price": "0.02409998", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.10528853" },
    { "price": "0.02404261", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.83136237" },
    { "price": "0.02402547", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.04805094" },
    { "price": "0.02400000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.36513410" },
    { "price": "0.02373300", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.22312482" },
    { "price": "0.02371000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.23710000" },
    { "price": "0.02333547", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.29612326" },
    { "price": "0.02330000", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "1.39800000" },
    { "price": "0.02326296", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.04711880" },
    { "price": "0.02323025", "quantity": "0.00000000", "total": "0.02561845" }

What's with all those zeros? And if they are to be ignored, it's still a problem, because once I do that there are no buy orders left :/

edit: this is also happening with at least a handful of other pairs, such as anc/btc, zet/btc, qrk/btc..
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Litecoin Widget for android now supports over 50 altcoins on: December 04, 2013, 10:59:21 AM
In the most recent version of Litecoin Widget, just released tonight, I've added support for all the altcoins traded at cryptsy vs BTC.

That's over 50 coins, including most of the popular alts.

Hope y'all enjoy it.

Here's the original Litecoin Widget thread:

(tl;dr -- it's a popular free price widget for android for BTC and alt coins.)

6  Economy / Service Discussion / Btcchina API discussion on: November 09, 2013, 07:03:51 AM
Up until today, I had been using for the order book, but it stopped updating when things got busy. I discovered that the authenticated API has an order book method: "getMarketDepth" that is updating properly (though it sends a warning that the method is deprecated).

Now trade data is another story. Again, is not updating. Yet there must be a real time feed somewhere, as BitcoinWisdom is getting updates as I write this. Does anyone know how?

Please use this thread to collect other tips about the Btcchina API.

Also, a copy of the API documentation can be found here (the documentation wiki site is currently down):
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / has received over 100BTC in bitcoin donations on: August 31, 2013, 01:39:05 AM
Feels good to push back in a small way against the drumbeat of war.

8  Economy / Services / Earn 1BTC for 200 translations of bitstamp's website on: July 18, 2013, 10:13:04 PM
Bitstamp is offering a program for 0% commissions on fees:

I have a high volume account on their exchange, so I would benefit a lot from zero percent fees. In fact, it's worth enough to me that I'm willing to pay 1BTC for every 2 week's worth of 0% fees you can earn for me.

That equates to 200 translations, where each is a small phrase or single word, up to a few sentences.

I will send you 50% payment as soon as I verify that your translations are complete, and the other 50% as soon as Bitstamp credits the additional 0% fee week on our account (any delays on this are beyond my control).

If you're interested, PM me with your language(s) of expertise. Do not just start working on crowdin! I have to give you access to my crowdin account to do the work through in order for credit to go to the right place.

The list of languages in need of translation can be found here:


update: round 1 completed on Sunday July 21. You did about 2600 translations and we paid 26 BTC to 6 different translators. Woot! I am considering a second round, however we may only be able to pay half the previous rate, or 1 BTC for 200 translations.

All right folks, here we go with round 2!

Rate: 1 BTC per 200 "translations for export" as defined on the site. 50% payout when the work is done, 50% when Bitstamp verifies and accepts the translations.

How to get started: PM me to get credentials for my crowdin account. Include the language(s) you want to translate.

Quality matters. Please only translate languages for which you have expertise. If I or Bitstamp discover that you are using crappy machine translations, I will not pay you and do my best to publicly ostracize you as well Smiley.

Schedule: We will work until this Sunday, July 28th at midnight UTC.
9  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB GPU mining rig/farm $10k on: May 21, 2013, 07:07:48 AM
I'm looking to acquire a GPU mining rig or rigs, perhaps from somebody who is moving up to ASICs. I want it for scrypt/LTC mining and perhaps other alt chains. I would be curious what I can get for around $10k USD, possibly a little more. Strongly prefer a linux setup. Shipping to the US. Will require escrow if you want payment in BTC. Please PM me if you have an offer. Thanks.
10  Economy / Service Announcements / The Bitcoin Card - discussion on: April 30, 2013, 08:36:22 PM
This is for discussion of this announcement, because that thread has been locked:

My first question is: I looked up your company number 07370933 in the UK:

you are behind on your business filing (overdue as of 2012-09-06), and the company name is different: "Pages Jaunes Pro Ltd".

Care to explain?
11  Economy / Goods / solar panels on: April 03, 2013, 03:47:48 AM
Anyone know of a place I can buy solar panels for BTC?
12  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANNOUNCE] BitcoinAddresses android app on: April 02, 2013, 04:27:12 AM
It's called BitcoinAddresses, available from the app store.

It's a simple address book for bitcoin addresses. Also supports litecoin.

Scan bitcoin or litecoin addresses into your phone, to easily transfer them from one computer to another. Always have your addresses with you to receive payment wherever you go. (You can also save other people's addresses).

Note: this is NOT a wallet, it will not show your address balances or allow you to spend the coins.

This app operates completely offline.

Open source:

BTC: 1PBiV4z3VX21U3few3N1JeiuA5p4fvJU5q
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [ANNOUNCE] Digital Currency Widget: bitcoin / altcoin price widget for android on: March 26, 2013, 03:39:57 AM
The most popular android alt price widget, Digital Currency Widget (previously Litecoin Widget) will show you prices for BTC and hundreds of alts on dozens of exchanges.


Tap once to update, twice to reconfigure.

Anytime a price was estimated, it is marked with an asterisk. Please be aware, these numbers could be based on cached information even if you refresh. The time the data was pulled from the exchange is displayed. If the exchange is stale in updating it's data, your view will also be stale.

Currency exchange rates may be cached for up to 1 hour.

It's on the app store as "Digital Currency Widget" by The Mad Geniuses, or get the .apk directly here:


version 86:
- Bug fix: "Also display as" wasn't working with eth and ltc base pairs. Now it does.

version 85:
- add text size options for all three different sets of text
- allow user-specified defaults for widget display options

version 84:
- allow user-specified text size (android 4.1 and newer)
- improve formatting of eth-denominated prices

version 83:
- improve 1x1 layout

version 82:
- add 1x1 and 2x1 widget options

version 81:
- fix bug that sometimes caused first widget not to update immediately
  after creation.
- some layout improvements.

version 80:
- Major rewrite for compatibility with Android 8/9 (Oreo & Pie). No longer works on android 3.0 and older -- please use an old APK (available at if you need that.
- Widget is now 2x1 instead of 1x1. It was unavoidable because wide margins are forced in the newer version of Android.

version 79:
- Fix bug whereby newer versions of android were not showing millibits and microbits prices anymore.

version 78:
- add time format override (12 vs 24 hour) to global options

version 77:
- add global options, ability to select port 80

version 75:
- add a main activity and sha512 test

2016-02-21 version 73&74:
- fix memory leak by disabling ads
- remove extraneous server queries

2016-02-17 version 72:
- fix a couple rare crashes

2016-02-13 version 71:
- fix a couple of relatively minor UI glitches

2016-02-09 version 70:
- NOTE: you will probably need to reconfigure or delete/add your widgets after this update!
- the time displayed at the bottom of each widget used to be misleading: if the data was cached, the time still showed like it was fresh. Now it shows the time the data was actually pulled from the exchange.
- groundwork has been laid for user-submitted coin images
- "old world currency" is now "also display as", and behavior is more consistent
- remove cryptsy, added cryptopia

version 68
 - new preview icon
 - add coinsetter

version 67
 - added quadrigaCX

version 66
 - remove delisted coins from btc-e
 - update name to Digital Currency Widget in more spots

version 65
 - add arrows to indicate tick direction
 - switch from bitstamp to more reliable service for btc/usd rate

version 64
 - add OKCoin
 - change logo
 - tweak rounding

version 63:
 - replace currency exchange rate infrastructure
 - allow setting custom update intervals
 - remove mintpal

version 62:
 - add c-cex exchange

version 61:
 - include the coin name under the exchange
 - became

version 60:
 - fix issue causing crashes related to fetching currency exchange rates
 - remove just-dice / doge-dice (also causing crashes for a few users)

version 59:
 - add images for monero (XMR) and reddcoin

version 58:
 - add bittrex
 - add bitfinex
 - remove preev

version 57:
 - add poloniex

version 56:
 - add mintpal
 - add darkcoin (drk) image

version 55:
- restrict kraken pairs to those that work with the widget (unfortunately, not many)
- add a few more coin images
- fix bter api (http -> https)
- add cavirtex ltc price

version 54:
 - add KRW
 - switch to google currency API
 - add all Kraken pairs
 - add btcchina LTC
 - remove mtgox

version 53:
 - add mastercoin (masterXchange)
 - update a bunch of images

version 52:
 - add new image for XCP
 - add doge-dice stats

version 51:
 - add XCP prices from
 - add image for vertcoin

version 50:
 - add total site profit and profit % stats from

version 49:
 - add

version 48:
 - add support for coins-e
 - add nxt image
 - add MAX and a few other coins at

version 47:
 - add images for florincoin, unobtanium, and protoshares
 - add preev (
 - increase decimal precision for small owc values (e.g. $.0012)

version 46:
 - add memorycoin image
 - fix vircurex api

version 44:
 - add

version 43:
  - revamped the way cryptsy data is cached on the server and collected by the widget. should fix recent cryptsy stability issues.

version 42:
 - remove extraneous decimal place on millibit prices
 - get EUR results directly from BTC-e instead of estimating

version 41:
 - add itbit
 - bug fixes

version 40:
 - add old-world-currency estimates for LTC and XPM-based pairs on cryptsy

version 39:
 - fix bug whereby clicking two different widgets would result in double click behavior.
 - fix null pointer exception that happens in rare cases

version 38:
 - NEW FEATURE: double click to edit an existing widget's configuration!
 - fun with doges

version 37:
 - add support for altcoins which trade versus XPM or LTC on cryptsy. For example, FLO (Florincoin).
 - add images for more coins (notably DOGE)

version 36:
 - fix crash when cryptsy is down

version 35:
 - millibits and microbits on bitcoin prices where appropriate

version 34:
 - purely aesthetic change: show local animation on manual refresh, instead of a toast message

version 33:
 - add support for mtgox non-USD markets

version 32:
 - increase decimal precision

version 31:
 - add ALL coins that trade vs BTC on cryptsy. They all share a generic question-mark icon. You're welcome!

version 30:
 - add Kraken
 - add
 - fix bug which sometimes caused crazy estimated prices

version 29:
 - add PPC/USD, NMC/USD, and NVC/USD from btc-e

version 28:
 - add WDC (worldcoin)

version 27:
 - add BTC China (CNY)
 - add (ILS)

version 26:
 - New exchange mcxNOW
 - Add XPM (primecoin)
 - switch to yahoo api for currency quotes

version 25:
 - get cryptsy data via to save bandwidth
 - add support for the BTC / CAD price on

version 24:
 - update to match new cryptsy api

version 23:
 - add a small advertisement to the config page. please let me know if this is too annoying.
 - add cryptsy support
 - add NVC

version 22:
 - fix bug which caused widget not to work when default coin was accepted
 - add support for coinbase BTC

version 21: bug fix release

version 20:
 - add bitstamp and campbx for BTC prices
 - add freicoin (Vircurex)

version 19: fix minor regression introduced in version 18

version 18:
- cleaner exchange/coin selection. you may have to delete and re-add all your widgets as the underlying configuration type has changed.
- add FTC

version 17:
- add TRC, remove Bitfloor

version 16:
- use exchange prices, instead of estimates, in more cases.

version 15:
- complete overhaul of background and foreground color implementation. Now you get a full color picker, and a dynamically generated background that actually works (including custom alpha levels!) on older versions of android.
- fix bug causing some widgets to never update, either when tapped or automatically
- don't display toast messages during background refreshes; only when the users actually taps the widget.

new in version 14:
- fix this bug: "when turning data off and then back on again later, tapping on the widget does not refresh it"
- display default values for transparency level and color in prefs view
- add status toasts "refreshing.." or "no network connection" when you click the widget

new in version 13:
- add much-requested option to control level of transparency
- workaround sporadic network errors due to this bug in Android:
- make layout more consistent for BTC price widgets

new in version 12:
- bugfix: remove extraneous call to vircurex api when configuring the widget

new in version 11:
- add BTC-E NMC support
- SSL host verification disabled, as it was causing some users to be unable to access data from btc-e

new in version 10:
- add BTC-E PPC support (NVC, TRC still todo)
- errors downloading are now briefly displayed to the screen

new in version 9:
- support for estimated values in 8 different old-world currencies, courtesy of old-world currency exchange rates are cached for up to an hour.
- ability to choose between three text colors; hopefully this helps those who were having trouble seeing text on a light background
- fix crash in some old versions of android (due to SharedPreferences.Editor.apply)

new in version 8:
- when exchange is unreachable, continue to display previous result (and time) instead of overwriting with 0
- add estimated dollar amounts to coins which don't trade in dollars. If a price is an estimate, it is marked with an asterisk

new in version 7:
- fiiiiiine.. added mtgox support >:-)

new in version 6:
- when you click, only refresh the widget you clicked on (previously it refreshed all widgets)
- add support for namecoin and ppcoin
- fixed crash when api calls to the exchanges timed out or otherwise failed
- network updates moved to background thread
- shorter exchange names in widget (e.g. v'rex), making for prettier, more consistent coin graphics
14  Economy / Service Announcements / -- new Android widget on: March 25, 2013, 10:11:11 PM
Background: is a sort of bitcoin address "shortener" except the key is your email address(es).

There is now an Android widget that helps you keep tabs on your addresses. Basically, it just sits there looking green unless it detects that your address has changed. The development was spurred by a discussion here on the forums about the security of bitcoin address shorteners, and how they are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks and such.

The widget doesn't "solve" MITM attacks per-se, but it does at least give you a simple way to monitor the status of your own addresses. With the widget, you can e.g. easily verify that your address is still correct just before telling someone to refer to it.

The widget is available from the app store as "the wallet list".
15  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANNOUNCE] - store your btc address in the cloud on: February 11, 2012, 09:50:15 PM

Wouldn't it be nice if sending bitcoins was as easy as sending email?
Hopefully soon it will be.. opened its doors today. The core of the site is a
simple mapping from email addresses to bitcoin addresses. Registering
is free and you can add as many email addresses as you like.

Once you're signed up, if someone wants to send you bitcoins, they
don't need to remember your address -- they can just look it up.

There is also a simple API for easy integration with bitcoin apps.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

 - devs
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / mtgox code/data/getDepth.php slow on: January 12, 2012, 10:39:30 PM
Over the past 24 hours or so I've noticed calls to cade/data/getDepth.php hang or take a long time to respond, in a way that they don't usually (I have active monitoring going on). Has anyone else seen this issue? Any insights as to why?
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / camp bx performance issues on: January 04, 2012, 03:39:15 AM
Has anyone else been running into this?

    "Database is busy and cannot be locked.  Please try again in a few minutes."
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / what advantages does bitcoin have over the alternative chains? on: October 17, 2011, 05:39:43 PM
I see only two significant advantages:
1. a network-effect monopoly. Almost everyone who's using a cryptocurrency uses bitcoin. Relatively speaking, almost nobody uses an alternate chain.
2. Best exchanges. Mtgox and tradehill trade bitcoins, not solidcoins or tenebrix.

Is there anything else I haven't thought of?
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