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1  Economy / Gambling / IMPORTANT ★ Your password may have been stolen!!! on: May 05, 2017, 12:37:23 PM
=== disclaimer before I go into detail : this case has nothing to do with Safedice ===

As a dice site owner (SAFEDICE.COM), recently I noticed on my log that there were many failed sign in attempts ( thousand of them ). Those failed attempts were using a username that does not exists on our database. However, there were also many correct attempts, probably around 20% of them.

This is not a brute force attack, since each trial use a different combination of username and password. Not to mention that brute force attack will be rejected by our server. the attacker seems to have a list of username and password, this make it difficult for me to differentiate between an attack and normal login. I have a strong suspicion that the list was acquired from another bitcoin site.

To all of you concerned with the safety of your account, whether its on SafeDice or another site, please always use 2FA and different password for each site.

I have just created a tool for SafeDice users to check if there was suspicious login attempt on their account. You can type /amisafe in the chat room, the server will reply you with the result. For those of you just want to check your username, you can just sign up and check immediately.

Again I strongly encourage everyone in bitcoin community to use 2FA whenever possible, and if there is any other bitcoin site owner has information about this please share this information.
2  Economy / Services / [] Looking for Site PR / Writer on: March 25, 2016, 01:52:25 AM
Hello guys, we are looking for a site PR!

Looking for those who have good reputation and active in the bitcoin forum, good writing and communication skills, interest and experience in bitcoin gambling.

The detailed job desc will be discussed, but to give you some rough picture:
- Actively maintaining SafeDice's presence in bitcoin forum such as BCT (main requirement)
- Maintaining Reddit
- SEO writing
- Event creation and marketing

Please contact us directly on if you are interested.
3  Economy / Gambling / ★ Bitcoin Dice ★ Monero ★ 0.5% Edge ★ Fast Cashout ★ Since 2014 on: November 22, 2014, 08:17:59 AM

Play now at

★ Low 0.5% Variable Edge
★ Multi-Coin Support (BTC, XMR & BCH) ★
★ Low-Fee, Instant Withdrawals ★
★ One-Confirmation Deposits ★
★ No Minimum Investments ★
★ Anonymous Registration ★
★ Automatic Referral Payouts ★
★ Elegant Interface Design ★
★ Auto-Roll “Safety” Feature ★
★ Encrypted SSL Access ★
★ Hidden Tor Access
★ Secure Two-Factor Authentication ★
★ True Provably Fair Gameplay ★
★ Live Community Chat ★
★ Trusted Since 2014 ★

NEW! Play/Invest using BITCOIN CASH (BCC/BCH)!
We are proud to be one of the first dice sites to offer Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) as a playable cryptocurrency. Deposits only require one confirmation to be credited to your SafeDice account and withdrawal fees are only 0.00005BCH. Still holding onto some BCH from the split? Put your extra BCH to work and win big!

Introducing an Industry-Low 0.5% Variable House Edge
In order for us to provide the most optimal playing experience, we've integrated a proprietary system called the Variable House Edge System. To sum it up, this innovative site feature provides an incredibly low house edge of 0.5%* for the vast majority of rolls and increases slightly for larger bets. Meaning that if you’re betting 0.01 BTC per roll for example, you’ll be playing on a base 0.5% house edge while as higher wagers such as 10 BTC per roll would be placed with a slightly higher house edge (approx. 0.7% - still lower than most sites!). The house edge is synced in accordance with the max win amount of each roll and is displayed live on the player interface prior to clicking roll. Our variable house edge system allows us to offer larger max win amounts compared to other sites without the risk of significantly diminishing the sites overall bankroll from investors. has been acclaimed for having one of the Largest Max Win payout amounts as well as offering one with the lowest house edges out of most dice/gambling sites.

True Provably Fair Betting Experience
Due to the obscure nature of online gambling these days, we’ve implemented a true provably fair betting system where all rolls are verifiable and proven fair. How does it work? Simple. SafeDice generates a roll using a combination of the server seed, your client seed and the number of rolls you’ve made using the server seed (known as nonce). You’ll be able to see the hash of the server seed before you set your client seed after clicking the “Fair” tab at the top menu. You also have the option to generate a randomized Server Seed hash any time you’d like, which will also resets the nonce back to 0. Many players will randomize their server seed often as part of their overall strategy since it’s essentially like “resetting” the game.

Please note that there are various implementations of the provably fair system across the web – Not all provably fair systems are truly fair! While the vast majority of provably fair gaming sites allow you to verify rolls based on your client seed, not all gaming sites display the server seed hash before allowing you to set your account client seed. So what does this mean exactly? It means that casinos with such limited implementations of the provably fair system are able to “learn” your playing behavior and rig the server seed so that it is beneficial for them – Essentially generating rolls based on how you play in the sites favor, causing you to lose your coins unfairly. Ever felt like this has happened to you on another site the more you played there? It very well could have occurred if the site you were playing on doesn’t share the server seed with you prior to you setting a client seed! always displays the server seed hash before you set your client seed. Furthermore, we allow you to select your own custom account seed by typing in a string of words – Both of these functions are hard-coded into the site to ensure that all rolls made on SafeDice are true and indeed fair.

Security & Privacy Matters
We offer a truly anonymous registration option, which requires no email or password to start depositing and playing. This option is perfect for players who would like to deposit and withdraw in the same sitting and do not want any of their stats to be collected together across multiple sessions of play. You can access your anonymous account in the future by using a secret link provided to you in-lieu of a username/password. If you’d like to save your stats and be able to log in, all you have to do is set a username and password for your account in settings and your account will be converted automatically.

To maximize the safety of your coins from phishers and hackers, we’ve added the option to enable Two-Factor authentication (2FA) on your SD account. We recommend enabling 2FA on your account and using either Authy or Google 2-Step Verification for verification. To further increase the security of your account funds, the majority of deposited coins are kept in cold storage, which is physically separate and detached from the server. We also use a rotation of hot wallets to ensure that withdrawals are kept as anonymous as possible and to ensure that even the small ratio of funds kept in the hot wallets are safe and secure from hacking attempts.

Tor/Onion Friendly
We’re proud to announce that we’re one of the first dice/gambling sites to offer Tor access for our players! For maximum anonymity while playing at SafeDice, you may access our hidden service at safedice2ge73n2g.onion using Tor Browser. Please note that you will need to enable scripts for proper use of our hidden service as our site utilizes Javascript to operate.

Proof of Financial Solvency
We are one of the few dice sites that provides proof of financial solvency to the public, which essentially shows that we have enough funds in our possession to cover large-sum winnings on the site. It also provides insurance that the site is not in jeopardy of getting put out of business due to such winnings. Many gambling sites DON’T offer such info usually because they do not have enough funds set aside to cover massive bet winnings in a short period of time. They mainly rely on players losing more than winning overall, whether through legitimate or questionable practices. We do not move the funds out of this cold wallet unless they are being distributed back into SafeDice’s ecosystem and vice versa. You can see all transactions made to/from the cold wallet in addition to the wallet balance here.

We believe that offering a real-time communication platform is essential for the most optimal gaming experience - that's why we’ve implemented a live chat room where you can interact with other players and discuss just about any topic you’d like. We‘ve also employed moderators to ensure that all discussions are kept reasonable and non-offensive to all players. There are various players who specifically visit SafeDice due to our warm and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to drop in and say hello!

Need Help/Support?
In the case that you may need assistance while playing at SafeDice, we’re here to help! Please send an email to with details of your support inquiry - For the quickest turnaround times, please be sure to include ALL necessary information about your support issue/request. Furthermore, feel free to check out our FAQ for answers to general questions regarding the site and its features.

You may also submit a post in this thread for a support request, however email is preferred. Feel free to post any brief questions you may have in this thread for a rapid response by either an admin or a moderator.

Third-Party Site Reviews
Thanks to, you can now have a better understanding of our features:

* House Edge for playing with Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) begins at 0.9%, which is still lower than the industry standard of 1%.
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