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1  Economy / Auctions / For Sale on: June 07, 2017, 12:25:37 PM was lunched on September, 2014 to give multiple services to Bitcoin community.

Right now we offer Faucet and bitcoin advertising systems middle man service . That allowed faucet users to collect coins from faucets in one place and get them in one payout to.

everyone in the bitcoin community knows the value and earning potential of with over 400,000 Pageview / day (google analytics access to buyer) has over 1 million registered member (with full detailed info)

Generated monthly around 10,000.00$ from adsense till 2016,( adsense account closed because we made a mistake and use on multiple websites )

current Monthly average profit: ~1,6 BTC from ad sale

epay is free service but new Owner Can take fee from transactions ( optional ) estimated earning from fees : 0.01 to 0.05 per day ( around 20 to 100 $ )

every faucet added to epay have earning potential equal 10 to 100$ a day based on their timer

Running costs:

costs : epay has one server has cost around 80$ / month

cloudflare account : 20$ / month

SSL : 15$ / years


about the valuable domain :


Domain Categories :

Business & Industrial

Business Services

E-Commerce Services

Enterprise Technology


No more Extensions Available !!!

.com taken

.net taken

.org taken

.info taken

.biz taken

.us taken

.ca taken

.es taken

.what so ever ... All gone !

Check here the source for the bellow details : $250,000 $150,000 $50,000 $50,000 $32,798 $32,600 $32,600 $25,000 $24,160 $24,000 $23,974 $21,057 $19,750 $17,500 $16,500 $16,399 $16,300 $16,300 $15,000


sold domains example ! - $116,000 - $70,000 - $37,111 - $46,217 - $42,000 - $36,000 - $35,000 - $32,500 - $30,607 - $29,6102 - $28,100 - $25,500 - $25,625 - $25,500 - $25,000 - $25,350 - $24,000 - $23,530 - $20,452 - $20,880 - $22,864 - $21,500 - $21,930 - $18,500 - $18,000 - $16,005 - $16,005 - $12,205 - $10,005 - $10,005 - $22,005 - $10,505 - $10,000


Starting Bid: 10 BTC
Minimum Bid Increment: 0.5 BTC

BIN Price 40 BTC

End Time : June 30 2017

Happy Bidding...

2  Economy / Micro Earnings / Faucet owner tester needed for new script on: March 25, 2017, 03:08:53 PM

We are looing for 5 faucet owners with a little bit of programming knowledge to test our new faucet script.

The script will be released for sent to these 5 faucet owners for testing and getting their feedbacks.

Thanks you

P.S: Release time will be next week.
3  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ePay] Introducing HTTP REST API on: January 16, 2017, 03:38:21 PM
Hello everyone

Some users requsted that we add HTTP REST api as some users are using free hostings and not all of them supports SOAP .

REST api is fully documented here along with faucets budget information

P.S: SOAP will be supported don't worry.
P.S: We are going to stick with REST from now on new scripts and next phases
4  Economy / Micro Earnings / *** IMPORTANT *** To all Cryptonator's users using micropayments on: December 20, 2016, 02:15:37 PM

To all Cryptonator's users:

Please check your threshold before payments with the following limits published by cryptonator
Failure to do so will result in loss of your coin as their accounting system will not process the transaction and payment will not be credited to your account. They are also unable to accumulate smaller payments or return it back to the sender.

  • Bitcoin - minimum 0.0001 BTC
  • Dash DASH - minimum 0.005 DASH (from 12.05.2016)
  • Dogecoin DOGE - minimum 10 DOGE (from 01.03.2016)
  • Litecoin LTC - minimum 0.005 LTC (from 12.05.2016)
  • Peercoin PPC - minimum 0.01 PPC
  • Primecoin XPM - minimum 0.1 XPM

Remember, This only applies to cryptonator's users on all micropayment platforms.

5  Economy / Micro Earnings / [Solved] Heavy DDOS on: December 19, 2016, 10:43:10 AM

We are under heavy DDOS since this morning.
We have deployed countermeasures to mitigate the attack.

Some users may experience difficulties accessing our services.

Our apologies in advance.

Attack has been mitigated and service are online
6  Economy / Micro Earnings / [Limited] Free Upgrade and transfer from Faucetbox to on: December 18, 2016, 04:50:32 PM


From now till the day Faucetbox closes we will upgrade and move your faucet from faucetbox to our service freely.

Just head to , create an account and deposit some amount.

Then open a ticket with this subject [Prom|Free Install] and include your hosting info. desired prize and ad code (if you want)

Your faucet will be installed, configured and added to our rotator in less than 24 hours.

Some guides:

Creating Faucet owner account

Getting an API

Installing Faucet script by yourself
7  Economy / Micro Earnings / [EDU] What is ACL? What does it do? Should i use it?[Faucet owners,General Info] on: December 17, 2016, 10:13:26 PM

Many users asking what ACL is what doest it do.
This is general info.
here is a short summary:

An access control list (ACL), with respect to a computer file system, is a list of permissions attached to an object. An ACL specifies which users or system processes are granted access to objects, as well as what operations are allowed on given objects.
Each entry in a typical ACL specifies a subject and an operation.
For e.g, if a file object has an ACL that contains (Alice: read,  write; Bob: read), this would give Alice permission to read and write the file and Bob to only read it.

Networking ACLs
On some types of proprietary computer hardware (in particular routers and switches), an access control list refers to rules that are applied to port numbers or IP addresses that are available on a host or other layer 3, each with a list of hosts and/or networks permitted to use the service. Although it is additionally possible to configure access control lists based on network domain names, this is generally a questionable idea because individual TCP, UDP, and ICMP headers do not contain domain names. Consequently, the device enforcing the access control list must separately resolve names to numeric addresses. This presents an additional attack surface for an attacker who is seeking to compromise the security of the system which the access control list is protecting. Both individual servers, as well as routers, can have network ACLs. Access control lists can generally be configured to control both inbound and outbound traffic, and in this context, they are similar to firewalls. Like firewalls, ACLs could be subject to security regulations and standards such as PCI DSS.

ok, how does ACL help you in protecting API codes?
By enabling ACL on your services and whitelisting specific IPs to access your API, only you can access whatever services that you have access to with that API and no one else can access it.

So, Should I use ACL?
In a word, YES

I have activated ACL and added my server IP address on my service control panel, and it says access denied, why?

Some hostings define different IPs for sites and outgoing connections.
users can reach your site by but your site reaches other sites/systems/server with
this happens on servers with lots of sites
So you if you are denied to access your service with the IP that you receive while you ping your domain you should ask your hosting provider.

My hosting says IPs are same but I still can't connet
Most big hostings have pre-answered questions and don't want to bother answering these questions.

Ok, what are my options?
We have created a simple web link to return your outgoing IP address.

just create a file named sip.php ( or whatever else)
copy and paste the following code in it:
<?php echo file_get_contents(''); ?>

save it and open the file with your browser, you will see your server outgoing IP address.

Note: This is for public use and there is no limits
8  Economy / Micro Earnings / Start your faucet without deposit on: December 17, 2016, 04:20:57 PM

You can start your faucet easily without any deposit.

You can play on other faucets on our network and simply send your balance to your Faucet account without any fee (0 fees)

Just secure your account, play on faucets, and Send a Gift to your faucet.

Choose the currency you want to send.

Enter your faucet account email or choose a faucet from the list below.

Then enter the amount that you want to send

Bingo, you are done.

This way you can top-up your faucet without spending 1 satoshi!
just earn from other faucet and earn from your ads  Grin Grin
9  Economy / Micro Earnings / [Unformal] Pool for new coins on: December 16, 2016, 08:47:54 PM

I believe the title is self-explanatory.
Time is limited and we want to activate at least 3 coins before 2017.
Please tell us what do you prefer first?
10  Economy / Micro Earnings / New Faucet Script | based on your Suggestions & ideas | on: November 30, 2016, 12:29:50 PM
Hello everyone

We are working  on developing a new script from grand zero.

so we need to hear all your ideas and suggestions as faucet owners and users.

I know we can build the new world for faucets based on ePay flexible system.

We'd like to know your ideas for system base, captchas anti-bots, referrals, ads and etc etc.

Regards, head of the programming team.
11  Economy / Micro Earnings / [Survey] What feature/change would you want from to start using it? on: June 09, 2016, 02:19:34 PM
I'm Lucinda,

At we try to make new features to make our user expreince much smoother.

What new feature/changes are interested in on to start using it?

Best regards, Creating A Remarkable Client Experience!
12  Economy / Micro Earnings / [SURVEY] Faucet owners, What would you want from to start using it? on: January 25, 2016, 11:05:12 AM
I am Lucinda, I'm responsible for public relations for

We would like to ask Faucet owners that what would they want from to add, to start using it as their payments provider?

This is one survey out of many that will be coming in time.

You can check our current faucet owner panel from here:

Best regards Public relations
13  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ANN], Micropayments and Faucets, Faucetbox alternative [0%Fee] on: August 10, 2015, 09:27:10 PM
You will receive your Bitcoin payout on Mondays after reaching your threshold.
         You will receive your  Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin payouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after reaching your threshold
First of all, What is ?

As many of you know is working for over three years. right after turned off because we have many faucets and we needed an alternative, so we decide to be an alternative for what we need.
At these years and from our own faucets we have reached over ONE million user (with ~400,000 secured users with email) with ~380 BTCTC paid.
during these years we didn't want to offer our services to others as there were some good other services too like faucetbox.

Since Feb 2016 we have opened our services very limited to public and about 50 faucets came to us.

We were ( and are ) faucet owner ourselves too and we understand their (our) needs.
We have many features that are being used right now for ourselves since the begging.
Many bot defenses and advance reports, like integrating google analytics in our panels for saving our admin time,

Since last month we have decided to offer these services publicly and with some other features too to protect faucets,money and ourselves as we are our own customer too based on our experience.

honestly has more flexibility than you can think of more than billions of lines of codes and we can do anything you can think of...

We would like to hear your ideas and thought to improve our services.


Here is a headline of our available  services ( read describe for each service in next posts )

  • Faucet protector system, we called this system "The EYE" because The eye watches over everything and automatically block threats
  • TOR and proxy blocker
  • Advanced faucet owners reports and charts based on time, prize, country, and user
  • Country blocker for owners
  • Prizes based on player country
  • Very simple panel for basic users (faucetbox clone design )
  • Multiple currencies in ONE panel for faucet users.(Pro panel)
  • ACL,IP blockerand address blocker.
  • over 8 currency and growing+ introducing “The eye”, Protection faucets from bots. (Developed, Preparing for public use)

With more than 700 GigaByte of data filled with users behavior we can protect your faucets from bots.

First Task👇🏻
Once user begin to play his data is passed to us and we make an estimation (based on previous data, % of captcha failures, other faucets play, times played, delays between faucet play and some other parameters) with our algorithm to calculate the probability of if the user is a bot or not then we will report this to faucets so they can decided whether to pay or not.

Second Task👇🏻
Many faucets suffer the term “self-referring”, where a user can refer him/her self with other cryptocurrency address.
Many don’t know this but you may be paying anywhere from 10% to 50% more to bad and dishonest users based on their referral percent. With “The eye” your balance will be protected from this action by preventing the users from receiving the bonus by checking his/her behavior in the past.

Third Task👇🏻

Before paying to user their IP  address and cryptocurrency address are checked from our up-to-date database of bad cryptocurrency addresses, proxy IPs and TOR IPs to protect you ( this step is implemented in the first task too)
By using The eye faucets money is protected so your traffic quality will improve on your beloved advertising network and fewer faucets will be closed over time.

As a faucet owner, we know very well that it is important to have a detailed report to make a big decision ,you need to know  how much you are paying, your prizes and etc to have a professional faucet and good earning, not  just for fun.
Advanced Reports
Showing full payment report and ability to compare your payments with your other faucets with 30 minutes interval to check how much you have paid.

Transaction list
You can see a list of your last 500 transactions filtered by your faucets to your users.

Live report
You can see how much and to how many users you are paying live .

You can see how many payments of each prize you have paid in a daily window.
With this, you know how to manage the probability of your prizes.

In detail
Seeing how much direct and how much Referral amount you have paid to your users

Bad IP hit (Under developing)
Seeing on a daily chart how many bad IP and Tor and blocked IPs tried to claim from your faucets.

Block address  (Under developing)
Seeing on a daily chart how much bad addresses blocked address tried to claim from your faucets.

Blocked Country (Under developing)
Seeing on a daily chart how many blocked countries tried to claim from your faucets.

2FA authentication
You can set a 2FA authentication to protect your account. Right now Google authenticator is supported.
E-mail 2FA is under develop.

Blocking Address
You can block a specific address to access and claim from your faucets.

Blocking IP Address
You can block a specific IP address to access and claim from your faucets.

Blocking Country
You can block a specific country  to access and claim from your faucets.

8 currency , one panel
You can manage all your faucets from one panel

Two faucet user panel
All faucets have to type of users.
One is a simple user that just want to earn and don’t be confused with reports complexity and another thing.
We have a complete simple panel for those users, they can just see their balance, how much they have earned and their payments. It’s as Simple as something that nobody knows.
So, how about professional users?
We’ve got them covered too.
There is another panel for pro users, for whom they want to see all their currencies balance at one place in one view.
Pro users can their income with complex reports , can add many payout addresses , can buy lottery tickets and so many other things that will come over time.

How about fees?
We don’t take any fees from anyone. Not faucet owners, not faucet users.
You don’t have to pay anything to us.
Ok, how do you earn then?
As we have said, we too are a faucet owner and we earn by showing ads on our own sites.[/size]

Advanced faucet rotator
- Faucets categorized
- Filter to remove sites with popup/popunder (Much wanted)
- You can add your favorite faucet to rotator list and work on one platform (Much wanted)
- You can share your faucet list and the faucets that you have added with your friends and earn from them (Much wanted)

Here are some pictures.


You can start your faucet easily without any deposit.

You can play on other faucets on our network and simply send your balance to your Faucet account without any fee (0 fees)

Just secure your account, play on faucets, and Send a Gift to your faucet.

Choose the currency you want to send.

Enter your faucet account email or choose a faucet from the list below.

Then enter the amount that you want to send

Bingo, you are done.

This way you can top-up your faucet without spending 1 satoshi!
just earn from other faucet and earn from your ads  Grin Grin

14  Economy / Micro Earnings / [ANN] Faucet - 10 minute claims - 100% REFERRAL Promotion on: February 19, 2015, 11:47:59 AM
we are proud to announce new bitcoin faucet from

Rewards currently ranging from 111 to 999 satoshis

Cooldown timer on 5 minutes

Easy 60% Multiplier

Million Jackpot : 10% of every game played by all players goes to jackpot and winner can won all, its unique method by and winners who won over 5 million satoshis on our other faucets

100% referral commission till 1 April!
50% referral commission rest of the months

Check it out! and thank you for looking

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