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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Tulip Trading Bot - from 0.1 LTC to 40 BTC on: January 31, 2015, 12:52:55 AM
December 2013. I discovered Bitcoin and ordered a graphics card to mine altcoins. While waiting for that delivery, I created a simple program in a few afternoons that would do arbitrage on Cryptsy about 10 days, I turned 0.1 LTC in 1 BTC. I sold my miner soon after.

Together with a friend of mine we improved that simple program. Currently we have over 40 BTC, I do not think it is possible anymore to turn 0.1 LTC into a few bitcoin in today's market. But our profits the last 6 months were enough to offset the decline in bitcoin price from $600 to $220, so it is certainly still profitable.

The program has now grown into a trading bot that we want to start selling to the public. The trading bot is a command line application with a configuration file that can be easily created and modified with our GUI. The bot and GUI are separate programs and can be run on different systems. For example run the bot on Linux and use the GUI on Windows.

We are currently running a pilot with a handful of users. The software obviously works, but the user experience is not always ideal. We are mainly focusing on improving that. We expect to go live in a few weeks.

What we do not do:
 - EMA crossover.
 - StochRSI.
 - Fancy GUI's with 20 sliders and checkboxes that need constant babysitting.
 - Send your api keys to our servers.
 What we do:
 - Fully custom trading strategies that have been verified to work in the field. Not just in backtesting.
 - Extremely low maintenance.
 - Easy to configure. Simple GUI with a few options.
 - Track profits via external (open source) application that produces pretty graphs and mail reports.
 - No-nonsense.

Supported exchanges
BTCChina, BTCE, Bter, CEX.IO, Hitbtc, ItBit, Kraken

On these exchanges we support almost all combinations of currencies and cryptocurrencies (only on CEX we do not).

Supported platforms
 - Windows
 - Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS upon request)
 - OS X support not planned
 - Raspberry Pi upon request

The GUI will probably be open sourced soon, so users with unsupported platforms can compile their own version.

Target audience
The tool is suited for you:
 - if you have too many bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on the shelf.
 - if you are into cryptocurrencies for the long run.
 - if you understand the risks of cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

 Q: Are you a registered company?
 A: We are working on this.

 Q: Do I pay taxes on every purchase?
 A: If you live in the EU, yes.

 Q: I do not live in the EU what now?
 A: we are still trying to figure out how this works...

 Q: Can I re-sell this software?
 A: As required by law, you may re-sell your license to anyone else. Please contact us after you have done this, so we can update all contact information. Only one person can use a license at a time.

 Q: Can I receive a refund?
 A: As required by law, yes. Our local law requires 14-day full refunds, such refunds will be issued in the same currency as you have paid.

 Q: Do I receive future updates for free if I buy a license?
 A: We are working on this.

 Q: Sounds cool. How much will it cost?
 A: probably more than a few around a few bitcoin.

Terms and conditions
We are still discussing the exact terms. There's a high chance it is going to be based on Dutch law.
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