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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / [PODCAST] Coinbase: The Best Bitcoin Podcast In The Universe, by Plato and Hiro on: August 01, 2012, 02:25:52 PM
donations: 1cnbseFLHKbybsdyoyydjSd38xFxyNDJW

EDIT 08.14.12 added ep5
EDIT 08.27.12 added ep6

Hi all!

Hiro White of Agorist Radio hosted three episodes of a Bitcoin podcast called Coinbase last year, they were really kickass and we were sad to see him stop.

Now I'm joining him and we are starting the show back up again. Here are our episodes:

download COINBASE 004 (66mb mp3)

Episode 4 was recorded on July 31 2012, topics:

Bitcoin Cars by Wikispeed!
HashKing and other Bitcoin Loan Sharks
Bitcoin sets 7 Euro Record shortens Bitcoin addresses
BTC-E Hack: fishy!
Clientside Javascript Offline Wallets
Bitcoinica/Zhoutong: fishy and unprofessional!
BTC Buckets

Plus plenty of tangents on verifying signatures on served code, authenticating with Namecoin, rubber hose cryptanalysis and Bitcoin Justice.

download COINBASE 005 (36mb mp3)

Episode 5 was recorded on August 13 2012, topics:

Bitcoinica Sued
Electrum client
Statists flock to donate BTC to Mark Warden's campaign fund
John Matonis quotes (one, two)
Three Dot Bit DNS registrars(one, two, three)

download COINBASE 006 (43mb mp3)

Episode 6 was recorded on August 20 2012, topics:

Market Manipulation is easy when MtGox holds high market share
Don't Use MtGox As An Ewallet, Noobs
New Hashrate Record
Firstbits vs

Not affiliated with

2  Other / Politics & Society / Presenting REALITY EXPLOIT ROUNDTABLE, Episode 001 from the folks at #agora on: July 22, 2012, 12:09:06 AM
Here's our new show for all you ancaps and agorists out there. We're running a roundtable panel, discussing stuff important to the distributed cryptoanarchist tribe.

direct mp3 link thanks to (40 minutes, 50 mb)

show notes with audio at bottom

Upvote or comment on /r/anarcho_capitalism

Your Hosts Are...

Our topics for this first episode are:

Enjoy, and feel free to post topic ideas for future shows

3  Other / Politics & Society / Press Release: #OpSubverse on: September 08, 2011, 12:09:07 AM

                                __        OPERATION                             
                    _______  __/ /_ _   _____  _____________                   
                   / ___/ / / / __ \ | / / _ \/ ___/ ___/ _ \                   
                  (__  ) /_/ / /_/ / |/ /  __/ /  (__  )  __/                   
                 /____/\____/_____/|___/\___/_/  /____/\___/                   
  subvert, subversive, subversion                                               
    per Google: "Subvert - Verb; Undermine the power and authority of (an       
    established system or institution)."                                       
  Fearing the wrath of Anonymous, some thugs employed by Bay Area Rapid Transit
    shut down four transit stations last Monday during rush hour, stranding     
    thousands of commuters. Everyday citizen Ignatius Taint wondered aloud why 
    "stopping some teenage hackers is more important than getting me to this   
    fucking interview."                                                         
    To the Powers that Be:                                                     
Many of us are scared and angry. We see that your money systems are imploding, 
and that your governments are growing more corrupt and oppressive every day.   
Your political systems offer us nothing but false dichotomies. Every month, we 
see new half-cocked legislation targeting our lulz. When our brothers simply   
vandalize a website, you try to put them in cages for decades, crying           
"cybercrime" and "domestic terrorism."                                         
This is confusing, because we are in the right. You're punishing us for simply 
voicing our displeasure, for saying that we aren't satisfied with the status   
We see your control slipping. In 2009 Uncle Sam spent a third of 'our tax       
dollars' paying down the INTEREST on his credit card bill [1]. Most of those   
dollars go to the banks who own the Fed. And for the cost of a couple wars, you
could have converted all our cars to sustainable alcohol fuel and built another
space station to boot.                                                         
But you don't want that. You can't exist without the archaic institutions that 
you have built, like the oil and war industries, the prison-industrial complex,
America's state education system, and centrally controlled money systems. If you
allowed free markets to exist, you would be bankrupted by competition. You are 
parasites on the backs of the human race.                                       
Tools like Bitcoin, gpg and darknets allow us to escape your control systems.   
We're going to trade, work, and live without playing your silly games and you   
can't do a thing about it.                                                     
Know that you can't silence us and you can't scare us. We're not going to fight
you, because you have guns with psychopaths behind them. Instead, we are       
subverting you. We're building our own systems to replace yours. They're better
systems, with blackjack and hookers. And every time someone chooses our systems
over yours, your power wanes another tick. We won't stop until you've become the
Powers that Were.                                                               
  [1] 383 billion out of 1175 billion. Sources:                                        ,,id=102886,00.html                 
    To everyone else:                                                           
If just a few hundred Anons can shut down city transit centers, imagine the     
problems we can solve when millions of earthlings start working together to     
replace those broken systems with better ones. We can build marketplaces where 
we use digital cash to trade without heeding the taxes and regulations of the   
Powers that Be. Once we stop using their money, their institutions will crumble
quickly, and we can move on to solving world hunger, exploring the cosmos, and 
living in peace.                                                               
But this task is far too big for any one group to complete, even Anonymous.     
Anonymous, /r/conspiracy, TPUC,, Infowars - these are all   
large subversive communities with varying philosophies and goals, but all share
the goal of subverting the status quo in favor of something better. Many members
only act within their local networks, because they simply haven't heard of the 
myriad other communities, filled with millions of fellow subversives, or they   
don't have time to look them up.                                               
These groups have never had a common thread, a common context, that allowed them
to find each other and build global networks.                                   
    Until now.                                                                 
We present the open source brand: SUBVERSE. This is a brand to mark subversives
and subversive communities worldwide. We need this precisely because we are so 
disparate - it's a symbol representing our common cause.                       
By 'open source', we mean that no one owns this brand. You are free to use it as
you see fit, for yourself or your communities, in perpetuity.                   
Tag your sites:                                                             - a Subverse site                                     is part of the Subverse                                       
    xkcd supports Subverse, and is powered by Python                           
Tag content:                                                                   
    @JoeRogan and @DuncanTrussell should be the #subverse mascots               
    Can anyone recommend me an anonymous bitcoin domain name store? #subverse   
    Excellent analysis of #subverse topics:
Use the brand in your projects:                                                 
    SUBVERSE.FM - All Subversive Podcasts, live + torrent archives             
    The Daily Subversive - news                                                 
    Presenting: TEDxSubverse                                                   
    The Subversives Manual                                                     
Print up Subverse stickers.                                                     
Tag Subverse everywhere (with chalk of course ;)                               
Come up with logos.                                                             
Drop it in lyrics.                                                             
Talk about it in blog posts.                                                   
Build a search engine that scrapes the web for the word 'Subverse' and indexes 
  the results. Use a web of trust to rank and sort sources by trustworthiness. 
Forward this press release to your favorite subversive websites.               
[2] Known subversives: (add to this list, or tweet #subversive)                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   (pdx only for now)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / #BitcoinRoadtrip evolved - I'm going to live in Portland, OR on BTC alone on: August 27, 2011, 12:57:32 AM
edit: I mean that when I buy goods and services, I won't spend dollars. If I acquire dollars I will turn them into Bitcoins before spending them. During my roadtrip, the closest I came to spending dollars was using a Shell gas card, purchased for 10 btc from user BitcoinExchange. I don't consider this cheating although it's certainly borderline.

Yes this means I will have to convince local vendors to use Bitcoin, that's the point


Yo guys it's been months since I've had the time to heavily post here, hi to all the new folks!

I crossed the country from Hartford to Los Angeles spending only Bitcoins. I left in April and arrived in June. Now I'm in Portland and my friend and I are thinking about setting up a household that only spends Bitcoins.

Some additional details on Reddit.

BTW, Props go to mpkomara and lyspooner on IRC for the idea!
5  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / [ANNOUNCE] Global Web Of Trust Standards Workgroup on: May 05, 2011, 08:31:14 PM
The bitcoin community (and internet as a whole) will benefit if we can create a truly global web of trust.

As Bitcoin grows, more services will be based on trust. Maybe we'll see a classifieds site (BitListings?) where you're willing to ship your junk across the country in exchange for bitcoins to trusted parties. Maybe "CryptNet" from The Diamond Age will show up. Exchangers (e.g. Coinpal -otc) are already using trust-based systems.

The workgroup will oversee the creation of a standard to allow all of these systems to interact. The primary goal is to decide on an API that will allow sites to share their trust data. Some sites will opt to keep their trust data internal, which is fine. However, the advantage of creating a global web of trust is that your -otc ratings will show up when you use BitListings. This would help solve a lot of trustability problems.

I've purchased some web hosting which is currently located at It's still empty.

I've set up a mailing list to start hashing out the low level details (like what to put on the site.) Join the list by emailing and leave by emailing Emails sent to will go to the whole list. You can set an option to receive a single daily digest email here. We can use a lot of different opinions - users, developers, site owners are all encouraged to help us create the best possible system.

BTW - I have never created a standard before, if you have experience with this, your input will be especially valuable.
6  Economy / Marketplace / [CLOSED] Buying MTGUSD for PPUSD on: May 03, 2011, 05:09:01 AM
I'd like to buy Mt. Gox funds with my Paypal money. See my WOT ratings here. PM me if you're interested
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / ALABAMA DISASTER RELIEF FUND [41.75 BTC COLLECTED] on: April 29, 2011, 01:04:18 AM

As you are likely aware the South has been hit with the most devastating weather in recent history. I'm in Montgomery, AL, with a couple bitcoiners including bitcoin2cash. I'm suspending my Bitcoin Roadtrip for some days in order to help out with cleanup and aid. We are going to head north tomorrow to Tuscaloosa and/or Birmingham and help out.

The bitcoins you send will be turned into dollars through, and will all go to aid, minus our transportation and food costs. I'm kicking it off with 10 BTC. Any leftover coins that we can't spend on aid will be donated to the Faucet. Send coins to 1MuZVTGQgzq47CjAQMDR41qk8Uepsivk4T. edit: this is a fresh account that I just set up.

My plan so far for tomorrow is to buy up a truckload of bottled water, and give it away to cleanup crews and families. PM if you're in the area and would like to help. Post ITT if you have other ideas as to how we can put the money to good use.

8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 04.26.11 - PLATO's Bitcoin Presentation for UAH - Let's crowdsource a better one on: April 26, 2011, 10:16:02 PM
Yo guys -
My first presentation at Union was in front of a couple dozen people. It wasn't so smooth because I kept getting bogged down in details and I was just going off written notes. Tonight I'm presenting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, we're hoping for about 200 people. I'm still writing up my powerpoint presentation and want to get some feedback. I'll keep an eye on this thread for the next hour, before I head over to the lecture hall to set stuff up.

You should be able to view it here:
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / PLATO's Bitcoin Road Trip Completed! [June 19-? Bonus round! SFO PDX SEA YVR] on: March 21, 2011, 11:20:18 PM
Blog: (RSS at bottom)
Email: plato at

Update, 06.13:
Update, 05.30:
Update, 05.11:
Update, 04.07:

Stuck in Hartford with no job or rent money, I've been tossing around the idea of leaving my apartment and road tripping across the US. I've decided to do it; I'm leaving as soon as I can develop a coherent plan - which I need, because my goal is to not spend any fiat money, either cash or credit, between leaving Hartford and arriving in LA... only bitcoins.

I have enough bitcoins now to get to, probably, Florida; I'm hoping to make it the rest of the way through micropatronage. ("Patronage" being the centuries-old idea that someone with money pays an artist's living wage so they can create their art; micropatronage meaning that a bunch of people each send me a bitcoin or three.) In exchange for your contributions, you'll get to hear my stories about what it's like to live on Bitcoins.

I'll chronicle my adventures in a blog as I travel, using a laptop and 3G tethered cell. I'll release podcasts where I interview the people I meet along the way. My blog is located at, and my twitter feed is at

I intend on couch surfing and camping instead of paying for lodging, so the only things I will need to buy are a 3G cell connection, gasoline, car repairs, and food.

I'm not sure what my total cost will be, but I imagine it'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 - 1500 bitcoins, depending on the route I take. I'll set up a counter on my blog showing a list of donations, as well as details about what I'm spending the bitcoins on.

I have 200 bitcoins of my own to start out with. I'll start driving as soon as it's apparent that the trip is possible through your contributions. I'd like to leave soon - hopefully in April. My biggest concern is gasoline; my car gets about 250 miles to the tank, so I will need to find people spread out along the route I end up taking. Are you in the US, and willing to sell me gasoline for bitcoins? Please drop a red pin at your location on my road trip map to help me plan my route -!

My motive for this trip is primarily an overdeveloped sense of adventure, but as a close second, I want to evangelize Bitcoins. As I talk to people I meet in my travels, I'll be explaining Bitcoin and why it's great. I'd love to stop by universities, libraries, or other venues along the way and speak about my trip and bitcoins - drop me a line if you want to set something up. (Also contact me if you want to buy ad space on my bumper for your Bitcoin project.)

10  Economy / Marketplace / Selling essays on any topic, 5 BTC per page on: March 08, 2011, 06:29:13 PM
I'm willing to write essays on any topic that I can google. If your task requires me to do more than google, I'll charge an additional 10 BTC per hour for the time I spend not googling/writing, e.g. creating graphics, finding books in a library or doing other offline research. This should be zero for most papers; if it's not I will give you an estimate in advance. [edit: I'm defining a 'page' as 500 words, as this is pretty close to most formats' actual page length.]

Any topic is fair game. Maybe you want a treatise demonstrating that drug policy is detrimental to the state of society as a whole, or maybe you'd just like some lab reports. As long as the info is googlable, I'll find it and write a quality essay. Please note - I do not have access to any private online journals.

Post your job requests here with the following info; if you would like to keep your requests private, you can email me at; gpg key here.

  • What I'm writing about: Provide as many details as possible; including any context that will help me google, or recommended sources
  • Deadline: I may apply additional fees at my discretion for tight deadlines, if my workload gets heavy
  • Desired length: Please mention whether this is a strict maximum, strict minimum, or a suggestion
  • Citations: Do you care about citations?  What format, and how many?
  • Target Audience: Who is going to read this essay?
  • Data: If I'm writing a lab report or similar, I will need the pertinent data
  • Meta info: Any header info, such as the organization this is being written for

By default I'll send essays as html to preserve formatting across platforms, but I'll send pdf's or any other format upon request. I will typeset essays into LaTeX for a 10% surcharge. Turnaround time will be based on my workload.

I'm offering everyone a 10 BTC discount on their first essay. I reserve the right to retract this discount, e.g. to prevent abuse if your forums account is very new, or to keep my workload manageable if I get swamped with jobs.
I require payment upfront and will not give refunds; please contact me to discuss your request and get a quote. Most requests should be a flat 5 BTC/page. I'll be happy to send you drafts-in-progress for feedback. I'll deal with copyright rights on a case by case basis.

Here is an example of my work:
You can see my -otc rating at
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