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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / PM Phishing? ... probably catch a whale on: July 07, 2022, 04:36:36 AM
LOL, just got this PM from a user named:  newalias   (reported)
Guess my "entropy" is too low.  Cheesy Cheesy


MESSAGE TITLE: Security warning - scammy title, serious concern

Hi there,

you are member of DefaultTrust. Therefore, the security of your account is crucial.

However, you have a security question in place, what often means lower entropy than a secure password and maybe being easier to guess. Simplest thing I have seen in DefaultTrust was "1+1" with answer "2" was correct - I have frozen it for security. Easy questions ask for an age (try 0-99) or a birth year (try 1940-2022) or lower case initials (try aa-zz). Many questions ask for a city or a make of first car - brute force can help. And there are loads of questions for names of wife, birth names, pet names and so on. These are things that may be shared even in a post or require only your real name! The better people know the account owner, the better they know the answer!

Recommended action to take is to remove security question at all. Please get back to me stating how you improved account security. If I do not get a reply, I need to inform board administration for our all safety.

I started with whole DefaultTrust as I think the base of community should be secured first. Later, I will go for more users. Captcha is useless as I use some trick I will only discuss with theymos.

Thank you!

2  Economy / Reputation / Hacked account? "Donator" selling account under his/her own name? on: August 26, 2021, 03:02:12 PM

Doesn't seem "logical."

Edit:  Evidently he realized it because the "sale text" was deleted.
3  Other / Archival / Scammer/Spammer on: July 11, 2021, 09:54:24 PM
This goes on every day for months on end.  The dates and logon times make it quite obvious it's the same person. Just got tired of capturing them every day,

4  Economy / Reputation / Scammer/Spammer with multiple banned accounts on: April 06, 2021, 04:13:28 PM
This topic is being created only for the purpose of flagging this spammer/scammer and will be locked except when needed.  He has at least 9 accounts  (ALL nuked) so far including:


He originally started out SELLING "his brothers" lost password BTC wallet allegedly with 10,000 BTC in it.  He then deleted that post and subsequent posts "reduced" his brothers wallet to 159BTC.  He then removed "his brother" from the lost wallet but continued at 159BTC He has now spread out into other scams and multi-posting in multiple forum sections.  
Locked because no response is needed as this is just for FLAG purposes.
5  Other / Meta / Bug or option needs to be added to change ref post in a type 1 flag? on: March 15, 2021, 09:07:13 AM
This probably applies to any flag but:

User has a "type 1" flag created.
Mods delete all user's topics / posts.
Now the ref post on the type 1 flag shows as "ERROR: The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you" if one wants to see why the type 1 flag was added and you cannot EDIT the reference post in the type 1 flag to make it valid.

Cannot delete or edit the flag so you remove the "support" for it and try to create a new flag but if you try to create a new flag the error is: "You have already created a flag for this user within last 180 days" so flag goes nowhere.

(IMO) Flag creator should be able to edit reference topic in flag OR be able to remove flag and create a new one.

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Strange happening cutting and pasteing a bitcoin address. on: December 30, 2020, 03:54:48 AM
Wonder if anyone can explain this mystery.

I  sent the following BTC address around $40 and like 90% of the time I copied and pasted it it came up totally different ending in xax below.  I ended up sending to the wrong address (ending in xax).

Trying to paste and THIS IS THE WRONG ADDRESS that keeps coming up.  Trying to copy and paste the CORRECT address and I cannot until the 6th try!!!

1DBHJEnuh5bQfyWXAJD2T1166AJzViXq2R  <----------------------  OK AFTER 5 ATTEMPTS HERE IS THE ACTUAL CORRECT ADDRESS I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO COPY that was sent to me that ended up what you see above.

1DBHGf7sYMxN1qDa7WwZ5yKng8qJWngxax  here we go again. I paste it and it comes up different but always the same as the first 5 tries. So bottom line I ended up sending to the wrong address.

 This is the hash from the transaction that went to the above incorrect address:


I even made a screen video of it happening to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.
7  Other / Meta / When (or was) the Bitcointalk database hacked? Was it in 2016 ? on: December 20, 2020, 06:29:25 PM
I'm suddenly getting a number of spam PM's from full & legendary members that have not been active since 2016/2017.  Seems to always be 2016/17.  Looking at their feedback it's always 2016 and before with "just woke up" and changed email.  I also notice a lot of scammers have their last feedback in 2016/17 as well before returning to posting.  Since there are so many of these accounts could they have been hacked then sold?;u=221888
I am NOT, repeat NOT accusing this guy;u=221888 of being a scammer but it is just one of a number of spam PM's trying to sell me something I have been getting recently that seem to be in that same group with similar last post and feedback dates and change of account. When I look at the feedback  it's always around 2016/2017 and usually no posts since then or sometimes just 1 or 2 over 3-4 years.

Here's another (this guy IS a scammer):;u=877816
8  Other / Meta / "Bump under 24hrs" reports suddenly being marked bad - mostly done on scam topic on: December 10, 2020, 07:49:47 PM
Wondering what may have changed.  I generally use "Bump Under 24hrs" reports only to harass some well tagged known scammers when they bump their threads under 24hrs by 5 or so hours or more.  All of a sudden those reports are being marked as BAD.  I DO NOT care about the "BAD" itself but wondering what has changed.  Maybe it has now becomes ONE BUMP PER DAY (DATE) or maybe that is what it always was and it isn't clear rather than once every 24hrs as noted in rules?  I even had one marked as BAD when the mod actually deleted it. 

From RULES:  13. Bumps, "updates" are limited to once per 24 hours per thread. Bumping multiple threads at the same time is allowed if it's not annoying. [2][e]
9  Other / Meta / Why aren't AUTO-BANNED user's threads deleted (or at least locked)? on: November 18, 2020, 12:06:58 AM
Why aren't AUTO-BANNED user's threads deleted (or at least locked)?  All they do is have sock puppets come in and keep bumping them so AUTOBAN seems not to be very effective.  As long as the threads stay online they are still indexed by Google and then they do their business off-site on telegram or whatever else.  Locking them at least prevents them from being bumped by ALTs but (IMO) they should be deleted just like the user who has been banned.
10  Other / Meta / How does this guy bump 9 threads in under 20 seconds? on: October 18, 2020, 03:19:54 AM
Every day for months he logs on and off in 15-20 SECONDS and bumps 9 threads with 6 or so accounts.  If you track all his accounts and the fake and cross feedback you can find at least 10 more accounts a couple of which are banned and/or have lots of red.  But my question is how do you bump all these multiple threads with multiple accounts in under 20 seconds total ? Is there some sort of automated script for that?  Usually he just posts the one word never deleting old bumps sometimes with yet another fake user doing the bumps..  Reported a few times and mods removed a bunch of the "bump" posts but it's not worth bothering them every time for bumping..  Even stranger is he rarely ever answers any questions in his threads or via PM.

Click image for full size:
digital goods/ accounts & invites

digital goods

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Support flags for scammers HotelSS And VoucherS alts of flagged Anonym1337x on: August 10, 2020, 09:39:49 PM
Thanks to those who supported the flags on this piece of trash but unfortunately, like the cockroaches they are, these bottom feeders just can't permanently be eradicated. You just have to crush them one at a time.  Wink

Most recent thread has also been deleted by mods.

Redflag these 2 scammers both alts of previously tagged Anonym1337x

Please support, Flag for HotelSS:;u=2832801;page=iflags


Redflag this scammer = please support, Flag for VoucherS (same scumbag):;u=2823963;page=iflags

His current scam account: HotelSS  note telegram and the rest of the OP.

This is yet another scam account (note telegram) inactive at the moment:  VoucherS  (this thread was deleted by mods but account still active)

His original previously red flagged scam account: Anonym1337x (note telegram, this guy is dumber than a ton of rocks) this thread  deleted by mods

Obviously all 3 above are the same scumbag scammer and HotelSS deserves to be scammer-tagged as does VoucherS.  Looking at his existing flag you can see the collection of fake accounts he has (notably all with zero posts, just woke up and brand new).

Original supported scam thread for Anonym1337x:

I was scammed by him see posts #6 & #13 where Anonym1337x scammed me for $33 in this thread:

Just to make it official  (not that it matters) Hash of $33 payment to original  Anonym1337x scammer's Selly:  0627a2d2986aa6faf840c9551a114aa6b3eca9225111dcb54f7d2baf85c9fa63

Just as reference, the "TESCO" codes he is still scamming expired back in March.
12  Other / Archival / closed on: July 30, 2020, 03:56:07 AM
Seems to be a few unsubstantiated scam complaints about these guys but from their posting habits (spamming multiple accounts and dozens and dozens of fake 1 post newbie vouches) it seems likely.  There are no rules broken (as far as I know) because there are no rules against multiple accounts but I just find it quite weird. There is a group of 6 or 7 accounts in Digital Goods and sub-section Accounts & Invites that have 60-70+- posts and are selling very similar things.  And of those 60-70+- posts maybe half of them are from the OP and 95% of the rest are first time 1 post newbies writing loving and beautiful prose extolling how wonderful the OP is. Cheesy   I know at least 2 of them are alts of each other because 99% of the time they are logged in at the same moment and the rest ... who knows.  Never checked time stamps.

These 2 are the longest and 99.00% of the time logged in together. Reading the threads and beautiful vouch post prose are quite entertaining:

arikochipin (he's the most entertaining)
Danny Lance

There are a couple cross-posted vouches.  These guys must spend hours creating newbie accounts.

Google Ads (obvious alt of arikochipin since he replied in this topic from wrong account and email is the same)
Litvak500 (virtually identical text in OP as Google Ads aka arikochipin)

There's a bunch of others all similar topics just like those except they often delete their last couple posts so their threads fall way back  then they suddenly add a new post and back they are. These couple are still on top.

Actually there are 5 (or more) of them:

Here is "the spam & scam crew" (probably a few more I missed  Cheesy ):

13  Other / Meta / Suggestion: Make it just a little more difficult to create a new account. on: June 23, 2020, 03:56:00 AM
One can create 30 accounts here in probably 5 minutes or less.  There isn't even an email confirmation needed to create an account so one can just put in a random anything.  At least confirm someone's registration email actually exists. I think that will help avoid a lot of junk users.  Def not foolproof but way better than not even confirming an email one uses even if it's a "throwaway" email.

14  Other / Archival / List of CDM Alts on: June 11, 2020, 10:59:25 PM
His first 50 account website is shut down:  and just goes back to the Russian web host.
his second 50 account website seems to be hacked or maybe shut down: tagged "scam alert" when accessed.
His third 50 accounts still in progress:

Here is a list of all the nuked accounts from this seller:

EVERY ONE OF THESE ACCOUNTS HAS BEEN NUKED except possibly the newest one at the very top of the list (yet).  Panamor 7/14  Soha MM 7/9 noncanonical 7/9 Mavrick21  7/9  joshua germanski  7/8  mezicanchamp  7/5 joshuagermanski 7/2  cdmnetflixgrabtool  6/24  netflixxgrabqmazon  6/24  argoncdmnetflix  6/24  grabnetflixamazon  6/24  AmazonNetflixGrabs 6/24   Netflixgraabamazon  6/23   Nrtflixgrabbamaz  6/23  Amaznnetflixgrab  6/23    NetflixgrabamazonN  6/22  Netflixgrabjune  6/22  Netflixgrabtools   6/22  bombacdmfull  6/22  cdmsoftwarethebest 6/22  Netflixgrabamaz  6/22  Netflixgrabtool  6/21 Amazonetflixgrab 6/21  netflixgrabamazon 6/21  cdmwidevinebest 6/21 6/20  cdmsoftlevel1 6/20  cdmsoftikpof  6/19  somscdmsoft  6/19  mortalcdm  6/19  mishgoldcdm  6/18  labydacdm 6/18  netflixgrab  6/17  coopercdm  6/16  CrewCDMSoft  6/16  cdmnewsub  6/16  ArifMolov 6/15  cdmsitesoft 6/15  cdmgoftar  6/15  Bo4aCDM  6/14;u=2818854 McGregorDev  6/14  sutesxdm 6/14  cdmkeepwork  6/12  4orevercdm  6/11  goodcdmwork  6/11  keepcdmwork  6/11  Chestersoftware  6/11  BestSoftCDM  6/11  ChicagoSoftware  6/10  softcdms  6/10  cdmholland  6/9  cdmsoftcakr 6/9  cdmsoftsites  6/8  LukasMorela-  6/8  cdmsitess  6/8  cdmsoftwarecom  6/7  cdmsoftcom  6/7  softwarecdm  6/7   6/4 widevine-cdm AlexArnold MorgenShtern  ekteam ekteam1 gavmaf1 ekteam2 ekteam3 wishteam wishteam1 wishteam3 wowadm supcdm suppcdm cdmsupp  cdmsuppp cdmsite cdmsites sitecdm FairAliv sitessscdm  MrEnderson mrjoseff  workcdm serjcdm armengqvnov cdmwidevinenew DezmondAlabam RoockieCDM MakorBossCDM Mario64 Mario64vII Mario64vIII  Mari064IV  Mari064V Mari064VII Mari064IX Mari064X Mari064XIV Mari064XXIII Mari064XXIV Mari064XXVIII  ** Mari064DX Mari064SDY Mari064DXV Mari064DXM Mari064DSDS Mari064DQ Mari064TD Mari064TXA Mari064TW Mari064TP Mari064RX Mari064PQ Mari064FQ Mari064Q mario64bx

15  Other / Meta / Option to delete a "REPORT TO MODERATOR" on: May 13, 2020, 08:11:22 PM
How about a 2 minute timer to be allowed to delete a report made in error or for whatever reason you realize it shouldn't have been left.  Could easily eliminate an embarrassing error which is no big deal but it could save mods some time digging through bad reports.  Cheesy
16  Other / Off-topic / New Firefox and ARCHIVE.IS (WEBPAGE ARCHIVE site)website on: May 13, 2020, 02:55:11 PM
If you are having a problem accessing the ARCHIVE.IS webpage archive site (and probably some others)  and are using the latest update of Firefox (76.0.1) here is the fix.  Firefox is using CLOUDFARE as an automatic proxy.  ARCHIVE.IS doesn't seem to like that.

Go into TOOLS, OPTIONS and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to NETWORK SETTINGS and disable (or change) the Firefox Proxy. 
17  Other / Meta / BUG? No previous posts showing under my own profile. on: April 14, 2020, 10:02:24 PM
None of my previous posts are visible in my profile.  I tried creating another account to look and still shows empty.  I even tried going through a VPN.  THREADS are showing, just not "previous posts."  I don't see a "switch" in my profile that would turn that off or on. 
18  Other / Meta / Sellers using SELLY and other off-site sales "stores" (in Digital Goods). on: April 12, 2020, 11:32:03 PM
Been reading the Bitcoin Talk rules recently and saw the one copied below in the GUIDELINES FOR THREADS section of the rules list.  Does that mean using Selly and the myriads of other similar sites is prohibited in Digital Goods?  That is the goto modus operandi these days it seems for scammers (as well as a few non-scammers).  Is it "technically" not permitted?

Digital goods (child board of Goods) - Trades of digital goods on-forum for Bitcoin (except for invites and accounts). If you are selling goods on another site (e.g. have an online store), it doesn't belong here.
19  Other / Meta / BAN EVASION UKTRADER191 on: December 30, 2019, 10:57:12 PM
This thread for FLAG purposes.

Seller UKTRADER191 in this self-moderated thread: (archive)   actual thread:

Ban evasion.  Alt of scammer COUPONKINGUK (note same email in this linked thread as this guy UKTRADER191) then take the telegram in this same linked thread of @couponkinguk which comes back to BANNED  scammers EMBROIDERYMATE,   ANGRYROB, BUY4MEUK and about 20 others and

Feel free to support this flag if you are so inclined:;flag=1126
20  Economy / Reputation / Please support this "type 3" flag on: December 19, 2019, 02:09:57 PM;flag=1095

Scam report:
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