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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / CloudTokens - [CLOUD] File hosting and cloud platform! ICO OPEN on: December 10, 2014, 05:53:30 AM

CloudTokens is a new & high end featured Crypto Currency with a strong usability in real life.

As the name itself suggests, CloudTokens is slighty different from others cryptocurrencies by integrating a sharing platform within the wallet.
Apart of being launched with all the features that the actual cryptocoin market could offer such as anonymous messaging system, embedded chat,
block explorer and more, we strive to release a functional sharing platform to host and share user created content.  

CloudTokens is REALLY USEFUL in real business.


CloudTokens is a project of start-up team and is strictly related to this file sharing platform.

SHARECLOUD (work in progress) is the first file hosting/ sharing platform to accept cryptocurrencies for the pro plans.

You can upgrade your customer price plan and pay with BTC or CloudTokens!
Every investor of the ICO will have the chance to claim a free PRO plan
for the duration of one month (Minimum amount to be invested for this bonus: 0.1 BTC) (work in progress) is our owned file hosting and sharing web platoform, which delivers users an amazing service including:

- online video sharing and streaming;

- upload and download of every kind of file;

- share and stream online your music;

- share photos and documents;

- organize items in the cloud within a friendly and modern desktop;

- encrypt files you share and make them on the cloud but private for those who know the password;

- social sharing buttons;

Some screenshots:

Cloud Desktop:

Video Sharing and Streaming:

Video Sharing with encryption icon and social buttons:

And the amazing thing is that you will be able to connect to directly from an embedded tab in your wallet!

PRICE PLANS (price is in dollar as a reference. Payments could be done only via CloudTokens or BTC):

(15th of December, text will soon be amended)


- 100% PoS via Escrowed ICO
- Total Coins: 2 Millions CloudTokens
- Min Stake Age: 8 hours
- Max Stake age: 12 hours
- Variable PoS Stake interest:

     - First Year 15%
     - After first year 5.5%


ICO will be hosted by a trusted community member as a trusted Escrow:  1G86KpEfMUe5pBQt3B6kAeEEzLszu8uWYy

Please send Tx ID information through Private Messages or email.

A public investor list will be created to maintain transparency.  




ICO will be sold at 3000 satoshis per coin.

The amount raised from ICO will be used to:

- 25% expansion and upgrade boost for our datacenter;

- 20% enlarge and enforce the marketing strategies and visibility of ShareCloud, with a subsequential growth of CloudTokens.
          We'll perform sponsored and paid marketing actions on facebook, twitter and many others social network and file sharing community.

- 10% Support of Market is case of massive dump as an investor safe fund.
          If price drops 80% of its price we deserve the right of using the 10% of ICO amount to buy on the market the CloudTokens dumped.

- 20% R&D for

- 10% Launch of music sharing platform under the domain of (already owned)

- 15% Medium-long term fund, available for investors in public BTC address well disclosed in the ANN.

ICO will be considered successful if:

We deliver working wallet with all the promised features and safe blockchain;

Unsold coins will be destroyed by Escrow, with video proof.

COINSOURCE verification is already coming, fee paid and will be ready asap.

For further information or details contact us directly.


For now we are a small team of 5 talented developers:

Jenkin Matthews

Languages: JavaScript, C, C++, HTML5

Roy Levenski

Tasks: UI/UX designer

Ian Clarke

Languages: JavaScript, J2EE, MATLAB, spring

Johannes Gutenburg

Languages: C, C++, JavaScript, spring

Sameuel Fin

Languages: C, C++, JavaScript, spring


- Launch in operative mode, pro plans activations.

- Launch ( A soundcloud like platform to share your music. Accepting CLOUD & BTC for pro plans) ;

- Being added on at least 3 major exchanges;

- Launch a dedicated multipool to mine CloudTokens and create price sustainability.

Detailed wallet development plan:

- Statistic Page;

- Block Explorer;

- Encrypted Messaging;

- Embedded trading market view tab;

- Embedded browsable tab directed to ;

- Narrative function in send coins (you can insert a short description/message in your TX directly from send coins tab);

- decentralized in-wallet exchange;

-decentralized VPN functionality;

Additional details of future development plans will be given shortly.


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