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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / BananaCoin BOUNTY CAMPAIGN [ Signature, Signup, Fb, Twitter, Youtube ] on: August 31, 2017, 12:56:23 PM

Main thread :

BananaCoin is launching its BOUNTY CAMPAIGN to make sure everyone get a piece at least of this amazing ICO !

Please make a account here : ( Your bananacoins will be added there weekly )

Please wear the signatures below according to your rank and apply in the given format

Signatures here :

Username ( bitcointalk ) :
Banancoin username ( you will get your coins here ) :  
Rank :
Current Posts Count :

Once applied please check if your name is there in the sheet below and if it's there then you are approved and good to post !

The payment will be as follows

Member : 40 BCO/ week
Full Member : 60 BCO/ week
Senior Member : 100 BCO/ week
Hero Member : 150 BCO/ week
Legendary Member : 180 BCO/ week


Never remove your signature unless you have been paid for the week
No additional signatures allowed during the span you wear our signature
No spam or rubbish posts please keep the forum clean and be constructive
Posts must be at least 70 characters long
Posts must not be made in a single day or two.
Receiving a negative during campaign means no payment ( negative trust users cannot apply )

We want users to signup and understand how our site and token works so all you need to grab a free 10 BCO is to signup !

Just signup here :

Post in the below format to claim your reward.

Username ( bitcointalk ) :
Banancoin username ( you will get your coins here ) :

Spreadsheet for signup bounty :


Must be at least member rank or higher to get the 10 BCO bonus
No multiple accounts, we can easily track you and you will forfeit your initial 10 BCO too

Get a free 15 BCO reward for completing the below task.

1) Follow us here :
2) Make a tweet about BCO using #bananacoin
3) Retweet a tweet from our official handle.

Post in the below format to claim your reward.

Username ( bitcointalk ) :
Banancoin username ( you will get your coins here ) :
Twitter Profile link :
Tweet link :
Re-tweet link :  


Must be at least member rank or higher to participate.
You must have at least 500 followers on twitter.
Twitter audit must be 70% at least.
No multiple accounts, we can easily track you and you will forfeit all the bonuses.

Share 2 posts on your facebook handle from here : and get  25 BCO !

1) Like us on Facebook
2) Share 2 posts made by us on your profile.
3) Make a comment too on the posts.

Post in the below format to claim your reward.

Username ( bitcointalk ) :
Banancoin username ( you will get your coins here ) :
Facebook username ( make sure profile is public ) :


Must be at least member rank or higher to participate.
Must have 50 friends at least on facebook.
No multiple accounts, we can easily track you and you will forfeit all the bonuses.

View the three videos, like and make a comment to get free 25 BCO !




Post in the below format to claim your reward.

Username ( bitcointalk ) :
Banancoin username ( you will get your coins here ) :
Youtube username :


Must be at least member rank or higher to participate.
No multiple accounts, we can easily track you and you will forfeit all the bonuses.

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] [ICO] RCT: Proof of Importance + Proof of Work on: August 27, 2017, 03:09:54 PM

[ICO][BOUNTY] Official RCT Bounty Campaign Thread

RCT Signature and Slack Campaign

Bounty campaign dates:
Starts August, 29
Ends September, 29

Bounty campaign token allocation:
Total:4200000 RCT Tokens 1% of total RCT supply
Signature Campaign: 3360000(80%)

Signature campaign

Post the posts having RCT signature.

Your Bitcointalk account rank must be at least Member with non-negative trust.
All members have to post at least 30 posts having our signature by the time the RCT ICO ends to be eligible for a reward.
Participants with Full Member or better Bitcointalk account rank can set the RCT avatar and get 1 additional stake.
Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign.
Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.
Posts made in this thread do not count.
We will not count posts  with less than 75 characters.
Links are not counted as characters.
Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.
Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited.
Use your own ETH address to get the bounty tokens. NEVER use your crypto-exchange Ethereum wallet. You will not have access to your RCT tokens if you use crypto-exchange wallet address!

Stakes counting(Share 3360000 RCT Tokens)
Member: 1.5 stake / week.
Full Member: 3 stakes / week (+ 1 stake with avatar).
Sr. Member: 5 stakes / week (+ 1 stake with avatar).
Hero Member and Legendary: 8 stakes / week (+ 1 stake with avatar).

How to join
Check the terms and rules. Make sure your Bitcointalk account meets the requirements.
Set the RCT signature and upload the avatar.
If your Bitcointalk account rank is Full member or better, set the RCT avatar (optional).
CAREFULLY fill out the form below. We will not be able to accept your data or transfer the tokens if you enter incorrect data.

Signature campaign signup form:

What's your username on : link of your profile? :
What's your rank? :

What's your current post count?*

Are you joining the avatar campaign as well? *

Your ETH address for receiving RCT tokens? *

RCT Slack Bounty

Join Slack:

We are looking for more and more Readers. Followers and Contributors for Our Upcoming Token Crowd-sale event, and for early supporters we have a lot of bounties , rewards and Bonus... Join our Slack Channel, be a part of the RCT community and share the total 840000 RCT Tokens as your reward. Payment will be paid along with all other bounties.

Requirements to get paid:

1: You must join the Slack channel and stay there till the end of Crowdsale.
2: An at least 2 month old bitcointalk, twitter or reddit (or 2 month older account in any social platform)
3: A Wallet Address (address must be Ethereum, Use only your wallet address of which you have private key. do not use any exchange address.

Stakes counting
Member: 1 stake / week.(Share 840000 RCT Tokens).


1: User must stay on the group till the end of crowdsale.
2: User must be active and supportive in the group. inactive users can get 50% less payrate or can be simply disqualified.
3: Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in  RCT groups not allowed.
4: Only one account on each platform allowed. a person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified.
5: Having a 2 month older bitcointalk, twitter, facebook or reddit account is mandatory.. using brand new accounts of these platforms will not be accepted.

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / closed on: August 27, 2017, 03:08:30 PM
4  Economy / Lending / Need 0.13 bitcoins on: August 27, 2017, 09:11:37 AM
I have taken a few times from Ranochigo and paid him everytime. He seems offline so I am asking publicly.

amount : 0.13
repayment : 0.15
time : 48 hrs
address : will give once someone is ready
Reason : Personal
5  Economy / Games and rounds / - Wagering contest - Join now - 0.05 btc prize on: August 19, 2017, 04:03:56 AM
I will be running this contest for 30 days from now and the top wager under my referral wins .05 btc

- You can make as many accounts you want but that only makes your chances dim.
- please register with this link :
- Please make sure to post your username here and let me confirm it.
- Top wagerer after 30 days get's paid 0.05 btc flat from my side.

I will also select one lucky wagerer and pay him .01 Smiley

6  Other / Meta / Shall we implement 2FA - email/mobile on forum ? on: August 19, 2017, 01:29:46 AM
I was watching so many hack attempts and I thought just if we can have a email authentication or mobile number ( since most people don't want to share their mobile so email is best )
This will at make hacking next to impossible.
7  Economy / Gambling / User vs User gambling on: August 17, 2017, 07:41:27 PM
User vs User gambling

I am up for it and we can use escrow to avoid any loss.

My skype :

we can create group and gamble with each other.
8  Economy / Currency exchange / I have skrill and I need btc on: August 17, 2017, 04:58:29 PM
I need some bitcoins for around 1200$ skrill and I will be using escrow. I can pay 10% fees by max.
9  Economy / Lending / Loan 0.11 - from ranochigo on: August 09, 2017, 02:41:19 PM
Need this loan again on 15th August 2017

I am taking a loan of 0.11 from ronachingo and this thread is just to make that public.

details below

Amount : 0.11
Repay : 0.12 at least.
Collateral : None but a signed message to prove I am the owner of account.
Address : 1JCHfKA295RX6xrBDDEWM6sQpJ7HGVaMd6

Signed message as follows

Address from here :

address : 1E7q4SAeNVNDnXqMN6LEzf423mmpaDUD7M

signature : H7Z9uKknKodFfCtFGJHGKUJtScTFt4mCSzIn2e0xkLlNZoMyr/Pvq9EvIdBKKgNxzNzo7udbsq7VExVJOwKYE0E=

message : I am CasioK and today is 9/8/2017. I am taking a loan of 0.11BTC from ranochigo on 9/8/2017, forum time. I will repay 0.12BTC to 192fqgb5aCKrjNkudGqSWR6Nuu4J8tEMB7 by 10/8/2017.

Thanks a lot.
10  Economy / Lending / Need 0.1 bitcoins on: August 09, 2017, 12:23:41 PM
I am in my office and once I reach home I will immediately pay back. Anyone up for help ? I can sign message if that is needed. I understand the reason I am giving is quite odd but that's the truth. Need to pay someone came to office, he called me then I realized.
11  Economy / Lending / Need 0.15 bitcoins loan on: July 29, 2017, 02:06:30 PM
Guys I am away from my wallet, if anyone among you can help me out, I will send you with a good tip.
12  Economy / Gambling / User vs User gambling : Preferred sport : Cricket on: July 27, 2017, 04:50:31 PM
Guys if anyone wants to bet with me please add me on skype :
and we will use a escrow who holds funds, will be fun I believe Smiley
13  Economy / Services / Can someone work whole day ( 18-20 hrs ) for 0.005 btc ? [ WAS A GIFT AWARDED ] on: July 27, 2017, 06:41:04 AM
I am looking to hire someone who can work 18-20 hours for 0.005 bitcoins. The work will be simple but needs you online all those hours and I will pay once you have done, anyone interested please reply here. NO PM please
14  Economy / Lending / CasioK Lending Thread [ Optional Collateral ] [ Quick Loans ] on: July 17, 2017, 05:29:12 AM
Please apply in the format below. I will approve or disapprove your loan as I see it.

I am new to the lending section does not mean I would approve a few scammers, so don't waste your time and mine too please.

Username :
Amount Required :
Interest :
Re-payment date :
Collateral :

15  Economy / Services / Monkey Capital Twitter Campaign ! CLOSED ! CLOSED ! CLOSED ! on: July 08, 2017, 01:19:39 PM

WEEK 3 Spreadsheet : Will post soon !


A Decentralised Hedge Fund

We are looking for twitter promotion to spread the word about Monkey Capital. You can participate in the twitter campaign, you get paid based on your followers

NOTE : I will be making payments and I am escrowing 1.075 bitcoins. Thanks.

Rules :

  • Must be member or higher ranked user in bitcointalk
  • No negative trust users and getting a red trust during the campaign disqualifies you.
  • Twitter audit must be equal to or better than 85%
  • 1 Twitter acct per user
  • Must make at least 5 tweets about Money Capital using hashtag #MonkeyCapital per week
  • Must make at least 2 retweets per week
  • Don't post everything in 1 day, we expect something posted every other day or so
  • There will be no changing of payment addresses during a week, after the week you can ask me and get it changed.
  • Please post your tweets and retweets links in this thread to get paid.
Violating any rule will cause a immediate ban and campaign manager's decision will be the final decision.

How to Apply:

First of all follow us here :

Post your application in this format here in bitcointalk

Twitter account:
Twitter followers count:

Payment structure:

Tier 3 : Having 250+ followers : 0.005 BTC/week
Tier 2 : Having 750+ followers : 0.01 BTC/per week
Tier 1 : Having 1500+ followers : 0.02 BTC/per week

Payment will be made every Saturday and please make sure you post your tweets and retweets before or on friday.

Week 2 SpreadSheet:

( Please everyone check their details and if anything is wrong or missing please report to me else you might loose the payment )

Payments : Week 2

tier 1 sent :

tier 2 sent :

tier 3 sent :

Payments : Week 1

Payments sent !

tier 1 :

tier 2 :

tier 3 :

Thanks for being a part of our team Smiley
16  Economy / Services / Chineese Translator needed on: July 07, 2017, 04:43:03 AM
Any Chinese translation guy available please ? Need english to Chinese and the work is quite a lot.
17  Other / Meta / What is a signature and how it works [ Explained ] on: July 06, 2017, 07:15:44 PM
A lot of users were there who did not knew what actually is a signature campaign and how signature works here.

What is a signature ?

The area below your post ( each post ) is called as signature space and you are allowed to put anything into your signature space though there are some limitations for each rank.

- As very nice explained the ranks and their limitations here :

- Images are not allowed in the signatures in

What is a signature campaign ?

The signature people wear can be utilized by sites/services to get more exposure to their services/sites and hence they are ready to pay you some bitcoins and/or altcoins for the same. The amount they pay is completely independent and they reserve the right to set and change it.
As higher ranked members are allowed to use more and more styling they are obviously paid higher than the lower ranked members.

Why is a constructive post and why am I not eligible for some campaigns ?

Basically what a constructive post is nothing of set rule of words but anything that does not lead to a constructive discussion or a post that does not makes sense is usually deemed s a non-constructive post.
Hiring your signature, owners want to have genuine people and for this they try and hire the best posters.

Are there any special rules and guidelines ?

yes check here :

Have any other question ? Please ask and I will surely add it.
18  Economy / Services / CasioK Graphics Thread [ Free Vouches inside ] on: July 06, 2017, 06:28:39 PM
Guys I was basically having a lovely vacation since the last month, now that I have returned I thought I should offer this service as this would help others and I would also earn some free pocket money.

What I can offer :

- Banners, logos, Thread's design, signatures and anything you might need.

What I charge :

- Really depends on the work and the time I have. I am offering free service too and the work would be top quality too, but if you need faster and don't want to wait then please order paid work. And remember paid work is paid after all.

Portfolio :

Have nothing as of now but as I get orders it will be built Smiley

Donations : 1DQk6EmvSXCmrvXcgbh4Gd8tdkXdQmQQhj
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / [WTS] AllSafecoins 0.7 million on: November 13, 2016, 04:50:59 PM
I am having 0.7 million AllSafecoins got through their signature campaign. It is being traded on many exchanges including yobit and people are keeping on investing into it at the rate of 1 satoshi, almost all the exchanges shows daily volume 0.1BTC. I am ready to sell below 1 satoshi. Please post here or send me PM if you are interested.
20  Economy / Goods / [WTB] Mobile Phone on: February 02, 2015, 08:40:21 PM
Hi guys, I want to buy unlocked phone.
Offer what you have.
I am located in EU.

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