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1  Other / Politics & Society / Murder or homocide if admittedly fooled into having anal sex with a man? on: December 20, 2014, 07:10:55 AM
You are a drunk, stupid, hormone crazed young serviceman strutting out on the prostitution nightlife for some nookie. You take a hot "chick" back to the hotel and screw her tight hole.

Suddenly you realize in your stupor you were having anal sex and she has a cock.

Repulsed into a rage you strangle her to death.

Murder or homocide?

My opinion is both parties are culpable thus frustrated homocide not premeditated murder. A transgender should know that some heterosexual macho servicemen are going to be extremely repulsed in anger if they are fooled into having sex with a member of their same sex. I've occasioned on these transgender gays in the Philippines (in the streets of Cebu and Davao, not even in a bar) and they overtly come on to me with a level of disrespect (even blocking my path and trying to force a close encounter) for my sexual preference which is abusive. And I don't believe Laude wasn't a sex worker, meaning he was preying on the customer as much as the customer was preying on "her". Wouldn't have been in that bar that services US military otherwise. I and the filipinos know how this works over here.

I do feel empathy for the victim and the victim's family. The soldier should have been more careful and should have restrained his rage should he not want to go to prison. But still rage is a form of homocide, not murder. Study the law. Murder requires premeditation.

Of course the soldier put himself in harm's way, has taken someone's life and even tormented the victim in his rage, and now has to pay the price. But 20 years for homicide seems more than enough. Should also teach both the male partakers of nightlife and the transgenders to be more respectful and wary as well.

Also you have to factor in that soldiers are trained to kill. Their mindset has been programmed. And this is a young man, who is surely not able to think on his feet when drunk and having violated himself in abhorrent degree w.r.t. to his sexual preference.

Very predictable to see this happen eventually. I was warned long ago to be careful not to accidentally end up in bed with an Asian transgender. Some of them are very attractive and sexy. If you were very drunk, you could be fooled.

P.S. This soldier has surely been instructed to go along with the political show, and later as it dies down from public view, charges will be reduced and/or get released early and/or pay off the victim's family to get charges dropped. The victim's family may just be posturing for more money, as apparently this Laude was willing to risk "her" life to try to get money for sex by seducing servicemen. There are many honest ways to earn money now in the Philippines. That doesn't I mean I have no empathy for the victim, but let's be realistic how this game of life is played.

Bottom line is stay as far away from this shady nightlife as you can. Woe will eventually find you there.
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