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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / Developer Position Open - Crytpo Bullion (CBX) on: February 27, 2015, 02:43:53 PM
Looking for a talented developer to work with the Crypto Bullion (CBX) team in implementation of an innovative redesign of the Hybrid algorithm currently in place (PoS/PoW). White paper is already complete. Assistance is needed with fine tuning the logistics and with implementation.

This is a paid position and compensation will be handled via an escrow service in accordance with contractual obligations being met. Ideal applicant will be experienced with C++, have a firm understanding of both Proof-of-work and Proof-of-stake algorithms, willingness to sign NDA and experience with programming.

Salary is negotiable and based on experience.

To apply, please provide resume via email to
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Bullion (CBX) 'the Digital Precious Metal' | 2019 Roadmap published on: February 10, 2015, 10:42:15 PM

Bullion (CBX) is the truly decentralized cryptocurrency that has all the right specifications for investment: Quick 65 second blocks for fast transactions, 100% Proof-of-Stake providing Green energy efficiency, scarcity (about 1 million CBX in circulation) and new coin generation (inflation) maintained at a healthy yearly 2%. However interest earnings to investors who run the Bullion Vault are closer to 6-8% per year (see info below regarding Bullion's original PoSP algorithm that makes this possible).  The thing that is the most valuable though, is Bullion's dev team which has been developing it since 2013.

2019 Roadmap:

PoSP (the brainchild of the Bullion dev team) is the first of its kind, Proof-of-Stake algorithm that the Bullion network uses as fuel, i.e. generate new blocks.  This algorithm is what makes our unique network secure and well maintained, as Bullion stake owners are rewarded for their participation in this task. Creating a truly decentralized network securing algorithm is an important decision that many popular new coins seem to take lightly. PoSP provides excellent solutions in efficiency, decentralization and economic value.

Earning Bullion by staking is of course entirely optional. To earn rewards or "stake" and participate in the Bullion network (and get rewarded for it), all a Bullion holder needs to do is to own some Bullion and keep their Bullion Vault Software running on their PC and in staking mode: i.e. either unlocked or unlocked for staking.  Because participating in the PoSP program is optional, people who opt to not participate give up their potential gains to those who do help in securing the network: this translates into rewards that outpace inflation by a multiple of 3-4 for you, if you choose to participate, as many opt not to participate for varied reasons (Bullion held at exchanges, cold wallets, etc).

At the heart of bullion is the Bullion Vault Software. This free Software allows you to be in full control over your finances by allowing you to keep Bullion stored on your personal computer, and earn interest by participating in the PoSP staking program.

The latest version of the Bullion Vault is 3.0.1.

Github Archive for Vault 3.0.1:

Promoting Bullion is, naturally, a top priority for us. As a 5 year old cryptocurrency quite a bit of material has been produced online about Bullion; yet promoting Bullion is still very important since we know Bullion remains widely unknown by the crypto community at large.  Bullion is a desirable coin, but with so many other choices out there it is important to make sure everybody has had a chance to review information about it.

We are looking for help promoting Bullion; if you are interested in getting involved and receive some Bullion for it, please communicate with VonSpass

Bullion Promotional Video

Bullion Introductory Video

Signature campaign: from time to time, Bullion runs a bitcointalk signature campaign, paid at competitive rates for each post from serious and dedicated posters. There is no ongoing signature campaign at this time however, but please feel free to use current signature to promote your Bullion coin:

[center][size=14pt][color=gold]▓[/color] [color=teal][url=][b]Bullion (CBX), new 2018 Roadmap presented[/b][/url][/color]  [color=gold]▓▓[/color]  [url=][b][color=brown]Stock up for a Bullion Participation Node today![/color][/b][/url] [color=gold]▓[/color][/size][/center]

Bullion Mobile Promo Cards

Cards are available in English with French or Spanish on the reverse side
Program will resume in 2018

Bullion Promo Doc

Lambcannon Support Merch Shop


Proof of Stake Participation (PoSP) Dec 31, 2015

65 Second block time

Staking eligibility after 1 hour

Variable Annual compound interest earned via PoSP (6%-8% on average)

2% Annual inflation

Approximately 1 million CBX in circulation

Year-long inflationary distribution stage completed on July 13, 2014

Bullion Participation Nodes (BPN) projected to go live SOON!


USD Exchange:

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