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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][PIRATE CHAIN](ARRR) A zk-SNARKS only blockchain, secured by dPoW on: August 30, 2018, 08:37:36 AM
I [the original poster / OP] is NOT a developer of PIRATE Assetchain.
I do not advice anyone for PIRATE Assetchain.

NOTE: I can not assure this first thread will be up to date. I highly recommend visiting which is being taken care by community on github pages. I'll still try to keep this main original post up to date as the information is provided to me. No promises. Thanks for understanding.

Komodo Platform ( has Assetchain parameter to make Z transactions only Assetchain. Means a runtime fork of Zcash code, which ONLY does private transactions. Totally Independent blockchain. There are many combinations of making such chains here:

So far no project used this parameter to make PRIVACY TRANSACTIONS ONLY BLOCKCHAIN. Some community folks made a this Assetchain and named it PIRATE. 😅
So, this PIRATE chain has these interesting facts (so far from my notes):

- Komodo Assetchain
- Independent blockchain
- Privacy/Shielded/z tx only chain. No Transparent transactions possible on PIRATE chain.
- Block time aprox 60 seconds.
- Block halving every 388885 blocks.
   - aprox every 270.0590278 days
   - aprox every 8.872575862 months
- Block reward of 1 satoshi will reach in about 25.89607116 years.
- Total supply of around 200 million. Exactly to be 199,109,119.99420500 by year 2043+
- CryptoConditions contracts not possible on this chain, as it's z tx only chain.
- Can't notarize without special exemptions. Notarisation now possible since this update:
- Equihash PoW algo blockchain.
- Alternatively can use Verushash PoW, but has to be used for a 100% PoW chain.
- TOR network supported.

Getting Started
To get started with you only need Komodo Platform daemon installed on your machine. You can either download the wallet from Komodo Platform website and use the bundled "komodod" and "komodo-cli" in it, or you can also compile it on your machine.
Installation instructions are available on Komodo Platform documentation website here:

Connect to PIRATE blockchain
Command to run PIRATE blockchain and connect with the network:

./komodod -ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode=

Mine PIRATE blockchain
Use "-gen" and "-genproclimit" to enable mining. Value for "-genproclimit" is the value of how many CPU threads you have on your system.
./komodod -ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode= -gen -genproclimit=4

Add seed node IPs
Add seed nodes IP for better network connectivity. Example starting assetchain with 2 seed node IP
./komodod -ac_name=PIRATE -ac_supply=0 -ac_reward=25600000000 -ac_halving=77777 -ac_private=1 -addnode= -addnode=

Wallet comands
# Get wallet and blockchain info
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE getinfo

# Get wallet information
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE getwaletinfo

# Get mining information
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE getmininginfo

# Generate a new Z/Private address
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_getnewaddress

# To backup the private key of a z address
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_exportkey "zaddr"

# To send mined coins to a z address
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE "fromaddress" "tozaddress" ( fee ) ( limit )

# Example 1:
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_shieldcoinbase "RHYDbB9ZtoqSaTvJqkCNd7EH9eLnvULSnr" "zcdYeSbZCnvcbKhUPMYWdMy9FVdgQ2y9fivhbWgCuPsbFJ5VycayAZwrgkC8dbyVZd1einoNjKBa8hs Xy71B3aMNVpinvsa"

# Example 2:
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_shieldcoinbase "*" "zcdYeSbZCnvcbKhUPMYWdMy9FVdgQ2y9fivhbWgCuPsbFJ5VycayAZwrgkC8dbyVZd1einoNjKBa8hs Xy71B3aMNVpinvsa"

# To send a transaction from your z address to another z address
./komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_sendmany "fromaddress" [{"address":... ,"amount":...},...] ( minconf ) ( fee )

# Example:
komodo-cli -ac_name=PIRATE z_sendmany "zcdYeSbZCnvcbKhUPMYWdMy9FVdgQ2y9fivhbWgCuPsbFJ5VycayAZwrgkC8dbyVZd1einoNjKBa8hs Xy71B3aMNVpinvsa" '[{"address": "zcVHHtp5vTFDASaMoWXGYnPYq7n6xqwtYDFmN4F9UX4T88MscMJY9wQgyAMWpM4ttNXDyQHcFDGgegs 3CBDQ9KNWvUXaaUA" ,"amount": 5.9999}]'

How to enable TOR settings for PIRATE:
Just started Tor Browser as normal and used this command to start PIRATE blockchain:

./komodod \
-ac_name=PIRATE \
-ac_supply=0 \
-ac_reward=25600000000 \
-ac_halving=77777 \
-ac_private=1 \
-addnode= \
-addnode= \
-daemon \
-proxy=   # Connect through TOR SOCKS5 proxy \
-listen   # Accept connections from outside (default: 1 if no -proxy or -connect) \
-listenonion   # Automatically create Tor hidden service (default: 1) \
-maxconnections=25 \
# -onlynet=onion  # Optional. If you only want to connect to peers via Tor network. If enabled no clearnet/internet IPv4/IPv6 addresses will connect as peers.

Tested this on MacOS. It must be exactly same on Linux as well.
For Windows, just use the single line command, and remove the comment line after "#" too.

Remove the command line parameter or change it accordingly.

I just tested PIRATE over TOR in the most simplest and easiest setup way possible. Bit more advanced users can find this help link very useful which describes setting up "bitcoind" with Tor settings:

Linux admins and PIRATE miners can also help by setting up Tor PIRATE nodes, and share on this forum your .onion address and port for your PIRATE peer.
Once we have good amount of .onion based PIRATE peers we can add them to "-addnode=" list, and can have more privacy added to PIRATE.

The Tor support request has been shared with Agama Wallet developers. Let's hope we get Tor Support in Agama Wallet soon. Once done, setting up Tor for a coin or assetchain would be easier.




PIRATE Wallets
Refer to website for wallet links:

Connect with PIRATE:

Mining Pools:

Enhanced Getting Started by webworker01:

Mining Calculator:

Trading Exchanges
Refer to website for exchanges info:
OTC [PIRATE] trading thread:
OTC [PIRATE] trading discord channel:

Richlist (99.99+% shielded funds)

PIRATES of Komodo Platform:
PIRATE is all about privacy & nothing about piracy:
Post in Spanish “PIRATE, the most anonymous cryptocurrency in the world”:
PIRATEchain — Why we need anonymity:


- Satinder

EDIT 1: Total supply and halving info updated as per this update:
EDIT 2: TOR Support settings details/notes added.
EDIT 3: PIRATE Wallet and new pool information updated.
EDIT 4: Mining calc added. social median and other communication links added. articles links update.
EDIT 5: Updated Exchange links
EDIT 6 (25 May, 2020): Updated Exchange, wallets, social, mining calc, explorer links
EDIT 7 (15 Jan, 2024): Updated webdsite link from to as per request to current pirate team.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Iguana Update: LTC & SYS coin support; Info about Iguana Basilisk feature on: May 30, 2016, 09:34:33 AM
-- jl777 left update on iguanacore development on SuperNet Slack ( channel #btcd ---

Quote from: jl777
LTC and SYS now have corresponding genltc, ltc and gensys, sys files in SuperNET/iguana/coins dir. the convention is ./genCOIN is for running as a full node for that coin and ./COIN runs as a lite node. The default config will be BTCD as full node and all the others as lite nodes. this will allow COIN <-> COIN trading, using combined atomics and liquidity providers.

Still not happy with the networking side. the tradeoff is speed vs privacy, but I want something that is both fast and private. maybe there is a way.

sync times: LTC 20 minutes and SYS2 5 minutes, but those are not fully optimized times. however I think it is fast enough so I will leave it as is

basilisk tech works so well, I will port InstantDEX to use that instead of battle against bugs and performance issues in the current methods.

Given the choice of spending a lot of time debugging or porting to an improved engine, I like the latter approach better. At first the trading will be limited to simple pairs so we can find any issues with that. once it is validated, then we can activate combined trade sequences

Now if there is any doubt as to the value of iguanacore, keep in mind that I lost a day trying to get bitcoind to duplicate the iguanacore functionality. And failed

The only way I could make bitcoind do the things iguana does was to push the raw data from bitcoind through iguanacore...

iguanacore 1.6MB in codesize and syncs any chain in 1hour or less vs bitcoind that cant give you address balances for any non-wallet address. iguanacore can calculate balance for any address as of any height and I need that ability

I guess I could add insight blockexplorer or something like that, but I decided that trying to get bitcoind to be fast and nimble, well, easier to just directly add coin support to iguanacore. So I added LTC and SYS today. this found a few bugs and unimplemented things, like alert message and auxpow, but I think as more and more coins are supported, such missing things will become rarer and rarer.

the atomic swap statemachine sort of works, but everything has to be all in a happy state, so I am not feeling that it is robust enough and I went a bit crazy with basilisk and it supports arbitrary number of simultaneous remote transaction requests using a generalized metrics based system that verifies consensus (or >50% or whatever desired threshold) for each request

and the requests can be nested, ie a remote request can spawn other remote requests, recursively

now if you think about the power of this, you will see that it compares favorably with centralized (via blockchain) scripting systems. At least if you want to be able to run something on your computer that maintains decentralization and have many coins at the same time.

and all signing is done on your computer so it is as secure as near as I can tell with having a full node

What this means is that you will be able to do basic coin operations and statemachine driven tradebots securely for many coins on any caliber of computer. Maybe there will be some upper limit if you try to do 100+ coins at the same time, but I havent minimized resources used for the lite node operation so that is a temporary limit

iguanacore is the platform that provides the highest performance decentralized solutions, in the smallest footprint.

But it is not easy to understand and people dont invest a lot in something they dont understand, so it is easier to invest in "clone of something that got a big marketcap" or simply put money into any major new project as more than a quarter of them will do more than 4x, so it seems relatively good ROI

And my goal is not to make some pump type of thing, but rather to solve the scalability and mass market adoption issues. With basilisk it will be possible to even make a hosted website that allows people to see people with a litenode are seeing, just wont be able to do any money things. Well you could, but not securely so please dont. just install the liteclient, no need for big blockchains

One way to get the best of both worlds is to have a VPS that is running full iguana nodes and run a basilisk lite client locally. You can set your VPS to be your only peer and since you will be trusting your VPS, it is a reasonable setup and short of your VPS being breached, your privacy is pretty good

but there is no need to have your own VPS as you can rely on the iguana nodes. The basilisk nodes will be the liteclients, but to confuse you it will be possible for your computer to be a full node (iguana) for some coins and lite node (basilisk) for other coins

@sigwo: liquidity is nice for making a peg, but there are ways to achieve it without that much liquidity.

if you send me the parameters for INFX (based off of gensys or genltc) then I can see if iguanacore will parallel sync INFX

For those wondering what is special about BTCD if iguanacore is working with all the other coins, the answer is that I will only add BTCD staking to iguanacore and also whenever there needs to be a blockchain, ie posting of availability as LP, such notices will use BTCD. And I am working out a way to make BTCD transactions nearly as secure as BTC (if you wait for enough confirmations). PAX will be using BTCD and BTCD will be the preferred coin for fast clearing chips for pangea

I know it has been a long wait, but iguanacore is now doing things that nothing else does and my guess is that nothing else will be able to do it for a long time. With parallel sync solving most of the scalability issues and basilisk solving the market adoption issue, all that is left is to have mass market solutions. a DEX isnt exactly mass market outside of crypto, but it is the automated currency conversion engine that is needed to make all the crypto an equivalent store of value, ie if you can at anytime convert any crypto to any other crypto at low spreads and atomically, this enables many new solutions. combine fiat based pegs to this and all the infrastructure is there for making any sort of dapp

however there is no need to wait for some magical dapp dev to adopt the platform and create something useful, as I am already solving the DEX and poker, with the PAX doing fiat pegs. I am also preparing for adding privacy to all this, but that will happen toward the end as the exact transaction and dataflow clarifies.

I could do privatechains without too much work, but I dont really see the value for that as even with a private chain, there still needs to be a solution that uses it. I think a privacy enhanced anything to anything DEX is a more useful thing, but maybe there will be something that having a privatechain will solve

I came up with a way for people to test the DEX without needing any counterparty that is also testing, but it will require running a native iguana at first, so if you want to help the best thing is to get up to speed on installing native iguana. It depends on a single external module: pthread, so should be relatively easy to build on unix based systems
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Where to start with Bitcoin Micro transactions ? on: February 27, 2016, 02:42:10 AM
I want to explore, learn and use Bitcoin micro transactions

So far I came across these videos:

What other projects have used for bitcoin micro transactions ?

Is BitcoinJ still experimental? Is it secure enough to build service using it ?

What alternatives there are other than BitcoinJ to make bitcoin micro transaction service ?

Is there any library which I can try and learn to use?

What's the most recommended micro transaction library out there to use for bitcoin ?

I don't own 21Inc computer, so that's not an option for me. I know their library is yet to go open source, but I want to learn something today, and just trying to get help to where to start from.

4  Other / Off-topic / DAOs and DApps - Looking for released or in-development applications examples on: March 31, 2015, 12:56:28 AM

I just came to know there have been already Uber like app in development since last year, La'Zooz.

Can you guys please help me listing what other apps are in development or already released in comparison to following categories. Please feel free to add any other category if you think doesn't fit these:

 - Transportation: La’Zooz
 - Housing
 - Power
 - Weather
 - Farming
 - Building and Architecture
 - Health
 - Production and Distribution


Cheers! Smiley
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Digital token or cryptocurrency only between DAOs or Smart Contracts on: March 28, 2015, 03:51:21 PM
Hi there,

Is it possible to do provide service to human without any CryptoCurrency by DAO?

As CryptoCurrency is a fuel to Blockchain, no single transaction can be done without CryptoCurrency. There has to be some amount transacted to fulfil the service order etc.

I was thinking if there was any way where humans don't need to have any CryptoCurrency, but Smart Contracts and DAOs only use it to make the services run.

Example: Human uses Uber like DApp, calls a ride controlled by DAOs, drives the person to destination and car leaves for next job. All operations in it handled by DAOs and Smart Contracts. Human doesn't even think about any payment in between.

I am not really sure if such think could be possible with existing DAO technologies or by the ones in development (Seems like not possible).
If not with existing Blockchain technologies, then is it possible that there could be a Blockchain designed the way it doesn't ask anything to user for any kind of payment?

Think of such blockchain not for everybody, but for a wide spread established non-profit organisation branches.
Or just think in terms of RBE.

Cheers! Smiley
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Blockchain Masters, please help me explaining and comparing Blockchain. on: March 28, 2015, 01:13:48 AM

Someone asked me some very simple questions regarding Blockchain, and I couldn't gave good answer. Lacking some info and knowledge to compare.

1. How Blockchain (DAOs, Smart Contracts) and Watson are different?
My answer:
I haven't much read about Watson in detail, but isn't watson controlled centrally? means by one organization on few super computers?
If so, Blockchain is not controlled by anyone.
It's not even needing super computers.
It just needs a small power computer, and it's decentralized.

2. Well both need computers (super means better cpus, memory, etc). Blockchain is possible because it uses many computers around the world, isn't it?
i am trying to understand how this technology is different from others.

3. He recommend me to try and give some examples as to how this technology will be used in a future society so we understand its benefits
and why decentralized is better (or not)

7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Sent 0.3 from Bitcoin-Qt. Transaction shows it deducted 0.47!!! on: March 20, 2015, 11:10:39 AM
I just sent 0.3 BTC from Bitcoin-Qt wallet. The transaction showed extra 0.17 BTC sent from my account in that same link! I never sent 0.17 BTC to that address!! Don't even know that address!

What the hell just happened!!!..... Sad

Link: I have uninstalled Bitcoin-Qt and the database!!!...

Was supporting the ledger, but now I won't! Angry
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