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1  Economy / Collectibles / Interest? 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused on: September 07, 2019, 01:31:33 PM
WTS 2 EA Unobtanium Silver Bars #46 and #47 of 50 w Hologram labels unused

Must escrow with someone I know from my old days who is still around. I'm sure OGN is still kicking!

2  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS a variety of miners, power supplies, cables, bo boards, etc, a few S9 14 on: September 07, 2019, 04:20:57 AM
I have not been around much lately but I have stayed in crypto all along in other ways. Now I need the mining space for a new project and it is a free for all on old miners!
Serious inquiries only please.
I have a few as in 3 or 4 fully functional S9 units I am happy to post recent screenshots from me firing them back up tonight.
I also have a variety of S5, S3, S3+ and look out the SP20 OMG!
I'm serious, and do not call me shirley...

I believe I will have a few references about. I'm assuming Phil will still stand up, maybe handle any escrow needs? I prefer Phil but will do my best to accomodate.

There are many 'I's in the above statements so anyone who is serious in a bunch of older, fully-functional equipment let me know.
I also have very nice fuse protection, professional 240V power cables for the double stack 2000 PSUs with some of sidehack and the other boards. I have the original 2880 PSUs with their original breakout boards.

Some or most should go in a museum, and I am happy to donate some or most to one, especially a non-profit Smiley

My apologies for not mentioning OGNasty as a potential escrow. He has handled a few transactions in an excellent manner for me over many years, although a few years back. Everything was always excellent. I also purchased products from him and never had anything but great service.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Putting together a mining and gaming rig - seeking advice on: November 07, 2016, 03:08:31 AM
I have been speccing' out a new gaming rig for myself.
I have been bitcoin mining since mid 2014 with Asics but have not done GPU mining.
I have shied away from altcoins except for some occasional trading and a couple of coins I am holding long term but no serious scrypt or other algo mining.
I do have extensive PC hardware knowledge up until 2012 ish and can troubleshoot with the best of them. I simply do not have the PC hardware knowledge as it relates to today's mining.
I am willing to admit when I am wrong and most of all I understand and recognize when a person puts in effort to help someone and that someone argues with the person. Not me, and I certainly recognize and attempt to reward a person who provides significant assistance. Obviously the term "significant assistance" is subjective but I am not interested in abusing anyone's time or efforts. Knowledge in an specific area is one thing but having the ability to understand the end user's needs and applying that knowledge is a completely different which requires real work.   

Earlier today I began evaluating the practicality of using my new gaming rig for mining altcoins. Obviously the time spent gaming will not be the best time spent mining, but my gaming time is very limited, and I use my Xbawks-one and PS4 for gaming as well. In reality the PC I build will be mining 90% at the most. It will probably be mining much more than 90% but I am using this analogy so the gaming factor is still a major consideration. There are some games where I might decide to go on a weekend binge with a new game where I use it for a 24 hour stretch, but that would be a worst case scenario and binges could only be called common when a new game I want to use on my PC is released. A handful of times per year these days. Work and family are my top priorities.

I have UTFSE quite a bit and am continuing to do so. I am hoping I may receive guidance from others here. If anyone has any partpicker website links of theirs or others system builds or equivalent links to system builds it would be fantastic.

I am thinking along the lines of a dual boot system as I have already fought the native windows experience for a couple of games being more enjoyable versus the alternatives. However I am open to other thoughts and will continue looking for alternatives here.

I know I want AMD GPUs for mining but I haven't seen AMD CPUs shining. I was an AMD guy for years but I have not found anything showing me this is the best way to go today. Maybe I am wrong if we discuss price to performance ratios?

My knowledge is weak in this area so please forgive me if I misspeak but since mining is the main objective it appears there are not any Z170 boards supporting enough lanes for the GPUs. If the way I phrased that statement is incorrect please correct me as I want to be correct but my understanding is the Z170 boards are going to be sharing those lanes with other PCIe devices regardless of any BIOS configuration options. They are physically built so those lanes are shared and the best you can get is on one motherboard 16x8. It is a chipset design.

In that vein my understanding is an I76700k with Z170 is not the best way to go.

However I have an open mind and welcome suggestions.

When I used to build PCs for people a few of the first questions I always asked are:
1. Intended use for the PC?
I believe I elaborated on this above but to summarize, priority 1 is GPU mining priority 2 is gaming, and priority 3 is "future-proof" as much as anyone can be.

2. What is the budget?
I would like to stay in the $3,000 USD range not including power supply(s), monitors, keyboard, or mouse.
When purchasing multiple GPUs I understand this can blow out 3k on GPU cards alone. So, along with the "future proof"  if that means the price is $4000.00 because I needed to pick up more GPUs I would still like to see that number. It may make more sense to price GPUs separately? The same with storage. Obviously large SSDs, M2, PCIe storage, etc is still up there in price and not as vital for mining, but for the gaming aspects important considerations. So, please do not let my budget amount hinder recommendations as it is flexible for the requirements.

3. What is the time frame where you wish to have the system in operation?
Well in this world everyone loves to have it yesterday, but I understand to do something correctly it takes time to research. My worst case is having all parts delivered by 12-31-16. However if there is a part on backorder worth waiting for then I will be flexible. I would prefer to have everything in my hands by 11-23-16 but I'm sure everyone knows how things go and sometimes I do not get to have what I want, when I want... but sometimes we do get it that way too so we'll see.

4. What are the size limitations?
None. As a matter of fact I prefer large cases with plenty of room. I have gotten myself in situations where cables were not long enough because the case was so large so it is nice to avoid such but if the components make sense to order custom cables / extensions that is what I would do.

5. Overclocking abilities?
I am an overclocker from way back and must have those abilities in my components.  I understand this should not be a priority as to how it may impact stability with regards to mining, but it is still very much a part of what I want in this new build. I do not wish to infer I would risk my mining for an extra couple hundred MHZ of CPU speed or a slightly higher 3Dmark score but overclocking is a very enjoyable hobby and one I wish to explore with almost any new build for myself or someone else who requests such. This is not to say it would remain in any overclocking scenario where it either is not a significant system improvement as it relates to mining or if I cause system damage from my "playing". That is a risk I choose to take and I understand the implications. (Obviously I follow manufacturer warranty statements.)

My apologies for the WOT but I wanted to make sure I relayed some / most of the critical information I would request from someone to get the ball rolling if I were going to specify and assemble
a system.

Feel free to ask anything and no idea is too outlandish.
I know this is the best community to work with on something like this and I Thank You for your time.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / S5+ for sale - Perfect for many mining scenarios. on: September 17, 2016, 02:21:01 AM
Hi everyone.
I would very much appreciate if we can keep this thread positive.
I read way too many threads where people are bashing on others for whatever reason which is one of the main reasons why I have not sold miners here.I know some people are trying to protect others. This sale is for the smart miner who knows how to incorporate the S5+ in their mining area, or someone who may be in a similar situation to one I was in when I first began mining. I wanted a dependable miner to start rolling some coin in my wallet and learn by doing.

When I say dependable I mean it. I had zero issues. This baby runs for months without a restart. It would begin to show a slightly negative value for HW errors after a few weeks - month. A very consistent performer.
It performed so well I pushed an overclock a few times. I am using the 4K breakout board and DPS2000bb power supplies I bought from Finksy designed by Jabber. With a 12.3 volt supply to the  S5+ and it ran at 8.6ish with the same number of HW errors which was zero.
I may have mentioned this being the best performing miner I have owned. It is a beast.
It also runs cooler than any of the other miners I had / have in the mining room i.e. S7s, S5s, S9s, SP20s.

I will search for any recent sales to help put a price on this.
If you want any pictures different from what I post let me know.
Buyer pays escrow. OGNasty or philipma1957 are two very well known escrow agents. If you have someone else you prefer to work with let me know.

I have many other miners I can sell. This is my last S5+ but I have S3s, S3+s, SP20s, S5s, and S7s. I am not pushing the S7s or my S9s but if someone is interested we can discuss it.
Please PM any questions and I will respond as soon as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

5  Bitcoin / Mining support / Does anyone have an example kernel log from a recent bitmain miner with desc? on: October 11, 2015, 07:11:55 AM

I am looking for something which will explain the items in the kernel log of my bitmain miners.
I did try several searches and scanned many threads, but have not found anything.
I know what some things mean, some are obvious, but I want to learn what is unusual and what is available,

Much Appreciated

6  Economy / Computer hardware / S7 Coupons for sale - Buy now! - Less than the others! on: October 10, 2015, 09:39:21 PM
I have three S7 coupons left.
I ask .09 for each coupon, or .08 each for all three
Each coupon will provide you with $100 USD off your purchase from the Bitmain website for an S7 miner.

These and everyone's coupons expire on October 12.
Please PM me and I will reply ASAP!
Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

Watch out for scammers.
I will not post a payment address anywhere other than in this post.
This address will not change.
Do not use an address from a quoted reply, a PM, or any other location. <- Keeps things simple and safe Wink

The payment address is:
7  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / (Old?) Software on Bitmain support site mentions Mass Pool change - recognize? on: October 04, 2015, 11:32:27 PM
I was going through the support section saving everything off to a backup drive while updating my troubleshooting tool kit. It can save me big time to have a little cheat sheet with a 1,2,3 once I identify the problem. I have many interruptions (which I enjoy honeys! I swear)

I run across this software which claims to do a mass pool change. The only thing I've seen to do this easily is either in software you must pay for to get extended features before you try them, or software like what is posted on Slush's site called mining proxy which doesn't use stratum if I understand correctly. Obviously CGminer proxy does this, but I am referring to windows.

Is this software something very old? If so, was it any good, did it work? I searched, but I don't know if I used the wrong term. I have fought search engines of some type over 30 years now over my context and syntax. It seems I type too much.

Otherwise, what software would you recommend for today which allows you to move all your Sx series miners to a different pool without logging in each one?
8  Bitcoin / Mining support / SP20 > Events > System Log - Do you know these terms? on: July 26, 2015, 01:57:06 AM
I am always trying to learn what things mean and what I may do to help a miner run better.
I've read every page of the main Spondoolies thread and the unofficial thread Phillip started which has grown.
If you can help me understand this I would sincerely appreciate it:

SP20 > Events > System Log:
Jul 24 20:36:01 miner crond[281]: crond: USER xxxxxx pid 5340 cmd /usr/bin/php

Jul 24 20:36:30 miner local1.warn minergate[22013]: HW error job 0x7f, nonce=0x4d623b48, asic 2,

consec =0!!!
Jul 24 20:36:58 miner local1.warn minergate[22013]: HW WD 240s
Jul 24 20:37:00 miner local1.warn minergate[22013]: Bist took 7019 usec
Jul 24 20:37:01 miner crond[281]: crond: USER xxxxxx pid 5663 cmd /usr/bin/php

9  Bitcoin / Mining support / Load Balancing and what does this setting mean? your experience, opinions, ideas on: June 30, 2015, 02:42:16 AM
Questions from mining noobs...
I searched for the terms balance, balancing, load balancing, etc before coming and bugging you guys about something I can see you have discussed many times.

I've noticed so many people complaining about variance seemingly more lately. Some of us do not want to mine at certain pools, ever, from more of a moral perspective, but it seems everyone wants the same thing, which is to see those blocks popping.
I have felt like for many it isn't the payout amounts either, it is the fact that they know where they are mining are hitting blocks!

Anyway, that is not what my question is about, I am rambling as usual Smiley

I took an S3 and began playing with load balancing across 3 pools. This is the maximum number of pools which may be entered via the user interface in an S3. (I am not sure if more may be entered by editing a file on the S3. I kept my initial test in a "stock" format, but I am not afraid to jump in and play with any settings.)

I actually have the setting set to Load balancing. I will refrain from using pool names until I am more familiar and more confident in using this option in case I am doing something incorrectly and it reflects on the pool. I will use Pool A, B, and C

1. My first question is extremely general and may be based on known facts, your personal opinions, or general experience. Are there any drawbacks to using load balancing? Am I losing 'work', 'hash', 'time' or are there any negative connotations? (Outside the fact all of my hashrate is not pointed at CK and Kano's pools which is never a good thing  Smiley)

2. Vardiff - So I am going to assume like it would be for any miner vardiff comes into play if implemented and configured correctly on the pool side and I configure any options available to me.

Pool A originally showed 1.02k. I changed the password field to be d=256 and the difficulty worked its way down to 256. I have now changed it to d=46 and will report on what if anything changes from there. I understand many pools do have minimum difficulty amounts, some have specific ports setup for certain difficulties, etc.
Pool side hashrate is shown: 146.6

Pool B has varied. It showed 70, 46, and at the moment is displaying 37. I am assuming vardiff is working on this pool as designed. I do not have a minimum difficulty value set on the pool side configuration option.
Pool side hashrate is shown: 63.73

Pool C has shown 256 consistently since the miner connected. I have the pool side set at 0, which I understand to mean the pool calculates my difficulty based on the number of shares submitted in X amount of time.
Pool side hashrate is shown: 126.91

I am still trying to learn which statistics are important when viewing any miner stat page. As much reading as I have done on the subject you would think I would be a pro, and with my real-world mini-farm I would be able to tell at a glance if something is underperforming but that is not true, yet. As you will see The overall hashrate is about right for a default S3

Miner 'version' information, firmware, etc. I keep the 10-24 version so I may play with the vcore to overclock or underclock in all of th S3s. (I saw the pencil mod thread a few days ago for the S3 and it is def on my todo list along with manually updating CGminer.

You can see my current stats in this image:

My pool side hashrates have probably not rolled up yet? I'm assuming the total pool side hashrates will become much closer to my device hashrate over the next few hours.
My primary goal is to reduce variance by mining to three of my favorite pools.
My secondary goal is to learn more about the individual statistics, what they mean and how I may apply, change, tweak any settings for a more efficient setup.
I am looking for any caveats, issues, and in general opinions from this community, particularly people who have used balancing and load balancing who I may learn from.

Again, I think I have read everything I can find regarding these things, but feel free to point me to existing information as it is greatly appreciated.
I would appreciate any general comments as well. Point me towards updating CG miner, use this application to remotely monitor everything, do this or that to make things more secure and reliable, reboot every X hours to maintain X. I am always eager to learn, be it teaching me to fish, or feeding me the fish, and I always do my best to pay it forward.

 Thank you for your time.  
10  Bitcoin / Mining support / New mining room - need input for intake - exhaust setup on: June 14, 2015, 09:17:03 PM

The summer months are brutal for me, and I thought I had a great space setup until I saw the windows to this "room".
There is only one large window which slides open. Half the window cannot be used.

So, I either have an intake, or exhaust, or split it into both. Fans I have covered, big ones, and I can make my own duct, or equivalent air routing methods which are proven. The source is the issue.

I have not yet thought of a cost effective, non-permanent damaging way to introduce another source for either an intake or exhaust.

The window I do have is a decent size, which I can measure if it matters, but say it is 30" X 30".

I don't want to get caught up in providing the specifications of my mini-farm, so I'm not asking for help to calculate CFM, etc, but I am sincerely asking for any advice on how to best cool a room with one window and no other way to provide another entrance / exit.

Say this window is the only way to move air in or out of the room and it is extremely preferable not to have anything hanging outside the window.

I am trying to cause the least amount of damage because I plan to sell this "room" in about a year, so would like to avoid ripping out the other part of the window, or cutting a hole through the brick on the outside.

I also do not want to draw attention to this as it is not noticeable unless I put something outside the window, but if there were to be a large 90 degree elbow pointing down for a cool air intake it becomes noticeable and there is too much car traffic for that.
Fortunately noise is not a concern.

Where I moved the miners from I had my exhaust much higher than the intake which was close to the ground. In this new space the power is cheaper, the room much larger, and I have the infrastructure to add a decent amount of miners. The overhead is available to double my current setup, but until I have this issue reasoned out I cannot run everything I currently own as I am pushing an average 65 on the miners now. The few S5s in the mix run the hottest, the S4s not far behind, and I have my SP20s clocked way back and still usually have at least one side pushing uncomfortably hot. The SP20s and S3+ units run the coolest, but still hotter than I think is good.

Any suggestions outside of going vertical because that still does not give me a good intake / exhaust scenario.

Thanks for any input!
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Error code 5 when running importprivkey on: May 06, 2015, 02:51:58 PM

I am fairly new to wallets. I started playing with them in January on windows machines and over the last month began compiling on Kubuntu. I like Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Linux much better than windows and would prefer to do everything there, but that is another topic.

I have some private keys I purchased from someone. (I understand the potential issues with this regarding my funds being stolen, again, another topic)
These are not bitcoin wallets, they are altcoin, but from my searches I do not think it matters relative to my question.

The first private key I received would constantly give me error code 5 when I attempted to import it. importprivkey theactualkey | The "Dev" tells me I am typing in something wrong. I checked it at least a dozen times. After searching and trying a million things I found I had successfully imported the key, but had not given it a label. I did a listaccounts and could see it. Error 5 went away and I started getting error 4. I figured that one out pretty quick. The problem is I wasn't sure what I actually did to solve the error code 5.

I received a second private key for a different wallet and boom, same issue. Error code 5.
Dev again tells me I must be entering something incorrectly. I have checked it again and I am confident I am typing it in correctly.
I tried a new wallet.dat without the wallet being encrypted.
Then I tried encrypting the wallet, and unlocking it compeltely and then entering the importprivkey actualkey label

Google searches show a tremendous amount of methods for troubleshooting error code 5.
Is there a document or web location which shows the actual explanations from whoever setup these error codes and exactly what they mean?

One answer I found about error code 5  talks about the password needing to be in SHA256 format and using a python script to convert it, etc, but I want to know what you Pros think.

I appreciate your help
12  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB simple little Wal Wart, but having trouble pinning one down, frustrated :/ on: March 12, 2015, 03:01:51 AM
So I picked up a couple of Procurve Gigabit switches and thought I received a great deal.
There were not any power supplies included, just the little wal warts.

From the HP manual it shows part number 5188-5671 for the US.
Then I found:
At Amazon.
But I am not convinced this is the right thing, and I have probably spent way more money using my time all evening at radio shack and wal mart. I could have bought a new switch by this point, but live and learn.

I considered splicing the right connector on the end of a wal wart I have which is the right voltage and amp draw, but cant seem to nail down what end I need. I tried a billion of these things trying to get them to fit at radio shack and never found one which fit correctly.

Can someone tell me if they happen to have one or a few they want to sell or point me int he right direction?

From the manual it states:
DC voltage: 12-13 volts
Maximum current: 1.0-0.8 A

But cook me for dinner, cover me with A1 I cannot find the little end which goes on it. Maybe I should be trying digikey, but I'm not sure what the barrel connector on the end is called.

I must be more careful on my ebay order, very small letters at the bottom "-no power supply included", of course I bought two haha
13  Economy / Marketplace / Managed Gigabit network switches on: February 28, 2015, 08:13:03 PM

What is your opinion of the best for the least?
Throwing out the old you get what you pay for concept Smiley

Not ONLY for mining, but other uses as well.
I am going to pickup a couple of gigabit switches, and would prefer managed, or at least smart, but let me know your opinion.

What is available for how much?

TPlink has some good prices, is the gear good?
Dlink - is it better, the same, or worse?

I am more interested in 16 and larger, but would consider an 8 as a trial run.
14  Bitcoin / Mining support / Where is the n00b section for old pen testers gone to die, rolled over and saw a on: December 26, 2014, 11:06:47 AM

miner, ran outta space in the title but yes sir, I saw a miner at 43 years of age and my interest in this industry has exploded. I was dead from years of telling people they are not correcting the same mistakes I have been telling them about every year for 20 years.

So, here I am a n00b. I like it.
I was a regular contributor at in the early 2000s and while I am getting to this party very late, oh there is so much more to be done. I came to that scene when we were overclocking and water cooling our GPUs, and had been doing CPUs since they were created, right?
I am one of the first people to accidentally glue the processor in the socket with sealant for the cooling block insulating material, no sweating heh.

soon TM
been around for a long time huh? Yes, it has.

As I said, I am excited to see what is happening on the techno front in this community. *F* the scams for a minute, they are always gonna be there, but I am excited about what you are teaching me, and thank you.

Point me to the right places, I know how to UTFSE but I have to sit very close with my eyes almost ON the 48" monitor; sometimes I miss a bit of text ;*&

I bought the S4, liked the form factor, liked it coming with a PSU, and checked it was B2 with the corrected PSU. It is a loud summabich which I love. The white noise is part of what has kept me sane for twenty years.
I want to purchase another to put in it for OC. I understand the risks with warranty and the fact they claim 10%. Anything else I should worry about?
What about the amount of voltage and frequency, what have people been using? I can not find crap on the net, and I have UTFSE!
I understand most are not Ocing, and it is probably a few hobbyists, but come on, I have not found anything consistent.
What PSU should I buy. Money is important, but I buy the right component. I know what being cheap does for us all, I want to buy smart. Something say I am tired of playing with Ocing the S4 in a week, now I buy two SP20s used. Or 3, how does it play in?

Speaking of that, I want to buy my next unit within 7 days. I am researching hard. 3 or 4 S5s from BITMAIN, or 2, or go spoon? The temps tell me spoon. Remember noise does not matter to me, it is purely the best bang for the buck.

I am not afraid of used, I simply do not want to buy used and it cost me more to run it in power than they make in coin.

I am with BTCguild, seemed liked a solid spot. I am always on the lookout for a family spot to plant roots, but at the same time you have to be true to yourself and if there is somewhere else which is going to make a difference to me feeding the kiddos, please tell me about it.

Thanks for entertaining my post, I hope I get to know many of you as I have already started picking things up. - Peace
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