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1  Economy / Digital goods / ? on: August 24, 2015, 10:21:49 AM
2  Other / Off-topic / Judgement Day is near folks! on: July 20, 2015, 03:15:38 AM
Hunter-Killer drone from Terminator 3 movie (2003)



Real prototype quadrotor used by military today



Youtube video:

Robot tank from Terminator 3 movie (2003)



Real MAARS robot used by military




3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / [TUTORIAL] How to Earn 1 Bitcoin in a Week on: July 17, 2015, 07:21:32 PM
Ok guys, there are like 5 threads in this forum all asking about "how to earn bitcoin" , "how to make bitcoin" , "how to get bitcoin", so i`m getting tired of everyone asking the same stuff over and over again.

So i put up a tutorial to show you how to earn 1 BTC in just a week, no strings attached, and no petty earnings, i hope 1 bitcoin/week will satisfy you guys.So basically if you currently have 0 BTC , then in 1 week you will probably have 1 BTC. But first a little bit of disclaimer.


Ok, so basically we will trade altcoins and you will need about 0.005-0.01 BTCto start which i`ll show you how to earn in 15 minutes depending on your rank.

This tutorial is: NO PONZI, NO HYIP, NO GAMBLING, NO SCAM, NO STRINGS,YOU CAN START THIS TUTORIAL WITH 0 BITCOINS you will most likely earn 1 BTC if you do it correctly.

So let's start

How to earn 1 BTC in a week

a) If you are JR. Member but below Full Member:  Sign up to Yobit sig campaign:  , you will earn 0.00007 BTC/post, you can post about 20 posts /day, so that's 0.0014BTC/day. Post for 2 days and you will have 0.0028 BTC, which is paid directly to your Yobit account every end of the day. Do a little bit of fauceting too, to make that at least 0.005 BTC Ok?

b)  If you are Full member or higher: The same thing as point a), but with the yobit campaign you can earn 0.004 in about 15 minutes by posting only 20 posts on the forum. Full members earn 0.00020 BTC /post.

c) If you are Newbie member: Do faucets, this will require some captcha work but, it will be worth it later, and collect 0.005 BTC.

2) Sign up to Yobit if you haven't already:  , or any other exchange like c-cex or other exchanges where altcoins cost less than 200 satoshi. I prefer Yobit, so i`m using that, but feel free to choose the one you like. But remember the altcoin have to cost less than 200 satoshi!

3) Buy up altcoins below 100 satoshi, perhaps even below 200 satoshi (this is a bit riskier).

Criterias for altcoins:  (only buy altcoins that match these criteria)

  • Price must be below 200 satoshi, preferably below 100 satoshi
  • The altcoins you choose must have atleast a daily volume of 0.1 BTC, if it has less than that , dont even consider it, thats a dead coin!
  • The altcoin should have a current coin supply (money supply) of less than 50 million coins
  • The altcoin should have a market cap below 10,000$ or bitcoin equivalent, you can see this here:
    or calculate by this formula:  MARKET CAP = BID * COIN SUPPLY (in BTC)

Ex: costs now 38 satoshi (by the time you read this it might be more) , so with your 0.005 BTC you can buy 13100 of it.
Ex: costs now 15 satoshi (by the time you read this it might be more) , so with your 0.005 BTC you can buy 33333 of it.
Ex: costs now 5 satoshi (by the time you read this it might be more) , so with your 0.005 BTC you can buy 100,000 of it.


But don't just buy 1 altcoin, because it might be a bit risky, diversify and buy at least 3 of it, spread your funds between more than 1 altcoin.

4) Wait 1 -2 days, and sell it for not less than 450-500 satoshi, because altcoins usually go that high, however some might go above 1000 satoshi, I leave this at your discretion. So that is about 10-20x profit or 1215% returns!!!!

You will turn that 0.005 BTC into 0.047 BTC in just 1 trade

5) Now this might take you 3 days

6) In the meantime you can also do arbitrage, buy coins at Yobit (where its cheap) and look for exchanges where it's more expensive and sell it there. For example I used to buy DUB at Yobit and sell it at Bittrex for 20% more profit.

7) By now with trading this way you should have at least 0.1 BTC by day 3.

8] Repeat the process, look for a coin that is less than 50 satoshi , buy it, and sell it at 20x price

9) After 7 days of repeating this process you should have 1 BTC at your disposal.

10) You can also repeat this infinite times, maybe earn 10-100-1000 BTC as well, but the tutorial ends here, you should have 1 BTC after 1 week, enjoy!

4  Other / Politics & Society / Why is Yanis Varoufakis so praised? he is just a socialist puppet on: May 20, 2015, 10:08:50 PM
Yanis Varoufakis, the finance minister of Greece, run independently, however supported by Syriza the socialist (maybe communist?) party currently governing Greece. He is very popular and very praised, almost like a deity, but i dont know why??  Huh


Yes he knows about bitcoin, and bla bla bla, but you guys actually hear what he is saying, he wants an European Soviet Union, to absorb the debt of deficit spending- socialist countries:

So he basically wants Germany and other countries to absorb the debts of all idiot governments who spend beyond their means, a.k.a Centralized EU, obviously European Soviet Union


He knows about Bitcoin, but he will never implement it because he is a socialist who only wants to steal from people, and Bitcoin is about sovereign wealth, individuality and freedom, and not about socialist extortion racket.

Also he is a Marxist ☭

5  Other / Politics & Society / Libertarianism's state in Europe? on: May 06, 2015, 01:57:02 AM
What do you think Libertarianism's state and progress is in Europe? And in Europe I don't just mean UK ,Germany and France (yes there are other countries too).

What do you think is our progress ? Will Bitcoin open the eyes of the sleeping sheeps?

=== Here are my thoughts===

I don't know about you guys but Socialism still has a big grip on Europe:

In my view socialism will fall eventually, it's a perversely idiotic system. Which can slip easily into Communism but it has a small chance, atleast in the eastern countries. I`m not sure in the western countries, they are pretty communistic now: France, Belgium,etc.

Also I see a big uproar of nationalism, and I think this is the dominant theme now, people are tired of socialism so they replace it with nationalistic systems, mostly (neo) liberal, or just plain EU-skeptic parties. Now this is good news, the EU is just a giant mess that need to dissolve (we dont need 1 world government) , but it could decentralize tyrrany and bring it back to the nation states.

A dejavu of the 1850's years , history repeats itself, all those nationalist idiots, want to repeat history.

So basically the sheeple gets steered between socialism vs nationalism, which are basically the same, they are both collectivists.

Will the sheeple ever become individualistic again or is the zombie-borg-collectivism our doomed destiny? Will ever libertarianism/anarcho-capitalism become mainstream, or we will just be a fringe group in a society of brainwashed sheeple?  Sad

Let's discuss your opinions.

6  Economy / Services / [BOUNTY] Looking for people who can sell my digital goods, or monetize them ■■■■ on: May 01, 2015, 04:36:29 PM
Hi I`m a talented software programmer, I got 7 softwares that I made that needs to be advertised hard. Each software contains 1 banner ad inside it, so the more people use it/ see it, i get revenue from. The mission is to make more people watch/ use my softwares.

Here I need your help guys!  Smiley

I am giving to all of you commercial rights, royalty free, to sell my softwares or monetize them in any shape or form you wish. So that means that you can download them for free and then re-sell it on websites (where people don't know it's free), or monetize them in any shape or form you wish.

Ways to monetize it:
■Upload them to Pay-per-Download sites, such as, it can be bitcoin based or normal cash based sites, google them, and find the one that suits you. After you chose your favorite PPD site, start advertising it on social media (since it's free), or just spend a little money to advertise it on websites
■Upload to softpedia or similar free-to-download sites
■Create a torrent file and put a "CLICK THIS LINK PLEASE.URL", a URL extension file, that is a shortcut to your website, and put that in the torrent. So after people will download the torrent of my software, they will click your website shortcut, and you get free impressions to your website or referral link that you wish to advertise. Make sure you upload it to all torrents sites, I `ve already uploaded it to a few, so upload it to the rest of them.
■Sell them on websites where you can sell softwares like amazon or whatever for real money (3-10$ / each piece, i dont think its worth more)
■Put them on other forums for sale (except this one), there are many forums out there where you can sell digital goods, so go ahead.
■Or other creative ways that you may think about

Obviously who will sell it first will get the most profits, so be quick guys until somebody else doesn't sell it before you. Now the reason why I don't sell it is simple , because I already got a banner ad in it, I don't have time to put it on all websites on the internet and manage 50 accounts, but you guys do have time, if each one of you sells it on 2-3 websites, then you can arrange it that the competition can be a bit loose and everyone gets profits.

And of course you can keep all the profits that you made by monetizing it, that is your BOUNTY, as I told you no royalty is required, there is a license file embedded in the softwares, read that for more info!

Here are my softwares that needs to be sold (Main Thread):

Direct Download Link:

Good luck!  Smiley
7  Economy / Economics / "Deflation" in Europe is actually Inflation in disguise on: May 01, 2015, 12:29:53 AM
"Economics is so easy that only economists can't understand it" (No idea who said this)

I saw many articles about deflation in Europe, and the same thing always, it's just propaganda. The central banks are now going out of their way with the lies they put it, they even exceeded themselves in all those lies.

So what i`m talking about? It's all those mainstream news that say that there is deflation in Europe. They lie or they are idiots.  Smiley

The premise is simple:
1) QE money has been lent out to non productive companies, a.k.a companies that shouldn't exist in normal conditions, most of those companies are insolvent, and only the constant loans and cheap debt keeps them out of bankruptcy. These "zombie companies" create shitty products and services that obviously nobody wants, otherwise they would be profitable, however since their cost is easy to finance with infinite debt, they flood the markets with it. So we got shitty products and services flooding the market, at an ever decreasing price.

2) Ok so far so good. Supply is every increasing, but demand doesnt. Demand is frozen, as people have less and less money, or in best case scenario they have the same income, so consumption declines or stays constany while supply is growing. Now because of this, all prices go down, except the ones that are directly pumped by qe money (stock market, bond market), all other markets are going down in price.

Now the question is, is this deflation? I don't think so, only an amateur would say this (which we have plenty of "economists" on TV saying it)

Actually since, wages go down too, infact, they go down even faster, thus the purchasing power of the consumer goes down. That is inflation my friends, disguised as deflation, because the price goes down, but demand goes down faster than price (unhonest price discovery and artificial pricing).

Thus at the end of the day, the consumer has less money, and relative to his wallet, the price goes up actually. The absolute price can go down, but the relative price to his wallet is going up.

Is it that hard to understand, seriously? Those idiot presstitutes and their idiot "experts" can't even understand this what a 5 year old can understand?

Now after they hijack the "deflation" word lemme explain what deflation really is: product & service price goes down and demand goes up. That is deflation.  Tongue
8  Economy / Digital goods / ★★★ Selling my attractive 468x60 banner! ★★★ on: April 21, 2015, 10:54:29 AM
Hi there, i made this very nice animated banner of size 468x60 that has a very good appeal and will guaranteed make people click on it.

It has > 3% Click-Through-Rate (CTR) meaning that on average 3 person out of 100 will click on it. It's very useful for advertising your faucets, referrals, or any other bitcoin giveaway site. It's an animated .gif banner and its 468x60 pixel size.

Obviously after you buy it, you will get the version without the watermark.

Post your offers below Smiley
9  Economy / Micro Earnings / Guide to earn Bitcoin fastest way possible with Social Media on: April 14, 2015, 06:22:41 AM
Hello people, I`m releasing my second e-book which is about helping newbies, or other people who are strugling to get bitcoins. My guide will explain step by step how to earn Bitcoins the fastest way possible using Social Media and a little bit of creativity. It's a very powerful guide and there is no way you won't make alot of bitcoins. I put the best of my knowledge and my marketing knowledge to put together this guide, so I hope it will make you very succesful! Like this:



It's 100% Free, no catch, download it , read it, and enjoy the profits!

Download or Read it here Online (on Mediafire)

Since it's 100% free I`ll appreciate any donations, you will find a donation address inside the E-book, so you can donate after you read it if you are satisfied with the results, with which you will be Smiley
10  Other / Politics & Society / Justice vs. Freedom --- You can't have both choose one.... on: April 11, 2015, 11:26:43 PM
I started thinking about this fundamental paradox that lies in the depth of human society.

On 1 hand there is the justice advocate people who always blame everyone else, but themselves, for any problem on the world, and they usually have a deep sense of injustice , thinking about starving children and can't tolerate inequality amongst humans, even if, by default God or Nature, depending on your religion, has created us unequal. Well not in the sense that 1 person has more right than other, but in the sense that, we have different skills and different talents, differents strengths and weaknesses, and we can only become better if we cooperate voluntarly and not try to force eachother to equalize ourselves. A world where everyone is 100% equal would be pretty boring isnt it?

On the other hand, there is the freedom loving people who don't really blame anybody for anything, nor they don't care, they do, but their methodology differs from the other people in the sense that they let eachother choose their life freely without restrictions. But of course the drawback of this is that people will remain inequal here, as they should be, but this will upset the other group.

So my view is that you can't have both, because each group fights for their own rights, and they contradict eachother. Now in a democracy obviously the 1st one wins always because they are always in a majority, but that doesnt mean they are the absolute righteous people.

I`m always for freedom, but i understand that this will not have alot of justice. In a free world alot of criminals will get away with their crimes (not to say that will all this law enforcement nowadays they don't?  Grin They still get away with it even now), but my view is that we should not strive out all of our freedom just because 2-3% of us behaves criminally. This 1 for all and all for 1 collectivist mentality is just naive and stupid.

So there is really 2 stand on this:

- Freedom: a perfectly free society, with unjustice but alot of opportunity to overcome the injustices
- Collectivism: a tyrranical society which treats everyone equally, discourages the talented and dismisses and helps the untalented, where everyone is told to do the "common good" (which apparently doesnt exist), and subjugate their individuality for the sake of their community
- Mixed Society: neither Freedom, nor Social Justice is achieved, so basically its worthless and doesnt satisfy eithe group (this is the current society in most countries on earth)

Now it's  worth to point out that "collectivism" is not just leftists (communist, socialist and progressives) but also rightists (nationalists,fascists).
So don't get fooled by the left & right paradigm because it's an illusion, they are all collectivists because they think they have a common good or a society to subjugate themselves to (either the community - proletariat  or the "nation" ) which is the same thing painted differently.

While the free-man is  free from all of these, atleast inside his head, as society still expects from him to subjugate itself. So I see that freedom is much valuable than justice, because freedom enables humans to have more opportunities, than justice can ever compensate for their disabilities!

Let me know your opinion!
11  Economy / Digital goods / ■■■■ Free e-book about Storing your Bitcoin Safely! ■■■■ on: April 03, 2015, 12:20:02 PM
Here is my Free E-book about how to store your bitcoins safely and interact with it. It`s basically a sum up of this thread:

But since a forum thread is not that descriptive and it's limited in capabilities of expressing a tutorial. I put together a free e-book of how to store the coins safely on an offline PC, how to interact with it to not leak any sensitive information and also how to clean your USB stick when accesing your wallet, from hidden viruses that could sneak into the USB undetected by most antiviruses.

It's a very good readup, with images, and very descriptive and easy to understand, and best of all its 100% FREE. It's in .pdf format so get yourself a .pdf reader if you don't have one already.

Check it out:

Read it here Online if you down like downloading stuff (on Mediafire)
12  Economy / Economics / Capital controls in Europe, RUSSEL 5000 at record high P/E, Japan close Bankrupt on: March 30, 2015, 05:53:04 AM
■In France and Italy they already start doing capital controls.

■The  RUSSEL 5000 is at record high P/E ratio.

■Wallstreet manipulates gold derivatives by selling them to keep the physical gold price artificially low, however by the end of the year they could settle the trades and will lose tons of money, as the physical gold price could go up by the end of the year!

■Japan's debt is now getting really uncontrollable, they print alot of money, yet their economy still stagnates.

In short global economy is fucked and prepare for HYPERINFLATION!

Keiser Report: Deadly Sales (E737)
13  Other / Beginners & Help / ██ Tutorial: How to keep your Bitcoins 100% secure! ██ on: March 25, 2015, 06:17:44 PM
Ok i saw many newbies fall for all kinds of scams lately and i feel sorry for them, so i put together this tutorial to help people to store their bitcoins very safe, without the need to rely on (scammer) 3rd parties or just any kind of unnecessary risk.

So basically if you want to store your coins 100% secure you have to store it on your own device , and not on an online wallet or 3rd party. As the saying says: "everything that's not in your hand it's not yours". If it's not in your hand it's not money, it's debt, the promise of the 3rd party that it may or may not pay you. Also many wallets don't run on 100% reserves, which is just the same as the fiat system, so it will meet the same ends...

Also many online wallets have been hacked lately which could be the users fault, but it could also be the service's fault, and by storing them there by default your funds will be targeted because they store huge amount of coins, whereas if you hold your coins in a place nobody knows about, then its safe.

Ok let's start.

Programs you will need:

A good antivuris& internet security: I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 because of this:
Malware Cleaner like MalwareBytes:
Armory Wallet:
Linux operating system for extra security (verified by Cleopatra, after you download just check the checksum to see if it has been tampered with) or just a clean Windows or Mac

Hardware & physical objects you will need:

■Multiple solid USB sticks (ATLEAST 3)
■A junk and cheap PC which meets the system requirements of the programs listed above (preferably old because newer ones could contain firmware, but not that old that it fails because your bitcoins could be lost then)
■Your casual online PC that you are on right now
■Multiple A4 papers or similar and a pen
■A router through which you connect to the internet (optional)

After you got these tools, you will then proceed to set up your own "cold wallet" or "hardware wallet" or "offline wallet" as it is known.
You will need your usual online PC and the offline PC that you bought or your old pc that you used years ago.

Here are the steps to set up your offline wallet:


1) Set up the antivirus & MalwareBytes on your online PC, scan it and remove any virus or threat is found, all of them. Set up a strong firewall with your internet security software and if you have a router password protect it (the default password is always ADMIN, so change that)
2) Use original operating system, if it's pirated then run a full antivirus scan & anti-malware on it because there may be some malware hidden in it, even if it's original there can be some intentional malware in it so either way scan the operating system's cd, or .iso file or however you got it, to make sure no rootkit,malware or other malicious tools is built in it. If you detect any, then get another copy, until you find a clean one. (Make sure the antivirus you choose & MalwareBytes is fully updated though before scanning it)
3) Get your PC that you will dedicate to keep your bitcoins on (it can be a laptop too) and set up the operating system on it
4) Make sure you create atleast 2 or more partitions on the harddisk, because 1 will be encrypted later, and 1 for the operating system
5) Enable hidden folders and files if you are using windows on both the online and offline PC to see if anything shady sneaks itself into the USB stick, but ofcourse you will scan it also with the antivirus & MalwareBytes!

6) Disable networking in the BIOS, or remove the network card from that PC (
7) Plug out any device that is connected to it, router, telephone wire, wireless stuff, or any other network or cable except the electricity, so that there is no other interface with which you can interact with this PC but the USB sticks, everything else should be disabled
8] Install the antivirus & MalwareBytes on this computer via the USB stick to check if there is any firmware on it, leftover rootkit or malware from previous OS or any other malicious stuff
9) After the stuff is clean,format the entire hard disk again and reinstall the operating system,and don't reinstall the antivirus nor MalwareBytes after (cos you never know if the antivirus or MalwareBytes itself is not doing something shady, you dont have to trust them more than needed ), and re-enable the hidden folders and files mentioned in step 5)
10) Make sure that in the process of doing this you dont put any other virus on your clean offline PC by any other means
11) After the clean PC is totally cleaned then it's time to install our bitcoin stuff there, first encrypt your non-system partition with Veracrypt or other trusted open source encryptors (this step is crucial unless you want it to be cracked by hackers, the encryption software must be 100% trusted and open source)
12) Encrypt that hard disk and put atleast a 30-35 digit random password for it which you generate here:, however don't use those passwords, instead generate 10 different passwords and combine them into 1, by your own, so that nobody can guess them (in case collects or logs the passwords generated)
----Also write on a paper that password perhaps multiple times, because if you lose this password you cannot ever access that partition again so since your bitcoins will be stored here, you should have paper backup of this password stored in a secure place---

13) Download armory to your online PC, verify that it's genuine and not tampered with , with Cleopatra by checking it's checksum or the PGP-Signature of the author:
14) After download finished, disconnect your online PC's internet temporarly so that no other stuff can go in there, put the USB stick into your online PC and scan the stick itself, perhaps format it, then put the Armory on the stick and check it's checksum again before pulling it out just to make sure there was no malware on your PC that tampered the software after you downloaded it!
15) Put the stick into the offline PC and install Armory there inside the earlier encrypted partition
16) Securely Format the USB again and pull it out from the PC so that nothing is connected to it until we don't set up the sensitive stuff
17) Open armory and set up your wallet on the offline PC, from that encrypted partition, also in armory's settings use a very robust wallet

---Of course if the PC is crappy use whatever resources it can support, but still a 10 second open timer is recommended, because this is your safe wallet anyway, capable of storing billions of $ so definitely worth the wait time for this extra layer of security---
18) Enter the passphrase for the wallet, again use a the and combine for yourself a unique random password from those generated there, but never use 1 entirely from there. Also dont use the previous password again.
19) Make alteast 2 paper backup of this aswell (the private key), now you can print it out with armory, however make sure the printer you use is not network connected, and after you finished printing restart it so that the cache of the printer is cleaned out
20) Until now you got 3 sensitive data: the password of your encrypted hard-disk partition and the password of the wallet and the backup of the private key, make sure you got 2 backups of each stored at very safe locations
21) Use another USB stick or multiple sticks to put a digital backup of your wallet aswell, not the same one are you used before to install the stuff it must be a different and clean one,Securely Format the USB again ,however this stick is as-is and you can never ever plug this in into the online computer, but only this offline computer in case the hard-disk of the offline PC fails you will have a digital backup of the wallet , but you need to set up step 0-18 again for another PC that you will buy then to store your bitcoins. But never ever plug that USB stick (where the digital copy of the wallet is) into an online PC again!!!)
22) Ok you are ready now, your encrypted bitcoin wallet is set up in an encrypted hard disk, and you have 3 sensitive data that you must secure yourself, of which the private key is the most important. Even if the other 2 password is compromized, if you wipe your PC before they can access it (the wallet), then without private key they still cant stole your money. But of course the other 2 passwords are also important + your USB backup of the wallet. Keep these stuff very safe!
23) For additional security you can set up a password for your operating system, however its not that much needed, and it can be easily bypassed if a burglar enters your house, but they can't break the double-encrypted wallet! This password is only needed if you leave your house and don't want your wife or children accesing your PC, it's more like a privacy protection rather than security.
24) Never ever install anything else on the offline PC, even if it's not in the encrypted partition, it can only contain the clean OS install, the armory and your wallet(s), just as never put anything else on the stick that stores your digital wallet copy either. They should be left as they are!

Ok now you got a perfectly secure offline storage which can store even billions of $ worth of bitcoins, but it can still be compromized when you do a transaction. So here is how to securely transact and spend funds from it!


You will use the offline transaction method of armory which you can read upon here it't tutorial:

 After you read about it and familizarized yourself with the process, here is how to do it securely:
1) The blockchain has to be on your online PC and also a verified download of armory, by Cleopatra:
2) Create a "New Offline Transaction", specify the details: address(es),how much bitcoin to send, etc. Double check if you entered the stuff correctly, and then put the Unsigned file on your USB stick that you used to install the things on the offline PC. Make sure that before plugging that USB stick back into the Online PC, you put it into the offline PC and Securely Formatted it beforehand.
3) So after you formatted the USB on the offline PC, put it on the online and put the Unsigned file on in, then move that Unsigned file onto the offline PC
4) Plug the USB into the offline PC, copy the Unsigned file into the offline PC's desktop
5) Plug out the USB
6) Open the encrypted partition, and the Armory and import the file
7) Check again if all details are entered correctly
8] Sign the file, you will need the wallet's password for this
9) Close armory, and close the encrypted partition too
10) Plug back the USB stick,Securely Format the USB again, and then put the Signed Transaction File back into it
11) Move the USB into the online PC and copy the Signed Transaction File, import it into the Armory, and verify again if all details are entered correctly
12) Broadcast the transaction
13)Securely Format the USB again
14) Waint until 6 confirmation of the transaction, and then it's all complete


After you know how to keep the bitcoin 100% securely offline, and have your online PC also relatively safe, you can then monitor your wallet from your online PC without the need to compromize the private key for it. I have developed a software with which you can monitor your bitcoin addresses from your online PC without the need to compromize your offline storage. It's just like any other program on your PC now and you don't have to trust me more than any other developer whom's programs you currently use on your online pc .

My software has no access to any of your funds, since they are all kept securely offline. What my software does it checks your balances from your online PC through an internet API that connects to the blockchain. So you don't even need the blockchain downloaded on your PC to use my software, it's all lightweight and portable. You can check your balance of any of your addresses (or even other's address) to keep yourself updated with how many bitcoins you have. Also it loads instantly you don't have to wait half an hour to load like armory!




This tutorial might be hard to read, disorganized, although it's as accurate as possible, but probably not that detailed and descriptive,also this forum needs internet and sometimes it could go down, so I summed up everything , more descriptive, with picture illustrations and links to download these tools in my
FREE E-BOOK that is a Guide to keep your Bitcoins 100% safe.


Enjoy Smiley
14  Economy / Services / I need marketing specialists,affiliates or advertisers to help sell my products! on: March 18, 2015, 06:37:37 PM
Hello guys, i need marketing specialists (MLM guys are also accepted) and advertiser guys who would advertise my products, specifically softwares that me and my friend created.

Here are the softwares:

As you can see most of them are bitcoin related but not just, i got many more. I need advertisers that would promote my products on all sorts of sites or signatures or any other marketing method you can think of.

I offer up to 30% comission of the price / each sale you make! (price ranges from 0.025 to 0.01 ,so you can keep 30% of it for each sale you make)

Let me know if there is anyone interested, and i`ll set up the affiliate system, thanks Smiley
15  Economy / Service Announcements / ♦ ▌▌▌▌[BETA] Prosperity II. - Best AUTOPILOT Faucet App! ▌▌▌▌♦ on: March 13, 2015, 07:40:19 AM

Prosperity II.
Virus scan - File is totally clean!

Prosperity is a downloadable faucet application, that is portable easy to use and pays alot of bitcoins. It's completely automatic, you just run it, watch ads and you get paid automatically. It's almost autopilot money, lean back and watch ads and the bitcoins you earn can be cashed out instantly to Faucetbox (no minimum withdrawal)!'

It's the sucessor of the Previous version Prosperity I. which got hacked:

We've learned from previous mistakes, so to protect the faucet funds from hack this version is 100% server sided, and highly secure so all previous mistakes were corrected!

-No minimum withdrawal, No waiting time, No account needed!
-Automatic faucet, lean back and watch ads, and get paid instantly
-Pays instantly to Faucetbox
-100% Serversided, highly secure encrypted connection , api key obfuscated & most sensitive data encrypted, all known forms of exploits are fixed and protected against, IP Ban for hackers & malicious users...
-Chatbox Feature, you can talk there folks while in the meantime you earn bitcoins!
-No annoying ads, mostly banner ads inside the program while the rotator can be enabled/disabled at will!
-High daily payout if you run it all day!

Payout will also increase even more, but since now it's beta it still needs to be bugfixed until we eliminated all risk we will increase all payouts significantly!


16  Bitcoin / Project Development / [BOUNTY] Upload my software to PPD sites and keep 100% of the profits! on: March 07, 2015, 07:09:07 PM
I have 7 softwares that I made and am the author of all of them, and it needs publicity. So my plan is that you can upload them to all Pay-Per-Download sites that you can imagine, make profits when somebody downloads it, and keep 100% of it, i require no royalty.

The concept is very simple: I give you my 7 softwares and you can upload them to all Pay-Per-Download sites that you can imagine, then promote it hard so that people download it. The PPD site will pay you around 1-20$ / 1000 downloads, so you will make alot of profits.

Example of PPD Sites:
Here is a review & list of them:
Or just google them:

Make sure you upload it to all of them except: , because I uploaded it already there.

The more sites you upload it to the better, I prefer that you upload it to all of them, so you just set up an ad campaign after it, and after 1000 downloads you can get ~10$/1000 downloads.

Imagine if you upload it to like 15 PPD sites, and you get 1000 downloads/day thats about 150$/day / software  = for all my softwares 1050$/day!

Also don't have to worry about copyright, there is an embedded license file in the software which authorizes you to use it commercially. Also I told you i require no royalty, you keep 100% of the profits!

So what's in it for me?
Simple, there is a little banner ad in the software, so I get banner revenue from it. Also there is a link pointing to my website, so I get exposure aswell, while your efforts of advertising it and making sure people download it is a good way to reward it by letting you keep 100% of your earnings.

Also I don't deal in cash only bitcoins, and most of PPD sites use $$, that is one more reason my I don't do this myself!

So who is willing to upload it to PPD Sites?  Smiley
17  Economy / Digital goods / ♦▪♦▪♦ Selling my BitcoinStats 1.5 Software's Source Code! ♦▪♦▪♦ on: March 02, 2015, 02:34:15 AM
Hello i`m selling my software's source code. The software is Bitcoin Real-time Stats 1.5, as shown here

The software was given out for free, but now i decided to sell it's source code for bitcoins. Not much,it's cheap, only 0.02 BTC for a fully functional and ready to edit source code, as you please.

The source code is in C#, fully functional and can be edited/modified with Microsoft Visual C# 2008 and above.


You can become my affiliate and help me sell it here:
I give you a generous 20% comission for each sale, that is 0.004 BTC/sale.

Thank you!
18  Economy / Economics / Price inflation =/= Monetary inflation , but why do CB use the CPI data then? on: February 26, 2015, 07:08:20 PM
Price inflation=The rise of prices in % in a given period of time (The term is really bogus, it should be "price increase" because prices actually dont inflate, they increase or decrease)

Monetary inflation= The expansion of the money supply in an economy

So to an amateur the 2 concepts look the same:

Let's take a simple example: Joe is the king of Joeania, and he issued a currency named "J". He issued 100 units of J, to his subjects. And thus the average price of eggs in his kingdom costs 1 J. One day, Joe decides to print 100 more units of J, thus expanding the money supply to 200 J, now after the subjects discover this action, which in his kingdom is transparent, he announces every monetary policy to the public, the price of eggs increases to 2J, not because the eggs are worth more, but because the purchasing power of J just halved, thus the new 2J is actually worth only 1J of before the expansion, so the value is the same, but the reference, the currency has changed.

So in that example above, once the monetary inflation happened (printing 100J, doubling the supply), the price of eggs immediately doubled. So to an amateur, the PRICE INFLATION and the MONETARY INFLATION look identical.

But in reality they are as far from being equal as a cow is not equal to a chicken.In theory, they might look identical, and many economists think they are, but they are not


So what if Joe decides not to reveal that he increased the monetary supply? Then his subjects would find out the devaluation of the currency much later, when the taxmen would come and ask for double taxes, so the entepreneours would have to pay double salary to people, and the entepreneour would purchase his inventory of goods aswell for double price from his partners, and the inflation would tricke down much slower into the economy.
Even though the Central Bankers in Joeania would immediately know that the J's purchasing power is halved, the subjects would only know it on a longer period of time, which could be even years.

But this is just a transparency issue (which most CB don't have, for example the US. FED hides the M3 numbers, I wonder why  Roll Eyes)

But let's pretend that CB are honest and transparent, which is a huge assumption, but just for the sake of example let's pretend.


So even if the CB is honest and announces the monetary expansion immediately, what if the egg seller in Joeania decides to not increase the prices, but rather decrease the quality of eggs supplied. He will sell his eggs for 1J, but he will sell rotten eggs too in his basket, or he will just fire a few workers on his egg farm, decreasing it's cost, and make the rest of his employees work harder for the same wage, thus he can now afford to sell the eggs for 1J, but actually it's not just that his producing cost halved, but he even makes more profit than before if we were to compare his income and cost to a 3rd party currency.

This process is called "shrinkflation".

So even thought the price doesn't increase, just by laying off a few workers, or decreasing the quality or quantity of the products, the inflation can be hidden.


With the processes above, we can hide the inflation in the unemployed numbers, the inventory orders numbers and in the product itself, weather we decrease the quality of the product, replace few ingredients with cheaper ones, or just plain decrease the quantity of it, THE CPI numbers remain the same, but the inflation will rise!

Also the unemployed numbers can be hidden even further by just, not counting the unemployed persons after they are not eligible for subsidy/welfare anymore. They didnt found a job, but they didnt applied for welfare, so they are technically employed according to the governments.

So with these techniques, the inflation can be so well hidden, that only Central Banks know it really!
(USD official inflation rate ~0.7%, when in reality its more around 6%)

So if this is the case, and it is, then why the fuck do Central Bankers use the CPI (Consumer Price Index) or CPE numbers to estimate the inflation because they are useless bullshit and wrong information?

The only way to know the real inflation is to just look at the M3 numbers (Oh but that is hidden by the FED, and not published anymore since 2006, geez I wonder why?  Roll Eyes)
19  Bitcoin / Armory / Deterministic private keys AND public keys weaknesses on: February 22, 2015, 05:05:40 PM
1) In a deterministic wallet can somebody guess all the private keys from the wallet if one of them is compromised (if the one compromized is not the seed key but lets say the 2nd one)?

2) In a deterministic wallet can somebody guess the public keys of all the addresses, if one 1 public key is compromized , that is not the seed public key?

3) What if 2 private keys are compromized, can they look at the math relations between them and guess the rest of it?

4) What if 2 public  keys are compromized, can they look at the math relations between them and guess the rest of it?

The first 2 questions refer to security problems, while the other 2 to privacy problems. How does Armory resolve these problems?

20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Why is not recommended to use the same address twice? And is there solution? on: February 17, 2015, 05:12:32 AM
Why it's not recommended to use the same address twice? I know its a security issue, but its very inconvenient to use a new address for every transaction, and pretty unpractical.

For example if you already set up an address as a "passive income" one, be that from comissions from selling something, or whatever. And bitcoin gets deposited regularly there, its very stupid to use a new address for every transaction and its unpractical.

I think this issue needs to be fixed ASAP, or people will not have confidence in it, because its just BS if people cant use the same address twice, as we are all used to "bank accounts" just like "btc addresses" where we can see our funds grow.

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