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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / [ANN] ★★★ Soniq: A loud music and lean code synergy project! ★★★ [ANN] on: May 14, 2018, 09:39:29 AM

Soniq means freedom. Soniq symbolizes our right to enjoy music!

Our credo

With the goal of making the musician’s life easier, we’ve come up with a unique tool for
collaboration between music experts of all kinds. A platform that will support, as well as connect
everyone who deserves to be a part of music creation and distribution process. Most importantly,
we aim to do this by taking an innovative approach and by improving the outdated ways of the music industry.
We do not promise to change the world. We're not here to judge what's wrong or right in music world nowdays.
We're here to offer an alternative way to get things done. The way we would do it. We're here to listen to your needs,
whether you are an artist or just music aficionado and help you do things easier  - one project at the time.

Short Intro

Soniq is evolution of Cypherfunks into something viable, with practical and every day use on global level.
The Cypherfunks was our original concept behind crowdfunding a global band, using a decentralized cryptocurrency.
The idea behind this project is connecting musicians in the digital world and allowing them to share music
and participate in our worldwide band. Founded in 2014 The Cypherfunks project might be a crypto dinosaur,
but it has laid the very foundations of what the Soniq project is and will be; it has slowly grown into a much more mature,
much more idealistic movement. Where the Cypherfunks was a band that celebrated music contribution,
Soniq emphasizes collaboration, fairness and skills exchange in our global band.

Token specification and distribution model

Soniq token (SONIQ) is implemented as an ERC20 Ethereum token.
It is a open source cryptographic token on the Ethereum public network.
ERC20 was created by ethereum developers on behalf of the broader ethereum network
and community in 2015 and officially recognized in September 2017.

SONIQ has no additional functionality then those defined in the ERC20 interface:
  • totalSupply (provide information about the total token supply)
  • balanceOf (provide account balance of the owner's account)
  • transfer (execute transfer of a specified number of tokens to a specified address)
  • transferFrom (execute transfer of a specified number of tokens from a specified address)
  • approve (allow a spender to withdraw a set number of tokens from a specified account)
  • allowance (return a set number of tokens from a spender to the owner)

Total supply is 50 000 000 (fifty million). It's unburnable (tokens can't be destroyed)
and no additional tokens can be added to the supply. Each Soniq token is divisible up to the 18th decimal.
It's full name is SONIQ and the ticker is SONIQ.

* SONIQ held by the dev team will remain on following address and will always be available
to the community to check if the funds are moved. Also the team will inform the community
prior to any intentional use of funds and will provide a proof / reasoning for spending of those tokens.

Once the two months period ends and FUNK burning deadline is reached, a total supply of
50,000,000 Soniq will be created and 90% (45,000,000 Soniq) will be further distributed to
participants in proportion to the amount of FUNK burned to Soniq. The remaining 10% (5,000,000 Soniq)
will be held for further development and marketing funding
. There will be a real time indicator of
FUNK burned on our website allowing investors to calculate the current burn ratio, and, their share of Soniq.
E.g: Amount of FUNK burned / Total amount of FUNK Burned * 45,000,000 = Amount of Soniq received.
That simple.

Where to buy SONIQ?

Website  ◆  Stars Website  ◆  Whitepaper  ◆  FAQ

FUNK update

We wanted the secure and stable FUNK network during the burn process in order to mitigate
any possible glitches and to avoid downtime. Therefore we updated the old FUNK source code
to a much newer and more secure version: 0.15.1 This release brings about several enhancements
and introduces new features such as HD wallets (for new wallets) to bring it much closer to Bitcoin's codebase.
We've also got Dark Gravity Wave v3 difficulty adjustment algorithm activating at block 926795
(approximately May 20th, 2018) which makes the network block emission more consistent
by removing the broken Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm from the mining process.
At the same time, block 926795, we enable enforcement of BIP65 and BIP66 - which enables decentralized exchanges
like Komodo's Barterdex and Blocknet to be integrated. It also enables atomic swaps!

You are free to compile your own client using the code provided or download and use from one of tree
different desktop clients: Windows, MacOS and Linux.

GitHub repo
Offical pool:

List of supported wallets

MyEtherWallet (Desktop OR Mobile) RECOMMENDED
MetaMask (Firefox/Chrome Extension) RECOMMENDED
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)
Trust (iPhone)
Trust (Android)
Cipher (iPhone)
Cipher (Android)

These wallets allow for interaction with the Ethereum blockchain.
Token sales require this so that the network can properly interact with smart contract functions.

Soniq team

Nikola Divic
Cofunder and technical director. Nikola wants to distribute his life on the blockchain and live as an immutable entity until the end of time.
He is a software engineer by calling, with years of experience in the cryptocurrency space.
Lately Nikola is testing his management skills by handling the bunch of savages in the Soniq team.
He used to play guitar, but he was never really good at it.

Alex Mihajlovic (a.k.a. Shavers)
Cofounder. Also cofounder of GameCredits. Partially responsible for GameCredits
11,000,000% price growth in 3 years.

Michael Dugger

Project Cofounder and investor. The man with a vision (and perfect ear).
Passionate musician, producer and successful product manager in the blockchain industry.

Lucas Turner
Full stack dev with over 6 years of experience (2 in crypto). Blockchain enthusiast, day trader, early investor
and owner of a big mining ops. Electronic music fan and a piano student.

Marko Ristic
Mark is a Full Stack Developer and crypto enthusiast with over 8 years of experience in C level positions across
several European companies. He is a big fan of R&R.

Bojan Djuricic - Djura
UI/UX designer - level Dragon Slayer!

Stefan Ivkovic
Stefan is our marketing guru!

Nikola Tomic
Nikola is the Soniq Community Manager and Content Writer. He wears many hats on our team,
and is a passionate musician, an experienced guitarist, music creative, band member and an all-round
metalhead who understands the problems of the average musician in the modern-day music industry.

Dylan Sinte Maartensdijk
Dylan is a creative world wide web geek that has devoted himself full-time to the crypto space.
Well, at least when he's not touring as a DJ and producing music. Dylan, too, wears many hats on our team.

Sava Simeunovic
UI/UX designer - Level 5!

Bojan Ben Radulovic
Ben is a DevOps engineer with several years of experience in the world of decentralized technologies.
He has worked for a string of successful startups building systems with various blockchain and distributed technologies.
Ben yearns for serverless infrastructure to reduce DevOps work.

Jack Kuveke
Jack is a cryptocurrency fanatic and expert communicator with over 2 years of experience managing and
growing blockchain projects. He is using his experience to help the Soniq team strategize, grow, and market the project.


Q2 - 2018 Development and Blockchain:
  • We will start Token burn/conversion from FUNK to Soniq.
  • Create and announce our smart contract based ERC20 token.
  • Grow community around our new mission and vision - Creating a skills exchange platform
    built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Q3 2018 - Development and Marketing:
  • Release 1.0 MVP version of the Soniq “trading skills” platform will be announced.
  • List Soniq token to new crypto exchanges, making it available to more users.
  • Increase our development team and bringing in more industry advisors.
  • Create marketing and branding campaigns which will help grow Soniq brand.

Q4 2018 - Platform and Business development:
  • Develop advance level search engine to the platform.
  • Add talent and influencers to the Soniq platform, who will work in sessions with our users.
  • Create ranking system on the platform which suggest “top stars” to users.

Q1 2019 - Community and Business development:
  • Continue scaling up our community.
  • Organize band competitions and transparent reward systems.

Q2 2019 - Community and Business development:
  • Next big project...

End phase / Goal:
  • Musicians and music fans worldwide benefiting from Soniq token and creating music in collaboration with each other!

For more information, please visit our website, follow us and join us on Discord.

Thank you for your time,
- Soniq Team

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Mac wallet needed for an altcoin on: October 16, 2016, 02:52:53 PM
Hi all. I need Mac wallet compiled from a v0.11 source code. Please DM me with offers. Thank you. Cheers!
3  Other / Off-topic / Katarina's Electric Wheelchair Fund on: July 31, 2015, 11:18:42 AM
A wonderful person, a great painter and a friend of mine needs help:
Another friend of Katarina, Shawn Evan McCoy started the campaign so there's no BTC donation unfortunately, but if needed, we could manage that one too.
If you can help, we'd appreciate that. If you can't, please spread the word.

Thank you, stay awesome and take care of each other.
4  Local / 跳蚤市场 / English to Chinese translator needed. Fluent English is obligatory. on: July 18, 2015, 12:26:01 AM
I'm looking for a good Chinese/English speaker for translation job(s) and overall help.
Please PM me for details.

Good press/media skills may lead to a long term cooperation.

Thank you!
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