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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / MOVED: Is this one of Satohsi's wallets.... on: August 04, 2015, 05:02:39 PM
This topic has been moved to Trashcan.

2  Other / Meta / MOVED: False negative trust from Quickseller, here we go again (again!) on: July 21, 2015, 03:44:14 AM
This topic has been moved to Trashcan.

Please keep it to one thread, no need to make multiples.
3  Other / New forum software / Signature changes on: March 11, 2015, 02:33:32 PM
Posted this elsewhere, figured I should post it here.

I'm pushing for a way to easily disable signature advertising on a per user basis, it would be a setting in your profile you could set yourself. Either filter them by keywords or regex, disable special characters and formatting to make signatures less obnoxious, or something similar.

If one can disable forum ads, one should be able to disable sig ads as well. Since signature ads are so much more prolific it only makes sense. Shouldn't have to disable signatures entirely just because because of ads, users should have the choice. Signature advertising would still be possible, just less effective, and would cut down on the spam without so many users needing to be moderated/banned.

It would also mean sig campaigns would need to be much more responsible. If your campaign has lots of spammers in it that you are not controlling, then people are going to block your ads. If your ad is obnoxious, people will block it.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / MOVED: BTER HACKED - 7170 BTC STOLEN on: February 16, 2015, 07:02:59 AM
This topic has been moved to Trashcan.

Already a dozen existing threads, please stop making new ones, thanks.
5  Other / Off-topic / MOVED: What's the address (URL) for the new Silk Road? on: January 15, 2015, 05:09:40 PM
This topic has been moved to Trashcan.

Please don't post direct links to silk road type sites.
6  Economy / Gambling / MOVED: Tetraplay Casino | 0.005 BTC No Deposit Bonus for Bitcointalk users on: November 22, 2014, 05:06:07 PM
This topic has been moved to Games and rounds.

Giveaways/promos/etc belong in Games and Rounds.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / MOVED: |ANN| Hexion [HXC] 2 Days POW | SHA256 | 10,000 POS | NINJA on: November 15, 2014, 02:23:37 AM
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8  Economy / Goods / MOVED: [WTS] Beretta 92FS- CAL. 9mm (hand gun) *FFL 2 FFL only* Free shipping on: November 02, 2014, 08:09:09 AM
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9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / MOVED: BBC Horizon episode on internet privacy and bitcoin on: September 04, 2014, 12:29:48 PM
This topic has been moved to Trashcan.

Already posted
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Advertising spam is not allowed on: July 31, 2014, 05:45:49 AM
Advertising spam is not allowed, this includes mining pools, gambling services, exchanges, shops, etc. Mining pool ops should make a thread within the Mining section of Alt Currencies. Most OP's already link to pools available so advertising your pool is unnecessary and leads to too much spam. Exchanges, shops, gambling sites, etc, should make a thread in the Marketplace section of Alt Currencies.

Edit by mprep:

You know what, time for a slight policy change:

After consulting and discussing with BadBear, I've decided that it's time to let people discuss a bit more freely about services. Although BadBear's earlier posts hinted that service posts are a "no go" on most cases, after contacting him a couple of days ago, I believe he has changed his thinking, possibly due to the community's opinion and suggestions (told you it would help Grin).

As per this shift, the following type of posts are now allowed in coin threads:

  • Posts about block explorers. ("Here is a new block explorer for this coin" type posts)
  • If a service comes up in a disussion and directly related to the coin, it's allowed
  • "We're up" messages for pools (if it's only once per thread)
  • "This exchange added coin" type posts for exchanges (again, if it's only once per thread)

However, said rules only apply to those posts that ARE NOT large, distracting with images, or markup codes (lots of bold and colors) and other traits of an advertisement. If a post is considered an advertisement will be determined on case by case basis.

Post your suggestions and opinions regarding this rule and how it should be improved and it might get implemented.

11  Other / Meta / Ignoring or blocking pm's on: March 29, 2014, 08:59:48 AM
This is asked/reported often, so to block users from pm'ing you, go to profile, personal message options. You can add names there, or * to block all pm's. This is a separate function from ignoring a user's posts, one doesn't affect the other.
12  Other / Off-topic / Dear Diary on: March 06, 2014, 11:12:05 PM
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / STOP POSTING RESERVED, ALSO NO GIVEAWAYS/PROMOS ETC. on: January 12, 2014, 01:28:36 AM
Stop posting reserved, watching, subbed, or any other variation of placeholder. It's getting ridiculous, if you don't have anything to say, then don't post. If you're only doing it so you can follow the thread, stop it and use the watchlist instead (all you have to do is hit the watch button, it's even less effort than posting crappy replies). And don't start replacing them with one word comments like "cool" or "like" either.

Report reserved posts and their variations when you see them, they will get deleted.  

Also, giveaways are no longer allowed due to the high volume of spam it generates, this is a discussion forum. Incentivizing people to post in your thread will result in your thread being locked. This also means no "Post 'interested' to claim x" or anything along those lines. See here for more details.
14  Economy / Gambling / Giveaways/promos/etc do not belong in this forum! on: January 10, 2014, 07:38:54 AM
To be specific, I'm referring to "Post in this thread for free x". That belongs in Games and Rounds. Though it isn't limited to that, in general you shouldn't be giving people incentives to post in your thread, it's disruptive to actual discussion.
15  Other / Meta / Why was my thread moved to Games and Rounds? on: November 30, 2013, 03:44:35 PM
I'm mostly making this thread to link to in redirects/answer questions quickly.

There has been a trend of people making threads, and requiring people to post within the thread to claim a giveaway or something of the sort. This is basically paying people to spam/bump/advertise your thread, and is especially prevalent in marketplace and gambling forums, and is really annoying. Stop it.

Threads like these go in Games and Rounds.

16  Economy / Scam Accusations / nckrazze scammer tag on: September 11, 2012, 01:18:39 PM
Nckrazze did lie about not having funds with pirate, and fully deserves a scammer tag IMO.

Haven't updated yet, and I also invest in other opportunities that rise up, I have some of my personal coins with Pirate, but none of the coins of my depositors. I keep a fine line between the two.

Due to the recent controversy surrounding pirateat40's departure from the Bitcoin investments scheme after he announced the end of his operation, Bitcoin Savings and Trust, I have decided to end the depositing service, "NCKRAZZE's Deposits". I have developed many close friendships with many of the clients I have had to deal with, and it is truly difficult for me to leave the program behind. I personally felt that the service was expanding very quickly and had potential to be a large, ongoing project. However, following pirate's resignation, I received many requests from clients who wished to withdraw all of their coins from my service. The deposits that are made into my service are not eligible for early withdrawals because I offer 4/10/20 week terms, however the requests I received influenced me to make the decision to return all original deposits to their rightful owners. I have a few new depositors that I did not get to work with for as long as I wish I could have, and for this I apologize.

Though a large portion of the deposits I received were used to support a large mining operation, I do have many coins that were invested with several other lenders on the forum and many others that were used to buy bonds on GLBSE. In addition to this, I have a large amount of coins that were deposited this past week by two new depositors. About 50% of these coins are liquid and in my possession. That said, the 35% reserve is still intact and will be used  to pay back the depositors. Though I have a great deal of personal savings that are invested with pirate, none of the coins deposited to NCKRAZZE's Deposits were used to deposit into BTCST. This said, since pirate's scheme has come to an end and I plan on having a stable source of income from the bitcoin market, I plan on having the mining operation continue to generate coins as I also wish for my investments with other lenders (those that are still continuing their depositing services) as well as my bonds on GLBSE to remain in my possession. By this I mean that I would like to keep these going as personal investments. However, I will liquidate mining hardware and I will also withdraw coins from lenders/sell bonds if needed to fund all of the deposit returns. In fact, my main priority is to liquidate about 15% of the mining operation in order to fund the returns.

With 15% of the mining operation coming from USD to BTC, as well as the coins that are currently in my possession (35% reserve and the recent deposits), I still have a great deal of bitcoins to return. I plan on using my personal funds that were invested with pirate to cover the rest of the coins that will be returned to their owners. I expect pirate to return the funds this week as he stated in his post (8/20/2012-8/27/2012). With coins coming from all of these different sources to fund all of the returns, I will need close to 10 days to be able to return all funds. In the case that pirate is unable to payout, which is highly unlikely, I will be forced to sell all of my assets to fund the returns. This will require the liquidation of all of my mining hardware and will require a larger time frame.

Maybe in the future when the community settles there may be another opportunity...

Thanks for all of the support,

Mostly due to bad planning on my part as well as a large flow of coins at once and the rising difficulty rate, I was unable to continue my mining project and ended up liquidating most of it. Around July 18th, I had completely liquidated all of the mining hardware that belonged to the Deposits Service. I kept a bit over 2000$ worth of hardware for myself (which were my personal assets), to continue generating coins with. My funds remained dormant until August 6th, when I decided that the magnitude of the payouts was too great for the coins to be sitting around for. For this reason, I chose to place all the funds with pirate and continue to payout weekly interest until terms were over. As terms ended, I would not offer term renewals, and would return all of the coins to the depositors. However, in a sequence of unfortunate events, I was unable to withdraw coins from pirate, but continued to payout using the reserve fund, as mentioned (35%). I am at a personal loss now of over 2000 coins, but have liquidated my assets and will begin paying out respectively. I need everyone to understand that this will not be a matter of a few weeks or months, but rather, will be closer to a few years. At this point I cannot give a definite date that I will have returned all principals back by. However, my priority will be to return the principals. Once everyone has their principal amount deposited, I will attempt to pay the remaining interest.

I will return coins proportionately as they become available, but expect payouts on the last Sunday of each month.

So he took everything that he promised was not exposed to pirate, and dumped them with Pirate and lost it all.
17  Other / Meta / Alternative types of spam on: August 30, 2012, 04:00:16 PM
For this you will have to post in this topic the last 6 characters of your contest ticket # entry that you will get after you join the contest.

Saw this in a thread the other day, it's just another form of spam, except users are being used to do it. I don't find this acceptable, it was literally 4 pages of bc6759 with 3 or 4 real posts. I warned the OP for this and advised them to remove that portion, they didn't and just put Closed in the topic, so I just locked it.

At what point is this kind of spam acceptable though? TizzyTazzy did kind of the same thing, but it was a "slogan contest" with ultimately no winner. Other businesses are starting to do it too, and getting more bold. This results in constant spam and thread bumping for no reason. I don't think OPs should encourage spamming their threads, if they want to verify users accounts there are better ways to do it (unique codes in one of the unused fields in the profile for example), if they truly want to run a contest it would be a better fit in gambling, with no spam stipulations.

Here's another example from the current Coinabul thread, two of them actually.
Win a Bitcoin! What? A free Bitcoin?!
Here's how:

Respond to this post once every 24hrs with either:

    Your favorite gold or silver coin (Style points for pictures!)
    A one line slogan for Bitcoin
    A one line slogan for Coinabul
Bolding is mine.

Just wanted to get other's opinions on this, it's something that's been bothering me a little bit for a while and seems to be getting more common.
18  Other / Off-topic / Humble Indie Bundle #4 up! on: December 14, 2011, 01:32:06 PM

Most excellent collection of indie games, pay what you want, proceeds go directly to the devs, some to charity, some as a tip to humble, and you can choose the split as well.  This is one of the best ones yet, all the games are great. 
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