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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / ClaimBitcoin - Android bitcoin faucet app on: October 05, 2015, 04:05:12 PM
Hi all Smiley

I would like to share with you new Android faucet-like app I've created over the last couple of days. I call it Claim Bitcoin, because I own a domain of the same name for quite a while and I finally found a use for it. App is compatible with Android 2.3.3+. For the moment I have set the initial claims for 250 satoshis, because I don't have a slightest clue about how much this kind of app could earn via ads, with timer set for 30 minutes. When I get some data back, I will revise and adjust the claim amount (and I hope it will be much more then).

You are all very welcome to try it out.


Referral system
Of course, Claim Bitcoin has built-in referral system, which can generate you a nice income, if you find an audience to share with. Referral earnings are 50% from every claim and are lifetime, meaning that if someone registers an address after installing through your link, you will get reward from every claim for that address, forever. Your link should be in format:<your-bitcoin-address>

Please kindly give me heads up if you plan to send hundreds of users at once (I would like to make arrangements so the server will handle it).

Main features

  • Variable claim amounts based on ad revenue (probably will revise on weekly basis)
  • System notification of time to claim
  • Generous referral system
  • Unbeatable app design (actually, this one is a joke, but I will work on that)

Please leave your reviews here, on Google Play, or if you like, write me via e-mail to

Thank you for your time and have a great day.

2  Economy / Micro Earnings / | The best multicurrency faucet rotator on: January 27, 2015, 07:36:16 PM
Hello everyone,

I created a new faucet rotator called FaucetRunner. I did it mostly for my own needs, but I thought I could share it with community. It is not completely finished yet and I definitely welcome any feedback about improvements.

It contains ref links to most of faucets included, but I will use the money to cover server costs only (for now it runs on single dyno heroku, so it’s free).

FaucetRunner solves two important things I missed with other providers:
  • No registration, just enter your bitcoin address and click Run! (some of the faucets in fact need you to register, I can’t change that)
  • When you click “Next one”, there is already another faucet pre-loaded within another panel, so you don’t have to wait for faucet loading (except for first load, where it takes a bit longer, sorry about that). You will save up to three seconds everytime you click “Next one”

You can try it at

I have google analytics installed, but just to monitor incoming traffic. I want to be able to recognize some significant growth and adjust servers accordingly.

At this moment, there’s little over 50 faucets in FaucetRunner list, please suggest others if you want them added (I won’t add any pop-up and/or redirect faucet).

Thank you for trying out and reading this, and have a great day.

UPDATE 5/3/2015:
Because I've got too many faucets in system and some of the users reported that they would like to focus more on quality rather than quantity, I deleted the least profitable faucets from system. Also, please don't write me to add your faucet, if you do not match these rules:

  • Bitcoin - minimal claim is 100 satoshi and minimal overall daily payout is 2400 satoshi
  • Litecoin - minimal claim is 10000 satoshi and minimal overall daily payout is 240000 satoshi
  • Dogecoin - minimal claim is 2 dogecoins and minimal overall daily payout is 50 dogecoins
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