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1  Economy / Goods / [WTS] BFL chip codes on: July 10, 2013, 10:18:00 PM
88 chips codes (32 + 56 from separate accounts). PM offers. Or post pointers to reputable buyers who are interested.
2  Bitcoin / Mining support / p2pool - getblock latency on: May 19, 2013, 05:39:42 AM
I have a problem with p2pool. It started a few days ago. I'm looking for some help.

  • added p2pool and litecoin in addition (reverted this change)
  • rebooted the computer (didn't install windows updates

  • 1.9 AMD dual core, 3GB ram, Vertex 3 SSD, windows 7, QT 8.1, p2pool 11.4

  • restarted machine
  • ran p2pool litecoin and bitcoin
  • Getblock latency at 10-15 seconds and bitcoin-qt unresponsive. At this point, I stopped using the litecoin node and client
  • restarted computer
  • Now for the past hour, getblock latency has gone from <1s to 10s, increasing DOAs - after I finished this post, it is now at 12 seconds.
  • Everything is now as it used to be before but getblock latency is still massive and bitcoin-qt is slow to respond.
  • restarting p2pool does not reduce the latency but restarting bitcoin does - but then it creeps up for an hour or 2 to 10-15s
  • My CPU usage graph looks like a sine wave with an extended top . It is mostly bitcoin-qt with a bit of run_p2pool.exe
  • I've not had problems like this before with this exact setup.

trying a bitcoind rescan. not sure if it will help. - it didn't make a difference.

Reserved for answering questions asked by further posters:

Thanks in advance.
3  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / P2pool Node: dedicated setup - BTC, LTC etc. on: May 19, 2013, 05:16:44 AM
*I put this in hardware, but it also deals with software and mostly p2pool*

I've recently been working on a p2pool node. For the past 4-5 months, I've been running a node for myself which ended up being for myself and a friend. This might expand a bit more too.

The setup has been a dedicated older HP touchsmart tx2500 with a QL-60 at 1.9GHz, 3GB of ram and a 60GB vertex 2. I was hoping to reduce getblock latency with the SSD but it didn't help that much - still under a second though. Running windows 7 because I already had it on there. It is wired. My connection is a 30up/2down.

So recently I tried adding litecoin support. I successfully got the node set up and everything was running fine. Except for some reason the getblock latency for bitcoind shot up above 10 seconds and bitcoin-qt interface became unusable. So for now I've had to remove litecoin support.

Which brings me to the purpose of this thread, which is twofold.

1. I'm looking to set up a dedicated p2pool server that will start out supporting Bitcoin and Litecoin and perhaps add some alt-coins later. So I would like some suggestions from those of the community more familiar with p2pool.

What I am considering (please respond and comment):
  • I want this machine to be cost-effective. I'm looking to spend under $500 total for sure but lower is better.
  • AMD A4-5300 for $50. Enough cpu muscle?
  • I will be running Linux. Likely Fedora Core. Filesystem recommendations, anyone?
  • I intend to use a WD Black 1TB drive as a compromise between price, performance and capacity for the bitcoin blockchain over the next few years.
  • 8GB of ram
  • There are two possibilities. 1) Everything on the host. 2) Run each node inside a separate VM.  Suggestions?

2. Some questions for those more familiar with p2pool than myself:

  • Could the getblock latency I am getting be related to my CPU at all (1.9GHz AMD dual)? It starts out low, but often can hit as high as 5 seconds, normally. There are large spikes but not much constant cpu usage (graph ends up looking like a messy sine wave).
  • Does anyone else have any suggestions as to why my getblock latency is so high?

Additional information as requested by users in this thread:

Thanks in advance. If I add more questions, I will change them to a different colour so you know they are new.
4  Other / Off-topic / If you ordered from BFL, would you post it? on: April 02, 2013, 02:50:46 AM
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN ORDER FROM BFL TO RESPOND. --> This is simply looking at ratios of what people are willing to do.
Poll expires in one week, then we get to see the results.

Link to wait list:

This poll is to help get a better real estimate of the number of pre-orders. I am using it as a statistic to use to multiply the orders listed by the ratio of yes/no.

So this idea is very very far from perfect but does give a good idea of how many people like to post their orders in a public forum vs those who don't.
5  Economy / Goods / [WTB] FPGA miners - Canada on: March 19, 2013, 12:14:57 AM
I'm looking for an FPGA miner to play around with. I never got in on the fun and kept my GPUs. Since it is just to play around with, I'm looking for something on the less expensive side. That said, I'd like to play around with a unit that is capable of least 100-200MH/s and has good developer support, like the x6500s or icarus.

PM me with an offer. I'll do Bitcoin to make things easier.
Comment on here if you have advice about buying and selling for newbs or if you have additional questions.

I'd of course want to do escrow but I am new to buying and selling on here so any pointers would be hot.
If you are trusted enough on the forums, I might be willing to forgo the escrow and pay you upfront, since I have no buy/sell history. You would have to be really, really trusted though.

Edit: I'd prefer cash and in-person but I can't find anything on kijiji
6  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Thoughts on this guy? Or alternatives? Regarding FPGAs on: March 17, 2013, 03:35:40 AM

So this is the last guy on bitmit selling an x6500 and willing to ship to Canada. He has no feedback but does escrow, so there shouldn't be a problem, right? Thoughts?

Does anyone have any alternative ideas?

I am interested in purchasing a spartan 6 based FPGA as inexpensively as possible. I don't expect to make money back.
I started mining after the summer of 2011 with GPUs and never got into FPGAs. I did dabble with CPUs though. I'm just interested in getting an FPGA and running it because I don't want to have missed some experience with a generation of Bitcoin hardware, now that I am a more dedicated miner. I enjoy the whole hardware mining process.

So if anyone has any feedback and thinks this guy is worth a shot or if anyone on the forums is willing to sell me an FPGA like icarus or an x6500, please let me know. I'm not looking to spend huge so I am hoping for a board with only one or two chips. Hopefully for less than 4BTC but that might be optimistic.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / cgminer 2.11.0 not accepting shares... on: March 13, 2013, 07:56:59 PM
I've recently started looking into litecoin mining. Setting it up on my 6770m was easy and it is hashing away at coinotron with as backup. Worked fine so I set up my 6950 to do the same.
So cgminer was reporting 444KH/s. I go to sleep and wake up to maybe 10 shares 10 hours later. I check the output and see no "accepted" just a continuous list of

stratum requested new work from pool 0...
stratum requested new work from pool 0...

No rejected, no accepted in my tests. The pool reports a hashrate of 3.5KH/s reflected in shares.
I've tried older cgminer versions between 2.6 and 2.9 and had the same issue or ran into separate, older issues.
I've tried two pools: coinotron and notrollin.

Anyone know what could be going on here?

Summary of information requested or mentioned later in the thread:
-running on windows 8, 64-bit
-6950 unlocked
-5770 running in same machine - same problem
-laptop running 6770m, windows 7 x64, same cgminer version. slightly older driver, still 12.x catalyst - works fine.
-desktop on 13.1 driver
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Thoughts on FPGAs? on: March 13, 2013, 03:03:28 AM
"The German guy selling x6500s on bitmit"

Worthwhile? Opinions?

Edit: sorry, wrong link. Got kind of confused when people where talking about the recent crash instead of the FPGA. Link fixed.
Edit, edit: Can't fix link because is down. Replaced it with a quote. He's got no rating and is using a picture straight off the x6500 website. But he is using escrow.

I'd prefer to buy from the USA based guy but he doesn't appear to be willing to ship to Canada.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Ignorance on: March 06, 2013, 10:54:26 PM
I find ignorance funny to read. Funnier still, now that I know a lot about how Bitcoin works. So here is the goal of this thread:

1. Post an ignorant, funny or both comment that you have read (or multiple) inside the quote tags. Source them if you want, but this is not required

2. Outside the quote tags, discuss the hilarity of others' comments, the effects of the comments, or other interesting things regarding how Bitcoin is perceived.

So I will go first. Posts should follow the following format:


"i didnt like BTC b/c i dont understand it. plus you can get them hacked."

"Have fun with your 101010010101101"

I found the second quote pretty funny for some reason. The first one is contradictory. He says he doesn't understand Bitcoin but he seems to think he knows enough to be able to think that "you can get them hacked."


So it doesn't have to be long or anything but I just think a topic like this could get some interesting discussion going.
10  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin market cap is now almost... [Apollo moon landing project+Ft. Knox !] on: February 28, 2013, 01:48:13 AM
The Bitcoin market cap is now 77% of Jay-Z's net worth in Nov. 2011 [source:]


I'll start.

I've never really put it in perspective but damn. Bitcoin is so small. I mean, the market cap of Bitcoin only became worth more than a single airbus A380 just earlier this month.
Putting this in perspective, along with all the newer businesses and bitpay this year... is the value increasing really a surprise?

So to sum up what this topic discussion is about:
1. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin's current and potential value?
2. Do you think Bitcoin is small?
3. What do we know about the theoretical market capitalization of "corporate/store currencies?" And what are your thoughts on them? For example, Canadian Tire money is practically cash in Canada.
4. Let's let this discussion stray wherever it wants to go. This could be interesting and maybe give some perspective.

The following are Nov. 2011 values.

March 6, 2013 --> We have now surpassed not only Jay-z, but also:
-one USD per US resident
March 21, 2013-->Mona Lisa Assessed value ($730,660,000)
-economic savings during hurricane irene
March 27, 2013---->1 billion hit
April 2, 2013-------> $10 for every US household ($1,179,180,000)
April 7, 2013-------> Box office revenue of Star Wars, adjusted for inflation ($1,681,000,000)
April 8, 2013-------> Cost to fund wikipedia at current levels for 100 years ($1,850,000,000)
April 8, 2013-------> Total annual tax breaks to the 5 largest oil companies ($2,100,000,000)
April 10, 2013------>B-2 Bomber ($2,500,000,000)
                            Donald Trump 2011 ($2,700,000,000)
November 6, 2013-->George Lucas 2011 ($3,200,000,000)
November 17, 2013->Bruce Wayne's fortune ($6,500,000,000)
November 17, 2013->Steve Jobs 2011 ($8,300,000,000)
August 6, 2017->Bill Gates 2011 ($56,000,000,000)
December 3, 2017->Apollo moon landing project ($192,000,000,000)
December 6, 2017->Ft. Knox "Gold" Reserves ($245,900,000,000)

Next stops:
Apple Corporation 2011 ($358,310,000,000)
Combined 1yr profit of fortune 500 ($708,600,000,000)
Total outstanding student loans, 2011 ($955,800,000,000)

I'll be looking for interesting stops and updating. I will also come back when these goals are reached. If you get excited and I haven't updated it yet, feel free to give me a pm.

Also, I will only be altering this thread when price goes up, not down. So whatever you see here is the top of the market at some point. I am also going strictly by whatever the largest USD exchange is at the time.
11  Economy / Securities / Buying 9 ASICminer shares on: February 25, 2013, 10:33:39 AM
pm any offers.
12  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Address 14DumMEnKYtebNWJjf1VhPmxCYeBbT2V3n ? on: January 18, 2013, 11:55:47 AM
Does anyone know anything about bitcoin address 14DumMEnKYtebNWJjf1VhPmxCYeBbT2V3n?
I recently received two very small transactions from this address.
13  Bitcoin / Pools / Promoting P2pool with my signature on: January 03, 2013, 05:16:21 AM
I've recently switched over all my miners to p2pool.
I would like to promote p2pool with my signature and need cool ideas:

-must include the p2pool thread link (remember you can turn words into links)
-must be only one line
-must promote p2pool
-must be something anyone can put in their signature
-on a side note, if anyone knows of a way to hide text in this forum where you must click a button to view the rest, please let me know.

My current signature (thanks DeathAndTaxes)
Bitcoin is decentralized.  Why isn't your mining pool? p2pool: Decentralized mining since 2012
[url=]Bitcoin is [i][color=green]decentralized[/color][/i].  Why isn't your [i][color=green]mining pool[/color][/i]? [color=red][b]p2pool[/b][/color]: [u]Decentralized mining since 2012[/u][/url]

Summary of suggestions from this thread:

Bitcoin is decentralized?  Why isn't your mining pool? p2pool - Decentralized mining since 2012
[url=][color=black]Bitcoin is [b][color=green]decentralized[/color][/b]?  Why isn't your [b][color=green]mining pool[/color][/b]?[/color] [color=green][b]p2pool[/b][/color] - [u]Decentralized mining since 2012[/u][/url]

Don't you love your pool's high fees and delayed payouts? If you like getting paid 100% of what you earn then try p2pool?  (p2pool support)
[url=][color=black]Don't you love your pool's high fees and delayed payouts? If you like getting paid 100% of what you earn then try [b][color=green]p2pool[/color][/b]?  ([/color][u][b]p2pool support[/b][/u][color=black])[/color][/url]

::end so far::
14  Bitcoin / Project Development / Wealth of Bitcoin Information/Data (Network, Market, Addresses) on: August 30, 2012, 04:02:00 AM
Update: I don't have time to keep this document both updated and to fix it every time there is a problem with my sources which overflows the cells. So I would like to give editing permissions to some members of the bitcoin community to improve the document and keep it error-free.
As for the overflow problem: essentially, whenever my source websites have a problem, they return a 404 page or error page and when google docs tries to insert it, it ends up inserting all the data in different cells, ruining the document. The solution is simple: revert to the most recent change. But the problem is someone needs to keep checking back.

Anyway, for those two reasons, I would like to hand this over to members of bitcointalk who I can trust not to mess up the document and who are willing to improve and maintain the document.

If you are interested, please email me at and/or leave your gmail address in this thread.


I've recently had some spare time and have started working on a google docs repository of Bitcoin information based on and blockexplorer.

The doc will remain active as long as and blockexplorer remain active.

I would like this information to be useful to the community. Currently it is separated into three categories:

Network: information related to the network and coin generation
Market:   financial information of bitcoin
Addresses: an easy-to-read list of addresses and transactions belonging to those addresses.

Here is the link:

I created this thread to expand the information offered, improve the information offered and expose this doc to the community as an easy-to-access information repository. Over time, I also hope to make it prettier but information comes first.

So what do I need from you?

-What information do you want to see added and where can I fetch it from?
-What calculations are badly put together?
-What calculations can be simplified?

-What information do you want to see added and where can I fetch it from?

-What addresses belong to pirateat40?
-What addresses belong to the major pools?
-What other addresses would you like to see added?
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Idea to spread acceptance of bitcoin (minor) on: August 09, 2012, 01:49:39 AM
Bitcoin is the perfect currency with which to donate to causes due to the ease of sending the currency. I have never donated anything with paypal, creditcard etc. but I have donated via bitcoin before.

It is my assumption that most Anime sub groups are versed in computer technology. Therefore, my assumption is that bitcoin adoption would be relatively easy for them. However, none of them currently accept bitcoin. I would like to see this changed. This could be very attractive to groups. For example, one group even currently requests donations of no less than $5 to reduce paypal fees, which is something bitcoin avoids entirely... at least until the USD conversion. (

I would like to propose sending several friendly messages to sub groups asking if they accept bitcoin as donates and where to send them if so. I've already started.

The following are reasons a group might choose not to which might be something we could consider addressing in such emails
1. Conversion to USD
2. How much of a hassle is this to implement?

The following are ways groups use donated money and therefore, if bitcoin can help with any specifically, it would be more attractive. Especially if, for example, they could use the funds directly without USD conversion and save money in the process.

1. server costs
2. hosting costs
3. domain name costs
4. computer hardware costs
5. purchase of anime DVDs and Blu-rays

Below is a list of all the sub groups or anime related groups I know that accept donations in paypal or credit card but not bitcoin. I will add to the list if anyone more knowledgeable can mention some groups. There are hundreds out there.
16  Bitcoin / Pools / Backup pools? Good idea? Bad idea? on: June 28, 2012, 03:33:30 AM
Just wondering what everyone's opinion is on CGminer's backup pools without --failover-only?
So in other words, does anyone have any idea if leaking work to other pools would increase or decrease overall efficiency?
I used to have just BTCGuild set up but not I have backups at Deepbit and P2Pool. Haven't been running the backups very long but I seem to be getting ~0.005BTC every time a block is found (3 times today in the last 24-hours). I haven't had this setup long enough to determine if BTCGuild is affected to a major degree or not, especially with the small, non-configurable estimation window. Deepbit averages ~20MH/s in a 60 minute window.
I'm running windows 1x 840MHz unlocked 6950, 1x 725MHz 6450, 1x stock 6770m and linux 1x 1.02GHz 5830 all with CGminer.
17  Bitcoin / Pools / P2Pool as backup, CGminer? on: June 26, 2012, 11:46:36 PM
I was just wondering what everyone's experience is with CGminer's backup pool settings. I currently have BTCGuild as my primary and deepbit as my backup pool. I experimented with P2Pool for a bit over 24-hours but the payout was < 50% of that of BTCguild. So I have it set now as my backup of my backup pool. Logical, since it won't go down.
I'd like some thoughts on this and backup pools in general but I also have a few questions.
I use CGminer and have these set as my backup pools. I'm not using the --failover-only switch and am wondering if this could be more or less efficient overall in everyone's experience? What do you think a good idea is with regards to this switch?
I also wouldn't mind any thoughts on P2Pool aswell.

Think of this thread as a discussion on the various topics mentioned above.
18  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Linux Bitcoin Copy to RAM? on: June 17, 2012, 04:11:03 PM
I've been looking around at some of the dedicated software like BAMT (which I am using with CGminer) and linuxcoin. The problem with these is they require a USB drive per rig.
I'm wondering if anyone knows of a bitcoin distribution that, after setup and boot, would copy to RAM so you could remove your flash drive and use it in another machine?
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