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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 22.0 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Marketplace / Selling 50 Dollar Sparkfun Electronics Gift Certificate on: February 13, 2011, 04:58:22 AM
I've got a Sparkfun Electronics Gift Certificate, but they are not transferable, so I can't actually sell it to you. What I can do is have something from shipped to your address for Bitcoins. The gift certificate is worth 50 USD, and I'll ship things to your address for 1BTC/USD spent. You must pay for shipping (4.24 USD on sparkfun, so 4.24 BTC please) as well. Any one been eye-ing anything on Sparkfun lately?
2  Economy / Marketplace / Anonymous Design - Anonymous Web Design and Development Paid for in Bitcoin on: February 12, 2011, 01:45:27 AM
Want to host a darknet website (Tor, I2P, Freenet,) but don't have the time/skill to make it yourself? Head over to Anonymous Design and Pay Dangler to do it for you!


-Base32: http://r2m7vjuu57hubh7yhvfwhqwzcfs32uao6fvwx5vicso6gzggufba.b32.i2p/
-I2PKey: anonymousdesign.i2p=wEYNJVMYvCo7raDnv96yONnW0Mvmv61Vtasau4aIG2TUr2V~wtTAzQ2Z~cuFkL6BONo9rLfwtTARGVEFJh1c6nMhxxu0PlI9XxQdfmn0baooABQBrA3L6VLnO6SgaYtAQdM~f3eonNEJeqAidy3EsEilPYY57jpyzPTjCVFQFeGYxfpgi06ILp27JAkjS0b1qsuYtZak0sKveXkmW3kRZ1OOSucjHJa3ySDXhnt5ToysySF2Ki3~6e2oExnvtLQcuhCaqrPd1h73qr9zJ~qdzabwpbAIlot~oiVu6wJfz1zI~vfHcZ4~8BCNiXAXgZ4H4qYQIIKyO0vZB7QvgUKAkSVWbqL~xzjtX3~6CPAdZAsTt3ZBx4qH0sUE7YwSJcLyGAXDmv66Z0PyutfMxneK6e4OEp2bZsYZSREn6fEqxI0S245cEZWVCbG-TUB-MBKcbq4AD-Jep7RAMqLfSj3XDC8tnsIXCQaHXguJi9CobwS~EBgqWf2A0Lp7Yl~YBjQbAAAA

I know that the website there isn't really a work of art, but I just made all of it late at night when I was tired. New website will be up soon. Also, I'm looking for a better way of exchanging Bitcoins. Right now, if I were to get a customer, they have to put a lot of trust into me that I will actually give them their website. Suggestions?

Contact me:
Email:, or dangler@mail.i2p
TorPM: Dangler
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