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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / trouble syncing new install? on: October 02, 2018, 12:53:16 AM
so, on a new windows install and formatted hard drive I've installed 16.3 and am trying to sync for the first time. it's getting stuck at about 15%. stays on the same block with no progress for hours. tried restarting the whole process by closing bitcoin core and deleting to data folder (separate hard drive from the install) and it happened again, about 15%, but a different block. the first time I had closed the client and replaced the newly made wallet file with my old one, but the second time I did not.

any thoughts? i can just leave it, but a block shouldn't be taking 6+ hours to download and process, should it?
2  Economy / Goods / custom, handmade knives, swords, axes, tools - Damascus steel! on: December 07, 2017, 09:44:25 PM
I'm neck deep in the handcrafted blade community, though only an amateur myself. i'd be happy to act as a liaison for anyone wanting something custom made to their specifications, from any maker, even if they don't accept bitcoin.

for examples, see but don't feel limited to that site. As a middle man, i'd be happy to act as a bitcoin passthrough for anyone, for only a $2 fee.
3  Economy / Digital goods / Steam Games, get your steam games here! on: December 07, 2017, 09:39:05 PM
yea, i know there's a few different websites offering this already, but hey, it's something i know, so why not, right?

anything on steam i'll buy and sell to you for bitcoin at bitstamp's price +$2 for my trouble. delivery within 2 hours, unless i'm asleep. i'm in the US, so that may effect certain prices or availabilities.
4  Bitcoin / Mining support / power supply issue... on: November 15, 2017, 10:07:54 PM
so, i just got two BFL singles. based on my research a 500w PC power supply should be enough, so i got one and plugged it in. one BFL single works fine. but the other... well, firstly i had to buy two molex to 6 pin PCIe adapters, so there's that... but when i try to power them both and start mining through BFG, they work for a couple seconds, then the PSU shuts down. i assume due to too much power being used.

i don't have a kill-a-watt or other test stuff handy to determine what they're actually drawing.

i'm also fully aware they won't make any money, so skip it. not why i'm doing it.

how much juice do i need here? 600 watts? more? adapters a bad idea?
5  Economy / Computer hardware / WTB old dust collecting miners! on: November 07, 2017, 05:30:57 AM
i mean, old. like, i've got 50 bucks to throw at this. anything that can up my hash from the... uh... 11 GH it's at right now. *ahem* yea, i know. but hey, if it's just a door stop to you, why not sell it? Cheesy
6  Economy / Computer hardware / asicminer block erupter USB - first ever used! still work! on: November 04, 2017, 09:32:52 PM
so i was the guy who ran the first group buy of asic miner block erupter USB sticks here on the forum - 330 megahash a second each! woohoo, right?

well, having moved recently, i finally unpacked the ones i have and decided to see if they still worked - turns out they do! my hubs are a different story, sadly.

point is: these babies are the first ASIC chips to ever mine bitcoin, out in the wild rather than in labs or production facilities.

i've got 44, all functional.

obviously, there's little real value in running them, but plenty of historical significance.

anyone interested? original prices were something like 200 USD each, but their value now is ...totally unknown. i'd be happy to discuss any offers, either for all of them or for individual sticks. for info's sake regarding shipping, i'm near fort worth texas, zipcode 76022.
7  Other / Off-topic / any new home construction experiences? on: May 01, 2017, 09:26:35 PM
so i (finally) got a decent job after quite sometime unemployed. yay! one of the things this leads to is figuring out where to live for my wife and i. we're at her parents house now.

one option is to build a house on their land. they own it free and clear, there is over an acre. i know loans from banks for homes are common, and that home construction loans when you already own the land DO exist. but i haven't got any idea how much i'd even be looking at.

i mean, how much does it cost to build a house? materials, different techniques (modular, prefab, stick build, poured concrete, brick?) labor? how much could we (and friends) do ourselves and what sort of legal stuff is there to deal with?

i just have no idea. not even sure where to begin looking for info, so here we are.

this is in texas, btw. i'm sure it differs by state.

any advice?
8  Other / Off-topic / anyone interested in custom knives? my 2nd one! on: March 01, 2017, 04:54:39 AM
just finished my 2nd custom knife the other day. thought someone here might like a peek. thoughts?

more info and pictures over at

9  Other / Off-topic / need my tax refund asap - how to get it without the w-2? on: January 11, 2016, 06:09:00 AM
so i got laid off on December 9th. good times, lemme tell ya. unemployment won't kick in until next week, and i'm late rent. i've got a week to get 800 bucks, in short.

which my tax refund should cover three times over! yay!

but i can't GET it in the next week. BOO!

any ideas?

all i have is my final paystub. no w-2, i'd only worked for the job from feb of 2015 to december 9.

not asking for a loan or anything (i still owe marcotheminer a few coins...) like that, but ideas to get my tax refund early, or a loan on that.

any ideas?
10  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] $200 in amazon giftcards for btc. on: April 26, 2015, 03:12:25 PM
hey guys.

so i've got $230 USD worth of amazon giftcards (technically i haven't bought them yet, so desired amount is flexible and such) that i'm looking to sell for BTC. gotta make a loan payment...

obviously there'll be a mark down, but i'd prefer to get as close to 1 btc as possible.
11  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] walmart giftcard, $216.46 USD on: April 14, 2015, 06:13:46 PM
asking .9 BTC or best offer.
12  Economy / Digital goods / $100 amazon gift cards, 3 in stock! SOLD on: March 16, 2015, 03:38:42 PM
hi guys, i got 3 $100 dollar gift cards with amazon sitting in my email ready to move. need the btc to pay some loans back. talk to me.

to clarify: i'm not looking to lose $70 bucks on this... be reasonable with your offers, k?

13  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Hitman: Absolution, Supreme Commander 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution| STEAM on: February 17, 2015, 10:14:14 PM
just bought a bundle and got these, but already have them or don't want them. anyone? first reasonable offer gets it, all three or individual.
14  Other / Off-topic / any insurance salesmen here? considering becoming an agent on: February 12, 2015, 05:58:52 AM
friend of mine recently became and AFLAC insurance agent. still training, only passed his test just prior to christmas, but he talks a big game. as i'm in desperate need of a job with real income asap, he's suggesting i follow his footsteps. so, thought i'd ask here opinions on it.

anyone done aflac sales or other insurance? what about other 100% commission jobs? i'm not what i'd consider a natural salesman. i couldn't talk a starving man into spending his last dollar on a belt buckle or some shit. but i can talk to people and tell them about good products. so, maybe? i don't know...

as the kid who dreamed of game development as a career, the fact i'm even considering this seems ludicrous. but damn do i need a job.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / bitcoin core not syncing? on: January 19, 2015, 08:03:22 AM
so, apparently my bitcoin core stopped syncing sometime friday. i'd been working all weekend and only noticed a couple hours ago... it had been running, trying to sync 2 days worth for about 8 hours. is there some network side reason for this, or is it my end? possibly corrupt blockchain?
16  Other / Off-topic / at wits end - illegal, unwelcome person living on property. how to remove? on: November 17, 2014, 10:48:03 PM
so, i live with my fiance and her parents. we all get along just fine. their son lives on the property they own, in a trailer. he brought in someone i can best describe as his gf and she's been living there. in short, she's trash. drugs, actively involved in crime, threats of violence against us, etc. he's no peach either, but that's for later.

no lease agreement, verbal or written exists. no permission was given. she's been verbally told to get the fuck out multiple times, but refuses to do so.

my future in laws just went to a justice of the pease earlier today to try to file for eviction, but were shut down. something to do with the lack of lease. i don't know the details as they aren't home yet.

to put it lightly, my fiance is in tears, her mother - who's hand two heart attacks and survived cancer - is on the verge of physically puking she's so stressed and we're afraid she's gonna drop dead for all this.

anyone got any ideas? all i can think to do is to get her folks to declare me their agent, as they own the land but are both well into their 60's and aren't really able to handle this shit, and then deal with her myself, violently if i must. not that i want to hurt her or anything, but this shit's gone long enough. however i can't find anything on how to GET that declaration done and legally recognized. fiance is worried i'd get arrested for getting involved when it's not my property.

does anyone here have any idea where we can turn or how we can solve this before my mother in law has another heart attack?
17  Economy / Long-term offers / seeking $1500 at 15% interest on: November 11, 2014, 05:46:28 PM
original thread here:

this is kinda a cross post, but i want'ed to be sure the longterm guys saw it too, since that is more fitting.

in short, i need $1000 usd for a car insurance deductible to get my car fixed after an accident. the other guy ran...
and about 500 or so (this part is negotiable) to cover living expenses such as food, insurance and car payments, etc.

offering 15% interest and $200 worth of btc repaid monthly (or $50 weekly if you prefer.)

i'm pretty desperate here guys. i use the car for work. with the damage, i can't work.
18  Economy / Computer hardware / original batch USB block erupters - collector item only, 330 megahash - sale? on: November 10, 2014, 07:11:53 PM
so i'm strapped for cash something hard core, and need money to get my car fixed. see loan request thread:

the only asset i have that might be worth something to someone is the original batch of block erupter USB miners i have. these were the first every sold, first ever used to mine outside of test units.

i have around 20 i think, plus 30 ish from a later batch.=. each mines at 330 megahash. obviously worthless as functional miners (though they DO function!)

speaking strictly as a collectors item, anyone interested? at all?

post in wrong section? where should i move it?
19  Economy / Lending / need 1.5btc. multiple small loans OK! 20% interest - FUNDED! on: November 07, 2014, 06:16:13 PM

marcotheminer has repaid all the contributors. i now owe him 4.23 btc.

marcotheminer 1btc repayment 1.2 btc by jan 30th - MISSED DEADLINE: .2 btc paid to marcotheminer by thirdparty. additional .5 btc loaned, total 1.6 btc repayment owed by march 1st paid .25, 1.35 remaining. march 16th

jonald_fyookball fully paid march 16th

ducatitalia 1 btc repayment 1.2 btc by feb 15th - MISSED DEADLINE - .5 btc repaid, renegotiated, 1 btc owed remaining, due april 15th 2015

botany .5 btc repayment aug 17th

EDIT: TL;DR: still seeking 1.5 btc - got 1btc with .5 offered if fully funded. exhausted other options. check the end of the thread.

so, i find myself slightly up the creek, as it were. while working (driving for uber, like a taxi basically which is my full time income) my car got hit by a guy pulling out fro ma parking meter. damaged my passenger side doors. back one won't open, you get the idea. the guy bolted and as of yet i haven't heard any progress from the police. IF they find him, it'll be ages before there's any money pulled out of him due to the legal process.

in order to get back to work, i'm having to cover the $1000 insurance deductible to get repairs done. it's also taken them nearly three weeks to get the appraiser out to look at the car and such. i'm probably looking at another week or more out of work. my savings are dried up. i've got the usual bills to cover... car payment, insurance, cell phone, food, (not rent thankfully) so i also need a few hundred to cover those expenses.

to sum up: need $1500 usd, interest of 15%, once i actually get back to work, i should be able to repay about $150 usd (bitcoin equivalent, of course) monthly at a minimum. with any luck the cops will find the guy and get the money from him...

since i'm asking for btc, the loan would be repaid in btc, even if the price sky rockets or whatever.

EDIT: people down thread have suggested i take the loan in USD instead. that's fine. anything is fine. i just need my car fixed.

EDIT 2: got some living expenses sorted out, but still need the deductible. i've spoken with a bank about a personal loan, but my credit here and my credit with banks and the like are very different things... EDIT: loan was denied.
20  Other / Off-topic / anyone know anything about getting REALLY new cable/fiber ran to a rural home? on: October 18, 2014, 07:55:19 AM
hey guys.

warning: i'm writing this at 3 am while very tired...

so, i currently live a bit out in the boonies. it's kinda rural in setting, on the edge of the larger dallas metroplex. and i can't even get DSL out here. i'm currently using a 3g wireless connection with verizon that thankfully has unlimited data, but maxes out around 300kbps.
no at&t u-verse or DSL, even cable tv isn't an option. we're just too far from the nearest hub thingy.

of course, when i say too far, what i've seen according to a site i can't remember now was that the houses about 100 yeards away (and possibly those across the street...) DID have cable.

so, who the hell do i talk to and how much would i have to fork over?
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