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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Centra Tech Multi-Blockchain Worldwide Debit Card on: October 16, 2017, 08:04:10 AM

We earlier had 2 threads based on Centra tech crypto debit cards and for some unknown reason both have been locked now

So I created a new thread for discussion on development/updates on centra tech.
2  Economy / Marketplace / BFL Jalapeno for sale on: September 04, 2013, 06:12:02 PM
I've put up my 5.8-6 GH/s Jalapeno for auction on bitmit. Starting price is only 2 BTC.

3  Local / Skandinavisk / Bitcoin omtalt på DR1 (So ein Ding) on: March 18, 2013, 10:59:21 PM!/08:40

"Stigende anvendelighed..."
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Best news in Bitcoin in 2012 on: November 19, 2012, 10:53:21 PM
Let's compile a list of good (and bad) news for Bitcoin YTD? 2012 events only.

I'm not talking about changes in price, volume, user base or that sort of thing. I'm also not talking about vaporware or things which have only been announced, bot not yet hit the market (e.g. Ellet, Bitcoincard, Bitinstant's Mastercard, ASICs, etc.).

Real developments - good or bad.

List so far:

+Bitcoin magazine now shipping (four issues and counting)
+Wordpress accepting bitcoin
+Launch of The Bitcoin Foundation's hybrid ewallet service (iPhone compatible)
+The London conference
+ECB report on virtual currencies (55 p - essentially bitcoin)
+Bitinstant and its 700k cash deposit locations
+Satoshidice, Bitzino and provably fair gambling
+Pirateat40 default & merger accepting bitcoin
+Bitinstant cash-4-bitcoin sites
+Bitcoin Friday
+Coinbase and BFL securing VC funding

-The Bitcoinica fiasco
-Closure of GLBSE
-Closure of Cryptoexchange

Last update: November 23.
5  Local / Skandinavisk / Indlsag om SR & Bitcoin paa Dansk TV2 on: November 12, 2012, 09:05:01 PM
Her til aften (12/11) paa "station2" paa TV2 var der et laengere indslag om SR og bitcoin. Er det ikke foerste gang bitcoin omtales i prime time paa en dansk TV kanal?

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Latex support for bitcoin? on: July 29, 2012, 02:56:09 PM
Does anyone know of a LaTeX/pdfLaTEX package which supports the bitcoin symbol, BTC, for writing inline?

What I want is a package that I can load (\usepackage{bitcoin}) and then write \BTC our \bitcoin inline for the BTC symbol to appear just like a "$" symbol or other symbols.

I'd be willing to contribute a small tip for someone to write such a package.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Dealextreme to accept bitcoin? on: July 29, 2012, 09:09:13 AM
For those who don't know it's a big site selling all things geek I.e. perfectly matched tip the average bitcoin user ;-)

They are based in China (Hong Kong), which I think could work to our advantage. The sell things at quite competitive prices which means that they are giving away a very significant fraction of their markup to ccc/papal. I bet they are also suffering large chargeback losses.

They are quite "big" with more than one million daily site hits according to the wiki so if they do start accepting bitcoin, it would be a huge win for bitcoin.

Please consider visiting their site and writing to them about bitcoin. They even have a "suggestions"  tab where you can fill out with a bitcoin sales pitch.

If anyone is located near them physically (Hong Kong), it would be awesome with an in-person pitch!
Hint, hint Roger :-)
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What's the best way to strengthen Bitcoin? on: July 01, 2012, 08:48:33 AM
In order to strengthen Bitcoin against possible attacks discussed elsewhere (
) what would be the most important thing?

Some suggestions in no particular order, to start the discussion:
-Enlarge the Bitcoin economy - say by every current user putting at least one thing/service fire sale on bitmit or similar .
-(Finally), get Apple to accept Bitcoin wallet apps, to access the enormous iphone user base.
-Developing better Bitcoin clients for increased user friendliness and security.
-More/better online exchanges.
-Improved/more Bitcoin fora (like Bitcointalk, reddit's r/bitcoin, etc.)
-Merchant solutions like bit-pay.
-Bitcoin media like blogs or Bitcoin magazine.
-Protocol improvements like multi-sig or hash algorithm changes.
-Decentralized mining like p2pool - or stronger pools.
-Asic mining.
-A new, better bitcoinica.

It is not about identifying all possibilities. It's about getting our priorities straight.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin in India on: June 11, 2012, 06:36:15 PM
Open question:

Why has Bitcoin so far gotten zero traction in India?

Some thoughts...
- India has more programmers/computer people than the rest of the world combined.
- People in India love tangible assets (gold/silver)
- The Rupee is crashing and the gold price has just hit an all time high in Rupees.
- > 108 people in India have no bank account or otherwise access to financial services.
- Millions of Indians live outside India and send money to/from relatives in India.
- Unlike China, India has no "great firewall".


Last week, many Bitcoiners got very excited that the turnover on the Chinese Bitcoin exchange spiked for a few days. Why? Because there are a lot of potential Bitcoiners in China, of course.
But India does not even have a Bitcoin exchange of its own! Why not?
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Decline in listening hosts on: May 29, 2012, 07:58:54 PM
In these times when nearly all indicators are pointing towards increasing adoption and growing economy of Bitcoin there is one important (??) indicator pointing down: The number of connected hosts.

According to there are now less than 3000 listening hosts. I guess these are mostly people running Bitcoin-qt and with port 8333 open - mainly miners.

I do not think that this development is surprising: Most regular Bitcoin users are migrating to lightweight clients and mobile clients and only miners really need to remain well connected to the backbone p2p network.

In the beginning of Bitcoin -
anyone with a CPU could mine (one CPU - one vote) -
soon, only people with a GPU could mine (ruling out laptops) -
then, only people with certain ATI GPUs could mine (ruling out Nvidia and on-board graphics) -
today, only people with ATI GPUs AND cheap electricity or FPGAs could mine (ruling out many people who own even good ATI GPUs)
in the near future, only people with an expensive 28 nm FPGA can mine (even fewer people) -
within a year or so, only people with a dedicated ASIC (costing $1000+) can mine (even fewer people).

The thing is that while that the raw hashing power needed to attack the network is growing, the number of miners you need to target by DDOS or otherwise (if you are a malign government wanting to take down Bitcoin) is getting lower by the day!
IMO the 3000 nodes that we currently have seems like an easier target for a well funded attacker than than the prospect of deploying 55,000+ spartan 6 chips to brute-force a 51% attack.

What do you think? Is the chronic decline in hosts a genuine problem for the backbone p2p network?
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Bitcoin Flyers - Newbie version on: October 21, 2011, 02:50:12 AM
There is a discussion about bitcoin flyers for the occupy movement, etc. here:

Since newbies can't post there we need a newbie version of the thread.

Phrases like
"Be your own bank" - have been suggested in the main thread. I would suggest replacing the B with the bitcoin symbol.

Other suggestions that come to mind:
"Break free of debt $lavery"

"Money is power - don't lend your power to the banks."
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