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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [self-moderated] Is LN Bitcoin? franky1: About scaling, on-chain and off-chain on: January 06, 2022, 07:24:55 PM
I create this topic because I challenged franky1 to join a civil discussion with all arguments in one place:
@franky1: If I create a self-moderated topic (Lauda called me Switzerland for being neutral; I won't delete any of your posts, but I will call you out if you go off-topic), are you willing to engage? I expect it will be "you vs a couple of other users", but from what I've seen, you can handle yourself. I would like to discuss your points on LN that I've seen in far too many different topics, and it would be nice if we can reach consensus on at least part of the discussion.
My invitation was accepted by franky1:
i can engage.
and out of respect i will even take my own advice and step back from the computer between posts and take some breathing time between posts, and avoid (as i see other do)just hitting reply to rage reply.
if others can do the same. and answer without shining their bias/advertising PR stance of utopia, and respond rationally and thinking outside their small box. then great

it could actually lead to some proper dialogue.
Anyone else than franky1: I will delete unfriendly posts, and I will delete off-topic posts. See my unedited archive when that happens.

Rules Guidelines:
Please keep this topic civil.
Please keep the discussion only here, and not in other topics.
If there's something worth reading in another topic, quote it here instead of posting a link.
Try to limit the scope: don't throw 30 different arguments in one post, it will lead to endless replies. Update: separate posts in a row aren't allowed, so making different posts for each argument won't work. BlackHatCoiner expressed my intentions much better:
I want to add this as a condition: We'll speak of one topic at a time. Scalability? Scalability. Lightning's protocol? Lightning's protocol. Consensus? Consensus. This way we can clarify which are our interlocutor's disagreements and constructively (& friendly) correct them.
Read everything before responding. Try to avoid duplicate replies.
Newbies: read more, post less, and create an informed opinion.
To consider: I removed franky1 from my ignore list. I think that's only fair considering the topic I started.

To start: I use on-chain Bitcoin, and I use Bitcoin LN. Bitcoin can work with or without LN, LN can't work without Bitcoin. I don't like high fees, as it limits adoption. I would like to see Bitcoin grow in value, userbase and number of transactions per second, and I think we need all three of those for Bitcoin to grow. How, that's up for debate.
LN is a different network for a reason. it has its own usecase and niche and utility that differs from bitcoins.
2  Other / Archival / testing edit access, please just ignore me it won't take long on: December 09, 2021, 06:54:32 PM

I can edit now!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / How to create a transaction that can replay on BCH, BSV and Ecash? on: November 12, 2021, 04:47:37 PM
As far as I know, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and eCash (formerly known as BCH-A) don't have replay protection. That means transfering any of those Forkcoins creates a transaction that is valid on the other chains too, and I've seen people lose substantial amounts when transfering a Forkcoin to an exchange (in order to get real Bitcoin instead of this crap).
However, when I try to make a transaction from an input that exists on all 3 chains, it can't send it on all chains!
I can get BCH and Ecash to use the same transaction, but BSV shows this when I try to broadcast:
Invalid transaction. Error: 16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Non-canonical DER signature)

I have 2 small inputs left that exist on all 3 chains, and I'd like to split it up in about 20 inputs that still exist on all chains. This gives me enough to further experiment with (the lack of) replay protection.

A year ago, replaying a transaction worked as expected:
After spending a very long day helping someone to extract Forkcoins from an old multisig addy, and after being very annoyed with the BSV Electrum clone that took way too much time to install, couldn't even properly export a raw transaction, and has a flaw that puts multisig funds at risk, I suddenly had the great idea to use the lack of replay protection in my advantage! I found Electrum ABC, and made a transaction to a legacy address. My prayers were answered when I saw both BTC-A as well as BSV move from the multisig address into the legacy address.

What changed?

No spam
Self-moderated to avoid spam.
4  Other / Meta / [Resolved] Why was SupItsJTTV banned? on: November 07, 2021, 12:09:52 PM
I whitelisted SupItsJTTV a month ago, and 3 days ago he got banned:
Users whitelisted by me after a request
Brand new SupItsJTTV Banned! (all posts | BPIP)
He made one post, which I don't think should be the reason for his ban. Any chance this was a mistake because of the link in his post?

Resolved. SupItsJTTV is unbanned and his post has been restored.
5  Economy / Service Discussion / Best practices for Bitcointalk escrow providers on: October 29, 2021, 10:29:03 AM
I was surprised to see an established escrow provider say to ship items directly to the buyer after payment:
The escrow address is from the massage that escrow-man sent to me on August 28. Here is the massage:
Once funds have been sent and confirmed, please use "reply to all" to let us know the txid of the payment.
After this, items can be shipped to the buyer.
When buyer receives items in good standing and reports back, I can release funds to the seller.
Is this "normal" when escrowing Collectibles? I would expect the escrow to receive and verify the goods personally before reshipping it to the buyer. Now the escrow can't possibly verify it if the buyer says he received something else, and the seller still has no evidence. What's the point in paying someone $500 to escrow only the payment but not the goods?

The follow-up was even worse. The buyer's account got hacked, and the hacker changed the deal after the buyer paid:
Aug 28 2021 045333PM: eseayan paid escrow

Aug 28 2021 082807PM: eseayan confirm that coins will be delivered in person

Aug 29 2021 113837AM: minerjones confirms payment

Aug 29 2021 120243PM: eseayan send PM saying the coins were received

Aug 29 2021 012253PM: Rajubhusal confirms, saying to release to given address previously (see above)
This resulted in a $50,000 scam.

Shouldn't it be the escrow's responsibility to make absolutely sure the trade can't go wrong in any possible way? The escrow provider is the experienced trader, who should assume one of the other parties could be a total n00b and the other one an experienced scammer.

I'd also say the deal should be completely clear before any payment is made, and once payment addresses have been exchanged, the deal should not be changed anymore. I think this scam could have been prevented by stricter escrow rules.

I'd like to see other escrow providers chip in on how they would handle this.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What can 1 Bitcoin buy in your country? on: October 17, 2021, 03:31:33 PM
Allow me to highlight this:
Please only post embedded images (use [ img] URL.jpg[ /img] tags), with a short explanation.

Even in my country, I can buy a very beautiful house with 1 BTC.
This sounds like a great idea for a new topic Cheesy

What can 1 Bitcoin buy in your country?
It might be fun to post the differences of purchasing power of 1 BTC per country. I'd love to see the beautiful houses 1 Bitcoin can buy, but unfortunately all it can get me is a small garage:
Image loading...

What to post
I'd like to see "objects" that vary a lot in price per country (houses are great, but not for instance a gold bar that has more or less the same price everywhere).

Current Bitcoin value (
1 Bitcoin = 60,810 USD = 52,200 EUR = 44,250 GBP = 75,220 CAD = 81,990 AUD.

I'm not sure yet if I'll keep this topic open long-term, Bitcoin's volatility might mess things up Wink
On second thought: this topic may be fun to read back years later.

Please only post embedded images (use img-tags), with a short explanation. If you're a Newbie, you can't post images.
If you don't post an image, I'll delete your post.
If your signature advertises a scam, I'll delete your post.
7  Bitcoin / Project Development / Temporary failure in name resolution on: October 07, 2021, 11:42:17 AM
I'm posting on this board hoping someone can help me: is offline. I still have an old working SSH login, but can't reach the domain:
ping: Temporary failure in name resolution
At, my DNS settings didn't change.

Any idea where to start searching?

Looks like a DNS issue. Not sure how the root servers work with these newfangled TLDs but it appears that the whole .club thing is down:

Edit: it's working again.
Just not for myself yet. It works again Smiley
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / [Newbie warning Flag] Smart Private Key Hack on: October 02, 2021, 07:12:21 AM
This is a reference topic for my Newbie warning Flag on user Mandywest.

They posted topic BTC private key finder. in Service Announcements, with a link to:
Whatsapp: +1 (646) 926-0214

Telegram: @Tonybright77

There's no direct download link, so they can't be banned for posting malware. They ask the user to contact them.
I have no doubt the site is a scam, which deserves a Newbie warning Flag.
Their site is filled with mumbo jumbo lies, designed to confuse (and no doubt rob) clueless Newbies:
Quote from: The site mentioned in code-tags above
Smart bitcoin private key tool is the most secure way of generating and storing your private keys. It is the best option for people who are new to crypto-currencies.
This smart bitcoin private key tool is designed by the best programmers in the industry. It can automatically generate a strong and private key pair from a private key or create your own.
With the high popularization of bitcoin, there has been an increased demand for private keys. One can easily generate a private key by using the step-by-step instructions on this website. The software is easy to use and will generate a private key in no time. This bitcoin private key generator software assists you with getting a key that is private and safe.Just to remind you that this tool is Automated and can generate bitcoin private key from bitcoin address online

You are in luck if you lose your private key for your Bitcoin wallet. The Smart Bitcoin private key Recovery Tool can’t just recover any of your Bitcoins, but it can recover all the coins in your wallet that are present on the blockchain. It’s a simple and effective way to help you protect yourself, with no recovery required.

If you have lost your digital wallet, the first thing to do is to make sure that you’re on a computer that is connected to the internet. If this is the case, just log in again with your credentials.

Dust attack is the process of sending any desired amount of $, ( even $1) to any wallet you will like to sweep away its entire funds and is totally different from finding bitcoin private key .
9  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Test writing mistakes: please write down these private keys for me on: September 30, 2021, 10:19:19 AM
While playing around with PawGo's StellarSolver with shifting and rotating characters of a private key, I realized this:
It would be nice to actually know some of the mistakes people have made before writing down keys, now I'm only guessing.
I'd appreciate some help with this!

1. Please write down 1 or more of the following private keys (created by (dear Newbies, DO NOT use those in your wallet!). Do not double check your handwriting, I want to catch possible mistakes made when being careless.


2. Wait a day! Don't look at this page again.

3. Type the private keys you wrote down yesterday, without checking the original in this topic. Now do double check to make sure you enter the exact same thing you wrote down. Even better if you tripple check. I'm not looking to find reading mistakes (because you can always check that again later when needed), I'm looking to find writing mistakes (which you can't correct when you're looking to import your private keys years after you wrote them down).

The goal of this topic is to find some mistakes, and see how difficult they are to recover. I'm curious to see if they match my assumptions of common mistakes.
10  Other / Meta / Remove Proxyban (evil fees) - get whitelisted for free on: July 20, 2021, 04:13:43 PM
Only abused IP ranges have to pay a fee. The fee is an anti-abuse measure, and it is not meant to be (and isn't) much of a source of revenue.

If any very-veteran members want to volunteer, I can give you the ability to whitelist users. (All Staff can already whitelist users, as well.) Perhaps then someone could create a topic like "List of email addresses for people who can whitelist you for free", which I could link-to on the evil fee page. However, these IPs have evil for a reason. If it was sufficient for them to just solve a captcha or something, I'd have them do that. Before whitelisting someone, you have to do something to be pretty sure that they're not evading a ban and just going to get banned again. You may get the impression from complaints on the forum that everyone hits the fee and it's never warranted, but this is selection bias: the fee is more rare, and the vast majority of accounts that hit it should not be whitelisted.
(that topic is locked already)

I'm posting in Meta to get the attention from established members to help Newbies find their way to Remove Proxyban (evil fees) - get whitelisted for free.

Also this:
If other users with Whitelisting "powers" want to add their email to the list, please post in this topic.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Remove Proxyban (evil fees) - email to get whitelisted for free on: July 20, 2021, 03:59:04 PM
Bitcointalk uses proxybans against spammers:
When you register, the IP that you used when you submitted the registration form is used to calculate your evilness. The more frequently this IP or its neighbors were banned, the more evil is associated with your account. The amount of evil associated with an IP decays slowly over time, but the amount of evil associated with an account does not. You must pay or be manually whitelisted to enable posting on one of these "banned" accounts.
Sometimes, innocent people become collateral damage. This is generally considered as unfair and very unwelcoming.
Thanks to theymos, I can now Whitelist users, so I can help to correct this.

Only abused IP ranges have to pay a fee. The fee is an anti-abuse measure, and it is not meant to be (and isn't) much of a source of revenue.

If any very-veteran members want to volunteer, I can give you the ability to whitelist users. (All Staff can already whitelist users, as well.) Perhaps then someone could create a topic like "List of email addresses for people who can whitelist you for free", which I could link-to on the evil fee page. However, these IPs have evil for a reason. If it was sufficient for them to just solve a captcha or something, I'd have them do that. Before whitelisting someone, you have to do something to be pretty sure that they're not evading a ban and just going to get banned again. You may get the impression from complaints on the forum that everyone hits the fee and it's never warranted, but this is selection bias: the fee is more rare, and the vast majority of accounts that hit it should not be whitelisted.

Welcome to Bitcointalk! I'll give you a very short introduction of what makes Bitcointalk unique. First: note that scams are not moderated! If something looks too good to be true, you are going to get scammed. Use common sense, and don't trust random strangers on the internet with your money.
Bitcointalk offers more freedom than any other forum I know. You can choose to be an asshole or you can be a nice person. It's entirely up to you how you want to come across. If you're a snowflake, you might get offended. That's okay.
You're allowed to earn money or do business here. Your freedom is mainly limited by the forum rules.
Warning: unlike most websites, Bitcointalk does not allow plagiarism. This will get you banned! It's very easy to prevent: if you quote someone, give them the credit they deserve.

If your account was banned for breaking the forum rules, you deserve the units of evil and aren't allowed to create a new account. Please don't ask me to whitelist you.

How to get your Proxyban removed?
I can only whitelist you if I know you exist. There are 2 options:
1. Convince me
Send me an email:
Now the tricky part: apart from including your Bitcointalk username, you'll need to convince me you deserve it. I know this sucks, and I hate jumping through hoops too. But it's the best I can do to help new Bitcointalk users without giving spammers a free pass.
You don't need to send me your IP-address or real name.
Or (not "and") email someone else:

2. Get someone to vouch for you
I know several personal examples of people who I invited to join bitcointalk forum and they couldn't registered because they got evil fee notification and asked to pay with Bitcoin.
If an established member knows you personally, they can post your username in this topic for whitelisting. I won't accept vouches from for instance a bounty hunter with 1000 Activity and 0 earned Merit.)

Ease PM restrictions
PM-restrictions are very tight on Newbies (thanks to spammers in the past):
ActivityMax recipientsMax recipients if whitelistedMax PMs per hourMax PMs per hour if whitelistedMax PMs per dayMax PMs per day if whitelisted
If you're a Newbie with a legitimate reason to increase this, please post in this topic.
If you're an established member talking to a Newbie who can't message you back: please post!

Full transparency
I'll post all whitelisted users in this topic. They can expect scrutiny. If you're a real user and don't deserve the "evil" label, this scrutiny can lead to earning some Merit. If you turn out to be a spammer, I'll report you myself.
Another reason for full transparency is to assess my judgement on who to whitelist.

Instead of getting whitelisted or paying for evil fees, you can opt to buy a Copper membership.
If other users with Whitelisting "powers" want to add their email to the list, please post in this topic.
Newbies: don't spam the same email to the entire list, emailing one person should be enough.

I'll use my own judgement who to whitelist. Please make a compelling argument.
This topic is "work in progress". If I need to add something, please let me know.

No spam
Self-moderated to prevent spam and off-topic posts.

Don't forget
Whitelisting is a not a license to spam. You will be immediately banned if you're found spamming, even if you bought a copper membership (and you will not be refunded).
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / BlenderWallet phishing attempt? on: June 25, 2021, 06:49:10 PM
Blender Wallet claims to be hacked:
June 22, 2021 – Non-custodial crypto wallet Blender Wallet has been hacked. The hackers withdrew the amount of 100 BTC in total.

As a non-custodial service, Blender Wallet doesn’t store data about users on servers. The Blender Wallet team has immediately disabled registration and access to the wallets to  protect users’ funds and make sure that newly generated seed phases won’t get in hacker’s hands.The executives promise to cover the losses from Blender Mixer’s reserves. Every user who has lost the money due to the hack will get the exact amount of money on their balance. Further information on compensation will be available at and @BlenderWalletio_English Telegram channel.

“Over the course of investigation, we promise to figure out how hackers managed to hack a non-custodial solution, as we don’t store any data granting access to users’ balances on our servers. We initiated an internal investigation. The details of how hackers got access to users’ funds are still unclear,” commented the officials. "The whole crypto community, be it a regulated exchange or a mixer, should deploy all the forces against cybercrime, as it's users who get affected in the first place. And as a service we must do whatever we can to protect funds that we've been entrusted with."
Sure. Now check
The procedure for receiving a refund:

    Send your seed phrase and password (if you used one) to the or to the jabber
This should ring all possible alarm bells! What if their non-custodial wallet wasn't hacked, but their accounts are? It sounds like a perfect phishing scenario to ask users for their seed phrase and steal there funds! Even if the hacking story is true, there are better ways to prove ownership than sending the seed phrase.

I've left BlenderWallet negative feedback as a warning for now. Better safe than sorry.
This is also a big red flag:
All applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
It's like: quick, don't think, send your seed phrase!
13  Economy / Reputation / Did BobK71's account get compromised? on: May 13, 2021, 08:17:46 AM
I remember BobK71 from his lengthy posts with usually an interesting view on society/politics. Now "This user's password was reset recently.", and judging by his post history, his last post was on February 12, 2021. On May 4 his password was reset via email, and the posts he made since then are generic short posts including applying for 2 signature campaigns.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 ridiculous window width (bug?) on: May 12, 2021, 10:00:50 AM
I've just upgraded Bitcoin Core from 0.17.0 to 0.21.1 (this was long overdue) on Linux. Now my Bitcoin Core window is much wider than my monitor, and I can't resize it.
Under Recent transactions, I have a transaction with many recipients. All receiving addresses are shown on the same line, which is what causes the wide window. When I click "Mask values", I can resize the window to a normal format (but I don't want to hide values), and when I show the values again, the window gets wide again.
I'm guessing an easy solution would be to make enough small transactions to move the large transaction out of the list, but that seems like a rediculous thing to do.

If I try to change the label, it tells me the entered address is not a valid Bitcoin address (there are several addresses), so I can't hide the long line by creating a short label.
I can't find anything about it online, so it might be a rare bug. This is the only recent transaction I have without a label, all other transactions show the label instead of addresses in the Overview.

(I don't want to screenshot the addresses because of privacy)
15  Economy / Reputation / [new topic] LoyceV's notification bot on: April 18, 2021, 08:44:50 AM
This topic replaces [WORKING] LoyceV's alternative for Piggy's @mention notification bot. It's self-moderated to keep the topic as compact as possible (for more efficient scraping).
If you used my notification bot in the past, and if you want to keep using it: please copy your original post into this topic.

Results go here:

Post in this topic to subscribe!
See my next post for the required format. This may change once in a while.

Don't create a second post to subscribe: Edit your post to make changes. It's okay to subscribe with your alt account too.

Notifications are not case-sensitive ("loycev" works as well as "LoyceV").

  • I scrape each topic title only once (it's not the post title). If the topic title changes, it won't change in the Notifications.
  • Updates aren't realtime. Currently, notifications are updated every 5 minutes. This may change in the future (depending on the required processing power).
  • I only scrape this topic ones an hour. That means any changes you make to your settings take a while to show up. If a new post is made, I rescan the entire topic.
  • Only notifications from the past 7 days are shown. Older notifications will be removed.
    If you've just subscribed, you'll still get notifications from the past 7 days (retroactive). Changes in your settings also affect older notifications.
  • If there's a "$" in your username, I'll remove it from your name before searching for matches (this is why).
  • Only unedited posts are checked. If your name is mentioned in a post later on, I miss it.

Don't quote someone else's preferences (the ones within code-tags) in this topic. I don't excluded quotes, so you might accidentally "copy" and use someone else's preferences.

See [overview] LoyceV's useful data on Bitcointalk for more of my forum-related topics

[TELEGRAM] Yet Another BitcoinTalk Notification BOT (merits, mentions, topics,+)
LoyceV's: Follow users on (posts and/or topics)
16  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Ledger omitting one character from a Doge address on: April 16, 2021, 01:32:07 PM
When trying to send some Doge from my Ledger using Ledger Live, it missed one character on the display when comparing the address. Let's say the address was xxxxNyyyyzzzz. The address is split over several screens because it's too large, and looks like this on the Ledger:
Address (1/3)
Address (2/3)
The character in between xxxxNyyyy didn't show up! I tried a small amount, and set a low fee. It didn't show up on a block explorer, and didn't confirm.
Ledger Live shows the correct address, but the Ledger device doesn't!

After a while the funds returned to Ledger, and I made a new transaction to another address. Everything worked as expected.

I'm just posting here for latere reference.
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / Newbie warning Flag: is another scam on: March 25, 2021, 07:51:58 PM
2673 Active. (Support | Oppose) LoyceV flagged cryptobtcmixer1 (type 1, see why). Supported by LoyceV, nutildah, SFR10, LeGaulois, TryNinja, JollyGood, Steamtyme, sheenshane, dkbit98, lovesmayfamilis, ScamViruS, Charles-Tim, TheUltraElite, hacker1001101001, r34tr783tr78, cryptobtcmixer1. Opposed by nobody.

This is my reference topic for a flag on cryptobtcmixer1. I've seen sites like this far too often. Unfortunately, people still fall for this, so I'd like to see a Newbie warning Flag above his topic.

Link: OP's posts archived for reference.
I've seen far too many scammers posing as a mixer, and this ticks off far too many red flags.

The best rated Bitcoin Mixer in 2021
Your domain registered just two days ago and it is already rated so good  Roll Eyes
That means OP is lying. A mixer should never lie, their image is all they have. One lie is enough to never trust them again.

All this popping up mixed coins in bottom left corner is all fake.

I've seen this before too, and no surprise, it turned out to be a scam.

Hello, we had to change it because our previous domain did not contain bitcoin, and also because it does not contain full SEO compatibility. This is the reason why our current domain name is newly registered. is an exact copy of The older domain name does contain "Bitcoin", so what you said is a lie. Or you just copied the other website, which makes you unreliable too. Take your pick, I don't trust you either way.
The .to domain has a scam accusation. There are probably more, I won't even bother searching. This looks familiar though:
As for I'm pretty sure it's the same person behind since both have the same theme design.
Post snipped, see LeGaulois' full post for more details.

Giant network of 5000 bitcoins: Although our network is based on blockchain, it is a fast and potential network in terms of transaction processing.
What kind of mumbo jumbo is this? Did you use a text spinner to come up with this?

Our wallets are completely blockchain-based transactions. This web-based mixer, which we have created like a bank, receives investments every day to provide better service to users and processes transactions without any problems.
Have you considered stand-up comedy for scammers?

Before you can throw such a crime and tarnish our name
You have no name, unless you count all your previous names, in that case you have many names as a scammer.

you must first provide evidence.
I'll use the Duck test on you: "If it looks like a duck scammer, swims like a duck scammer, and quacks like a duck scammer, then it probably is a duck scammer."

If there is a payment made to us as you mentioned and we did not send the payments to the requested addresses, proof is necessary for you to disclose them!
"Please give me 5000 Bitcoin so I can prove to you I won't steal them." How about NO!

No one is guilty until no real action is taken, and we, as family, carry out rigorous and reliable transactions.
Nice try.
18  Economy / Scam Accusations / User warezze "promoting" 2 phishing sites on: February 14, 2021, 09:42:51 AM
User warezze created 3 topics:
Image loading...

I think he's using this to create backlinks for the phishing sites. What are the odds of someone making 2 different mistakes in a domain name and sending both of them €7000? Both domain names were registered just 2 seconds apart:
   Registry Domain ID: 2448378275_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
   Registrar WHOIS Server:
   Registrar URL:
   Updated Date: 2020-11-05T10:48:02Z
   Creation Date: 2019-10-27T14:10:32Z
   Registry Expiry Date: 2021-10-27T14:10:32Z

   Domain Name: CHIPPMIXER.COM
   Registry Domain ID: 2448378277_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
   Registrar WHOIS Server:
   Registrar URL:
   Updated Date: 2020-11-05T10:48:04Z
   Creation Date: 2019-10-27T14:10:34Z

I believe this justifies a type 1 Newbie Flag:
Due to various concrete red flags, I believe that anyone dealing with this user has a high risk of losing money. (This flag will only be shown to guests/newbies.)

2021-02-14 Sun 11.15h

2632 Active. (Support | Oppose) LoyceV flagged warezze (type 1, see why). Supported by LoyceV, mole0815, Rikafip, rat03gopoh. Opposed by nobody.

Update: 2 of his topics have been deleted.
19  Other / Meta / Question: Why was PesoID Nuked? on: February 11, 2021, 11:04:10 AM
I'm curious: why was user PesoID Nuked? If it's ban evasion I get it, but based on his posts, I see no reason to Nuke him.
He made only 3 posts in his topic: Peso ID - Short Bitcoin, and even though I wouldn't trust his service, I don't think it violates any rules.
20  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Complete!] Bitcoin block data (550 GB): inputs, outputs and transactions on: January 07, 2021, 04:33:04 PM
This data is unavailable until I find an affordable VPS with enough disk space and cheap bandwidth.

I've used Blockchair Database Dumps for several projects, but when I need it I don't want to wait weeks months to download all files. So I created a mirror for Bitcoin data Smiley

The data
See (386 GB) (121 GB) (44 GB)

New files are added daily.

Be kind
Please only download with one thread at a time. I don't want to be kicked off another server.

Blockchair Database Dumps has a staggering amount of data, easily accessible (at 10 100 kB/s) with daily updates. All data in this topic comes from Blockchair.

No spam please.
Self-moderated against spam. Discussion and questions are welcome.

Related topics
Bitcoin block data available in CSV format
List of all Bitcoin addresses with a balance
List of all Bitcoin addresses ever used
[~500 GB] Bitcoin block data: inputs, outputs and transactions
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