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1  Economy / Games and rounds / [CLOSED] 1000$ Giveaway the ASIC GAME on: October 28, 2015, 10:26:23 AM
Some info about ASIC SHARE COIN

Last week fee was paid for an Ltcgear account. Account has more as 20000QASIC + 2nd + MOD
Account will show up soon an balance(I hope) and pay in Bitcoin, but I dont know much.
Here is the payoutaddress: 1Hhc8mLdSMxiCWhNNh3o8NVqo5VBH4cy1T

You think you know how much will show up, the post here and win some ASIC SHARE COIN.

1st 1000 ASIC ≈ 1.95BTC ≈ $580
2nd 500 ASIC ≈ 0.975BTC ≈ $290
3rd 250 ASIC ≈ 0.4875BTC ≈ $145
4th 100 ASIC ≈ 0.195BTC ≈ $58
5th 50 ASIC ≈ 0.0975BTC ≈ $29

What are the rules?
Just post here which amount show up soon and also an asset address.
1. amount?
2. asset address?

Here you can sign up(free) for an asset address or

Nearest number win, when two or more with same amount then price will be splitted.

Last chance for place an bid is friday 12AM.

TIP account with ≈  30000QASICS has paid last week 2.1193btc
2  Economy / Service Announcements / ASIC SHARE COIN = 1 Asic from (Coins can be traded) on: July 23, 2015, 08:28:13 PM
ASIC SHARE COIN equivalent to 1 Asic from

Got the account from a friend, which need the money, thats the reason I have created the ASIC SHARE COIN.
Some people asked me to setup a coin which grow, now we invest in ltcgear accounts and then we reach a faster ROI(explanation see below). here are the coinholder

Batch 1 ASIC SHARE COIN and price per coin is 0.0018BTC(sold out)
Batch 2 Now price is 0.00195btc per coin.

How is the price calculated, we take over accounts where the fee for account is around 1.7btc per 1000ASICS + 0.1-0.15btc for buying the account.
The rest 0.1-0.15btc is invested in new accounts for higher payouts. wink
This mean we pay around 10% more and get a higher payouts.


How-to open account and purchase

Shop or PM/EMAIL

2. per PM or Email (please ask me before)
10ASIC SHARE COIN = 0.0195btc
send to 135QFYKQyuyXKMBNfwNZbUFf8MrzJH8TTp
after that send me PM or email and tell me txid and  your asset address


ASIC SHARE COIN is an colored coin. A smart asset built and stored on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Each coin represents 1 Asic share in the operation.

Bitcoin and Litecoin(exchanged in Bitcoin) forwarded from to your color aware wallet Bitcoin address.
!!!Attention future payouts not sure!!! (High Risk Coin) !!!

Coins can be traded between owners at GHxchange - Trustless P2P Atomic Swap Open Asset Marketplace.

ASIC SHARE COIN can be stored in any local or online wallet that supports the open assets protocol / colored coins.
Online Wallet: or
Local Wallet:
3  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [WTS] Selling Cloud Mining Accounts, LTCGEAR, CLOUDMINR and more for Sale on: June 12, 2015, 08:24:23 PM
You have no time for selling your account,
shut me here PM or
contact on my website

At this moment selling for clients these accounts, see below whats in stock.

Escrow accepted.
Payment methods: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Paycoin, Dash and more
Transfer is easy, just change email and password (takes around 5-10min)
Reason why Iam sell the accounts for clients, they dont have time.
Any questions, shut me a PM.

Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

Have posted these accounts for sale also in other places.
Guarantee: All accounts are cheaper as when you buy directly from website.
Take over one of them, before its too late and earn easy money.

1. Ltcgear account (weekly payout?)
qASICs 32518
fee 46.71670000 BTC
Price: 5BTC Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

2. Cloudminr account (weekly payouts)
Hashrate: 322 GH/s
Last payout: 0.01979562 BTC
Next payout sunday: ~ 0.01979562 BTC

Price on Cloudminr 0.0012 BTC per GH/s for 322GH/S you pay 0.3864 BTC

Price 10% discount!: 0.34776 Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

3. Cloudminr account (weekly payouts)
Hashrate: 447 GH/s
Last payout: 0.02748025 BTC
Next payout sunday: ~ 0.02748025 BTC

Price on Cloudminr 0.0012 BTC per GH/s for 447GH/S you pay 0.5364 BTC

Price 10% discount!: 0.48276 BTC Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

4. Cloudminr account (weekly payouts)
Hashrate: 1794 GH/s
Last payout: 0.10993531 BTC
Next payout sunday: ~ 0.10993531 BTC

Price on Cloudminr 0.0012 BTC per GH/s for 1794GH/S you pay 2.1528 BTC

Price 15% discount!: 1.82988 BTC Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

5. Cloudminr account (weekly payouts)
Hashrate: 5252 GH/s
Last payout: 0.32287757 BTC
Next payout sunday: ~ 0.32287757 BTC

Price on Cloudminr 0.0012 BTC per GH/s for 5252GH/S you pay 6.3024 BTC

Price 20% discount!: 5.04192 BTC Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

6. Nimbusmining (daily payouts)
Hashrate: 750 GH/s

Price on Nimbusmining  $0.94/GH per GH/s for 750GH/S you pay $705

Now have calculated, due contrats last not the full Year and then price is $280

Price 10% discount!: $252 Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

7. Ltcgear account (weekly payout?)
qASICs 11135
fee 14.74570000 BTC
Price: 2.5 BTC Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

4  Economy / Invites & Accounts / [Sold] Selling account more as 500GHs + referrals + account balance on: June 05, 2015, 08:12:57 AM
Selling a top account

You can buy 100GHs for 0.12btc at

Account has 509Ghs x 0.12btc = 0.6btc
Earnings per week: 0.03-0.07btc (inclusiv refbonus)

Looking for around 1btc, because the account has many referrals.
Escrow accepted.
Transfer is easy, just change email and password (takes around 5min)
Any questions, shut me a PM.

Offers(seriously) welcome. Post here or PM.

Have posted this account for sale also in other places.
Take over this account, before its too late and earn easy money.

Reason why Iam sell this account, need the btc for other project.

Hashrate: 509GHs

57 referrals (last ref order was on 24-05-2015)

Balance: 0.01845585 BTC they grow up each day :-)
5  Bitcoin / Group buys / Groupbuy MiningSweden VIP Shares Real Mining Company on: May 27, 2015, 05:24:41 PM

I am organizing a groupbuy  for MiningSweden VIP Shares.
We save more as 25% from regular Price.
Pics and Vids -

Now we have bought more as 1000VIP in Groupbuy.
Thank you all. :+1:

Now the good news:
Some people asked me, they can get also some VIP Shares with 6GHs from Groupbuy or paying with paypal?
After speaking with Tommy, he said "Yes We can."

Now we get the Groupbuy shares instant delivered, no long waiting(within 24hrs).
Crypto payments:
Paypal payments:

When we reach sold in total 2500VIP, the price goes down for all to $6.25
This mean when you bought 25VIP in first round, you will receive an
extra VIP Share when we go to 2500VIP.

Just let others now about this nice deal from Tommy.

VIP Shares contains 6GHS miningpower(all cost for first Year included) and the VIP part (lifetime 25% from Company Profit).

Newsletter from Tommy
6  Other / Off-topic / Gotram is leaving...... on: May 27, 2015, 10:21:22 AM
for holidays ;-)


Gotram in Austria during his hiking holidays.

1st Day

Gibler Alm




2nd Day

Gotram Rendezvous


Gotram Back to Nature




Grießbach Alpe


3rd Day

Petersberg Alm

7  Economy / Service Discussion / MiningSweden Pictures, Videos and Banners on: May 15, 2015, 04:29:41 PM
Pictures, Videos and Banners

Products can be purchased at:
First Official Reseller


First Miner

Official Reseller

Nice Evening in Sweden

Bitmain order 26 Antminer S5

26 Antminer S5 arrived

PSU testing

Site visiting

Setup S5


8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Be a VIP at MiningSweden Lottery/Giveaway on: April 20, 2015, 02:54:14 PM
Be a VIP at MiningSweden Lottery/Giveaway

All orders made during 1 week over 5 VIP shares or 5 VIP Plus shares will get a number for each 5 Shares that you have bought.

Every Sunday we will draw 3 winners for this and you can win the following:

1:st prize is that we double your account, If you have 30 VIP shares and 300 Mining Shares you will get a total of 60 VIP Shares and 600 Mining Shares in your account.

2:nd prize is that we add 50% more to your account, If you have 30 VIP shares and 300 Mining Shares you will get a total of 45 VIP Shares and 450 Mining Shares in your account.

3:d prize is that we add 25% more to your account, If you have 30 VIP shares and 300 Mining Shares you will get a total of 38 VIP Shares and 375 Mining Shares in your account.

Valid also for orders through First Official Reseller:
9  Economy / Service Announcements / Easter Give Away Win up to 1000Paycoins on: March 29, 2015, 08:42:51 PM

We(miningsweden and yangongear) are introducing an Easter competition that gives you a good chance to win Paycoins every day with the big final to win 1000 Paycoins on sunday the 5th April 2015.

The rules are easy:

    Register you Paycoin adress in your account on
    We will select 3 names everyday and will post the name in the product text of one of our products at
    The names will only be visable for about 12 hours. So you need to check regulary if your name is there.
    You need to be registred at and also have added your paycoin adress in your account.
    Post here, if you find your username in the shop, add your username and the code followed your username
    The payout will be done the day after and also the payment will be shown.

You can win this:

1. Monday, Prizes: 3x 10Paycoin ( @Halfkiwi @IanFoxley @Mahadev )
2. Thuesday, Prizes: 3x 15Paycoin (@Swat @JustUsMining @Sleak)
3. Wednesday, Prizes: 3x 20Paycoin ( @Eumico-One @ZenWarrior @kapetan )
4. Thursday, Prizes: 3x 50Paycoin ( @Ijaz_Ahmed and @matt007 )
5. Friday, Prizes: 3x 100Paycoin ( @BTCHasher and @CoinCrazy )
6. Saturday Prizes: 3x 150Paycoin ( ( @BlaCKBloOD and  @randomassockss )
7. Sunday Easter, Prizes: 1x 1000Paycoin ( @Beachguy)

How do I change my Payout adress?

If click on your username up in the right corner you will come to your profile page.

Under the pic you will find “Edit”, click on it and then you will be able to change your Payout adress

Also dont miss the chance to get your miningshare now
or at

With regards

10  Bitcoin / Group buys / Group Buy 1GH/s - $0.67 regular mining sweden shares on: March 26, 2015, 06:30:12 PM
Mining Sweden Group Buy regular mining shares
Organized from First official MiningSweden Reseller.

We have spoken with @MiningSweden and he will release regular mining shares on weekend.
Now was asking him about a Group Buy and he offered a discount of 2.5%  :-)
All orders through yangongear will receive the 2.5% discount.
Same chance and price for all(small or big orders)!

Price only 1GH/s - $0.67  all cost for one year included
Mining shares will added to your account on weekend.

You can also reserve shares, when you have not enough at this moment.
You have to pay only 10% and rest(90%) within a week.
Contact me directly for reservation.

price list:

update: Tomatocage has offered esrow service;u=37522
11  Economy / Services / Special Sale MiningSweden Share discount up to 15% on: February 27, 2015, 04:42:01 PM
Special Sale

Get your MiningSweden shares with discount up to 15%

Paycoin Payments discount 15% - Coupon code = paycoin15
Litecoin and Bitcoin discount 10% Coupon code = litbit10

Contact me per PM or buy in shop

---Coupons only valid for miningsweden shares.---
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