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1  Other / Politics & Society / PFizer destroyed in this video. Watch only if you can calculate on: January 07, 2022, 04:23:36 AM

Definitions from website:

From table 18.1 link:

Relative risk (RR)
the rate (risk) of poor outcomes in the intervention group divided by the rate of poor outcomes in the control group. For example, if the rate of poor outcomes is 20 per cent in the intervention group and 30 per cent in the control group, the relative risk is 0.67 (20 per cent divided by 30 per cent). The relative risk is 1 when the intervention has no effect, below 1 when it does good and above 1 when it does harm (see Absolute risk reduction).

Relative risk reduction (RRR)
the extent to which the risk of a poor outcome is reduced by an intervention. In the example given in Relative risk (above), the relative risk r

Absolute risk reduction (ARR) or risk difference
the difference in the incidence of poor outcomes between the intervention group of a study and the control group. For example, if 20 per cent of people die in the intervention group and 30 per cent in the control group, the ARR is 10 per cent (3020 per cent).

Performed calculation:

162 / 18325 = 0,00884038199181446111869031377899 * 100 = 0,88403819918144611186903137789905

8 / 18198 = 0,00043960874821408946038026156720519e-4 = 0,04396087482140894603802615672052

rr = 0,04396087482140894603802615672052 / 0,88403819918144611186903137789905 = 0,0497273475989085763053598346854
rrr = 1 - 0,0497273475989085763053598346854 = 0,9502726524010914236946401653146 * 100 = 95,02726524010914236946401653146% = RRR

absolute = % die in normal=control group   - % of intervention group

Let's suppose all covid cases 162 and 8 die because of futher lack of info then:
absolute risk reduction = 0.88 - 0.04 = 0,841

So the video checks out, only 1 procent risk reduction.

However it gets more interesting later on in the video because the vaccines have side effects and actually destroys health and kills people.

Long story short it seems to be the vaccine does more harm than good !

Watch video yourself ! I only watch first part up to this calculation point but I will watch the rest as well.

Now you know why USA grants this SCAM Company Immunity during Emergency Situation.

As soon as Emergency Situation is gone, vaccinations will/most stop or this Company goes bankrupt in law suits !

Thus incentive for control freaks to lengthen the Emergency Situation.

(Save your life, enjoy your bitcoins !)
2  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin run up is coming on: November 06, 2021, 08:21:14 AM
Now that the inflation is rising in Europe, caused by energy costs ?! <G> there will be a run on bitcoin to maintain wealth.

The inflation is already at 4 to 5% maybe even higher.

This can not continue for longer before rich people start to get very nervous.

If there ever was a time where bitcoin is going to skyrocket out of control, it's the coming 3 to 6 months ! Wink =D

Banks will panic, Banks will buy bitcoin too, with bank account holder savings.

And the bank account holders will be the nigga holding the bag, worthless money caused by inflation.

From riches to rags ! LOL.

I don't have the balls to buy bitcoin right now.

But if you are balsy... then you now know what to do.
3  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / !!! RED ALERT: SHIELDS UP, TROJAN SOURCE HAS ARRIVED !!! on: November 02, 2021, 12:51:39 PM
I haven't even read this document fully yet, but all signs point to MAJOR TROUBLE AHEAD for open source projects:

My recommendation is to hold all patches/pull requests until solutions/defense/shields are found !

Bye for now,
4  Economy / Speculation / Simple prediction: 2024 bitcoin at 200.000 dollars on: January 01, 2021, 01:16:24 PM
Data from

Hmm even seems to have "lost" historic date, most unfortunate indeed.

Unfortunately it doesn't go back far enough, so this will have to do for now:

may 2016 bitcoin worth about 400 to 500 dollars. This is during the halving time.
may 2020 bitcoin is worth 10000 dollars. 20x
may 2024 bitcoin is worth 10000 x 20 ? = 200.000 dollars ?! Wink

(I believe the halving has something to do with it.)

I consider 200.000 dollar an absolute minimum, greed will probably make it go a bit higher, maybe 300.000 to maybe even 400.000 or 500.000 dollars =D

Bye for now,
  Skybuck =D
5  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / What is technical c++ term for {0} in this: int nHeight{0}; ? on: December 25, 2020, 11:21:13 PM
Example of bitcoin code in chain.h

class CBlockIndex
    //! pointer to the hash of the block, if any. Memory is owned by this CBlockIndex
    const uint256* phashBlock{nullptr};

    //! pointer to the index of the predecessor of this block
    CBlockIndex* pprev{nullptr};

    //! pointer to the index of some further predecessor of this block
    CBlockIndex* pskip{nullptr};

    //! height of the entry in the chain. The genesis block has height 0
    int nHeight{0};

    //! Which # file this block is stored in (blk?Huh?.dat)
    int nFile{0};

    //! Byte offset within blk?Huh?.dat where this block's data is stored
    unsigned int nDataPos{0};

    //! Byte offset within rev?Huh?.dat where this block's undo data is stored
    unsigned int nUndoPos{0};

Notice these {0}

What is the technical c++ term for this syntax {0} ?
6  Other / Off-topic / USB External Harddisk warning related to water on table ! on: December 23, 2020, 03:42:26 PM
Yesterday I had a "close call".

There was a power outtage, the laptop continued to function.

There is a usb external harddisk attached to the laptop.

I tried to reach for my old phone (dead too) and in the process I knocked over a cup of water.

Fortunately the ammount of water was low and there was some toilet paper nearby.

The USB external harddisk was 20 centimeters away from the cup of water.

The USB connection is quite low to the table.

I am pretty convinced that with enough water spillage a short circuit and possibly damage to the harddisk could have occured ?!

Perhaps place usb external harddisk a little bit on something heightened ? But then a drop might occur which might damage the drive, so bad idea.

My initial idea was the power connecter should perhaps be on top of it to prevent this kinda of scenerio... but then nothing can be placed on the drive itself...

I wonder if these drives are tested for a water scenerio !?!

Anybody know what happens if water reaches the usb connector ?

These models are USB Seagate Portable drives... and such 4 TB and 5 TB.

Also what happens to GIT if there is a power failure ?!?!?

I did make a backup of the git repository a few minutes before the power failure.

I deleted the old backup first... slightly safer would be make new backup first then delete old backup =D

Bye for now,

P.S.: I write this message because I believe external USB drives might become popular to store blockchains on... but apperently it is not without (major) risk ! Wink =D

Follow up:

My solution for now is the same as the solution for the laptop airflow.

I have some unused DVDs in boxes... 4 boxes the hold up the laptop.

Now I will use a 5th DVD box to hold up the harddisk drive.

There is a slight risk that I might pull it down and it falls onto the table.

But I consider the risk of knocking over a cup of water also very high.

I was warned yesterday that this might happen and I don't want to short circuit the hardisk !

Some sector damage might be tolerable as long as this device remains functioning !

Bye for now,
7  Economy / Services / Complete blockchain for 1 BTC on: July 02, 2020, 03:44:09 PM

I am going to give this a shot for you.

For 1 BTC you can purchase an entire blockchain project/code/coin system and I will customize it for you.

What I need from you is this:

1. Name for the blockchain.
2. Any colors you want for app or graphics.
3. A windows computer/server + internet + harddisk space. Very maybe linux based by windows is to be preferred. Linux will cost extra 0.5 BTC extra.

The blockchain will be based on PascalCoin technology.

The deal is as follows on down payment of 50% of BTC so that's 0.5 BTC the project/software will be created for you.

After delivery of software/source codes binaries etc, you pay 0.5 BTC to me. If not that's ok at least I got 0.5 BTC.

Perhaps there is a third party we can use to do the final part of the deal or entire deal.

So if you ever dreamed of having your own blockchain now is your chance.

Plus you can mine your own coins on your own blockchain while nobody joins it yet.

Plus 10% of all coins mined will go to your account.

You will receive support for 3 weeks after payment. After three weeks you are on your own.

Ofcourse the coin will be made such that it will work flawlessly during those 3 weeks, I can give no garantuees after those 3 seeks, however mostly likely software will continue to work, no backdoors, no limitations, full open source.

In case updates have to be applied then another 0.25 BTC will have to be payed per desired update. An update means up to the most recent pascal coin version.

Interested parties can write to:

So in short:

1. I deliver the software for 0.5 to 1 BTC
2. You deliver the hardware/internet/DNS name/hosting/etc.
3. You get at least 10% of all coins, plus 90% of coins if you mine them too, or otherwise the users of the blockchain.

Bye for now,
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][CwC] Corewar Coin (Will continue ! =D) on: July 02, 2018, 05:16:14 PM
Corewar Coin

Prepare for my Arrival !

Hello and Welcome to my Announcement for Corewar Coin !

A soon to be new coin system which will work by fighting warriors among each other. These warriors are small little computer programs. They use the virtual instruction set called "RedCode". These warriors run in a virtual machine so it's safe to run on your computer (unless they get real smart ! LOL).

The idea is to reward "corewar coins" to the best/winning warrior.

The coin system works like a bank. Bank accounts are also given out when a fight is won. The warrior will have to defeat a certain ammount of warriors during a certain ammount of rounds. Each won round gives 3 points to the warrior, a tie 1 point a loss 0 points. The warriors fight 1 v 1. However there will be for example 100 warriors to fight against. These warriors will live on the "block chain".

This coin system consists out of a banking system, where all bank accounts are stored in blocks and these blocks have a hash and all hashes are concatenated and a final hash is performed to "sign" the bank.

The bank grows as new "transaction blocks" are added. These transaction blocks will (probably) contain the warriors. These transaction blocks life on what one can consider a block chain. These blocks "tie" into the bank by recording the bank hash before it was mutated and such. Exact technical details are not important for now, more will be revealed in the near future.

Corewar Coin is coming and it will come soon, how soon you ask ? Uncertain, development has started (can't say too much about that yet) estimated deliver is probably a few days/max a few weeks until it's ready.
For now a safe bet is max end of month. I would be surprised if it takes longer. I know it's vague but this will have to do for now.

The motivation for this coin is to try and spread/distribute coins better/more fairly, the hope is that computing these fights is "asic" resistant or difficult to pull off. Ofcourse cpu pool mining might be done.

For now I plan on releasing it as closed-source coin software only. This is probably something you are not used to but will have to get used to if you want these coins ! Wink

I may at a later date still open source parts of it, perhaps an evolver part or plugin system to allow others to develop "evolvers" to generate warriors. Also perhaps a gui option will be added so you can write your own warriors and try your luck with that ! Wink

Ofcourse the bank and block chain is also protected with sha256 as usual.

The software will be made available at this web address:     also reachable by  also with (though I plan on removing the capital letter W in future) the first two are re-directs to this site. Currently only "Hello World" is displayed ! LOL. This will be removed/replaced in time !

Now you may be wondering, what the hell ?! No software ? No website ? What the fuck ?! Why you write this ?!

The reason is this:

You can help to make the coin a flying start ! For me, for you, for the world ! What I need you for is this:

DNS pointing to your IP/computer/machine where you will run the software on when it is released. Or a static IP that never changes might work too, not yet sure about this, but could be tried as well.

So for example you could register your static ip with a dynamic dns provider. has some nice options and a very nice gui client for windows to make this work.

If you have a "real dns" or something that would be great too.

So what I would need you to do is have this setup:



DNS is your domain name for your computer for example:
IP is your computer IP address: x.x.x.x
-> points

Now what I need you to do is tell me your DNS name so that I can add it to the software. The software will then use multiple DNS names to find "peers". The system will be p2p via dns for now. Perhaps in the future a "internet-wide peer search" protocol will be added but for now DNS will have to do and perhaps static ips, these will probably be cached in a peer cache anyway.

And ofcourse prepare your machine for the COMING of COREWAR COINS !!! =D

To prepare for it's arrival you will need:

1. A Microsoft Windows computer. Preferably Windows 7, but any windows version will probably do from windows 95 and onwards. Pls report back in future if a certain windows version does not work.

2. In future a linux version may arrive as well, but let's start with a windows version first ! =D

3. Any very maybe mobile apps too, will need a new computer for that first, or let somebody else create it, but for now, this is in the further future, perhaps amd threadripper 2 with an chipset, otherwise will have to way for a better chipset. (To develop mobile app in a powerfull virtual machine/development/simulation environment)

You may also want to learn a little bit about "corewar" and "redcode" though this will not be required.

The second thing you could help out with is design a very cool logo for Corewar Coin. I would like it if it has some "blocks" in it like in the way existing corewar software visualizes the fights. Perhaps the letter C or CW or CWC and perhaps some nice gold or digital/sparky/electricity/green and/or blue like effects or matrix like effect on background. Other designs welcome too.

I may try and create a logo myself for now, but if somebody else creates something much better than this can immediately be integrated into the software and eventual website and perhaps pdf.

JSON interface may be available for exchanges and such and other documentation for that will be available as well.

I have gimp 2.0 available to process any logo and scale it down to smaller resolutions and store in pngs and such. A alpha transparent background would be appreciated. As long as gimp 2.0 can open the file format it will be ok, png will do but others possible too.

I probably don't have time to answer any technical questions but if you want you can ask, if I see something interesting I may answer it.

If you have questions about the DNS and such then pls do ask if that part was not clear to you.

So if you want to get involved and be part of a new coin system add a message to this thread and announce your dns there, or if privacy is wanted/desired/required, send me a PM with your dns that will be sufficient too.

Ofcourse before the software goes online, I will update this posting to announce it. You may also include your e-mail address or send me your e-mail address via PM if you want to be informed when it goes online so you can immediately participate. I would prefer if only DNS providers provide me with their e-mail address, other users will have to keep checking back for the "launch" announcement ! Wink =D

Bye for now,
  God spee ! or something and before I leave you I want you to know and get inspired by my favorite crypto coin music, this music is a bit weird maybe, but it reminds me of the coming COREWAR COIN and therefore I find it suited for this first posting so you have at least something to enjoy ! While you wait for the ineviteable: The launch of corewar coin ! Wink =D

Oh one last thing for people familiar with corewar coin, this project will use spec94 but with an extension designed in 2009 by me which can be read here:

(Not really relevant for end-users for now, but in case your curious ! Wink)

(Also in case your curious about what warrior can do or what they look like there is a very crude simulator available here as well):

And now as promised the much entertaining accompanying music (actually the corewar simulator can produce audio as well but that is a different story Wink)

Every time this guy is singing "wall street is coming" just imagine he's saying: "corewar coin is coming !" =D

Oh one more thing, this software will use tcp port 22892 and perhaps some others as well, so this may give you some chance to setup any firewall rules in advance.

And finally seems like a terrific dynamic dns client:

If interested in dns-ing your computer go there, follow link at the top, read about (register, add a domain, direct thingy, url, activate, and so forth/etc, maybe explain this in more detail later on if anybody needs help with it, I tried inadyn first but it's too complex for me to setup or it's not working with could use some help with that, so if you can provide a nice conf/setup for it that be cool.)

(Also some help with a third one would be appreciated, freedns client will probably not work with others, may have to find other tool for it, for now one dynamic dns is working, so that should be good for now, but the more the better for redundancy sake Smiley)

Once more,
  Bye for now,
     Skybuck ! Wink =D
9  Other / Meta / Current Theme ? on: April 23, 2018, 09:21:12 AM
What is the current theme for this bitcoin forum ? Does it have a name ? Can it be downloaded somewhere ? Or is it a custom theme only available to the bitcoin forum ?

10  Bitcoin / Legal / A legal solution for bitcoin. (Max 5 computers per person to mine bitcoins) on: March 01, 2018, 11:17:55 PM
English translation (google-translate assisted Smiley):

My fear is that bitcoin will cause global warming and rising electricity costs.

A possible solution for bitcoin is to introduce a law that states that a person can only mine bitcoins with only one or a maximum of 5 computers.

Such a law could then be used to tackle / close large bitcoin mining farms and to promote even the distribution of bitcoin and other crypto currencies / currencies.

An "if you can not beat them then join them approach" Smiley but in the spirit as bitcoin was meant ... a bit for everyone.

I think that's a nice solution.


Mijn angst is dat bitcoin gaat zorgen voor opwarming van de aarde en stijgende electriciteits kosten.

Een mogelijke oplossing voor bitcoin is om een wet te introduceren waarin staat dat een persoon met slechts een of maximaal 5 computers bitcoins mag minen.

Zo een wet zou dan gebruikt kunnen worden om grote bitcoin mining farms aan te pakken/te sluiten en om zelfs de verdeling van bitcoin en andere crypto munten/valuta te bevorderen.

Een "if you can't beat em join em approach" Smiley maar dan wel in de geest zoals bitcoin was bedoeld... een beetje voor iedereen.

Best een mooie oplossing denk ik zo.

11  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Inter-coin-exchange api and/or protocol/functionality proposal on: November 18, 2017, 11:11:43 PM

I chatted with somebody and he believes some community needs to be able to buy alt-coin with btc. The problem is the alt-coin might not be registered on an exchange.

In principle exchanging "coin type A" for "coin type B" shouldn't have to be so hard if for example coin systems would support it.

One possibility would be for "coin-systems" to be able to "integrate" with other coin systems by for example api and/or protocol.

Coin-systems then start to behave as "plug-ins" to "exchange software".

Bitcoin client for example could be forked to start functioning more as "exchange software".

The idea is that this "exchange software" via plugin system and api/protocols is able to "scan" multiple blockchains.

By perhaps extending blockchain technology, exchanging type A for type B might be made more easy.

All kinds of approaches could be taken.

1. Non intrusive approaches... where the tech stays as much the same as it is right now... just like exchanges do, this may have some drawbacks though.

2. Intrusive approaches where the underlieing tech is changed/extended/advanced.

3. Perhaps bitcoin and/or other coins already have facilities to implement this idea more easily... perhaps by use of scripts ?

Variations can be made depending on which approach is chosen.

For example, in case of the non-intrusive approach:

1. When converting from type A to type B the type A coin is "burned", the type B coin is created by scanning blockchain of type A for this burned coin. One possible approach to creating type B would be to simply allow it based on this scan. This would create dependencies on this scan process... though if consensus is reached by multiple clients of type B that this scan is valid... then I see little objection to this.

The burning is done by sending type A to an invalid public key which has a high unlikely hood of having a private key... for example a bitcoin address: BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

This idea could be further developed into "burn-coin", which could be seen as an "attack" on existing coins. Users of existing coin systems would end up "depleting the coin" supply by burning.

Therefore this "non-intrusive" approach is not ideal. Burning the coin supply like this might on the long run starve the system of available coins... unlikely as long as it can go fractional. But the point has been made... this approach is not ideal.

A more ideal approach would be if "burned coins" would be recoverable... "burning of coins" could be though of as a way for coins to "exit the coin system".

Can there also be an "entry-system" something besides mining ?

Perhaps the system could "re-use" coins sent to the burn address as an "entry point" for coins from other systems.

This is kind of a cool idea... this burn address could be considered special.

This special bitcoin address could then function as a "pool" of coins ready to re-enter the system but only from scans of "external coin systems".

For this to work, the BBBBBBB address functions as a buffer zone/transient zone... independent of other coin types/systems, the transactions would have to be "commented/tags" with additional information relating to the other coin systems to perform an "inter-coin-transaction" (to meet in the middle).

For example the transactions would look something as follows:

User A wants to exchange 1 btc with User B for 100 ltc so that after exchange User A has 100 ltc and user B has 1 btc.

Mission objectives:

User A must "upload" 1 btc to BBBBBB on bitcoin blockchain.
User B must "upload" 100 ltc to BBBBBB on litecoin blockchain.

User A must "download" 100 ltc from BBBBBB on litecoin blockchain.
User B must "download" 1 btc from BBBBBB on bitcoin blockchain.

These "parts" must be "tied" together to avoid others from "stealing from BBBBBB".

This requires additional information to the transactions performed to/from BBBBBB.

This could look something like this:

"upload part to BBB BBB"
User A bitcoin address sends 1 BTC to bitcoin-BBBBBB with message "User B litecoin address, 100"
User B lite coin address send 100 LTC to litecoin-BBBBBB with message "User A bitcoin address, 1"

"download part from BBB BBB"

Now all systems are informed how these coins/values where uploaded to BBB BBB by these "messages tags".

Based on these message tags both users are now allowed to download from BBBBBB from respective coin systems.

User A lite coin address receives 100 LTC from litecoin-BBBBBB "verified by message above"
User B bit coin address receives 1 BTC from bitcoin-BBBBBB "verified by message above"

For this transaction to go through, both upload parts need to arrive within a reasonable time. If one of the two uploads does not happen within reasonable time, the transactions could be rolled back, or allowed to be downloaded by the uploader.

I think this is an idea worthy of consideration.

I would like to hear bitcoin and altcoin developers thoughts on this proposal to jointly invent/design/standardize/implement such "inter-coin-exchange" functionality.

12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Idea: Blockchain per region on: July 03, 2015, 08:42:31 PM

It's been a while since I checked up on bitcoin and here I am today... and yesterday.

I read about a little problem that might split the community... the blocksize...

Apperently there are two groups: one group wants to keep it small, the other group wants to keep it large.

One size does not fit all they say sometimes.

So here is my idea to fix the situation hopefully easily:

A blockchain per region.

This way every region can have it's own blockchain:

Europe, China, USA, Russia, Africa

Then merchants/traders can choose what blockchain they want to lock their transactions into.

Perhaps this could solve the "current" problem with "China" not wanting a blocksize increase.

Then they could use their own china blockchain... with added benefit that for now nothing needs to change... except multiple blockchains.

The software could have an option to choose a "default" blockchain.

In their case: "china".

Perhaps this could also solve the "scalebility" issue somewhat.

If people in Europe only tend to do bussiness with other europeans or perhaps usa-ers (Smiley), they would only need the european blockchain and usa blockchain.

This could cut back enormously on ammount of network bandwidth and storage requirements.

Just an idea, please do share your thoughts on it ! =D

Another adventage could be for customers/buyers, they could tell the merchant what blockchain they would prefer, shifting the burden of supporting multiple blockchains to the merchant instead of the buyer/consumer.

This could cut back hardware requirements for consumers and could make bitcoin more interesting.

Perhaps confirmation time could also be lowered ? One other frustration people seem to have with bitcoin.


13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Satoshi probably started a new coin. on: July 03, 2015, 05:00:37 AM
I wanted to post this before... but I forgot my password, and password reset wasn't working lol... maybe because of forum hack... but anyway.. now it's working again and I am glad I can post again...

Cause I did want to share my thought with you on this... perhaps this theory/hypothesis has already been discussed exactly like this or perhaps not but here goes:

So I think I know who Satoshi might be, all I have to do is think "What would I do if I were him ?" since I am a developer too, so I can think a little bit like him, the story probably goes as follows:

1. Satoshi lost his keys during development... while bitcoin was still worthless.

2. Satoshi got depressed, because bitcoin not worth anything to him anymore... he couldn't mine anymore because of the difficulty increase.

So the next logical thing for him to do is:

3. Start a new coin... and mine it early to get rich once again ! LOL.


And indeed... Satoshi did seem to leave bitcoin....

So the question is which new/alternate coin is he now in ?

Maybe litecoin... or maybe a coin in the future ! Wink =D

  Skytoshi ! =D
14  Economy / Service Discussion / Losing 1000+ bitcoins per day ? How can that go unnoticed ? on: March 02, 2014, 01:00:27 AM

With the whole Mt Gox hack-thing going on... there is one question on my mind which just boggles my mind:

How can Mt Gox loose 1000+ bitcoins each day ? And not notice a damn thing ?

According to the story... 750.000 bitcoins were lost in the last 2 years ?! so on average 1000+ bitcoins per day ?

Maybe it happened in bursts ?

Yes Mt Gox had bad accounting according to the story... but 1000+ bitcoins each day on average ?

Wow... I just can't imagine it really Wink

Also... what really happened before 1 december when Mt Gox spiked to a 1000 dollars per bitcoin ?!

(Perhaps Mt Gox halted trading/stopped selling and thus price sky-rocketed cause of bitcoin shortage.).


15  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Exploits/Tricks for sale. on: December 21, 2013, 11:04:47 AM
*** 1. Star Trek Online InformationForSale answers (exploits/tricks) for sale: ***


Since january 2012 I have been playing Star Trek Online, the free to play game, as an experiment to see how long it would take for the game developers to ban me from their Virtual World.

Today one of my accounts has been banned for posting this youtube video:

This video was only a teaser of things to come in the near future. This video shows how I was able to game their game and acquire 1 million dilithium.

Apperently they don't like that much and was a reason to ban me. Fortunately only my time was invested into this game and not real money/dollars like some people do.

Let this be a warning to other gamers that they CAN and WILL ban your account and that you could then loose your investments into this game.

(This is also a good example why server-based games are risky, and p2p games are to be preferred, these can be played over the internet or local area network and do not require anybodies approvement).

Their announcement that my account was banned can be seen here:

During the course of these last two years it has become apperent that their game developers arent't very good at preventing massive bugs.

Well known bugs by now are: failures of their mailing system, duplicate mails, items losts/later returned, mail system freezes/inabilities to post mail, just to name one big one, also items/powers not working correctly.

However these are just annoyances that players have to deal with. It is however proof that their exists bugs in this game and thus I hope to have made my point and convinced you of the following:

During the course of these two years it has come to my attention that there exist exploits in this game (What game doesnt have exploits really ? Wink creating non-exploitable logic is very difficult, especially in multi-user/concurrent systems, all human beings are capable of logic reasoning and thus 100.000 eyes/players staring at logic will eventually find something, this is the way of evolution):

These exploits give adventages to those people that known them and use them, there are hundreds of people in this game using these exploits. I feel this is unfair to honest/unknowing players.

Therefore I have collected these exploits and tricks and all other funny stuff over the last two years, the collection phase into a file started since february 2013 after seeing a trick to make NPCs attack people, though the person scammed me and didnt tell, this triggered my collection project to attempt to collect all of these infos and make them available to those that payed me so that they at least have a chance to get even with any exploiters/cheaters, now that my account is banned the experiment is over and the game developers/Cryptic has failed to create a virtual world where I (as a programmer and a rebel) can exist.

Therefore I am selling off my information for sale answers file to those with some bitcoins Wink

The asking price for the answers to all my informations/infos will be 0.25 bitcoins.

The "questions" can be seen here:

The text file version, fast download and should be safe to watch and can be viewed with any editor/notepad/new/old computers/etc:

The htm file version, slightly slower download, still quite safe but does require a complex html browser, tested on internet explorer 9:

(Created with my favorite html/web page editor: Microsoft Frontpage 2003 portable edition)

For transactions contact me via PM or preferably e-mail:


Something very special for sale:

*** 2. Star Trek Online Dilithium Asteroid Mining VIP Mining Claim exploit for sale: ***


There exists a exploit in the game Star Trek Online for the Dilithium Asteroid Mining mission(s) via VIP (very important person) mining claim(s).

(This exploit is known as "double dipping")

The exploit allows a player to produce 10.000 dilithium instead of just 5.000 dilithium. So that is twice the ammount !

I consider this the most valuable exploit in Star Trek Online, it's quite genius and has been in the game for a long time, apperently the game developers have not noticed or detected this exploit or simply don't care (yet?).

The drawback is there exists no bot yet to exploit this, however such a bot could be developed if an investment payed to me is made, otherwise forget it.

However this exploit is ofcourse still manually exploiteable and therefore highly recommended to players who mine VIP maining claims regurlarly, this will double your output !

The best thing about this exploit is you will always produce at least 5000 dilithium + an additional ammount up to 10.000 dilithium.

It is also recommended to spread VIP mining claims over multiple toons/captains so that more can be refined each day. This can be done by opening lock boxes on different toons/captains. The lobi crystals can be stored into the account bank and thus can be transferred and accumilated/gather into one captain for purchases.

Asking price for this exploit is: 0.025 bitcoins.

16  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Trade Goods available for sale (basically anything). on: December 21, 2013, 10:08:05 AM

I have multiple fleet banks full of all kinds of goods in Star Trek Online.

These goods are all kinds of collectibles and highly valuable gear.

For example:

Space Weapons (very rare mk xii / purple)  (polaron) (photon) (disruptors) (etc)
Space Consoles (very rare mk xii / purple ) (anti proton) (disruptor) (polaron)
Winter event items (cloths, snowmen)
Summer event items (beach outfits, glasses)
Universal consoles (bio neural warhead, and all the other new stuff)
Lock boxes
Tholian fighter ship
Ferengi fighter ship.
All kinds of stuff really.

The deal/idea is simple:

You may buy whatever you want at a conversion rate of EC to BITCOIN as follows: energy credits is considered to be roughly 1000 dollars (1 bitcoin or so).

However to allow you to make a healthy profit I will maintain: energy credits is 500 dollars (0.5 bitcoin)

Therefore all goods you want from me are put on a list, then the exchange price is determined. (Average of cheapest).

A number is totalled. This number is the price of EC that you are getting from me in goods.

Now you must pay that EC price to me in BITCOINS.

So for example:

(currently both are lower because of the romulan survivor pack but perhaps their prices will return to what they were):
1 very rare disruptor console mk xii console is 37 million energy credits.
1 very rare anti proton console mk xii console is 37 million energy credits.

You both want them so there price is:
37m + 37m = 74m

This is approxiatemly: 74 dollars, however I will cut it in half to 37 dollars, so now you must pay me 37 dollars in bitcoins.

I require payment upfront, once payment has been received and confirmed in the blockchain we will meet in Star Trek Online.

There the goods will be transferred to you.

Doing bussiness like this is based on trust. You will have to trust me to give you the goods.

If you do not trust it then we cannot do bussiness.

If you want to do bussiness contact me via PM or preferably e-mail:

17  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Fleet Alert Bot (to produce fleet marks) for sale. on: December 21, 2013, 09:54:05 AM
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18  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Dilithium Asteroid Mining VIP Mining Claim exploit for sale. on: December 21, 2013, 09:34:18 AM
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19  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Bots for sale. on: December 21, 2013, 09:23:40 AM
Three bots for sale:

*** 1. Star Trek Online Dilithium Producer and Refiner ("Solo bot") for sale: ***


I have unlimited Star Trek Online Dilithium Producer and Refiner ("Solo bot") for sale for 0.5 bitcoins.

The bot needs 1 captain to produce and refine dilithium non-stop.

It uses tricks in the game to circumvent the dilithium caps.

These tricks can also be bought individually for 0.01 bitcoins in case you want to try them out manually.

This bot can be considered a "boot bot". Thanks to the dilithium that it produces it can be used to by more captain slots, by buying zen with dilithium and so forth.

Once more captain slots are available the user can switch to a more efficient bot called the "Switcher Bot".

The switcher bot is 10 times more efficient, easier and of higher quality than this solo bot.

However the solobot has a watchdog which detects if anything goes wrong, the switcher bot has a tiny watchdog as well, however the solobot has been more tested.

The solobot further more has all kinds of features to compensate/recover from situations:

Re-login to server, re-login to account, restart bot, re-cover from update and so forth.

Further details can be discussed via PM or preferably e-mail:

The bot comes with full python source code so you can inspect it yourself.

Some support is available from me as well, some modifications could be made to suit more of your needs, this additional support comes at the price of 1 bitcoin for a few weeks of support.

Perhaps in the future I will publish some youtube video showing the bot in action, for now consider it a secret.

Here are two screenshot crops of what to expect, keep in mind this was the first bot developed and it's kind of buggy/glitchy (sto itself is glitchy/buggy too) but gets the job done:

Second screenshot crop showing navigation capabilities (just a command in sto, nice, thanks game devs ! Wink)


*** 2. Star Trek Online Dilithium Producer and Refiner ("Switcher BOT") for sale: ***


I have unlimited ammounts of Star Trek Online Dilithium Producer and Refiner ("Switcher Bots") for sale.

It comes with full python source code so you can inspect it yourself and be sure there are no strange things in it.

It comes with a manual to explain how to setup it up and run it, some support from me is also available until it's running.

Optionally it has capability of logging back in after a disconnect.

The bot runs flawlessly and is off the most highest quality.

Asking price for this bot is 0.5 bitcoins.

Further details and/or negotiations can be done either via PM on this board or

Some secrecy is ofcourse necessary to thwart the game developers.

Usage of the bot is at your own risk I am not resposinble for any reprecussion of the game developers if you reveal yourself.

Either then that the bot seems to be undetected. (It works via a virtual java machine which needs to be installed, which executes a python interpreter, so the bot is just a bunch of text, perhaps this makes it harder to detect).

The bot works by switching your toons, so there will be many logins and logouts, this can be noticed, especially by your friend players, however even this is possible to surpress it with a special trick/software which is available for another 1 bitcoin.

Recommendation is to try this bot out on a newly created toon/captain/account, use the dilithium to buy stuff and then transfer it to other toons.

This way in the event of an account closer little value is lost except the dummy account.

Here is a screenshot crop of the bot to give you an idea what to expect:

This screenshots shows how operations/actions were implemented reliably and how any kind of problem is detected with a timeout, further down (not shown, bot contains code to detect failures and recover from it like server disconnects)

Another screenshot crop to show how the bot finds captains, you will have to replace these graphics with your own captain names, this should be real easy to do thanks to the underlying tool which will be revealed on purchase:

The following screenshot crop shows a part of the bot's main loop code:


*** 3. Star Trek Online Fleet Alert Bot (to produce fleet marks) for sale: ***


I have unlimited ammounts of Star Trek Online Fleet Alert Bots for sale.

This is the most advanced bot available. It has a full space combat system. It has a navigation system.

It detects capabilities automatic during "boot up" this can be done once if anything changed. It can also store detected capabilities on disk and later load it for fast boot time.

It has scaling options. The faster the CPU the faster the bot will run. If the underlying tool is enhanced by GPU capabilities in the future it may even run faster.

It has "primitive context switching" between all tasks that it needs to do like: Fire weapons, Activate Capabilities like super powers, buffs, etc, Navigate, Detect for abort, Respawn etc.

Therefore it can run on slow PCs and work well, it will work even better on faster PCs, which is quite fun to see.

It has watchdog and re-login features to detect and recover from Star Trek Online Server failures. These can be turned on or off depending on your needs to see errors or to simply run non-stop.

All bots come with a debug log which can be examined for operational details. Like date/time, steps of the bot, and any watchdog detections and so forth.

The python source code of the bot is fully available as well as all of it's graphics for icon detection ofcourse, just like all other bots.

This bot can produce 2000 fleet marks per night (assuming 10 hours). So that's roughly 200 fleet marks per hour.

This bot has been extremely tested (by at least 2 people), cause it was fun and highly profiteable.

The fleet marks can be sold to fleets/starbases/embassies/mines/spires which need fleet marks to build.

This can be done by joining their fleet and requiring payment via the trade window.

Once payment is received the fleet marks can be dumped into their starbase/mine/etc holding projects.

This gives fleet credits which can be turned into EC (a seperate trick available for 0.1 bitcoin) or it can be used to buy ultra very rare special consoles and also fleet ships and other things.

Fleet marks can sell anywhere between 2500 ec up to 12000 ec depending on market supply/demand which is invisible you will need to try/taste this yourself.

Currently the market seems to be flooded with no win scenerio fleet marks which are now easier to come by. Perhaps in the future this will change or not.

At a very minimum you will be able to produce:

2000 * 2500 ec = 5.000.000 ec per night.  (this does not yet include any profits from the fc to ec trick which can basically double this)

Also in the future new profiteable items may be added to the fleet stores.

The best I have seen so far is:

2000 * 12000 ec = 24.000.000 ec per night.

I do have some fleet marks customers in my database (for 0.01 bitcoin I can tell you a customer if you need one). I may also be able to find some more for you if that needed be again for 0.01 bitcoin.

The asking price for this bot will be: 0.25 bitcoin

I offer it to you low, so that you can hopefully make a high profit in Star Trek Online, perhaps some day you can sell some goods and pay for my more expensive bots. (Price is based on usefullness/profiteable of bot not complexity, also rarity)

I have heard that other people use bots as well, I have never seen their source code though. It does make sense, these bots are basically needed to build up starbases which require huge ammounts of dilithium, millions and millions of dilithium.

It's also great to unlock many features like more ship slots, more doff slots, more boff slots, buy zen ships and so forth.

See my other postings for the dilithium bots.

Contact me via PM or preferably: then perhaps we can work out a deal some support from me will be available as well for an additional (0.025 bitcoin) this will give two weeks of support.

The bot can run federation captains and romulan captains, perhaps klingons too, but this has been less tested, any defects found will be fixed.

Any missing/new powers/buffs can be added as well during the two week support.

Here is a screenshot crop of the fleet alert bot to give you an idea what to expect (ignore the federation title in it, it can support klingons by now too):


20  Economy / Digital goods / Star Trek Online Dilithium Producer and Refiner ("Switcher BOT") for sale. on: December 21, 2013, 09:16:55 AM
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