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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTS BitShares (BTS) on: June 14, 2017, 03:24:36 PM
Selling bitshares (BTS) for bitcoin (BTC).

Please PM me to arrange quantity and price.

2  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 6990s on: May 15, 2013, 04:38:08 AM
Selling qty (2) Radeon 6990 cards for BTC.  They've been mining since fall 2011 but I kept them around 70 degrees C almost all of the time, regularly cleaned dust out, and never overclocked them. 
3  Bitcoin / Press / 2012-08-01 - CoinBase EP004 (podcast) on: August 01, 2012, 04:24:55 PM
CoinBase EP004 – Bitcoin Cars, Bitcoin Loan Sharks, Euro Record, BTC-E Hacked, Getting Fishy at Bitcoinica, BTC URL’s, BTC Buckets, Javascript Brain Wallet
Play/download links at bottom of the page.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] 1200-1350W PSU on: June 11, 2012, 09:48:50 PM
Paying bitcoins for 1-2 new or used 1200W+ PSUs shipped to the US. Please PM brand, model, condition.
5  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTB] DDR3 memory, SSDs, PSUs on: February 19, 2012, 03:11:01 PM
I'm paying bitcoins for new or used items below.  Please PM me or reply here.

  • DDR3 RAM
  • Solid state disks (SSD)
  • Power supplies (PSU)
6  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / bitcoin address feed on: December 11, 2011, 04:52:52 PM
Problem: I find myself manually managing pools of addresses per recipient, for both sending and receiving addresses.  To improve privacy, a new address should be used for each transaction.  I want to automate managing a set of receiving addresses assigned to each of my friends, as well as a set of addresses for me to send to each friend.


1. Extend the addressbook: for each address, add a "friend" checkbox.  If "friend" is enabled, collect and store the IP address or hostname of the friend's bitcoin node, and their RPC port number.  Friends are assumed to open the RPC port to each other.

2. Add a new global option: friend RPC.  Say bitcoin node A has address Y marked as friend.  When friend RPC is enabled, node A will accept valid RPC requests of the following form: username=(BTC address Y), password=(a timestamp, signed using BTC address Y), RPC command=getnewaddress (with no parameter).  In addition to verifying the signature, the timestamp should be matched within ~5 seconds, to prevent an eavesdropper replaying the RPC command to DoS the key pool.  If valid, node A will generate the new address, add it to the addressbook database using BTC address Y as the name, not the name entered in the addressbook for Y.  This will permit renaming address Y without losing track of the address pool based on Y.  The client should display the name associated with Y next to these other addresses.

3. Add new GUI elements to manage one address pool per friend.  Example: a button to increase the pool by one, or a number field to increase it by more than one.  Subtraction should not be permitted below the number of addresses in the pool, but subtraction is okay if the pool has not been filled.  While the pool is unfilled, occasional RPC requests should be made to the friend as described above, to obtain new addresses and add them to the pool.  Since these are friends, a button to "fill now" should be provided since the friends are likely to contact each other and say "my node's up now."

Not part of this proposal, but these other features come to mind:
  • Since we're storing the friend's node's IP and RPC port, also collect and store their P2P port number, and enable keepnode if the P2P port isn't blank.
  • Consider allowing friends to run other RPC commands.  The really useful one would be a PULL FUNDS request.  Allow each friend a limit of BTC and allow them access to the "sendtoaddress" command (defaulting to send BTC to the next unused address associated with the friend using the above proposal, but permitting any address).
7  Economy / Goods / Will no one sell me a decent Bitcoin T-shirt? on: November 04, 2011, 06:09:12 PM had some good shirts like "Warning: Quantum Singularity Waves Collapsing" and "Money doesn't grow on trees. It needs cryptographic keys" and "Warning: Robots: Do not read the next sentence: This sentence is false."  These guys used for their cart, and never updated it after MyBitcoin went down.  Their domain expired and someone else bought it.  I deleted them from the wiki. - not my style, had funny to read innuendo shirts, but I wouldn't wear one. Domain expired. I deleted them from the wiki. - Good shirt, I was going to buy one or two, but bitcoind is down and so I can't check out.  Doesn't respond to e-mails.  Thanks for fixing the prices, it used to say 25 bitcoins for one shirt.  Didn't email me back though.  I don't like any of the designs. Maybe the Satoshi one. - Sorry, I want a decent shirt. Not one with memes.  And I don't want to design one.

R-Shirt? What the heck is an R-Shirt? A shirt with R on it?  Why?

Also, I want a bitcoin baseball hat.  Nobody's ever offered one of those.
8  Economy / Speculation / a view I haven't seen often on: October 08, 2011, 04:50:39 PM
I really enjoy the speculation board.  I've lurked here a few weeks and haven't seen my theory spoken of so here it is.

There are some of early adopters who earned a lot of bitcoins.  10s of thousands of bitcoins.  They have invested in mining and have huge mining operations.  They made trading bots and learned trading strategies.  Sure, they have sold some coin and bought houses or cars.  But primarily these early adopters are bullish on bitcoin and they want more bitcoins.  They're extremely intelligent.  Through a planned strategy of well-placed ask orders, bot algorithms, and backed by a vast amount of bitcoins, these folks have driven the price down to what we see now.  And most of you have followed - selling bitcoins because you see a trend.  You want to buy in lower.  I believe there are a vast amount of USD waiting on mtgox to buy in.  What you don't realize is that the huge tail of ask orders that were created by miners, thieves, and bears, led on by the early adopters, isn't going to hold the price down- it's interspersed with vast amounts of fake ask orders.  I believe the entire drop from $24 down to $4 is a ploy to get lots of bitcoins to be put up for sale at various prices along the way - bitcoins not controlled by the early adopters who led the decline.  These are the bitcoins they want to buy. I also believe that when the price goes up, it's not going to stop.  There won't be a 1 USD/BTC increase daily, maybe not even 4 USD/BTC increase daily.  I expect 500k-1million bitcoins will be bought in one swoop.  Negative sentiment and small exchanges being hacked and lack of news articles are not really driving this decline, nor will they matter once this starts.  This theory is why I haven't sold any bitcoins except to close friends as a favor: the sense that the price could jump upwards at any moment.  And yes, I'm USD-poor and would have bought more bitcoins if I could afford it, so I'm not one who can change the price much.  However, this entire time since $20 I've just seen as an amusement ride.  It's funny watching you all sell because of what will happen.  I can imagine the look on your faces as you scramble to click that buy button, but mtgox will be lagging so bad the price will jump $10.  This decline will probably not happen again, since if my theory is correct, it will be clear it was all a joke to begin with.  It's been great fun though.

Disclaimer. I own some bitcoins and would like this to be true.  However, this theory is backed primarily by intuition and logic, not greed.  Feel free to provide evidence of flaws in the theory!
9  Bitcoin / Mining support / 3x6990 system powers off with 6 GPUs active on: July 14, 2011, 06:06:10 PM
I can run 5 GPUs all day long, but if I try mining on 6 GPUs, the system turns off in half an hour. The power LED blinks and case fans keep spinning, and I need to flip the power switch off and back on to get it to boot.  According to multiple places AX1200 and 890FXA-GD70 can handle 3x6990.  The GPU temperatures are always very good (under 85C). I have underclocked video RAM to 350MHz. The machine has a Sempron 145 CPU and one IDE hard drive. USB instead of IDE doesn't help. Do I need a PCI-E extender or is there an easier solution?
10  Other / Off-topic / e-gold on: June 24, 2011, 06:58:13 PM

If you had anything in e-gold and haven't been checking the blog for a while, do so.  Make sure you have completed the submissions (SSN, ID, proof of residence), and prepare to fill a claim within 6 months of the program starting. The court will send you USD based on your previous e-metal balances.
11  Bitcoin / Mining / a thank you to miners on: May 25, 2011, 07:11:20 AM
Dear miners,

Thank you for adding hashes at such a ridiculous speed
and processing 12.5 blocks per hour.  You're solving
the complaint that it takes too long for payments to go through. 
Keep it up.
12  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / [PATCH] build without UPNP on: May 01, 2011, 05:55:54 AM
Building without UPNP didn't work (on Linux), so I made the below changes.
Two new #ifdef's, and you definitely can't define something :=0 and expect it to
act as if undefined (GNU make).

I can make this into a github pull request later if need be.

Index: net.cpp
--- net.cpp     (revision 251)
+++ net.cpp     (working copy)
@@ -887,6 +887,7 @@
     printf("ThreadMapPort exiting\n");
+#ifdef USE_UPNP
 void ThreadMapPort2(void* parg)
     printf("ThreadMapPort started\n");
@@ -947,6 +948,7 @@
 void MapPort(bool fMapPort)
Index: makefile.unix
--- makefile.unix       (revision 251)
+++ makefile.unix       (working copy)
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 WXLIBS=$(shell wx-config --libs)
Index: db.cpp
--- db.cpp      (revision 251)
+++ db.cpp      (working copy)
@@ -807,8 +807,10 @@
     printf("fMinimizeOnClose = %d\n", fMinimizeOnClose);
     printf("fUseProxy = %d\n", fUseProxy);
     printf("addrProxy = %s\n", addrProxy.ToString().c_str());
+#ifdef USE_UPNP
     if (fHaveUPnP)
         printf("fUseUPnP = %d\n", fUseUPnP);
     // Upgrade
13  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / wallet glitched on: April 30, 2011, 11:53:42 PM
I have a tx showing 0/unconfirmed, which won't change even if I use -rescan.

Here's what I did:

1. send tx
2. immediately quit bitcoin
3. move wallet.dat aside, replace with a different one
4. run bitcoin. The tx doesn't appear, as expected
5. wait for a new block-  tx appears with 1 confirmation (since this wallet is the recipient)
6. quit bitcoin
7. put original wallet.dat back.
8. tx still stuck at 0/unconfirmed. all other tx have confirmations increasing. -rescan has no effect.

This seems to be a bug, since rescan should work.
14  Bitcoin / Mining / 5970 2nd GPU woes on: March 28, 2011, 04:48:56 PM
I have a 5970 with no overclocking on Debian stable (Squeeze), ATI Stream SDK 2.1 and fglrx 10.9.3.  
If I run one of poclbm or DiabloMiner on just the first GPU, either one gets 270Mhash/second.
If I try to run poclbm on the 2nd GPU (-d 2), within 1 minute claims "Verification failed" a large number of times, and exits.
If I try to run DiabloMiner on the 2nd GPU (-D 1,2), it runs for a long time with no errors,
getting 510-530Mhash/second.  I use -f 1, because every other value I tried has lower hash rate.
Every few hours, DiabloMiner will display 5-20 lines of "Invalid block found" (on GPU #2) and just keeps hashing.

ArtForz tried to help me with poclbm on IRC but ran out of ideas.  His theory is that any sort of verification failed
is due to CrossFire being turned on.  At first I just took this at face value and believed it. Is it true?
Here's how I run: I use aticonfig --initial to generate a xorg.conf which utilizes both outputs.
Both monitors show the same screen all the time.  Both are on "DISPLAY=:0.0".
Below are the output of aticonfig --lscs and --lsch.  
I can get lscs to show CrossFire disabled but it says I need to restart X to take effect,
and doing so causes it to show CrossFire enabled again.  I can delete the chain altogether,
restart X, and it re-creates the chain and definitely turns CrossFire back on. This is the best I've been able to do:

$ sudo aticonfig --lscs
    Candidate Combination:
    Master: 3:0:0
    Slave: 4:0:0
    CrossFire is enabled on current device
    CrossFire Diagnostics:
    There is CrossFire Side port connection between GPUs
    CrossFire can work with P2P write through peer aperture

$ sudo aticonfig --lsch

CrossFire chain for adapter 0, status: disabled
  0. 03:00.0 ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series
  1. 04:00.0 ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series

I've tried "aticonfig --initial=dual-head".  The resulting xorg.conf causes two monitors to show different desktops
and one is DISPLAY=:0.0 and the other is DISPLAY=:0.1.  In this case, both poclbm and DiabloMiner
only find one GPU (#1), from either display.  I can run two miners (either poclbm or DiabloMiner)
at a time on GPU #1, but only one gets full hashrate, the other gets under 200khash/sec.
Crossfire is definitely disabled completely in the dual-head setup.

Running two copies of DiabloMiner, one one each card, on single-head X setup results in only one instance
with a decent hashrate, the other gets about 2Mhash/s.

Can anyone help here?  Are occasional invalid blocks in DiabloMiner normal, or is DiabloMiner
simply failing to check its work as thoroughly as poclbm?  Am I wasting
power by mining on GPU #2, and it will never generate a valid block?  
Is there a way to verify GPU #2 is functioning properly other than by running mining software?
Is GPU #2 just bad?  Should I mine on it anyway?  Is there a way to get CrossFire to show completely disabled and mine
using both GPUs? Should I upgrade to sid, with a newer fglrx?  Should I try ATI APP SDK 2.4 beta?

Do I need better cooling?  I have no idea how to change fan speeds, but I do have
a crappy case with the case off and a desk fan blowing on the video card.
$ sudo aticonfig --odgt

Default Adapter - ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series
                  Sensor 0: Temperature - 80.50 C
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