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1  Bitcoin / Hardware / Help me find someone at BFL that can help with a long delayed order! on: June 28, 2013, 08:52:39 PM
According to the Blog at BFL my September 5th order of 8 jalapeno's (the upgrade pack) should have shipped no later then Tuesday the 18th.
Then  Wednesday the 19ths blog pops up saying it may be Wednesday that they shipped all of them for sure.
This must have been correct at least partially as on Thursday the 20th Joday said they shipped all but a few of the 7ths orders for Jalapenos.

My units should have shipped Wednesday the 19th at the latest.... but they didn't even get made. I wasn't worried about the lack of tracking as I don't remember the FPGA actually having one and it showed up quickly. Saturday ,my address is listed as a 3 day delivery by USPS, the units should have arrived. Monday at the latest if they fudge their shipment day as the day its in a box with a label not the day the carrier picks them up.

Now I shouldn't have trusted a Blog. I know virtually nothing posted online is properly peer reviewed and fact checked. Half jokingly it's not like BFL falls under the same scrutiny as the FDA. That is my fault. I accept that I should have known to stir up trouble a week before my unit should have shipped when it wasn't switched to Production. I didn't really know it took at least a week in production to get them shipped. Likely this is also my fault. If I had known I would have tried something sooner.

Saturday night or early Sunday morning as it was 2:44 AM my time I sent an email asking for tracking numbers, what day my order actually shipped and when the account page would show correctly that my order shipped. Included was the order #.

Sunday No reply.

Monday No reply. I called. I got a phone person. He wasn't super helpful. He did get my order in the que so I guess he was more helpful then BFL's shipping and order systems. He said that BFL was eating the extra shipping as my units wont fit in a box and I should be happy with that. At this point my orders are 6-7 days overdue. Yeah I am happy. He assured me that the order would switch to Production (like its supposed to) in an hour. It didn't. Also it was mentioned that my units would definately be to me this week.

Tuesday I got an email.
CONTENTS: "We have had a glitch concerning the Jalapeno Upgrades, but it seems to be resolved now. Your order has gone to production. When we have more Jalapenos we will ship yours. Jody"
I am posting my personal correspondence. This is not illegal. This was sent to me and has no disclaimer about being privileged or private information.
The last sentence seems to indicate that when 8 are ready I will get mine shipped. Not when the end of the que came up but when they have more. More not Your.

Wednesday no one answered the phone. I left a Voicemail. Still no reply Friday the 28th (3 days later). Apparently Email was faster then voicemail.

Thursday I called. I got the rep from Monday. He said he would check when my orders would ship. I heard someone shriek at him that "they would ship today". He assured me they would ship Thursday. They didn't. Now at this point I am down 8 days of mining income. Don't believe me? the math pretty well writes itself. Thursdays date(27) - the last possible shipment date for the 5th (19) = 8.

Friday Still not shipped as of 3:45 their time(BFL). Earlier today I posted a message asking for help figuring out who I could call that would be able to clear this up. The thread moderator or another mod deleted my post and likely any others replying to it. Thanks for the help.

So I am starting a new topic.

I would like anyone with helpful suggestions on who to talk to to get my order that gets days later while other orders keep shipping shipped. There are now 5 more days of orders out before mine. ALL post dating mine. I have tried being nice. I have tried asking nicely. I have tried to be patient. I am not complaining about the delays before shipping. I actually stood up for BFL because they seemed to genuinely want to make a better product and it took longer. I am not complaining because days of peoples orders are leaving before mine directly. I am complaining because instead of pulling 8 units that where done Monday or Tuesday (when they knew about the problem) they set my order to the back of the que and let it stay there. I ordered earlier. I was told mine shipped earlier. I have been lied to repetedly about my order.
2  Other / Meta / Re: [2000 GH/s] EMC: 0 Fee/PPS/DGM/Dwolla/SMS/2FA/GBT/Stratum/Vardiff on: June 28, 2013, 06:32:24 PM
Whatever mod was kind enough to delete my post Could you show this kind of diligence in the CGMiner thread when LukeJr starts preaching his miner and won't leave?

As a side I didn't want to start a thread that would revert to hell with people complaining about BFL I assumed that if I posted it here they wouldn't start bitching. I hoped someone would get me some help.

Thanks mod!

To whomever complained let me know what you said that I might use it to cleanse threads that get far more OT then asking the COO of a company who I could talk to about a product that hasn't shipped and is at least 10 days late.

new topic is here. I have a copy and will happily repost if this one gets burned off the interwebs.
3  Economy / Computer hardware / Some BFL order complaints on: June 28, 2013, 09:24:12 AM
I know this isn't the right place for this.
I would like to start by saying I really am sorry for saying this here but I truly feel I am out of workable options.

I ordered Jalapenos from BFL 9/5/2012 (September 5th) and all of that day shipped in theory 6/19/2013 (June 19th). Mine was skipped. I watched the blog as was repeatedly suggested as a good way to find out when MY units would ship. Saturday as I am in a 3 day shipping zone for USPS I really likely would have seen the units.I don't believe I ever got a tracking number for my FPGA so I wasn't worried about that. The units didn't show up.

Sunday I log into my account and the order is Pending. That is apparently slang for skipped ( I had assumed they where pending shipping). Sunday I emailed about the pending issue asking for a tracking number for my order. Follow up was rather delayed. Yes I delayed days by stupidly trusting Jody to check the actual shipments that lined up with the day rather then just that shipping ran out of orders for that day.

Monday 6/24 I expected at the latest my packages to show up. I called after 2 Kansas city time. This was after the mail truck went by my house. I talked to a gentleman who wasn't really helpful. He did in the least correct way fix my problem. He somehow slated for production my jalapeno 8 pack. Apparently there is an issue where the 8 pack upgrades don't get made. So my units where added to the que. The back of the que apparently. I asked about priority shipping as this mistake wasn't mine and had already cost me 4 days of using the units. I was told that I should be happy that BFL was paying for the increased shipping as my order now takes more boxes then had been expected. I got the impression that somehow if this person where in charge I would not only have waited, had the product change to a fan based unit but also had the shipping cost after the fact increased because the units didn't fit like they should have. Now the units getting bigger wasn't my fault, nor was the ordering/shipping computer glitch (apparently) that caused (according to him) my order never to be made. The only part of this that could be partially my fault was not knowing in advance that my order should change from pending to production then to shipped. Not to mention apparently I should have known this takes a week in production before it would be close to shipping. He also assured me I would have my units this week.

Tuesday I finally got an email about the "glitch". The email stated that the glitch was resolved. It went on to state my order had gone to production (apparently the end of the line(not stated)). Further it was stated that "When we have more Jalapenos we will ship yours". The last sentence sounded like my order would go out with the next jalapenos off the line or out of testing. At least to me it does. Obvious to me now all it ever meant was my order was as late as possible. Also Tuesday my account finally changed to production from pending at about 3 KC time.

Wednesday no one would answer the phone when I called three times. I could have called more but I left a voicemail  so some BFL rep should call me back right? apparently voicemail is more backed up then email. At least I assume its backed up as my call wasn't returned yet.

Thursday I got in touch with the same rep as Monday. That was today. 8 days after the 8 units should have shipped. I was told he would check if my orders would ship soon. Some lady screamed at him that it would be shipping today. He told me my order would definitely ship today. They didn't, it didn't.

I have actually saved BFL $4172. Someone when correcting my order from 4 Jalapenos to the 8 pack upgrade kit fat fingered the order into 8 upgrade packs. When I noticed the error I reported it and my order was corrected.

I guess at this point since 9/6-9/10 have shipped or in the case of 9/10 mostly shipped. All of these orders have managed to questionably get priority over a much older order. My order has been delayed it will be 9 days before shipping starts tomorrow and my unit is still in production. I don't know if it would even ship tomorrow. These delays are less then desireable. They have been unwanted since day 1 of this issue. They have never been anything I caused. Topped off with so far no one has helped me in a really meaningful way. I would like to know who to talk to that has both the power to actually do something useful like make sure before more jump the line mine ships and it would be lovely to get some faster shipping.

I really feel like I am being punished for ordering or at least ordering the 8 pack. I can't believe that no one else ordered an 8 pack before me. I can't believe that this problem never came up before. I can't believe this problem was never corrected or even checked for. I know no one can go back in time. No one can ship my order 6/19 like it should have. I am sure someone could have shipped it closer to 6/19 then it is now. I am sure since according to the blog more leave BFL every day. More leave just not mine.

So Inaba could you ask BFL_josh (I know already) if he could check into this I would happily supply either of you an order #. I am very upset now by the way this has been handled and I hope the best pool op I know can fix meat space problems like he fixes server bugs.
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