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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / SCAMMER PRESENT : -- Tanerlorn aka Jonathan Drane aka iamhiv. on: December 30, 2011, 10:01:12 AM
More than a year ago i bumped into iamhiv at Foxwoods, or Tanerlorn as he calls himself here.
I already read a lot of hilarious stuff about him on 2+2 forum and saw some funny pics.
Computer kinda guy, looked like he borrowed his glasses from his father, filthy brown hoodie, told that he didnt shower much and smelled like old socks.
Hes trash talking everyone. ( including me )
It still bothers me that such a goof talked to me.

So i was approached by someone claiming that iamhiv or Tanner Lorn ( as he calls himself now )
was the creator and owner of and hacking computers to see their hole cards.

It was the best entertainment ever, than i did some research, turns out that he got life time ban from several companys and he and his father are the only 2 employees of their freelance computer company, workiing out of the living room.

I believe the dude that approached me, because it seems that this nerd always has cash to play some mtt on stars ( he always gets broke afterwards, but still ... ).

Doesnt have a job, doenst have an education.
Just sitting on his tiny nifty caucasian ass, pinpointing his next object of hacking for his financial purposes.

Someone told me that hes active here, so i thought i warn you guys bout this computertwerp.

Be warned, this kid sends you a link to click on, i think it was a book ( he never reads books )
saying that it was such a fantastic 200 page book, a pdf file.

I am about 100 pages into this and it is completely blowing my mind. Some of the things she says....just amazing. This woman is still alive, I believe, and I would love to send her some coins.

I highly recommend anyone interested in man's history, or the current state of man, to check this book out. There's a torrent out there.

Its sort of the same he supposedly sells on untoldpokersecrets.

I saw the reply of him on bitcointalk ; oh check this book out, click on it,   
if you clicked on his link, than youre probably hacked by BO2K, he is said to be using these kind of rat tools to view your screen while playing poker.

He asked to be the administrator of this forum so he can delete these kind of messages.

Im telling you, he is depending on the humor of you to make fun of these accusations.
He wants to earn money out of his lazy ass, scratching his pubic hair ( if he has any ) farting while he does it and thinking about another computersceme.

I think he pinpointed the bitcoin poker players, because his other scemes arent working anymore.
SO BE WARNED about tanerlorn or iamhiv.

2  Other / Meta / How to insert image on any forum on: December 29, 2011, 06:38:29 AM
Maybe a stupid question ;

How do insert an image in this forum, is this restricted ?

Im using both IE9 and Safari.

Whenever i try to drag the pic in my post, than the image comes up in the browser, it loads itself
I dont have a link to the pic, just a pic i want to post.

So how do i do that ?
Any help is appreciated.
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