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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / DId Mt. Gox Basically Seize My Money? on: June 20, 2011, 03:42:47 AM
I signed up for Mt. Gox without an email account. Meaning I won't be able to set a new P/W when it comes up. Did they just effectively delete my account for that and steal my $500 in BTC?
2  Bitcoin / Mining support / Arrrghhh ... reboot issue due to software on: June 19, 2011, 04:51:02 AM
So, I'm trying to run Phoenix Phatk on my dual 6870s (not crossfired), and some kind of software problem with phoenix makes the system reboot within two or three minutes once both cards are mining. This had me chasing my own tail forever until I realized it was a software problem and not an issue with my hardware. Extensive stress testing confirms this with certainty.

GPU clock is 975MHZ, RAM clock is 1100 MHZ.

No artifacts. Ever. No rejected shares, ever.

Either card can mine alone -- forever.

Both cards can run their own copy of furmark -- forever. No errors.

One card can run Shogun 2 maxed (90+% GPU usage at all times, identical thermals to Bitcoin mining) while the other mines coins. No issues.

Both cards can mine fine together IF AND ONLY IF one has no arguments set with Phoenix. I lose TONS of hashing power on that card (280-->230.)

The arguments I use follow: k phatk VECTORS BFI_INT AGGRESSION=8 worksize=128

So uhhh .... any ideas? Try poclbm on one card? I'm running Catalyst 11.5 with the 2.4 Stream SDK. Phoenix 1.48 with the included phatk version.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / eBay Deleting All Bitcoin Listings on: June 13, 2011, 05:56:44 PM
See topic. eBay is currently aggressively deleting all Bitcoin listings, claiming that selling them "violates intellectual property and copyright."

Your listing has been removed.

Due to potential violations of copyright and/or trademark laws, we do not allow the sale of online game characters or gaming accounts. This also includes selling virtual items from such games. These games and their content remain the property of the copyright holder and as such cannot be listed on our site except by the copyright holder or their licensee. Please do not relist this item.

We don't let sellers list virtual products such as online game characters, accounts, currency, codes that can be redeemed for in-game items, or related software. This helps protect the people who originally created the products and own the rights to reproduce and sell them.

Here's more information on our policy:

You may need to take a tutorial. The next time you sell, you may be asked to take the tutorial, if it's required. Once you've completed the tutorial successfully, please review your account status for any other possible concerns. If there are no other issues, you should be able to sell again.

To take the intellectual property tutorial, please visit:

Please be aware that any additional violations of this policy may result in the suspension of your account. eBay understands that you may be concerned about this situation.

For more information on why eBay may remove a listing, please visit:

Please be assured that your listings have not been targeted in any way. Although there may be similar items currently listed on eBay, we review all listings that are reported to us by eBay members or Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program participants. We rely on reports from our members to help maintain the safety and security of our Community. We encourage you to report any items by using the REPORT THIS ITEM button on the listing so we can quickly remove any other items that should be removed.

If you have additional questions, contact our policy experts. Get started by clicking the link below:

We appreciate your understanding.



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.

Pretty disgusting huh?
4  Other / Obsolete (buying) / WTS 2.5 BTC on: June 11, 2011, 01:41:38 AM

Starting bid is below current market price.
5  Other / Obsolete (buying) / WTS BTC on: June 10, 2011, 11:38:04 PM

As you can see, I have some coins up on eBay. Starting bid below market price.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Oh god what on: May 20, 2011, 02:19:11 AM
I quit generating these over a year ago, thinking it was going nowhere. My i7 920 could generate 50 coins a day easily. Should've. Kept. Going. Oh well. My wallet currently holds 300 coins. Is it worth putting it back on generating, or do custom miners 100% dominate the coin awards now?

Saddest part is, I had 400. Got scammed for 100 for a month of web hosting back when BTC were practically worthless, and $1 would get you 20 BTC.
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