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1  Economy / Speculation / It's called a correction (waveaddict's bitcoin charting subscription thread) on: February 14, 2012, 02:33:36 PM
For those interested in subscribing to my basic subscription service, it costs $35/month (USD) in terms of bitcoins. Basically, if the spot price of bitcoins at the time of payment is $100/bitcoin then the subscription payment is ~0.35 bitcoins. I can be reached via a personal message here on this forum or by email:

If you are either interested in a longer term discounted subscription or a premium subscription for trading purposes, let me know. A premium (trading) 6-month subscription costs a total of $280 (about $45/month). Premium subscribers receive not only my basic newsletter but also my premium newsletters which detail how and why I am trading assets taken from my basic newsletter. Plus, as a premium subscriber, I am always willing to help you improve your own individualized trading style, whether you are a risk-adverse or risk-seeking trader and/or investor.

The newsletter comes out around twice a week (every three or four days) and includes charting of stocks (SPX, DAX, SSEC, NIKKEI), commodities (GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, OIL, NATURAL GAS), currencies (EUR, AUD, CAD, JPY), bonds (10yr US note yield), and, of course, bitcoin (BTC/USD). My main focus, apart from charting bitcoin, is to educate subscribers on how everything in the market is inter-related. Moreover, because the price of bitcoin fluctuates in much the same manner as every other asset, Bitcoin is a great medium for those who are interested in investing in other markets. My subscription service is merely meant to make charting/trading understandable. As many of my subscribers know, I enjoy teaching others about TA so that they are able to do it by themselves.

*Disclaimer: Although this service includes market analysis, all ideas, opinions, recommendations and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as an inducement or instruction to invest, trade, and/or speculate in the markets. Any action or refraining from action; investments, trades, and/or speculations made in light of the ideas, opinions, and/or forecasts, expressed or implied herein, are committed at your own risk an consequence, financial or otherwise.

The following pdf link is an unedited regular newsletter from August 24, 2013.

The following pdf link is an unedited (there is a clear typo in this one) premium-only newsletter from August 21, 2013.

Since these newsletters were released, the content has only expanded and improved. If you are looking for an accuracy assessment for these newsletters, you simply need to refer to my subscribers' feedback provided throughout this thread. I'm not going to throw a completely subjective and inaccurate number out there as others have done. Once I find the time to go over a couple thousand emails, I'll also eventually post email feedback from the hundreds of subscribers that I've had the pleasure of teaching and/or conversing with over the past two years


The following reads from past to present:

(Feb. 14, 2012)
posted this a couple of weeks ago:

situation now:

Many here need to learn the basics of investing before they start speculating. A near perfect channel correction is near complete if not finished already. The name of the game is buying when others are fearful...bitcoin is no different than the same dynamics that price out everything in a free market.


EDIT(Feb 27, 2012): later in this thread I did indeed start a subscription service for anyone interested. I charge a mere 2.5 bitcoins/month for daily charting emails relating to bitcoin. To get started, just personal message (PM) me with your email or email me directly at

within post #69 on page 4 within this thread was the last chart that I posted on the free forum since it was the day I started the service. 'red' indeed happened as advised  Smiley


EDIT (March 16, 2012): Otoh has provided an updated list of my chart numbers for reference at


EDIT (July 5, 2012): Hello all,   Cheesy

For anyone doubting the practicality of Technical Analysis (TA) and especially Elliott Wave Theory (EWT), I believe the following record of mine on silver will dispel any doubts: >>> click on the image to enlarge after clicking on the link.

The above image is a collection of my short-term weekly silver charts that I provide for my regular subscribers who pay an extra .5 bitcoins/month on top of their usual 2.5 bitcoins/month for my daily bitcoin analysis. Each simplified chart within this image represents one week's short-term expectation and likely direction(s) (without the analysis and reasoning, because this is solely reserved for my subscribers). Every week I provide the most likely direction(s) (the BLACK and BLUE lines) that the price could take, and this/these projection(s) are derived from my personal experience, talent, and especially knowledge in the art/science of technical analysis; and yes, I always explain my reasoning so that my subscribers can learn why and how I see certain outcomes. Furthermore, on top of this short-term analysis, subscribers are provided with plenty of longer term charts, analysis and projections, along with a subscriber-only chat room for subscribers to discuss TA and EWT among themselves.

So, if anyone would like to learn about the art/science of Technical Analysis/Elliott Wave from my analysis of bitcoin/silver/etc and subsequently start making money from this knowledge, my subscription service is a very cheap and effective way of doing so; and for those wondering, I try to make my service affordable to everyone and that is the only reason why I am charging so little. I love teaching what I know, but I will not share this knowledge for free. The subscription payment is more about the principle than anything else.  

*This is my first attempt at advertising my service after I stopped posting my wave projections on this forum in mid-February when I started my subscription service. I may, during a later date, provide a similar simplified collection of some of my charts relating to bitcoin. If you are interested in subscribing, send me a PM or email me at; I'm always willing to take on new subscribers.



EDIT (August 19, 2012):

Hello again all,   Cheesy

Okay, it is probably a good idea for me to advertise the bitcoin portion of my service.

Below is the email from August 6:


Hello subscribers,

(388) is an updated collection of support and resistance trend-lines to keep an eye on. (388)>>>

(390) is an updated look at the usual daily underlying indicators. Many of them are pointing to the same picture--that the price is heading lower or sideways first before heading higher later on. (390)>>>

(389) is an updated short-term Elliott Wave picture. At the moment, both the corrective flat and triangle options are still on the table. (389)>>>



Below is the August 15 email and charts:


Hello subscribers,

(411) is an updated collection of support and resistance trend-lines to keep an eye on. The price broke above new upper channel resistance today only to be stopped by the mid-$13s Fibonacci confluence resistance. The question now is whether the price will stay above the upper channel trend-line or fall back within it. Exiting a channel for a brief period of time before re-entering it is known as a throw-over and is typical during reversals. If the price manages to surpass the mid-$13s, it could easily go vertical towards the $16 (2x new channel resistance) and mid-$17 (another key Fibonacci resistance) area before reversing hard back down in what will look like a bubble top. (411)>>>

(412) is an updated view/explanation on the usual basket of daily underlying indicators. Notice how the daily RSI has reached 90 (upper channel resistance). I'm not really sure how much higher the price can head with the RSI, SS, and ADX in dangerously overbought territory. (412)>>>

(413) is the only way I can make sense out of the short-term Elliott Wave picture...and yes, it's a forced count. (413)>>>

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to ask any questions via email or chatzy,


Below is the August 16 email and charts:


Hello subscribers,

           Bitcoin is officially in TA bubble mode after breaking the new upper channel resistance from yesterday along with the mid-$13s Fibonacci confluence resistance alongside heavily overbought daily and weekly underlying indicators (RSI, ADX, SS). Bubbles, by nature are irrational and highly unpredictable, so be very careful if you decide to trade it. It will most likely be very fast and highly volatile with the top occurring pretty much anywhere, although one can speculate that it might end at ~mid-$16s (2x upper channel resistance), ~$17 (50% Fibonacci retracement based off the $32 to $2 wave), or ~$20.5 (61.8 Fibonacci retracement based off the $32 to $2 wave). There is a good chance that the top will occur within the next few days after watching the price begin its vertical ascent seen in chart 415 which is typically the last stage of a classic bubble. After the actual top is in, the price will likely plunge 10, 20, 30%+ almost immediately in what will feel unbearable if you are caught long during it. So again, be very careful. Keep a very close eye on the hourly 50sma, and especially the hourly 200sma; once the hourly 200sma falls, the bubble is most likely over.

(415) is an updated collection of support and resistance trend-lines to keep an eye on. (415)>>>

The short-term Elliott Wave picture continues to have the price in a blow-off extended 5th wave as illustrated in yesterday's past chart 413. The daily and weekly ADX, RSI, and SS continue to be in extremely overbought territory, while the daily and weekly MACD continue to brush off these indicators and continue hooking higher adding lone underlying indicator support to this rally as seen in yesterday's past chart 412. At the moment, the daily RSI is at 93.15, the daily SS is at 96.62, the daily ADX is at 73.12, the weekly RSI is at 87.67, the weekly SS is at 96, and the weekly ADX is at 72.31.

**Many of you have recently asked me about changing my 2.5/month subscription cost to compensate for the large price increase that bitcoin has experienced relative to cash. I am still debating how I am going to handle this, but I will definitely come out with revised payment structure tomorrow. For anyone who has already paid me this month, I will immediately refund you the difference if my new payment structure would have allowed you to pay less for this month. Furthermore, this weekend, I am going to be releasing Part II of my Elliott Wave educational series titled, Building Blocks.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to ask me any questions,

-----------------------------------Here is a pic of the subscriber chat room during the crash:

Below is the email and charts from August 17:


Hello subscribers, I'm hoping everyone came out of today's dramatic reversal relatively unscathed if not a little bit richer in either dollar or BTC terms.

(417) is an updated collection of support and resistance trend-lines to keep an eye on. The price broke below the hourly 200sma today which ended the bubble. For the time being, the daily 20sma, new lower channel resistance, weekly upper bollinger band, and 2x old channel resistance (now support) are keeping the price from plunging further. Until they fall, the bullish trend is technically still intact from purely a support/resistance viewpoint. (417)>>>

(418) is an updated view on the usual basket of daily underlying indicators. A key event today was the RSI breaking below the lower channel resistance. Within the next few days, we will see whether or not the MACD, SS, and ADX confirm the bearish trend change as indicated by the RSI, volume and today's daily reversal candlestick. (418)>>>

(419) is an updated short-term Elliott Wave picture. As expected, the bubble (expanded 5th) burst today in spectacular fashion and quickly fell 30%+ as I warned in yesterday's email. (419)>>>

Keep in mind that we had enormous bearish volume today (200,000+) which should immediately get you thinking about the premise I presented from past chart 348 which states that 150k+ volume spikes almost always represent important turning points.

**In regards to changing my 2.5BTC/month subscription cost to compensate for the large price increase that bitcoin has recently experienced relative to cash, because of the extremely bearish nature of today's price plunge, I'm keeping the rate at 2.5bitcoin/month. Bitcoin could easily head back to between $6 and $8 (if not much lower) before the end of the year, and I'm not willing to charge less BTC for my service if we get down to that level after I have become accustomed to providing much more subscription content than I used to when the price was between $4 - $7. For the time being, I want to stay away from charging a set dollar amount which would entail a constantly changing monthly BTC subscription rate; however, this will quickly become the only option if bitcoin heads much much higher. Although many have asked me about offering promotional deals, I'm going to have to wave this option since I have a real problem with offering one-time promotional deals (more so out of principle than anything else); I want all my subscribers to know that they paid the same amount of BTCs as everyone else to subscribe. If/when the price surpasses $13.5 again for a sustained period of time, I will revisit the topic. But, as of this moment, I'm pretty confident that the hardened $13.5 resistance area will keep the price of bitcoin in check for the remainder of the year.



If you would like to subscribe, email me at or PM me here. The cost is 2.5BTC/month or 12.5BTC/6months. If you would like to see how I am trading, you'll have to sign up for premium service which costs 15BTC/6months.

This service is geared towards teaching the art/sciences of TA. Unlike many technical analysts, I teach through example. I let the overwhelming TA evidence dictate my opinion/bias on the bitcoin market instead of justifying my opinion/bias through warped/deceptive TA.

I'm always willing to take on new customers,

EDIT (October 25, 2012): Instead of daily updates for bitcoin alone, this service now provides the following: bi-weekly (Wednesday & Sunday) newsletters that include analysis on bitcoin, stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc. If needed, I'll provide an update between newsletters. The cost remains the same as before. The updated cost is $35/month in terms of bitcoins.


EDIT May 2014 subscription update: The cost of a premium subscription has risen from $210 (~$35/month) to $280 (~$45/month) to better reflect not only the time and energy which I put into it, but also its exceptional value and worth. But, as long as current premium subscribers continue subscribing uninterrupted, they are grandfathered into the previous subscription fee of $210 until/if I raise prices again.
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