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1  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Lightning app for windows on: July 09, 2018, 07:39:20 PM
Is there around an official lightning app for windows? I could only find zap wallet. It does not seem to work and is stuck syncing at 73%. If killed and launched up again it even struggles to go past 0 percent. I suspect my connection being tunneled through vpn could somehow hinder the syncing process. Could that be? There were similar issues reported on github but no solution was noticed. Is running a lightning node even available on windows?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Anybody dumped localbitcoins? on: April 28, 2018, 05:58:34 PM
Did u guys pass their KYC? Is everybody itching to move on to better places, even though counterparts like Payfair are still in beta. Im thinking of either dumping my 4-yo old account or hiring a homeless dude for photo session for my new fake passport. Localbitcoins are based in Finland and there seems not to be any connection between their databases and authorities of the country I am in, nevertheless I disrespect them enough to not give out my legal info. Blank passport filled with random but still relevant credentials and strangers photo on it is a go for me. What everybody else is disposed to do now, stop trading there or send them the ID card?
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Looking for a person to code a simple app on: October 19, 2017, 05:40:29 PM
Dev wanted for coding a simple app for me. The app is not crypto related. Its context menu for windows platform with a few additional features. Escrow if u want. Can break ur pay into few installments and release these to u after u have reached a particular milestone. If interested send me a pm.
4  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Is there any chance 0.15 will have segwit support anytime soon? on: September 15, 2017, 10:06:25 AM
the latest revision of ref client needs a segwit support. When will that be added? And why it still uses berkley db 4.8? Wouldnt it be more suitable to opt for newer versions of db
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Chandler Guo provided funds for ETC development on: July 24, 2016, 08:57:00 PM
This chinese has an agenda.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ POLL ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ BURNING ALL ETH FROM ALL DAOS ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ on: July 08, 2016, 12:50:21 PM


Here is the poll I created to gather community response on ridiculous actions of eth devs who use their authoritative position to enforce the pro-fork sentiment and bring stupid and intolerable fork onto the second most valuable blockchain in the altcoin space. Theres an option proffering to shut down fucking r/ethereum where stupidity, censorship, selfishness and opinionated view of a bunch of gatekeepers overturn logic and objectivity, the most crucial and essential qualities not only for every community but also for everyone who wishes to stay in business.

7  Other / Off-topic / Would any of u find this girl attractive? on: May 15, 2016, 01:30:27 PM
Would any of u find this girl attractive? Yes or no.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / David Haye WBA heavyweight world champ wants to fight V. Buterin on: May 14, 2016, 05:40:43 PM

David Haye, former WBA heavyweight and cruiserweight world champ marked his boxing comeback with an instantaneous win over Mark De Mori on Jan 16, 2016. Now that three and a half year layoff rumored to have been stemmed from alleged shoulder injury has ended, Haye fancies chances against a younger contender.

Few weeks later Haye, 35 told ITV London that he has a vested interest in an in-house investing and new emerging blockchain startups, among them eth that he considers one of "the most outstanding libertarian tax-sheltered alternatives" available to investors today.

Being strictly programmatic in his boxing strategy, Haye believes that the media gives Buterin, the founder of eth, a shot against his closest competitor whereas another solid contender sees him a suspect of a behavioural crime.

"I'm fairly doubtful whether Buterin will build some sort of a backbone for a major IT industry and if he's going to look for more prestige to be gained from such association, he then should fight me", haye told ITV.

Further, Haye admitted to understanding nothing in the blockchain field after saying he gives Buterin no credit and feels that his greatest experience in developing high-level programming languages will not give him an edge over the leadership in the blockchain space.

Taking the heat now are Buterin's followers that may feel their subtleboy's s indignation at having been treated unfairly primarily due to someone like Hayemaker calling him out.

No expert view is required to grasp the situation being that eth foundation is going to experience a serious setback on its itchy road if the fight is set to happen.

Haye's sure boxing fans will demand a fight between him and Buterin once the first promotional draws the eyeballs on. He told ITV that BoxNation's marketers are in on it and, moreover, willing to publish the first promotional brief on this upcoming money-spinning clash.

"If he gets the opportunity to get into fight with me, I'll be all for making a splash out of it as I have no problem with bantamweight either" Haye told.

It's said that earlier this year haye was engaged in a vocal parry with a throng of reporters about his fight with Joshua few other fights and a big contract bust due to coach failure and a vague pre-fight agreement.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / ETH BUBBLE IS OVER BTC BEING TAKEN OUT OF POLONIEX on: April 10, 2016, 10:09:22 AM
Great selling pressure has been shown in eth for the past 5 days and it seems like downtrend gets stronger as the time goes by. Eth gets hammered and sold for btc or fiat and even though it doesnt justify such massive outgoing transactions. In one moment amount of bitcoin in eth orderbooks exceeded the poloniex cold storage and this fact alone let me into conclusion that the bubble could be bursting now as profits being converted into btc and pulled off exchange. I think this pump was timed in such a way that they could take advantage of the time left till halving regroup and get prepared for the btc advance.

10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Ccex bitchy boy confessed of endorsing fake ICOS on: February 29, 2016, 07:18:50 PM
He would surely take the bribe if he was in talks with someone "in the know", and that person offered him money. Still endorses fake walls and enables everyone to buy their own coin.

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Poloniex completely fucked up - I'm losing time and trade opportunities on: February 10, 2016, 10:26:23 PM
Im about done here. My 4770K clocked to 4.7 got a incurable crippling disease in a hopeless attempt to handle pooptons of overheat and load coming from a single poloniex tab. Tired of getting caught in trap of microdelays hangs interruptions and shit like that when myriads of retarded wacky spamshit bots go full maxtard with hundreds if not thousands 1/1000 of a cent peanut orders triggering within a decimal fraction of a second over the time period of high volume expansion.

Either way u will still struggle to open / close a position and if u succeed u will ultimately end up incurring a instant loss because from a synchronic perspective the state of orderbooks does not change after each trade and orders that u see on the page do not change against time-lagged state of the orderbooks meaning the bids could go significantly lower than asks that are where u believe they are at the given time unless u manually refresh the page from trade to trade so u could examine the first entries in both books to make sure the price is where it is.

Come check out the video that illustrates how generally choppy slow and retarded the exchange is and what a fucking headache it costs to pick a trade opportunity and prevent it from fighting the trend when u know if u dont do it in the nick of time u could fucking lose monies.

This is far less fucking annoying compared to what is happening when u try to sell on the rebound. Imagine webxrpt, octane, kraken and a lot of other crap loading across multiple tabs in ur browser once u entered a trading position. This normally makes me open a dedicated tab with a 5 min chart cause I just cant physically close/open a trading position or perform a action on my orders! How do u think this maddening shit is called?

Look at that volume.

90 btc per day come from user fees which is fucking ridiculous amount to rebuild /restructure their backend resources with high level optimization to improve the basic qualities of service increase the speed and response time on user end.

Poloniex is not technically ready for high speculative markets like eth as long as they are not concerned with improvements in the quality of their services, hardware / software equipment and bandwidth capacity which is to reduce the ping delays and optimize response time on user end which is the must if the choppy little exchange like polo wishes to stay in business. The way they carry out the servicing of their platform and their obvious unwilling to upgrade make them look amateurish and bungling.

They got 48000 btc daily volume and hell of a lot newcomers popping online, with the total amount of users being over 3.2K, and yet they dont mind to expand their backend resources by setting servers with multiple 4600v3 cpus or purchase highgrade enterprise pcie ssds with high writing speeds and low oltp latency. This is fucking retarded as prison break. Poloniex should seriously consider adding extra resources and mind customer care by improving backend elements of their platform and employ extra staff to maintain such a whooping baggage of iops and user requests. Else I'm moving on.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] [GridPay] [Dibbits] [Globe] Global Decentralized Global Payments on: July 05, 2015, 05:20:20 PM

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Global - retarded shit AKA DIBBITS / Gridpay thread is locked on: July 05, 2015, 05:07:31 PM
Since the main thread is locked for no reason or is considered to be a wrong place to encompass a discussion of the following blast of bot idiocy that is taking place on trex atm, and i see no room where a friendly half-off-topic discussion would be welcomed, i am kindly opening this topic to kill the seeds of doubt in the first place. My question - where is the fucking globe thread?
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