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1  Economy / Services / Do you need Referrals? I have the ultimate guide how to get them! on: September 07, 2017, 02:09:52 AM
I have the ultimate guide how to get referrals for any bitcoin service, bitcoin website or any other place you want.

I know it's a big business nowadays to get referrals to gambling websites, faucets, or other bitcoin websites. You can earn a lot of commissions from good high quality websites. The big challenge is to get them cheap!

I can help you get a shit ton of referrals for the cheapest price possible that I know of. I have discovered the best way to advertise your referral link for the cheapest price so that you can get the best referrals!

To give you an idea, I can deliver 1 referral for roughly 6000 satoshi (+/- variance), with a CTR of about 70%, all referrals are human but not all of them might be active in the long term. So an active referral cost ratio might be 10,000-20,000 satoshi. Even then where do you get 1 referral for 20,000 satoshi? It's a very good deal for you  Smiley

EDIT: I got many requests and I dont have time to work with all of them so I rather sell the method now so that you can do it yourself!

PM me if you are interested!
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Big blocks are worse now than ever? on: September 03, 2017, 01:07:46 AM
Now that BCH has split off from BTC, some guys still want to fork again through Segwit2x, I still dont understand how can people be that stupid to do that again, but it looks like it's just another attempt to hurt BTC in any way they can.

As we see more and more censorship on the internet, which is starts to become visible now, they are intentionally pushing for a big block system, where the node count will drastically drop even further.

There are 6295 BTC nodes
There are 1715 BCH nodes (roughly)

And we know for certain that as the 8mb block keeps stacking up, the hardware and bandwidth costs, the node count will drastically drop further.

So we have internet censorship now higher than ever + an unsustainable high blocksize = failure.

I could not have been more comical than this, and this is the worst timing of this happening.

Not only you have net neutrality in danger plus the massive censorship coming, but you also have a rapidly growing blockchain, hardly any merchant support, and the hobbyists who run now BCH nodes could dissapear soon. I won't even mention the, allegedly hundreds of fake free-trial-VPS nodes that they were allegedly caught with in the earlier Classic sybil-attack incident.

To sum it up, to me it looks like Bitcoin Cash will not have a bright future. It's a huge gamble that they are taking right now, and despite the cheap transaction costs, the infrastructure costs just simply make it not worth it in my opinion.
3  Other / Politics & Society / Is Global Warming Real? on: August 05, 2017, 08:24:53 AM
I have measured the temperature, it is 37 °C  (98.6 °F) in my room, I live in a pretty shady area so the sun doesn't directly warm my room.

Outside the temperature according to local heat sensors + the meteorology service confirmed, it's 42 °C  (107.6°F) , the air on average. In sunny areas it can be as high as 50  °C  (122°F)

They have also forecasted 45-47 °C for this week in nearby locations as average temperature. In sunny spots it can be deadly heat.

And this is Europe for fuck sake, not the fucking desert. In the desert the temperature may even be 60  °C or higher.

It's a fucking oven, the skin burns off your body it's so hot.

Yet we see motherfuckers who are denying the global warming, how is this possible?
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Where to trade BCC? on: August 02, 2017, 12:38:34 PM
All exhanges that I have checked have their deposits closed.

What exchange does allow deposits in BCC?
5  Economy / Economics / Is Capitalism Flawed? on: July 26, 2017, 07:55:17 PM
Is Capitalism flawed? I used to believe that Capitalism solves issues, but if I really look around me, it actually only creates more issues that were not here before.

> There are many rich people with tons of capital but there are more unemployed people that will not have access to that

> People are living in luxury mansions and driving very expensive car, and then kids are starving in other places

> Profits of companies is going up, but real wages going down, people are living paycheck to paycheck

> Everyone is in debt, nobody has any savings, and most people are working part time jobs

> Nobody has a house, nobody can afford one, yet real estate speculators own thousands of them

> Banks have trillions of $ of money, but they still charge you 50$ / transaction because of their greed

> People have no future prospects, no career opportunity, they just live from paycheck to paycheck trying to pay off the debt and buy some shit GMO food filled with poison, because why sell healthy food to the public when the GMO food is more profitable?

It looks to me like Capitalism is flawed. Nobody has any money and everyone is suffering. I think a universal income must be implemented as fast as possible.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is BitcoinCash a joke? on: July 26, 2017, 06:04:42 PM
It looks like to me that it has the same people behind it as the Bitcoin Unlimited, but it's only a couple months old:  - Created Date: 2017-05-09 -  Created Date: 2017-03-05

They want to do a 8 MB hardfork on August 1

Bitcoin Cash provides much needed relief to users with an immediate increase of the block size limit to 8MB.

On August 1st 2017, We the People will breathe new life into Bitcoin.

I wonder of "We the People", as in 40 billion $, will trust a 3 month old website and a lame copycat of the Bitcoin Core software.
7  Economy / Services / Renting out my Avatar + Personal Text on: July 26, 2017, 02:34:59 AM
Hello I need quickly about 0.001BTC, I have tried applying for a loan, but people are very paranoid so they won't lend me even though i am a hero member. Ok no grudge.

So i need 0.001BTC urgently. So I rent out my AVATAR+ PERSONAL TEXT, for as long as you want, but you'll have to pay me now.

I post here around 2-5 times / week, but I have many threads started so my profile will be viewed easily by >1000 people / week.

You can rent my AVATAR+ PERSONAL TEXT as long as you want, but i need the BTC now. Deal?

8  Economy / Lending / Need a tiny loan on: July 25, 2017, 05:52:12 AM
I need a tiny loan of 0.002 BTC, repaying 0.003 BTC (that should include the tx costs).

I can repay even today or tomorow. I forgot that fucking ethereum tokens need ethereum fuel to send transaction, i have converted all my ether into a token, and now i cant move it, i need this loan so that i can buy fuel.


You guys are real motherfuckers, you even want my fingerprint and DNA for a fucking 3$ loan.

Ok here is the deal, I'll give this account as collateral to some green trust member, this account gotta be worth like 0.05BTC.

That should be as far as I go. I am not going to hurt my privacy for fucking 3$.
9  Other / Politics & Society / Cryptocurrency to feed the poor? on: July 21, 2017, 07:10:26 PM
Why has nobody created yet a cryptocurrency that will be used to feed the poor? Raising capital now seems more easy than ever. You have ICO after ICO, yet everyone is thinking about making money, but nobody is thinking about helping the needy and creating a chairity.

I think some devs should just get together and create a cryptocurrency that will be used to feed the poor, as in:
  • Either direct money donation, based on ID (kind of hard to do since a lot of abuse could happen if people claim twice, so it must be made sure that people can only claim once)
  • Some kind of food distribution system (I have seen this in many countries), where you work together with supermarkets, that have food which is not expired yet, but close to expiration, to be sent to nearby homeless shelters or needy families. Or a charity center setup in a town where free food is sent to feed the poor. (I think at least food and water should be free in the 21 century). So you can put all the available food on a blockchain, and poor people could claim it afterwards.
  • Clothing,education, basically if anyone has some clothes or educational tools like books or notebooks that he doesnt need he can just put that up to the blockchain, and send it to a poor family.

Wake up guys, this is all possible in the 21 century with the wonderful technology of cryptocurrency. So I think people should do more chairity work too, and not just chase profits all day.

10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Unlimited vs Net Neutrality on: July 20, 2017, 06:13:35 PM
I apologize for my older posts where I criticized the Bitcoin Dev team:

First I thought a hardfork should be totally unthinkable in Bitcoin, because the security of the entire cryptocurrency arena hang in the balance. If Bitcoin goes away, all other coins will take a massive hit, even a fatal one. So Bitcoin is the only think that sustains the cryptocurrency paradigm, if something happens to Bitcoin, everyone will be worse off.

So Bitcoin developers should have a huge responsibility, not just for Bitcoin, but for the entire cryptocurrency movement.

Then I started reading into the /r/BTC subreddit where I found certain "conspiracy theories" that I thought at first were real. After all why can't we have an onchain scaling when the average internet speed in 2017 is like 2 mb. I have a 4mb/s internet, it's very very smooth.

So I totally forgot about the responsibility part, and I jumped on the "Unlimited" bandwagon like a moron. I shortsightedly thought the Core team is just there to hinder the progress of Bitcoin. After all a 1 MB block limit is a huge burden to Bitcoin.

Then the fees started growing, and my antagonism towards Core grew as well. I thought they were totally evil people just trying to slow down the progress of Bitcoin, but I totally forgot about the bigger picture.

Then this crash came. And I saw with my own eyes that if BTC goes down 20%, altcoins go down 40%. So everything depends on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is like the glue that holds together all cryptocurrencies, it's the main gateway from fiat into the crypto world. If Bitcoin goes away, the entire movement is devastated.

So I realized what a fool I was for supporting the Unlimited nonsense. It's not about the progress, it's about the risk. The Unlimited client just had a major bug recently, didn't it? And their developers are totally unknown, almost came out from nowhere, with little or no reputation.

How can we trust these people to keep Bitcoin safe? It's not just the 40 billion $ BTC that hangs in the balance, but every other altcoin as well. Ethereum ICO speculators can also say bye bye to their gambling if Bitcoin dies. Everything is devastated if Bitcoin dies.

So Bitcoin is extremely important to survive. It doesn't necessarily have to grow, but it has to survive, that is a must. If you don't like the big fees? No problem just use ETH or DASH or Litecoin. But Bitcoin is not a payment system, it's the reserve cryptocurrency, so it must survive in order to have this movement at all

Otherwise as I said, if you don't like the fees, use another altcoin. Bitcoin is mostly for wealth storage, and there a 5$ fees is not a big deal. A bank also asks people 5-10$ yearly fees for certain services, why can't Bitcoin, when Bitcoin is much more secure...?

But if Bitcoin dies, everything else does. So it's very important for Bitcoin users to be conservatives. We don't need to  have everyone to use BTC, they can use altcoins. If you are worried about african starving kids, then make an altcoin that will help them. Bitcoin will benefit from it too, because most of the value goes through it. But if Bitcoin dies, then the capital is destroyed, and there won't be anything left to use to invest in businesses and projects to help people.

So Bitcoin devs have to stay conservative, it's a situation of life and death to Bitcoin, if you want growth, you will find it in altcoins. Bitcoin is only for survival, not necessarily growth. But if altcoins grow, Bitcoin will too, because it's the gateway to them. So don't worry about Bitcoin, it will have value even if it doesn't scale quickly. But if BTC dies, then everything else dies too. So Bitcoin devs have to be careful!


Now if this wasn't enough for people to be convinced that Core is better, then take a look at Net Neutrality:

The free internet as we know it is under attack by greedy corporations. Remember how I said that I have 4 mb/s internet. Well that is only true if the ISP gives it to you.

But if they start throttling the connections, especially for Bitcoin Nodes, then the node count will start to drop drastically.

So if you run a shitty Unlimited client with 8 mb blocks, the ISP can just make sure you will never download that block and process it in time.

The ISP cartels can easily strangle the internet if we don't secure a  Net Neutrality. So go and fight for it, same thing is happening in Europe by the way:

On the other hand, if Net Neutrality is lost in the USA, then expect 2406 Nodes to be in peril:

So as you can see small blocks are more important now than ever. If Net Neutrality is lost then big block Bitcoin will be censored and throttled into the Stone Age.

Bitcoin must stay under the radar, not consume too much bandwidth, and stay strong against DDOS. Maybe we can have a block size increase in 5-10 years, when the global bandwidths grow a lot, but we must stay conservative here.

We can't risk Bitcoin to be destroyed, it's too important.

So therefore I support Core and Segwit and UASF now again. Sorry for my past dissent I was confused and the appeal to emotion is too much in /r/BTC subreddit, it clouds your judgement.

But I can now think clearly and rationally and in my opinion the Bitcoin Core path is better.

11  Economy / Gambling discussion / If you would win a Jackpot what would you do with the money? on: July 18, 2017, 03:52:44 PM
If you would win a large amount suddenly, like a jackpot or a lottery, what would you do with the money? Especially if the money is coming to you suddenly, unexpected, and you were not prepared to win such large amount.

Let's say you would win something like 200 BTC or more,  which I have seen many gambling websites payout from time to time. What would you do with it?

1) You would gamble with it again, trying to multiply the bet, to get even more money
2) You would withdraw the money, and invest it into some financial investment: maybe some cryptocurrency investment, maybe some fiat investment
3) You would spend it:
    A) Buy a car or a house
    B) Spend it on women or wife
    C) Spend it on your kids
4) Donate it to charity
5) Start up a business
6) Hold it in Bitcoin
7) Other
12  Other / Politics & Society / Libertarianism Sucks on: July 15, 2017, 11:23:55 AM
I was foolish enough to believe in Libertarianism, despite living in a poor country, I thought yeah maybe the free market can bring people out of poverty.
Maybe earning money and hiring many people, with little or no regulations, low taxes (which I still think are good), and business friendly practices the economy could get better.

Of course I ignored things like pollution, or when big corporations dump toxic chemicals in the river that cause decades of cancers in the future in people. Or when the food is not regulated and you get to eat poisonous GMO crap filled with antibiotics, and pesticide imported from a 3rd world country, yeah that kind of thing...

Do I also need to mention the 2008-2009 bank crisis, when unregulated banking system almost made the entire world collapse.

Or when you have workers working 16 hours a day in a sweatshop barely having anything to eat. Smells like the wonders of Capitalism.

Don't get me wrong I am not a Communist, in fact I hate the Communists more than the Corporate Elite, after all their track record of murdering 350 million people in the past century can't be outcompeted.

But that doesn't mean that this unregulated Capitalism is good. It could cause just as many problems in the long run: poverty, health crisis, unemployment, low wages, and the list is long....

When I hear Libertarians trying to take away healthcare from people, it makes me angry. Yeah try being unemployed and without healthcare, you are good as dead.

Go live in the streets and scrap from dumpsters, that is what they want poor people to do. No healthcare is a death sentence, literally speaking. If you are unemployed and have no healthcare, you will die pretty soon of any kind of illness.

So after your 16 hour/day sweatshop job destroyed your health, they want to take away your healthcare too, so that you can just roll over and die.

It makes me angry to hear such foolish things. So Libertarianism sucks, I realized this the hard way when I became unemployed. Yes it looks good on paper, but try being unemployed, nobody will give a fuck about you afterwards.  Angry

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Elitists Ignoring the 3rd world on: July 12, 2017, 04:33:49 PM
People here keep ignoring the fact that most users come from the 2nd or 3rd word, where the income is not that good as some arrogant 1st worlders like to believe.

I kind of thought at first that all these evangelists really want the best for Bitcoin users, how they talk about the "saving of the 3rd world", but nowadays it looks like just another one of those empty slogans, some marketing gimmick just to pool wool over your eyes while the bullshit continues, that kind of thing.

According to the ILO, the global average monthly wage is 1700$.

The income inequality factor is about 80%, so 80% of the world earns less than this.

Yet you idiots complain about the block size, and that means 30-40$ fees now. You guys are totally insane if you think there will be any mass adoption with these kinds of levels.

Wake up dreamers! Reality will punch ya in the face. I would earn 40$ net income / week at a shitty daily job. Too bad I am unemployed so I can't even earn that.

How the fuck do you think Bitcoin will reach any mass adoption with this lunatic levels of fees? I get that you guys are arrogant 1st worlders sitting in your cozy 500 square meter homes with your jacuzzi and mercedes cars in your garage complaining about this or that.

But the truth is simple, most people are poor, including myself, so we are not going to use a currency that is so elitist that it demand people to hand over 1 week worth of pay to some arrogant miner sitting at the other half of the world drinking sweet coffee.
Either fix the fee problem, or say bye bye to Bitcoin.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What about Micro-Bitcoin-Businesses? on: June 04, 2017, 07:13:59 PM
You know folks, I have been here for about 4 years now, and not many of us remember, although I hope some still do, is that about 2-2.5 years ago we had a lot more "growth" in the small business sector.

What I mean is that we used to have Faucets with 100-200 satoshi payouts, Direct Gambling a.k.a Satoshidice, which ran on the Blockchain, and a lot more businesses/services that ran directly on the blockchain.

So there was a gambling service where you just sent 10,000 satoshi, and you got back 20,000 if you won. It took about 10-20 minutes and it was a lot of fun for many people. Not to mention the faucets, I remember I used to play around with faucets in 2014, it was a lot of fun.

Of course that is ALL GONE, thanks to 10-50$ transaction fees in recent blocks:
and so on....

You know it was a lot of fun having poor people, 3rld world, you name it, where the average daily income is like 2$ having to have the opportunity to transact with Bitcoin for a fraction of 0.01$.

But now that the fees got to 10-50$ on certain TX i have seen 100$ fees as well. I wonder how the poor 3rld worders that Andreas Antonopoulos has been talking about will be emancipated.

A lot of Bitcoin evengalists like Andreas has been talking about how Bitcoin will help the 3lrd world, yeeeeah sure. Hahaha with 50$ fees that is like their entire monthly paycheck.

You guys are really morons, nobody will use Bitcoin in 5 years if this continues, who the fuck will keep up with 10$ fees where even my Bank Wire transfer costs less?

What is the charm of Bitcoin if the fees are gone?


It's more like this now:

I think I'll just use Western Union now, the fees are only 5$ after all, while in Bitcoin it's 50$ , HAHAHHA  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy


Bitcoin will be dead in 5 years if this trend continues. I remember there were like 100,000 merchants, in 2016 according to a survey. Now I wonder how many are there still out there with this fees?

What about Bitcoin ATM's, their business is getting decimated with fees like this.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin is getting destroyed on: May 24, 2017, 09:44:24 PM
You know I've been here for 3-4 years now, and I have seen Bitcoin rollercoaster from 700$ down to 100$ and now back up to 2000$. A very interesting rollercoaster indeed.

I was a Bitcoin purist, thinking that Bitcoin has to be what it was coded for, this meant no hardforks. Yet I have realized that this is a very closed-minded position, and very dogmatic.

It seems like everybody here is dogmatic about this, you think you are very smart and you know things better, it's just pure arrogance. And when anybody has a dissenting view, they get marginalized or maybe even banned.

I had an ignore list of 50+ people who were shouting very hardly that Bitcoin's current path is unsustainable. And instead of hearing their opinions, I just ignored them, because that is how an intelligent open minded person behaves.

From my point of view they looked like trolls, just like some pesky mosquitos trying to annoy people. This is how arrogant I was in my belief in the small blocksize.

But now seeing that the transaction fees are 30$, I have utterly changed my mind, and I really hate myself for used to believe otherwise.

It looks like guys like franky1 were right, the 1 MB blocksize is really a piece of shit limit. The fees are now higher than for international bank transfers.

Can you believe this bullshit? A bank transfer that goes through 1 million regulatory loops, and it's inefficiently processed in 4 days costs less than a decentralized P2P payment system? It's utterly disgusting. In fact if the blocksize is not raised, maybe it will take 4 days to confirm/settle BTC transactions too.

And even the idiots who said that the nodes would be burdened if the block size were increased are just pure idiots. How is that possible if the price is 2000$ and they can earn huge revenues from mining or whatever other ventures they do.

I used to ridicule 2MB blocks, but now I believe maybe a 8MB block is not even a big deal. If you can earn 100$/month net income, what the hell does it costs you to buy a 1 Terrabyte harddisk for 40$? It would just be 35 GB monthly, your 1 TB harddisk would last you 2.38 years. Out of the 2356$ you would make in that time, that would only cost you 40$.

It's ridiculous how cheap storage is, and it's even more ridiculous that the transaction fee for 1 fucking transaction is now almost higher than 2.38 years of storage cost with a 8MB block!
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Goodbye Bitcoin on: February 19, 2017, 01:07:22 PM
Ahh, I don't know how to say this, but I have to say the truth. Bitcoin is over. The 8 year experiment that was meant to change the world for the better and to emancipate the human population, has turned into an echochamber of trolls who yell at eachother, while the system is slowly collapsing, and being replaced by other altcoins.

I am in Bitcoin since 2013-2014, I have seen all of it, and mostly the inability of it to evolve. It wasn't as bad until 2015, and throughout 2016 I was silent, but now it's 2017, and things are getting worse. Only a fool will deny that.

If this continues, then Bitcoin will be over. I don't want that, since I have obviously invested a lot of time and effort into this. But I fear that there is no other option now, as I am seeing the inability of the community to resolve issues.

I have sent a transaction 2 days ago, and guess how much fee I had to pay? 70,000 satoshi.
Yes 70,000 satoshi for an average size transaction, with 1 input and 1 output, in order to be confirmed within 2 blocks.

I remember the time when back in 2014 I used to work 3 hours doing stupid faucets for 70,000 satoshi, and now it's all gone in 1 transaction? Cheesy

Now I have heard the dumbasses saying that we can't have faster than 10 min confirm time because it will create orphans (strangely other cryptocoins don't have this issue). So I can put up with a 10 min confirmation time, just for the sake of this argument.

But to pay 70,000 satoshi in order to have 20 min confirmation, is just ridiculous. I might as well just switch to Paypal, what is the difference at this point?
The alternative of course was to wait 30-40 blocks with a 12000 satoshi fee.

Now is Bitcoin "A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" like satoshi wanted, with 70,000 satoshi fee OR  40 block wait time?
Or is Bitcoin just a Frankenstein monster, that has obvious flaws (this, miner centralization, nodes are not incentivized, etc) that will slowly die off once better alternatives come in?

And the community reaction is also deplorable. Most people call me troll or shill, just for pointing out legitimate criticisms? What you can't criticize Bitcoin now? Is Bitcoin just an echochamber of fanatics and fanboys? Because without criticism, you can't solve issues.

Given the fact that most new Bitcoiners are from 3rd world countries, where high transaction fee is unacceptable. And given the fact that most people in the world like simple & elegant solutions (like how Apple conquered the marketplace with this method).

People want simple solutions:
  • Pronouncable addresses instead of long hash text
  • Instant confirmation times (yes it's possible)
  • Low or no fees (yes it's possible)
  • Unlimited transactions (yes it's possible)
  • Simple wallet GUI (ok, this one bitcoin does have through mobile apps)

So out of these 5 critical marketing poinst, bitcoin can only deliver 1, which is a very poor performance. And there are of course other security related issues, but they are not necessarly cared by Average Joe.

So it seems to me that 3rd worlders have absolutely no incentive to use Bitcoin. They will just use another cryptocurrency that can deliver these promises.

Segwit will probably not pass, and then we will be stuck another 2 years bitching and moaning at eachother and trying to find scapegoats.

And in that time, Bitcoin will be replaced by a better alternative, once the majority of people realize that it's pointless to argue with trolls.

So after 4 years of being in this community, I'm afraid I have to leave it now. I don't see any hope for Bitcoin in the long run. It was a good prototype, and it definitely taught us a lot of good technical things, but also a lot of game theory/ sociology things, where it has been proven in my opinion, that consensus can't be made without a clear voting platform.

So yes, Bitcoin was the first, we thank satoshi for his work. But Bitcoin isn't "THE ONE". It's just a failed prototype with many bugs. And out of this failure a better and stronger coin will arise.
17  Economy / Service Discussion / Shapeshift website is frozen on: January 22, 2017, 03:36:29 AM

WTF is happening, its been like this for more than 3 hours now. I hope it gets back to normal.

The probem is not with me, i have a good internet and javascript is enabled, its with shapeshift.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / In a Bitcoin Disaster where would you move your Money? on: January 22, 2017, 12:40:08 AM
I am curious that in the hypothetical scenario of Bitcoin splitting into 2 (which is less and less hypothetical), or other big disasters (51% attack, quantum hackers,etc), where would you move your money? Bitcoin is currently the reserve currency, and it's safe to store in it some money, but if some disaster happens, then it will no longer be safe, so I am curious where people would go, what would be the alternative to BTC?

There are of course some of the top 10 coins, which would qualify in my view:

  • Fiat Currency: Which is like cashing out of the crypto world, not really an alternative to BTC
  • The majority chain: the split of BTC that would have the most nodes, miners, merchants and users behind it
  • ETH: Which has the closest market cap to BTC, and the most users after BTC
  • Ripple: Which has banking integration and a somewhat stable price
  • LTC: Which is the closest to BTC in terms of code similarity
  • Monero: Which is has privacy implemented in it
  • Dash: Which is has low fees, privacy and a democratic consensus mechanism

So which one is it for you?
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Will segwit be activated? on: January 20, 2017, 12:28:12 AM
Out of the 26 periods 4 have already expired and it doesn't look like it will go through the 5th either. The support for it stagnates at 24.4%, and it doesnt look like it will grow any time soon.

Looks like nodes either dont care, or outright reject segwit, which means that the devs should already look into alternatives if the network rejects segwit.

They should not scramble at the last minute, but instead be prepared with alternative solutions instead of segwit.

What now? Maybe block size increase? I used to be against it, but looking at it now, there is really no other option. Besides the TX fee costs are already outrageous, and it's only going to get worse:

Fees used to be 80% cheaper just 6 months ago, and if this goes on like this then we might end up with 1-10$ size fees just like banks. What will be the point then of BTC when the fees will be just as high as of banks? Or higher?
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Satoshi's coins rights on: January 16, 2017, 12:24:42 AM
I have heard a lot of people who have suggested that Satoshis coins should be hardforked out of of the addresses and sent to quantum proof addresses , in order for not being stolen later.

Alright, now this has to be the most moronic argument that I have ever seen, it is:
  • Immoral
  • Impractical
  • Illogical
  • Plus it defeats the philosphy of decentralization = Tyrranical

1) Immoral.

"Ok lets rob 50% of people's income via taxes, in order to hire police officers, to protect them from thieves."  Cheesy

"Ok lets steal Satoshi's coins in order to protect it from thieves."  Cheesy

Do you see the irony? If you don't then you are an idiot.

2) Impractical

Even if quantum computers become widespread, and if such risk were to occur, how do we know what address is Satoshi's, or whether satoshi has access to them or not. What if we confuse addresses, that are actually active and the owners are still using them as long term storage.

What if it's actually your address, that we are talking about here. Would you like it if the network would want to steal the coins out of your wallet?

3) Illogical

Well it's satoshi's private property, so what rights do we have to violate that. How do you know whether the person moving the coins is a thief, or it's you (the thief), or it is actually satoshi moving them to a safer place.

For all we know he (SATOSHI) could be moving his coins when quantum computers become threat into a safer quantum proof address, without notifying us. It's not like he is required to keep us updated. He has his coins, it's his property, he can do whatever he wants with them, without requiring to inform us about anything.

4) Tyrranical

The moment we implement censorship, or stealing money out of people's wallets type of patches, that is the moment when Bitcoin will become a tyrannical instrument of the NWO.

Because then everyone could coerce nodes into hardforking people's money out of wallet. Whether they are suspected criminals (not proven in court) or other alleged criminals, it doesn't matter.

Tyranny comes when due process and decentralization stops. This kind of feature would introduce a tyrannical power into the hands of censors and control freaks.

This will be the moment when Bitcoin will die, and will become exactly like a Bank. You will have no more rights over your money.
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