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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][KAT] KatKoyn Core v2.4 Released (Previously Nyancoin) on: March 18, 2023, 01:23:26 PM
[KAT] KatKoyn


KatKoyn is a rebrand of Nyancoin, which has been running continuously on it's own blockchain since January 2014.
All previous Nyancoin transactions, wallets and keys are still valid.

v2.4 is the first KatKoyn branded release.  (11 March 2023)

This release removes rainbow related artwork, and rebrands everything to KatKoyn.
All functionality is identical to the previous v2.3 Nyancoin release.
v2.3 will still function, however it is recommended to upgrade to v2.4 so that the new branding and name is applied.

All existing wallets are still valid, including those on software and paper.

Addresses and private keys are unchanged, everything still works as before.

All that has changed is the name and artwork - nothing else.


Please join us on Telegram for assistance or to report issues.
You can also report bugs on the Github issues page.





AtomicDex (Windows Desktop and preview mobile versions only)

Cminors Pool


Due to filename changes, this is NOT a direct drop-in replacement for v2.3
The previous wallet file, configuration file and blockchain files can be used.
However some changes will be required:

Executables have been renamed, nyancoind to katkoynd, nyancoin-qt.exe to katkoyn-qt.exe and other equivalents.
The config file has changed from nyancoin.conf to katkoyn.conf
The default data directory is now .katkoyn on linux based systems, or similar to AppData\Roaming\KatKoyn on Windows and others.

Suggested upgrade process:
  • Download the new version, or compile from source if required.
  • Stop the old version and wait for it to exit completely.
  • Make at least one backup of wallet.dat, preferably multiple copies to an external storage device (You should be doing this regularly anyway)
  • Remove the old executable, and replace with the new.  Old ones are named nyancoin*, new are katkoyn*
  • Rename the configuration file from nyancoin.conf to katkoyn.conf
  • Rename the folder / directory that contains the data files.  Anything previously named 'nyancoin' is now 'katkoyn'
  • Alternatively if using command line options to set a custom data directory, this can be kept as-is, or you can rename the location and amend the command line to match.
  • Start the executable.  If you have previously used command line options, these will still be valid.

New installations:
  • Download the new version, or compile from source if required.
  • For GUI desktop versions, copy the executable to a suitable location.
  • For katkoynd command line versions, it is recommended to run the executable under it's own user, with the files in a directory for that user.
  • Start the executable, the default data location will be used.
  • Alternatively a custom location can be set using command line options.
  • Wait while the blockchain is downloaded - this will take several hours or more depending on system capabilities.

Approximately 4GB of disk space is required for the blockchain files.  This will increase over time.
For virtual servers, cloud environments and devices such as the Raspberry PI, a minimum of 2GB RAM is suggested.  It may be possible to run it with less, but performance is likely to be poor.

The software uses port 33701 for incoming peer to peer connections.
For the best performance, this port should be opened in your firewall.
For desktop versions this can be done via uPNP, Settings - Options - Network and select the 'map port using uPNP' option.
For command line, you will need to configure any software firewall, upstream firewall or gateway manually to allow incoming connections on 33701.

The software will still work without this - it just means that it will make outgoing connections only.
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